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22 Jun. 2018
Cake Week
The new batch of bakers' first Signature challenge is a fruit cake. The Technical challenge is set by Prue, chocolate mini-rolls. For the Showstopper, the bakers must create an illusion.
28 Aug. 2018
Biscuit Week
The bakers tackle signature biscuits that will say something both about them and a place in the British Isles. Next the bakers face their first Technical, and hiding under the gingham cloth is one of Paul's childhood favourites - an iconic biscuit that's sure to send the bakers round in circles. Finally, it's crunch time. The bakers will have to be picture perfect with their first showstopper - a spectacular 3D biscuit portrait challenge that requires precision baking and superb decorating skills. Three challenges, three chances to win star baker, three chances to ...
4 Sep. 2018
Cake Week
The 11 remaining bakers face a tough test in Cake Week, including a crowd-pleasing signature challenge, Prue's first technical challenge, and a chocolate collared showstopper.
11 Sep. 2018
Bread Week
It's Bread Week, and the ten remaining bakers have a lot to prove with three tough challenges set by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. There is a teatime fruity favourite Signature; a deceptively simple time-test of a Technical with an international flavour; and an ambitious Showstopper that's the largest bread sculpture challenge ever set in the tent. Only one can claim Star Baker, while one of them will leave the tent for good.
18 Sep. 2018
Dessert Week
The bakers must create a cracking meringue Signature, a wobbly Technical, and a complex chocolate Showstopper that promises to reveal all.
25 Sep. 2018
Spice Week
Paul and Prue set the bakers a classic teatime Signature. There's also an Arabian Technical and a fiddly Showstopper.
2 Oct. 2018
Pastry Week
It is Pastry Week, and Paul and Prue are looking perfection - with savoury and sweet samosas, a classic French technical, and for the final challenge, a daunting majesticpie fit for a banquet.
9 Oct. 2018
Vegan Week
For the very first time on Bake Off, it's Vegan week. Prue and Paul have set three very different challenges to test the remaining bakers. A savoury pastry Signature, with no butter involved. A cracking Technical, with a very unusual ingredient. And finally, a spectacular Showstopper that, in the heat of the tent, threatens to lead to catastrophe. Who will keep their cool and win star baker? And who will be meeting their end?
16 Oct. 2018
Danish Week
Velkommen to Danish Week in the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off. The bakers face unfamiliar recipes as they battle to impress Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood. There's a bread challenge Signature where they must demonstrate style as well substance. Paul sets a spherical Technical - and with a place in the Bake Off Semi-final at stake, everyone is out to impress. And for their final challenge, the bakers must deliver an elaborate pastry Showstopper fit for a Danish birthday party. Who will become an honorary Great Dane, and who will be leaving the tent?
23 Oct. 2018
Semi-Final: Patisserie Week
The remaining bakers are just three patisserie challenges away from the final.
30 Oct. 2018
Paul and Prue set three final challenges in the Bake Off Final.

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