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Mike Gold: Thor Than The Greatest Fun The World Has Known

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I saw Thor: The Dark World last week with my usual bunch of hyper-critical Fairfield County buddies. Most of us (oddly) agreed the movie was great fun.

This is not a review of the Thor movie. A review should be more in-depth than four words, although in this Twitter-Totter world I realize this is akin to shouting “Hey, kids, get off of my lawn.”

The movie put on the big screen the type of energy and enthusiasm with which I associate the classic Marvel Comics in general – and with Jack Kirby in particular. Of all the superhero movies that have come down the pike over the past decade, Thor: The Dark World was less consumed with the Greek Angst Chorus than any other I can recall. Admittedly, I haven’t seen them all but, c’mon; did anybody actually pay money to see Catwoman?

I’m all for social commentary and significant subtext.
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Interview with Michelle Danner about Hello Herman

Michelle Danner is best known in Hollywood as an acting coach par excellence. Working with stars like James Franco, Gerard Butler and Penelope Cruz, she’s made quite an impact on the industry. She’s also done a bit of acting herself, and has tried her hand at producing and directing. Now she’s working on a subject close to her heart – the damage done by school bullying.

Danner’s latest film, Hello Herman, tells the story of a boy who snaps one day and kills several people at his school. It’s framed through a later interview with a radio host, the only person to whom the boy is willing to tell his story before being taken for execution. Asking questions about what caused Herman’s actions and where responsibility should lie, it has a strong anti-bullying message at its core but Michelle’s determination to approach the subject
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Norman Reedus stars in Hello Herman

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus stars in the film adaption of John Buffalo Mailer’s “Hello Herman” – which is directed by Michelle Danner, Artistic Director at Edgemar Center of the Arts and one of the most successful acting coaches in Hollywood. The film is currently available on On Demand and iTunes, and is based on the play of the same name. Reedus is joined in the film by Martha Higareda and newcomer Garrett Backstrom. In a press release, Danner stated: “’Hello Herman’ is the story of a teenager who, out of confusion and rage, carries out a high school shooting that mirrors the tragedy of Columbine. Certain members of the media only heighten the tragedy by sensationalizing it and
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Indie Spotlight

We’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes release information for The Frozen Ground, details on the film version of Hello Herman, starring Norman Reedus, multiple trailers, impressions of Zombie Massacre, and much more:

The Frozen Ground Theatrical Release Details: “The Frozen Ground is inspired by the incredible true story that follows Alaskan State Trooper Jack Halcombe (Nicolas Cage) as he sets out to end the murderous rampage of Robert Hansen (John Cusack), a serial killer who has gone unnoticed for 13 years. As the bodies of street girls start to pile up in Anchorage, fear strikes a chord with the public. Risking his life, Halcombe goes on a personal manhunt to find the killer before the next body surfaces. When a seventeen year old escapee (Vanessa Hudgens) reveals key information about the case, Halcombe is finally
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Film Reviews: Opening This Week (June 3-7, 2013)

Film Reviews: Opening This Week (June 3-7, 2013)
A critical digest of the week’s latest U.S. theatrical releases. Where applicable, links to longer reviews have been provided.

The Internship

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

“Google Crashers” must have been the high-concept pitch for “The Internship,” which reteams “Wedding Crashers” stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson for a round of markedly less ribald shenanigans, this time as two washed-up Willy Lomans trying to reinvent themselves as tech-sector whiz kids. “The Social Network” it isn’t — nor does it try to be — but this big-hearted underdog comedy from director Shawn Levy is, much like its two leads, exceedingly affable and good-natured despite being undeniably long in the tooth. Low-key pic faces its own generation-gap standoff at the summer box office, where it opens just five days ahead of the more buzzed-about hipster doomsday farce “This Is the End” — a reminder that much has changed in American screen comedy in
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Hello Herman | Review

Missed Targets: Danner’s Film After-school Special Fodder

Reveling in the fact that it was made before the latest rash of mass shootings, including 2012’s Aurora, Colorado’s theater massacre, Michelle Danner’s ungainly sophomore effort, Hello Herman still fails to have a timely edge or any other quality of merit, for that matter. Rather, this poorly constructed social issue film is fitted for the same destiny as one of its characters as is outlined by the main protagonist in the film, a footnote to a rather lengthy list of unremarkable footnotes. That’s not to diminish the profound tragedy that is the result of such horrific violence, and exploring the how and the why of these incidents is of paramount importance. While Danner avoids exploitative tactics, her film, unfortunately lacks any kind of elegance or finesse, instead bluntly bludgeoning its audience with the obvious, exuding all the grace of high school theatrical production.
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Flat Hello Herman Is A Satire Long Past Its Expiration Date

Flat Hello Herman Is A Satire Long Past Its Expiration Date
Quentin Tarantino appearing onscreen usually signals the worst five minutes of an otherwise strong movie. Director Michelle Danner, emoting and unmoored as the grieving mother of Herman, a high-school shooter who grants a video blogger exclusive interview rights, occupies a similarly low point in her film—but in Hello Herman, the valleys aren't such a far cry from the peaks. Herman (Garrett Backstrom) turns the tables in his prison interviews to interrogate popular ethics blogger Lax Morales (The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus) about an incident that occurred as the reporter was undercover with a white power group a few years prior. As Lax tries to understand what prompted Herman's attack, we're presented with flashbacks of the usual suspects: neglectful parents, viol...
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Authentic Adds Two New Managers to Its Growing Roster

Authentic Talent & Literary Management is expanding its Brooklyn-based firm by adding longtime Wme agent Sean Elliott and manager Stuart Wrede. Wrede will help Authentic grow its above-the-line representation business and work with clients to develop and produce projects for TV, film and new media. His clients include Brad Carpenter (Boardwalk Empire, Nurse Jackie), John Buffalo Mailer, whose feature Hello Herman will be released June 7, and director Voula Wolf Duval (currently prepping to the feature Trophy Wife). Wrede previously served as the head of development for Barry Levinson before moving into the representation world at Cinetic Media. “I was drawn to Authentic because I was blown away

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See The New Trailer and Poster For Hello Herman Starring Norman Reedus

Check out the new poster and trailer for director Michelle Danner’s Hello Herman. The film, which has its world premiere screening this weekend at the Hollywood Film Festival (at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood), will open in theaters February 2013. Hello Herman features Norman Reedus & Garret Backstrom and explores themes concerning bullying.

The film is about a sixteen year old (Garrett Backstrom) who makes a fateful decision. He enters his suburban high school and kills thirty nine students, two teachers, and a police officer. Just before his arrest he emails his idol, journalist Lax Morales (Norman Reedus). “I want to tell my story on your show.” Lax, haunted by his own fateful past and the loss of his love Isa Luz (Martha Higareda), now sits face to face with Herman. As he helps Herman to explore and understand his demons Lax must finally face his own.

Hello Herman stars Norman Reedus
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Watch: Meet "America's Worst Nightmare" in Trailer for School Shooting Drama, 'Hello Herman' (Video)

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Watch: Meet
The new trailer for Michelle Danner's sophomore directorial effort "Hello Herman" plays like a mashup of "Capote," "American History X," "We Need to Talk About Kevin" and "Fight Club." That's a good thing. "The Walking Dead"'s Norman Reedus stars here as an elite journalist with a haunted past, in a chronicle of a particularly devastating school shooting. Herman, the perpetrator of the massacre, is played by newcomer Garrett Backstrom, whose hairless cheeks and palpable desire to be taken seriously evince more than a passing likeness to Justin Bieber. "I'm not the average 16-year-old," Herman tells Lax (Reedus), whom he has singled out for access to his story. "I'm America's worst nightmare." Herman's rage appears to have grown from a now-predictable history of playground bullying and locker room torment, but the origins of Lax's demons -- if his bare-knuckle...
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Anne Archer and Michelle Danner Come Together For A New Play

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Back Stage recently sat down with actor Anne Archer and Los Angeles acting teacher and director Michelle Danner to talk about their first-time collaboration. Danner is directing Archer as the title character in a workshop presentation of "Jane Fonda in the Court of Public Opinion," written by Archer's husband, Terry Jastrow, who is co-directing. The play examines a 1988 meeting between Fonda and 26 war veterans to confront her antiwar activity during the Vietnam era. The play opened Oct. 8 at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica, where Danner is the artistic director and teaches acting.For years, Danner taught classes for the Larry Moss Studio in L.A. Danner is also a film director and recently shot "Hello Herman," starring Norman Reedus ("True Blood"). Archer is best known for her Oscar- and Golden Globe–nominated role as Michael Douglas' wife in the 1987 thriller "Fatal Attraction." Other notable film.
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Interview: Michelle Danner Talks Hello Herman

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Interview: Michelle Danner Talks Hello Herman
Read our exclusive interview with acclaimed actress and acting coach Michelle Danner, who’s making her feature film directorial debut with the upcoming drama ‘Hello Herman.’ The movie, which features newcomer Garrett Backstrom in the title role, follows the 16 year old as he kills 39 students, 2 teachers and a police officer in his school. He then e-mails pictures of the incident to his idol, journalist Lax Morales, played by Norman Reedus. Danner, who also runs the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Los Angeles, discusses with us, among other things, why she was motivated to tell Herman’s story, and what Garrett and Norman’s working relationship was like. Shockya (Sy):...
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Interview: Acting Coach Michelle Danner

If you live in La, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Edgemar Center for the Arts where Michelle Danner is the Artistic Director.

Michelle is an actress, director and renowned acting coach for Penelope Cruz, Michael Pena, Isla Fisher and James Franco to name a few. In 2000, she and Larry Moss founded the Center which houses two huge theatres, an art gallery and is home great workshops taught by Brad Garrett and incredible casting directors like Sarah Finn, Lisa Beach and Sarah Katzman.

Michelle is currently finishing up directing duties on her 2nd film, Hello Herman.

I talked to Michelle about the film, Edgemar and what it’s like to coach some of the biggest stars around.

Click here for the Edgemar website.

For the full interview, click the audio link above or download it from iTunes

When did you start to realize that you liked coaching actors?
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