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MartinHafer25 July 2013
"Into the White" is similar to an old Frank Sinatra film "None But the Brave". Both are set during WWII and both are about a small isolated group of soldiers from both sides MUST work together to survive. In the case of "None But the Brave", it was a fictional story about American and Japanese soldiers. Here with "Into the White", it's about two groups of fliers--one German and the other British. However, instead of taking place in the nice, warm Pacific, this film is set in the frozen wastes of Norway. When both planes are shot down, five airmen all converge on a hut--and there just isn't enough food and fuel to keep them alive unless they can figure out something.

So, is this film worth seeing? For a guy like me who has taught history AND loves WWII airplane films, of course--I am the perfect audience. However, for the rest, it might be a tougher sell. But, if you let yourself watch the film and don't give up on it quickly because there isn't much action, I do think you'll appreciate and enjoy the film. Plus, it's a nice opportunity to see Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films) in a VERY different role. All around, lovely acting, direction as well as a nice respect for real history. Based on what I've read, aside from inexplicably changing the names of the British fliers, it's a highly accurate representation of what really occurred--believe it or not!
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Surprisingly lacking in tension
SnoopyStyle19 June 2014
It's April 27, 1940. British and German forces are battling over Norway to claim its important iron ore resources. A German plane crash lands in the middle of nowhere. Three Germans survivors find a hunter's cabin. They are joined by two British aviators who survived being shoot down. Captain Davenport is annoyingly superior and the Germans take the unarmed British prisoners. Eventually the two groups have to work together to survive.

It's a Norwegian movie with an European cast. Supposedly it's based on a true story, and I don't care. There is a grindingly slow pace and a surprisingly lack of tension. On its face, the story should have some compelling drama. However, that's not what plays out on the screen. There is a real need for more danger or some compelling personality conflicts. Davenport doesn't come off very well. He starts off as a pompous fool and I don't understand his motives. The concept sounds so much more interesting than the actual movie.
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In the End, We Are all Equal
claudio_carvalho9 March 2013
In World War II, the German pilots Lieutenant Horst Schopis (Florian Lukas), Josef Schwartz (David Kross) and Wolfgang Strunk (Stig Henrik Hoff) crash their airplane in the wilderness of Norway after shooting down a British airplane.

They walk through a snow storm until they reach shelter in an abandoned hunter cabin. Soon the British pilot Captain Charles P. Davenport (Lachlan Nieboer) and the gunner Robert Smith (Rupert Grint) arrive in the cabin and they become prisoners of the German pilots. However, after the initial friction between the enemies, they realize that they should team-up to survive in the wilderness in the beginning of an improbable friendship.

"Into the White" is based on the true story of German and British pilots that crash in the mountains of Norway in the winter and in order to survive, they conclude that they need to work together. In the end, we are all equals and the enemies become friends. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Entre Inimigos" ("Among Enemies")
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nogodnomasters5 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Three Germans and two British pilots are shot down over Norway and end up in the same hunting cabin. They struggle with each other and realize that they are not much different. They come together to survive.

This is not an action war story, but an anti-war story. It is a good entertaining drama which is filmed mostly in one location. The film consists mostly of dialogue and interaction between the groups. It has some minor attempts at humor, but misses the mark unless a Brit asking for tea under the circumstances is funny.

It is a film I would want to see once, but not a second time.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex, or nudity.
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It was 1940 and two planes were shot down, one German and one British. In the Norway snow!
TxMike27 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I found this on Netflix streaming movies, it is said to be based on, or at least inspired by, real events.

In 1940 both Germany and Great Britain had an interest in Norway, for the raw materials for a variety of uses. And, Germany and GB were bitter enemies. When a crew from each nation shot each other down in the snowy mountains of Norway, their war plans quickly gave way to survival.

The three Germans and the two British managed to find the same vacant wooden camp high in the mountains at almost the same time. The Germans got there first, had pistols, so claimed the British as prisoners as soon as they found the camp. However eventually the British got the upper hand, until they all realized they needed to cooperate to survive.

Florian Lukas is the German officer in charge, Leutnant Horst Schopis. Lachlan Nieboer, which sounds like he should also be German, is actually English and he played the British officer in charge, Captain Charles P. Davenport. Now past his 'Potter' roles, Rupert Grint is effective as the other British airman, Gunner Robert Smith.

The story is mainly a serious one, of how enemies can learn to respect each other, and learn to work together for survival. But there are many funny scenes in it also. Almost all of the movie takes place in the camp, or just outside it, and with the 5 characters.

Good movie, not big or flashy, but a good story.

SPOILERS: In the end the Norweigens sent out a rescue party, they shot one of the Germans, and the other two were considered prisoners and were taken away. The British, being allies, returned to their assignments.
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The Battle for Norway
Uriah4322 July 2015
Although the Norweigian government favored a policy of strict neutrality during World War II both the British and the Germans had plans for invading that country. As it so happens Germany struck first and occupied it for the length of the war. This film essentially begins with a dogfight between a British fighter and a German bomber in which both airplanes are damaged and forced down in an area that is devoid of population. There are 3 survivors from the German airplane and two survivors from the British fighter which land several miles from one another. Anyway, as luck would have it both of these groups manage to find an isolated hunting cabin at about the same time. Since the Germans are armed and the British are not the British become prisoners-of-war. But because the situation is one which is quite precarious for both sides the rules regarding the prisoners are similarly quite flexible as well. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that it involved a part of World War II history that doesn't receive much publicity and it is this quality which caused it to be so interesting to me. Although there isn't much action and the drama was a bit subdued the actors all performed in an adequate manner. That said I rate this film as slightly above average.
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Improbable Friendships; Another side of war
gradyharp8 April 2013
INTO THE WHITE, also known as CROSS OF HONOR, is based on fact and in adapting the facts to the screen director Petter Næss along with co-writers Ole Meldgaard and Dave Mango have turned out a film that could easily have been a stage play, restricted for the most part as it is to the confines on one cabin. But then the vast beauty of the Norwegian landscape would have been sacrificed and it is that use of the bleak snow clad solitude that underlines the effects of isolation on the human response and survival under austere conditions.

On April 27, 1940, while the Germans and the British were struggling to gain control of Norway's vast natural resource to aid their war efforts two enemy fighter planes were shot down over the tundra of Norway. We meet the German soldiers first - Lieutenant Horst Schopis (Florian Lukas), Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk (Stig Henrik Hoff) and the wounded Unteroffizier Josef Schwartz (David Kross) as they struggle for survival, sleeping in snow caves and finally fining a deserted one room cabin where they settle in without much food and little comforts. Next we meet the British crew of the plane that crashed in the conflict with the Germans - Captain Charles P. Davenport (Lachlan Nieboer) and Gunner Robert Smith (Rupert Grint). The Brits find the German held cabin and join the Germans in a hostile relationship: there is a constant struggle of who is in charge, the Geneva convention rules of prisoners of war etc. But gradually the friction diminishes as the five men cope with finding food, warmth, and the care of Josef's arm, which has turned gangrenous. The facades of their military personalities fade into the unique personal needs of each and the result is an improbable friendship laced with angst, philosophy, humor, and mutual caring: in the end we are all equals and 'enemies' morph into caring friends.

As the credits role at film's end we are informed of the fates of each of the five men. The story is solid, touching, humorous at times, and carries a strong message about what war does to men's minds and It is only when isolated from the 'badges of countries' that these unlikely men becomes bonded. A very strong film.

Grady Harp
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The folly of war taken to its ultimate roots--basic human nature. A small, excellent film.
secondtake19 September 2013
Into the White (2012)

What a surprise. This WWII survival tale set in the snowy wilderness of Norway is based on true events of a British and a German airplane both crashing and how the survivors fared. It is compact and touching, funny and harrowing. A true ensemble cast movie that could have easily been a play, "Into the White" explores the basic humanity of our bitter world, and how beneath the rules and boundaries that lead to war and strife and petty argument are the warm loving truths of human beings surviving together on a hostile planet.

Not to overbuild the thing. There are some flaws and some awkward attempts at drama (the amputation is perhaps too much for this short period). But it's a weirdly humble movie in its filming and writing. What pulls it together is its simple sincerity, its lack of grandiose flexing. Even the ending, which could have been worked into something far more soaring or pithy, settles into the same steady groove. Well done.

There is a bit written about all these facts on the web (each of the two pilots has written a book about it). The main point is that it really happened, though the real events took only one night and didn't involve the same struggle to survive as what is shown here. The core is the meeting of enemies in a war that had clear lines of combat. Norway was still being fought over (the Germans eventually took control of the country) and so there was a feeling that the two British and three German airmen were equals in a neutral country.

But that doesn't mean they trusted each other. Which brings up the question--why not? What did these five men have to gain, or lose, by being cruel to each other? By killing each other? Yet there were rules of engagement, rules of how to hold prisoners, and even in the weird circumstances here those rules seem to give them a road to follow if nothing else.

There are a few instances of movies exploring enemies coming to see each other compassionately in the midst of war. The closest echo is the 2005 Chilean film, "Mi Mejor Enemigo" which translates as My Best Enemy, and which shows a Chilean and Argentine conflict in the middle of nowhere with the same working against rules and exploring testy friendships. That's recommended, too, if you like this one, though it is often a bit slow. There is something more poignant about the WWII backdrop in this later one, and the dialog, which really does feel like a play, holds up beautifully, delicately.
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A true story about a little known WWII event. A movie much like Winter In Wartime. Little slow but worth watching. I say B.
cosmo_tiger23 June 2013
"Listen to me, you twisted cheese-eating gnome. While you've been sitting down here waiting for the sun to shine, we've been struggling to survive, in a remote cabin, with some Germans." This is a true story set in 1940 WWII. After shooting down a British plane a plane carrying 3 Germans crashes in remote Norway. After walking for awhile they find a cabin and decide to stay there until they can travel again. They are surprised when they find the 2 British pilots show up. Taking turns capturing each other they soon realize that the only way to survive is to work together. First of all I have to say that if you are expecting a war movie this is not what you are looking for. On the other hand it is a good movie and is worth seeing. I enjoy true stories anyway but this one really shows the humanity of people during wartime. There really isn't much more to this then 5 people in a cabin talking and it is a little slow but it is interesting enough to keep you watching and I enjoyed it. Overall, if you liked Winter In Wartime then you will like this one as well. I give it a B.
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gordonl5629 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers

A very entertaining war film set in Norway during 1940. The Germans are advancing up the length of Norway defeating the Norwegian Army as it moves north. The British and French forces land troops and aircraft at Narvik to help the Norwegians. The Royal Navy puts a major dent in the supply of German destroyers. But the naval battle, and the Allied landings only slows the Germans down for a bit, and the Allies soon need to evacuate back to England. The film is about a small slice of the combat for Narvik.

The crew of a Germen He-111 are forced to crash land in the mountains after sustaining combat damage. The three survivors set out in a blinding snowstorm looking for shelter. They stumble across a remote cabin and hole up. They are soon joined by a pair of British aircrew in the same boat.

The Germans are played by, Florian Lukas, David Kross and Stig Henrik Hoff, while the two Brits are played by Lachlan Niboer and Rupert Grint. The Germans are first on the draw and the British are soon prisoners. After several days with the storm raging outside, it really does not matter who are the prisoners, they all are.

There is only a small amount of food in the cabin and rationing is necessary from the start. Next the wood for the stove starts to run out. This makes it necessary to start ripping up the chairs, beds, floors and even the outdoors privy. Needless to say, there are several exchanges of who has the gun, and who is in charge.

The snow finally abates and the men decide to use some of the old sets of skis found in the rafters and make for the coast. They agree that whoever forces they meet first, the others will surrender to.

One of the Brits, along with one German, set off to scout for a route down. The two run into a Norwegian ski patrol. One of the Norwegians, armed with a scoped rifle, sees the German uniform on the one man. The German is of course shot dead. The patrol soon has the two Brits safe and the two surviving German collared.

Everyone is soon hustled back to Navrik, and just in time too, as the Allies are about to pull out. The Germans will be spending the rest of the conflict on ice in a P.O.W. camp.

The director was Norwegian, Petter Næss. His film work has been nominated worldwide for various awards, including an Oscar nod for a Best Foreign Film.

Grint of course is well known for being in all the HARRY POTTER films. A very good film all in all.
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Good cast and adaptation but expected better opening
Reno-Rangan28 February 2014
It was inspired by the true story but made few changes in script to look dissimilar to other similar plot movies. But still people are comparing it to movies like 'No Man's Land' and 'Hell in the Pacific'. This Norwegian movie had international cast. A couple English and a trio Germans. It was almost an English language movie, except in few parts where German soldiers speak German.

Unlike other fictional stories this movie was breathtaking. The whole movie was shot in a wooden cabin which located in the snow covered no man's land. That setting reminded me the Charles Chaplin's 'The Gold Rush'. Don't mistake it as a pure war movie, it was a drama with a backdrop of second world war. You can see only men with a soldier's suit and guns which they never use it.

This movie tells the certain parts of the story that happened back in 1940. The filmmakers chose to tell only the drama parts, but I wanted the rest of the story. Like when they were taken back to the nearby English soldier camp what happen to the German prisoners. Of course they said it in words during before the end credits roll up. But I am eager to see it in a movie because I love movies.

I think Rupert Grint had a good role other than he had in the Harry Potter series or any other recent his movies. The rest of the guys were also given their solid performances, especially Germans cast and their characters were so diverse. It was an unbelievable true story, glad to know it through this fine movie. All the thanks to the cast and crew for this wonderful drama.
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Good Solid WW 2 Lesson - Into the White
arthur_tafero23 November 2018
This was not a high-budget film; but the story and script are very good. It is a simple story of some very lucky airmen shot down in Norway during WW2. Three Germans and Two Englishmen are shot down hours apart in a remote part of the countryside. Both groups had an enormous stroke of luck to find an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere. They all could have just as easily froze to death from the constant wind and snow. They are lucky too, when they shoot a rabbit and find a secret cache of food and supplies. However, all good luck runs out sooner or later, and the story about enemies bonding in a survival situation is very interesting. It highlights the fact that countries fight wars, not the men who are in it. Good viewing.
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Good Story
bob-rutzel-15 July 2013
This is inspired by a true story.

On 27 April 1940, a German plane shoots down a British plane in the mountains during a brutal Norwegian blizzard. The German plane crashes for some reason that is unknown. The Germans find a cabin to take shelter in until they can move out. The Officer and Airman from the British plane also survived their crash and find the same cabin. The Germans capture the British. After a while it is decided that the only way to survive the severe weather is to forget the Rules of War and find a way for all to get out of this alive. Can it be done?

I am not familiar with any of the actors but they all performed exceedingly well. We are told that the names of the Germans are what you hear in the movie. For some unknown reason, the names of the British were changed.

The movie opens with the crashed German plane on the ground. We didn't see the battle or the crash landing - so much for any action we might have seen. We didn't see the British plane at all. In the cabin tensions between the German and British soldiers are high, but should have been higher and with more grit. There are political stances as to be expected, raggings, insults, some ill advised jokes and once all that is out of their systems the enemies settle down to a somewhat more civilized behavior. They realize they aren't going anywhere and decide to make the best of a bad situation.

They had no food and the cupboards only held a small bag of oats. Later on the cabin reveals a secret.

The snappy/critical dialogues, suspicious eyes, guns pointed, a line on the floor as a border between the Germans, and British all help to keep the movie from dragging. Two only matches flamed out and British Captain Davenport (Lachian Nieboer) had a lighter to light the stove within. That was lucky.

Yes, it is slow in places, but keep in mind there is a war going on and each side would be okay with killing the other side in a New York Minute. The British Captain Davenport will remind some of Hugh Grant as they look and act alike, almost.

At the end of the movie we are told what happened to each of the soldiers. (7/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes.
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Extraordinary true story about unlikely friendship in war
OJT9 March 2012
Norwegian director Petter Næss has gathered a fine acting crew in this true story about three German and two British war pilots meeting up in a remote hunting cabin during a harsh Norwegian winter storm up in the high mountains, after shooting each other's planes down during the Second World War.

Being forced to work together, with all doubts and mistrust, they after some days started off what was an unlikely friendship while the war was on it's culmination.

The film succeeds in telling a story of fright evolving into friendship, in a chamber like story. All the five main actors are doing a great job with this interesting story.

It's still in the last part of the movie we start really feeling there's a war going on. If the film is to be criticized, it's for not really making us get into the war feeling at the start of the film.

The landscape is beautiful, and the war is 70 years ago. Will everyone understand the situation. In the end, this is really clear, and the film functions here. I'd really like to get more of the war feeling in the start of the film. A shot down airplane and some soldiers doesn't do that in a winterly landscape. The film gets better the further it gets into the material.

That said, the film is really worth watching. Great acting. The German actors are actually the best. Stig Henrik Hoff is also convincing, and David Cross is doing a good role. Rupert Grint has some troubles getting into it in his first feature after seven Harry potters, or maybe it's me seeing that beyond the witchcraft?

In my opinion Petter Næss has nailed another great film. All of his filmography is worth seeing. Wanting to film this story for a long time, he's given us another epic story from the epic Second World War, giving us the hope that this will learn us to never get into another one.
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Excellent war movie about people
MadamWarden19 February 2019
A delightful surprise. A very empathetic and real portrayal of humans behind soldiers on opposite sides of a bitter war. Based on a true story and yet extraordinary. A Hollywood script except there isn't a happy ending and there are no heroes. Just ordinary men surviving and exploring their humanity.

Truly entertaining, if somewhat tense, evening's diversion. Highly recommended!
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Truly One Of The Best Films Ever Made On World War Two
FilmMan4728 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
i just saw this film recently as i am a huge action fan i expected mass action and i also like few war films but this was amazing experience i have to say i loved it and its quite possibly the best film ever made on war and survival.

it is based on the real events happened in world war 2 era i would not go into the detail that what actually happened but i can guarantee that this film is totally accurate.

the plot:British and German soldiers shot each others plane down in Norway during the events of second world war,it is winter and extreme cold after having confronting each other these enemies realize they have to work together to survive the extreme weather conditions.

the cast:i liked everyone in the film they all did best the British soldiers,as for the German i remember Florian Lukas i saw him in don 2 2011 with Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan.

there is everything here you need in a great movie i am surprised that there is no Oscar for this,its got good dialogs,story,acting,suspense and above all great direction and team work it clearly shows here the director did it all hats of to Petter Naess.

i was enjoying every scene specially the hostage situation of British soldiers until they take Germans hostage and then they became friends they were caring for each other so much all that hatred and talks of politics and other issues were nothing for them there they were just pure humans in need.

overall into the white 2012 is truly one of the best films ever made it shows that humanity is above all soldiers are humans too.

My Rating For This Film Is 10/10 A Must See Film Highly Recommended
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Good idea, poor execution
peefyn4 November 2015
The setting is perfect, the same with the plot. Two British soldiers and three German soldiers forced to share a cabin in a Norwegian snowstorm during the second world war. The movie, shot in Norway, captures a beautiful landscape (most covered in snow), and the cabin they're in seems authentic.

But then there's the characters. The acting in this movie is almost theatrical, but not in a good way. Exaggerated performances come in the way of what's in its core a good plot. The character's also make plenty of weird choices, and much could have been avoided by communication. I know they represent two parties at war with each other, but even with that in mind, it feels like cheap writing.

I'm being a bit harsh here, it's an OK movie, and worth checking out if you think it the plot sounds interesting. But it could have been so much more.
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Another hidden gem
jwscott-home12 July 2020
I guess American audiences just hate films from outside our country. This DIDNT even rank enough for critics to score it. How is that possible? All the pure trash that are Produced and Directed by idiots and released here ... unbelievable. Trump and the republicans say bringing the world together..globalism, is a bad thing... but this movie is perfect for showing how shallow and ignorant so many men are. The 'right' is coming back in Germany and Great Britain... we need more movies like this to teach pure children the world over that war and madness needs to be put to rest and all of the same countries stop fighting and encourage the 90% of Muslims who aren't radical that it's their responsibility to weed out the crazies. Because if they don't it just gives fuel to the 'right' nuts of the world to continue the military industry and creat fear and insecurity among our peoples. It's pure fear and insecurity that breeds their hate among men . Great movie! I'll certainly recommend it!
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True story but not true movie
stimpy_tr30 March 2021
The movie could have depicted more humanistic side of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with enemy soldiers. To me there are two options: Germans either kill the English at first sight or treat them as guests by feeling empathy. They choose the second option but inside the cabin the struggle between the two sides goes on for a very long time until they get used to each other. I find this unrealistic. In a case where an English soldier insults the Germans, the one with the gun -in this case the Germans- neutralize the others or put them outside and everything is settled. That the guns changing hands several times and ending up in a box outside is not possible. Otherwise, the song "Over the Rainbow" is very nice, especially when sung by Judy Garland.
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Flawed but still enjoyable
bob_bear14 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Based on a true story usually means inspired by a true story with countless dramatic liberties taken which is, I suspect, the case here.

The Germans are portrayed as stoic, disciplined and respectful which is refreshing whilst the Brits on the other hand are merely cartoons. "Davenport" acts like he's channeling Hugh Grant throughout whilst Rupert Grint is saddled with playing the arrogant, working-class oik. I just cannot believe either of them would behave so arrogantly when confronted by a potentially deadly situation.

Nevertheless, the gradual evolution of their acceptance, understanding of one another and friendship is what makes the film a pleasure to watch.

No idea why the Norwegians felt it necessary to shoot a defenseless German on skis. Did it happen? Or yet more dramatic license?

The budget didn't run to a CGI plane crash so I don't see why they keep putting airplanes on the posters except to mislead people into thinking it's a bog-standard war film. Pretty disingenuous also to change the title to Cross of Honour for the UK DVD release. What has that title got to do with anything? There's no cross in it! It's a film about extraordinary circumstances and extraordinary friendship and it deserves to be marketed as such.

And, finally, I cannot believe that mine is only the 9th review when so many worse films get gazillions? Go figure!
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A watchable drama
calorne1 February 2020
This feels more like a TV drama than a film as far as the script and acting goes, but the scenery, when we can see it, is stunning. Some of the acting is a little clunky, but I think that is more down to the script than the actors. The Liverpool accent is not quite there and a London one may have worked better (although that may have been historically inaccurate as we are told this is based on fact) and one of the characters is possessed by Hugh Grant.

The "bigger" elements of the drama don't really work for me, I didn't feel any genuine tension or peril, but the more down to earth interactions between the characters - such as the winding each other up and the camaraderie are enjoyable.
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About as real as Hogan's heroes
jimlacy20035 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
(Very minor spoilage here, just some hints of the plot, etc).

First, I personally love WWII movies both factual documentary and of the fiction genre.

I wasn't particularly expecting anything of this movie other then I happen to like Rupert Grint for the ubiquitous Harry Potter series and movies like "Wild Target" (which was great).

Now the movie has an interesting premise and then the cinematography, and other peripheral aspects were nice. But the actual problem was either the screen play, then the directing, and, or, a bit of the acting (mainly the "Captain Davenport" part). It's very clichéd and just plain unbelievable.

The worst is the represented relationship between the two sides. The central thing of the whole story after all! It's really a "Human interest story", about people, about the differences and relationship of friend and foe et al, and in the throws of war.

A prime example is when the two parties (the Brits and the Germans) first meet. The Brit "Captain Davenport" acted very uppity and erratic in a threatening manor. This despite having three guns trained on him by the Germans (whom had the upper hand). It made no sense what so ever that the guy (the Captain) would have acted the way he did, let alone anyone in this situation unless they were maybe.. insane?

Okay, I get the idea. He's supposed to be this smart witty Brit who's trying to psych the Germans out to grain some advantage. Very cliché, out of place, and made little sense. Lets face the obvious. In reality, as a captive, if either side acted this way they would have been immediately shot, period - end of story. (Hence my "Hogan's heroes" title reference about reality and believably). Give me a break!

To give them (those that made this) some credit, it's probably one of those movies that is hard to balance. A good example where it works (albeit in a different scenario) is "The Man from Earth" 2007.

Skip this one to spare your self the agony of it's delivery.
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Very enjoyable true story
joshua-303-9277822 September 2012
I really liked this movie. It doesn't attempt to be a Hollywood blockbuster or anything like that. Just a good, smart, watchable film.

If you're reading these reviews, then you probably already know the basic story: several British airmen during WWII find themselves in a remote Nordic cabin with several German airmen. They must cooperate or perish.

There's a great scene where the group is drinking merrily, and find themselves outside, watching a spectacular display of the Northern Lights. Even in the midst of despair, the men are able to enjoy a total moment of solace.
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Good basic movie
jimel9818 January 2014
I just watched this for the first time. I found it on Netflix and had skipped past it a few times having never heard of it. So, today I gave it a shot. I liked it, I liked it a lot. Not a blockbuster by any wild stretch, but some of the best movies aren't. It's a true story about five Airmen: 2 British, 3 German at the beginning of WW2 who end up depending on each other to survive in the remote wilds of Norway prior to the Germans controlling it. The actors do a wonderful job of showing men in such a stressful situation who must overcome their differences to survive.

One previous reviewer (jerry from the U.S.) mentions he felt the British were portrayed as a bit difficult at first (I don't recall his exact wording) and to be honest, as I watched a NORWEGIAN film I was shocked that the Germans were portrayed as all in all, the better people! But this being a movie portraying real events and people under those circumstances doing whatever they had to do, I just went along for the ride. It was a good ride. The characters develop slowly and never truly become that known to the viewer, but hey, you take 5 people who had just tried killing each other, they're not going to put aside their differences within 2 hours of meeting each other face to face. Just as they get to truly know each other, and we get to know them, they find themselves nearing the end of their journey together.

And how would WE conduct ourselves in those circumstances. This story has been done before plenty of times, but if done right, it's always a good one, especially if the story is true.

So, is it a great movie? I'm not sure I couldn't call it GREAT, but damn good, entertaining and thought provoking? Yeah, absolutely.
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Such a great film
jcriche24 May 2021
I hardly ever give a 10/10, but this movie was exceptionally good, what it shows is however different we think we are, nation to nation, we all have the same problems the same values, the same feelings...its one of those films that makes you think.
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