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Cheese would have been OK, but stupid drags it down
bkwormonthenet30 June 2012
I was looking forward to the intentional cheesiness of the Partridge vs. Brady hype, but the movie just has too many stupid people doing stupid things that no real person would do. Ruined the fun for me. Also, since when is Bigfoot supposedly bigger than a house and yet could still never be found? And when did he start ripping people apart and eating them?

As the story went on, it just seemed like people in that community had been doing stupid things for maybe a century. No one could ever put 2 and 2 together and make 4.

At least Danny Bonnaduce realizes that his career is made up of playing some silly version of himself and glories in it. Poor Barry Williams has to play his role straight-faced and serious, trying so hard to make a glaring eye look more glaring and intense by keeping it glaring longer and twisting his inherently droopy face. I think he got the bad end of the deal on this one.

I had hoped for a good bad-movie-night film, but it's so much worse than that. Makes me sad. This could have been done with the right attitude and just a small grain of intelligence and been fun.
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Another painful viewing experience from The Asylum.
poolandrews2 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Bigfoot is set in the small South Dakota town of Deadwood where local radio host Harley Anderson (Danny Bonaduce) is organising an 80's style rock festival, the local mayor (Howard Hesseman) wants the festival as a way of bring business into the town but local environmentalist Simon Quint (Barry Williams) opposes the festival as a large area of woodland has to be cut down to make way for it. Both Anderson & Quint argue over the plans but Anderson gets his way, the trees are cut down & the festival goes ahead. The headlining act is ageing rocker Alice Cooper, deep in the surrounding woods a huge Bigfoot type creature is annoyed by the loud rock music & rampages through the festival destroying equipment & killing people. The national guard are called in, local outrage & horror at the atrocity changes to sympathy as Quint argues that the Bigfoot monster is a victim & should be captured while Anderson wants to profit from the creature & calls in big game hunters to trap it...

Produced by the talentless folk at The Asylum & premiering on the SyFy Channel before going to DVD this piece of crap had the working title of Black Hills & was directed by Bruce Davison who oddly also starred in & directed a few episodes of the Harry and the Hendersons (1991-1993) television series which featured a Bigfoot creature living with an average American family so I guess he was chosen for prior experience in the Bigfoot genre, whatever the reason Bigfoot is total crap from start to finish & is an embarrassment to all concerned. While different films appeal to different people & they can have differing but no less worthwhile opinions about them Bigfoot is a film where you should take notice of all the bad reviews, the 2 out of 10 score on the IMDb is justified here, all the negative reviews & bad mouthing of this piece of rubbish is hard to disagree with. At just under 90 minutes it's really boring, the story is just so random, it has no central concept beyond this Bigfoot thing killing a few people & various character's running around with different agendas trying to capture it. Wouldn't a huge manhunt be organised in order to trap & kill it? If Anderson manages to capture it why does he think he will be able to do whatever he wants with it? The same goes for Quint. Why, when this Bigfoot kills people in cold blood is Quint still so keen to save it? Where are all the locals? The idea that bad rock music makes this Bigfoot go crazy is just lame, wouldn't anyone else have seen this thing before? It's 40 or 50 feet high, you could hardly miss it could you? The plot, that character's & the dialogue are all awful, the plans these idiots come up with to capture the thing just defy logic. Bigfoot is just painful to watch. I also couldn't help but think of King Kong while watching this, the Bigfoot monster looks more like a huge Ape much like Kong & with the climax set on a famous landmark like Mount Rushmore one can see the similarities of Kong's climax set on the Empire State Building.

Technically Bigfoot is an absolute mess too, some of the continuity is atrocious like when near the end Bigfoot is rampaging through a car park yet in the very next scene he's jumping down from a wall in front of Mount Rushmore nowhere near any car park or the inconsistencies of it's size. The special effects are terrible, the Bigfoot is a CGI creation & it looks awful as it awkwardly stomps, walks, kicks & slaps stuff. It does get embarrassing at times. The CGI helicopters also look rubbish. This thing is huge, like 40 or 50 feet high yet it is able to 'sneak' up on people & why does everyone just stand there waiting for it to kill them? Time & time again character's just stand there with stupid expressions on their faces, waiting for this huge monster to get close enough to kill them. God this is awful, how I made it all the way through I will never know. The ending set on Mount Rushmore is rubbish, the location is totally wasted & again the CGI work is atrocious.

Filmed in Carnation in Washington on what must have been a very low budget. The acting isn't very good, rocker Alice Cooper makes a small cameo appearance while has been television stars Danny Bonaduce & Barry Williams play the lead character's but look bored.

Bigfoot is a terrible film, make no mistake about it Bigfoot is as bad as any SyFy Channel original you care to think of. I don't know why I keep watching this crap for, it's not like I am unaware what to expect. The bad news is that the SyFy Channel over her recently played Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012) which is currently waiting for me on my set top box, I shudder at the thought.
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So bad that it is.......................bad.
jerekra28 January 2014
Bigfoot is another of those SYFY movies that is pretty bad. But they all are like that so you have to throw your expectations out the window when you see a movie like that and that will help you enjoy it more. I did so when watching this film and only was mildly entertained.

The story is about a giant bigfoot that attacks a city during a rock convention. Simple as that.

Bigfoot is done with CGI, just like all the other films like this. He looks OK, but when he moves sometimes he looks really bad. This bigfoot did not do anything that stands out besides bite peoples heads off.

Human characters are all horrible actors like usual, Danny Bonaduce does play a great jerk in this film tho. All the others are your typical SYFY characters. I thought it was cool that Alice Cooper appeared in this film, he was probably the best part of this movie.

The action scenes are typical, nothing special.

Pretty standard film, nothing really stands out. I do not really recommend it.
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So Bad - it's not just bad - it's BAD!
davidsmith6669991 July 2012
Quite possibly the worst TV movie ever made.

The special effects Bigfoot reminded me of the Snow Monster from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Only the snow monster was scary.

While this movie was suppose to be cheesy and way out there. It failed on every level of film making. It was so awful even the editing sucked. The editing.

Terrible script. Awful acting. Horrible cinematography. Dumb story. Cheesy special effects. There is not one redeemable facet of this movie. Worst Director of the year.

I was embarrassed for everyone involved, especially Sherilyn Fenn, who I love. She was the only one I felt did a good job till she sprung into "action" halfway through. By that point I was laughing and gasping for the pain I felt for this group.

Had they taken this garbage script and played it like satire, and went ten times over board on the set, it might have been so bad it's good.

I'll never get out of my brain Greg Brady on that flying contraption. Oh, my God, what the hell were they thinking?

While I understand actors need to act to put food on the table. I'm ashamed for everyone involved.

Horrendous, simply horrendous.
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Absolutely terrible
jamesashman792 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably one of the worst pieces of television I have watched in a long time.

The CGI is appalling, the physics of how the Bigfoot moves is comical and borders on stop motion quality.

The so called "concert" has no more than 30 people in the crowd, and this is obvious from the camera shots, yet the dubbed sound suggests there are thousands in attendance. The stage looked like it was constructed by drunk children as well. And to think Alice Cooper made an appearance in this is just sad.

The acting is ropey at best, the characters are unbelievable, The so called "master hunter" cannot even hold a rifle correctly.

To summarise, THIS IS GARBAGE and should never have been made. Waste of time for all involved.
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The fact that it's stupid is just one of the criticisms
TheLittleSongbird1 July 2012
I do like Bigfoot movies and wanted to be entertained by this film no matter of my dubiousness. Sadly, my dubiousness(the fact that it's SyFy is clue enough of the level of quality you're expecting) proved correct, because apart from some decent scenery and a fun cameo from Alice Cooper, Bigfoot(2012) is an awful film, though not quite awful enough to be one of their worst. The camera work and editing have been worse before, but there is nothing exceptional about them. The special effects are really just terrible, even for SyFy the Bigfoot, more an out-of-scale version of King Kong, is incredibly cheap. How the Bigfoot is utilised doesn't help either, it never does anything other than running around wild killing people, which does get old fast, and it's never explained as to why he is so big. And the killings are very bland with no sense of real danger or suspense. The dialogue is very cheesy which I was expecting, but surely the actors deserved more to work with, Bigfoot commits one of movie-writing's biggest mistakes and actually gives them next to nothing to do. Consequently the acting is very poor, with Danny Bonaduce made to send up himself, which may have been more fun if the rapport between him and Barry Williams, giving meaning to playing it straight blandly, had been more inspired and less irritating. Sherilyn Fenn also turns up and is not given much to do. They are further not helped by their characters. I would not have minded if the characters were stereotypical or not(I actually have seen movies that do have clichéd characters but manage to do something with them, From Here to Eternity for example), it was the way that they were written that was the problem. I do think SyFy are at their worst, when their characters are both underdeveloped and made to do stupid things, sadly both of which are seen in Bigfoot. Furthermore, the story is dull, predictable and devoid of any kind of sense or logic, I agree absolutely about the Bigfoot not being spotted, if he was that big there is no way that nobody would've not spotted him(which is what brings me to my point about the characters doing stupid things). So all in all, even for SyFy Bigfoot is an awful film. Has some decent scenery and Cooper is reasonably fun, but the stupidity of the story, the cheapness of Bigfoot himself, annoying characters and poor acting bring things down. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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One of the Worst Bigfoot Movies Ever
Michael_Elliott30 June 2012
Bigfoot (2012)

1/2 (out of 4)

A concert promoter (Danny Bonaduce) is having an 80's festival in South Dakota and to do this he must destroy several acres of land, which doesn't sit well with a land lover (Barry Williams). Soon the two are battling each other over the land but Bigfoot shows up and wants everyone off him home turk. BIGFOOT comes from director Bruce Davison and lets just say that it's without question one of the worst movies ever done on the subject. I will admit that I'm a Bigfoot lover and I enjoy watching any movie I can on him so if someone such as myself hates this film so much I'm really not sure how bad others will hate it. I will say that I think Davison could make for a good director as it's clear he knows how to tell a story, the film looks professional and so on. However, whoever had the idea to do "this" to Bigfoot should be ashamed of themselves. The Bigfoot here isn't the one we've all come to love but instead it has more to do with King Kong. Yes, the title creature here is a gigantic monster that runs wild just like the big ape, which is just downright stupid and silly. For starters, just a tad bit of logic would tell you that it would be impossible for no one to have spotted him already if he was this big. Secondly, what was the point? Why have Bigfoot be this giant monster? Those expecting to see your typical Bigfoot are going to be disappointed but that's not the only bad thing. The constant back and forth between Williams and Bonaduce gets old very quickly. These elements seem more like a spoof but the rest of the film is played straight. Another problem is that there's really no fun to be had with Bigfoot being so annoying. Even his death scenes are pretty bland as he usually picks people up and bites their head off yet there's no blood so go figure. Joining the cast is Sherilyn Fenn who plays a cop and we get a fun cameo from Alice Cooper playing himself. Again, I'm really not sure whose idea it was to turn this Bigfoot into a giant ala King Kong but the end result is an incredibly bad movie and one of the worst of its kind. Even The Asylum should be embarrassed.
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Something Stupid This Way Comes
piratecannon26 December 2012
Ever since Mr. Mercer and myself have endeavored to create our own monster movie based on the legendary bigfoot (you can read more about our efforts here), I've kept an eye out for any and all things related to the ever elusive Sasquatch. Enter the release of 2012′s Bigfoot, a made for TV movie that documents the reign of terror imposed by a creature more relative in size and stature to King Kong than the reportedly gentle giant that roams the forests of North America.

There are a number of ways one could approach a film like this, but I would never have guessed that the story would center around a rock concert in the shadow of Mount Rushmore. Two aging foes—who apparently shared glory days as members of jam bands during the 1980′s—lock horns in a dispute that boils down to conservationism versus capitalism. I'll save you the grief of a tedious narrative recap by saying simply that the catalyst that ultimately sets up the confrontation with the creature of cryptozoological lore is idiotic; it's a hammy idea that may have worked had the actors been more willing to "cheese up" the proceedings, but a misplaced sense of seriousness sinks any hopes of intentional laughter. Instead, we get uneven sequences that find our hero and villain spouting off cliché lines (and plot points) about protecting the environment and generating revenue for small town America (respectively).

Are you bored yet? If so, I apologize, but this serves to highlight the fatal flaw of Bigfoot: that there isn't enough of well bigfoot. When the monster shows up good fun is had by all, but too much of the movie is bogged down in a dispute between two unlikable characters. Last time I checked, people tune into the SyFy Channel movie of the week because they want over-the-top gore and an overabundance of horrendous special effects. Here, neither is given the screen time it deserves, and the result is a mind-numbing movie with an absolutely infuriating conclusion that's every bit as hollow as Alice Cooper's two minute cameo.

Yeah. You read that right. Actually, said appearance might just be the highlight of Bigfoot. As the aging rock star touts before being stepped on by the massive primate, "I'm the scariest thing you'll ever see!"
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Big pile of cr@p
Stevieboy66629 April 2018
A gigantic Bigfoot is disturbed when the most pathetic music festival in film history is held near Mount Rushmore and goes on a rampage of death and destruction. There must be about 30 extras that make up the "crowd", they did, however, somehow manage to rope in Alice Cooper to make an appearance, and this for me was the only positive thing that I can say about this awful, cheap movie from The Asylum. Terrible continuity - in one scene there's snow on the ground, the next it's gone, then it's back again! Dreadful CGI effects, much of the acting isn't much better either. There are plenty of bad Bigfoot/Yeti movies out there but this is the worst that I have seen to date. This film is an ABOMINATION!
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I Love the 80's, but I Hate Asylum
pv71989-130 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
From an article with SyFy's head honcho three years ago, we learned that SyFy pays $2-3 million to groups like The Asylum and Roger Corman to make "original" pictures. Apparently, The Asylum is keeping most of that money.

This time around, instead of the bodacious Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, we're stuck with Danny "The Partridge Family" Bonaduce and Barry "Greg Brady" Williams battling each other and Bigfoot in Deadwood, South Dakota.

I won't spoil the ending but remember this is an Asylum flick, which means high body counts, people dying in incredibly stupid ways and, most of all, crummy special effects. I thought CGI was going to be the wave of the future? The effects in this movie look like a video game.

Even worse, the acting in this movie is more atrocious than usual for an Asylum movie. Bonaduce is his usual hammy self, just a bit more over the top than he is on "World's Dumbest..." Williams, however, has to play the straight man and fails miserably.

As for the plot, in a nutshell, Williams and Bonaduce play former singing partners who have parted ways 180 degrees. Bonaduce is a bigshot radio hack/producer whose greed knows no bounds, going so far as to take credit for a bloody Bigfoot attack bringing the town much needed publicity. Williams has gone environmentalist on us when he isn't trying to hit on his almost underage groupies.

Neither man is likable enough to root for. By the time we get to the inevitable fight scene between the two, it's too late. We can hit the restroom or make popcorn instead.

And I have to pity the poor city of Deadwood. The locals are portrayed as complete morons. Bigfoot annihilates about 10-15 construction workers yet no one in town pays attention. Tons of people go missing and business goes on as usual. Even when Bigfoot attacks a big concert stage, absolutely nothing fazes the citizenry until Bonaduce pays them to go after Bigfoot.

We got to see a more enthusiastic response from the rednecks in the notorious "Giant Spider Invasion" back in 1975. The Asylum needs to take a look at "Kingdom of the Spiders" or just about any Toho monster flick to show how the citizens are supposed to act when the monster attacks.

Oh and before I forget, Grade Z horror and monster flicks have had one thing in common from -- they either begin a great actor's career or show just how far the actor has fallen. SyFy abounds in the latter.

This time around, we get to see just how far Sherilynn Fenn of "Twin Peaks" has fallen out of favor in Tinseltown. She plays a deputy doing a poor imitation of Frances McDormand from "Fargo." Her hat has more to do than she does. Joining her is Howard "WKRP In Cincinnati" Hessman as the Murray Hamilton-style mayor and Bruce Davison as another deputy.

By the way, Davison directs and shows he apparently learned nothing from "Lathe of Heaven." He can't even successfully direct his own death scene.

Overall, by the time we get to the ending (hint: think "Piranhaconda"), we just want this film to be over with.

P.S.: The best part in this whole movie is Alice Cooper challenging Bigfoot for the title of "world's scariest creature."
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Big foot has a great drop kick...
djderka1 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Yep 6. This was a funny tongue-in-the-cheek movie, and the folks that panned it may not have noticed this aspect. Remember these SyFy flicks are the millennium's version of B movies from the 50's and 60's. Do they need to come with a label that says: WARNING This is not Alien.

Here's why it is funny, but with some flaws.

First of all Alice Cooper in a rock concert of about 20 attendees. Bigfoot is resting nicely while the folksinger strums his tunes to a bored audience. Then Alice Cooper and his loud rock music and audio mic/speaker feedback awake Bigfoot. Then as Alice claims he is the scariest guy in the world, Bigfoot drop kicks him to the stadium in Boston.

Plot: As usual a monster enters a town. One guy (Danny B.) wants to use the Bigfoot as a theme park and the other guy, Bruce Davison, wants to let the creature go even after he has killed dozens. Why? Because we are intruding on his space.

IMDb doesn't have the cast characters on some folks on it's listing page so I will use real names.

So Donny B. and Bruce D. duke it out to get the monster. Simple story.

Great line: Danny B. "We are going to bag and cage him or stuff and mount him". He says it several times. Also, what could be funnier than the girl who lies down in the Bigfoot footprint in a lustful manner, only to have Bigfoot stomp her into the ground with his, well, big foot. This was an homage to Bambi Meest Godzilla, where Bambi is blissfully munching in the forest only to encounter the big foot of Godzilla. It is a short animation, probably on youtube by now.

And who isn't on the floor after seeing the protesters with "save Bigfoot signs" which includes a demonstration march. And, the tourist guide at Mount Rushmore, who made a delicious snack for big foot and was so surprised at her fate.

Who can't laugh when the CGI boys "create" a police car that is set on fire. Didn't they have $500 bucks for an old car to burn. No, they used a phony CGI car with dull paint and dull glass. They they cut to a real car with shine, and rain drops and reflective glass. Way obvious. I laughed when Danny B. was sneaking through the snow covered slippery woodsy country side with his finger on the trigger of an M16. I liked the fake snow created in an iMovie effect called "snow".

Bigfoot is a great drop kicker as he boots people around like a soccer ball. He should be drafted to Manchester United next season. Hint for future National Guard meeting Bigfoot: Shoot at his feet, they are the least protected.

And who won't crack up when in one scene near Mount Rushmore when a military guy in a chopper has Bigfoot direct in the cross hairs with no obstructions on his tripod mounted M60 machine gun and declares, "I don't have a shot".

Comic moments like this abound in this satire of monster flicks. Filmmakers are lucky to have a couple of million for a small movie to practice their craft. Don't forget it was Francis Coppola who got $30,000 from AI to shoot his first feature, Dementia 13.

Biggest flaw: not enough babes in revealing clothing like in Mega Python Meets Gatorade. So location directors pay attention. Resist making movies in cold climates. Use islands, tropical areas, and coastlines. This is so buxom babes can dress appropriately.

It seems as several movies end with the heroes getting killed and then a plaque that honors them at the end.

And let us not forget the employment opportunities these low budget films provide for musicians, actors, writers, crew, and yes even CGI creators and of course the fun, entertainment factor for us viewers.
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The Best Bigfoot Movie Ever Made starring Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams
wes-connors18 August 2013
Urban legend "Bigfoot" is a mystery no more, introduced stomping on a bear hunter, before the credits. A towering ape-like creature, putting out humans like a cigarette butts is one of his (or her) favorite ways to kill. We're set in the appropriately-named Deadwood, South Dakota during a spring cold wave. Morning radio talk show host Danny Bonaduce (as Harley Anderson) pans "global warming" and promotes his upcoming "80s Flashback Music Festival." Neither bad weather nor "Bigfoot" killings will convince Mr. Bonaduce to cancel the concert. Former popular singer Barry Williams (as Simon Quinn) doesn't agree. Presently an environmentalist, Mr. Williams wants to stop the music...

It's difficult to understand how people can make a movie this bad without trying. Bonaduce and Williams defy description; that two veteran actors could be so unappealing is astonishing. They were popular TV and recording stars on "The Partridge Family" and "The Brady Bunch" during the 1970s. Bonaduce is appalling, perhaps intentionally. Occasionally trying, Williams sings one song and Alice Cooper has a tiresome cameo. "Bigfoot" may have been angry because 1970s acts were headlining a 1980s music festival. The cartoon-like special effects and story are haphazardly presented. Appearing bored are co-star Sherilyn Fenn and actor-director Bruce Davison. Awful is too elevated a description.

* Bigfoot (6/30/12) Bruce Davison ~ Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, Sherilyn Fenn, Bruce Davison
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bvalentine6610 May 2014
I'm not quite sure what happened, This atrocity came on and next thing I knew, I was drooling on myself and had crapped my pants. Good thing Bonaduce can still get work. The only saving grace of this entire fiasco was of course the "Bigfoot" without a doubt the most realistic, and awe inspiring "Bigfoot" in the history of Bigfootdom. Barry Williams soul inspiring performance reminded me of John Schneider in "OGRE" enough cannot be said about his performance and therefore, it shall not be said, suffice it to know, Danny Bonaduce he is not and that's not a bad thing. The movie as a whole? definitely watchable as long as you have a beautiful drunk woman passed out on the couch who wasn't paying attention where you live and never caught your name.
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Another Syfy not so good movie
SanteeFats1 July 2012
Well at least this not so good Syfy movie has some decent acting with some proved, if older actors. Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, Howard Hesseman, and Sherilyn Fenn at least can act, if a little over done. Not exactly what you expect in a movie from a Syfy. Boy do I know this. I keep watching the Syfy movies and am usually disappointed, hoping for the occasional good one, which does happen from time to time, usually because Syfy did not make it. The reason I say not so good is because the Bigfoot is so much larger than projections and eyewitness (?) reports. It is way too strong, throwing several ton construction machines like I would toss around my little rescue dogs. They are 25 pounders and while I would never throw them around it is the same thought.I like Alice Coopers appearance but the total movie is not that good.
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Absolutely Terrible
kirkby-john6 July 2012
I'm not sure why I even wasted time watching this one to the end. Having done that though gave me a chance to be amazed at how many names were in the closing credits. The CGI rendering of the Bigfoot, explosions, fires, etc is about as lousy as is possible. The sound effects of the Bigfoot's steps regardless of terrain or speed are also ridiculous. I love most Bad movies in the sci-fi, horror, exploitation, etc genres but once in a while you come across one that is just plain 'total waste of time' kind of bad....and this one is one of those. Now this is a 'made for TV' movie which 30-40 years ago meant you should expect a poorly made one...but for years now that is no longer the case.
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Bigfoot hates concerts
BandSAboutMovies21 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A remake of 1970's Bigfoot, this is a Sci-Fi and Asylum co-production that first aired on June 30, 2012. Throughout the film, depending on how you'll feel about the way these guys make movies, you'll hate the humor and bad CGI. Or you'll love it. Most people aren't in the middle.

Harley Henderson (Danny Bonaduce) is a DJ in Deadwood, South Dakota who is planning an 80's reunion concert, which features his old bandmate Simon Quint (Brady Bunch star Barry Williams), Alice Cooper and Sting (who is stuck at the airport). The loud music awakens the beast, who is much larger than you've ever expected him to be, as well as looking like a boss from a PS2-era video game.

Bigfoot decides to go wild on the show, killing numerous people including, presumably, Alice Cooper and the kid wearing a Bigfoot costume.

In the days following the attack, Harley wants to kill Bigfoot and get the body to make money for the town while Quint wants to rescue the creature. After battling back and forth, the two rivals come together to battle Bigfoot on Mount Rushmore, along with the help of Sheriff Alvarez (Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn) and her partner Anderson (Bruce Davison, who also directed this).

Can Bigfoot be stopped? Will anyone survive? Will Mount Rushmore be decimated? Will you be surprised that Howard Hesseman is in this as the mayor? I can't answer all of these questions for you. But I can point you to Amazon Prime, where you can watch this with a subscription.
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Couldn't get worse
michaelRokeefe26 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Two former musicians are still competing; Harley Anderson (Danny Bonaduce) is an obnoxious DJ wanting to promote an oldies concert, but needs to clear some woods for the site. Simon Quint (Barry Williams) is a former lead man, who works to preserve the land and woods. In the meantime, the legendary Bigfoot wanders out of those South Dakota woods. Both have their reasons to capture the mythical creature. This is awful in every sense of the word. Laughable, but not because it is funny.

Also in the cast: Sherilyn Fenn, Alice Cooper, Cynthia Geary, Howard Hesseman and Bruce Davidson, who also directs.
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I would have preferred a man in a Bigfoot suite
Hayden-8605514 December 2020
Bigfoot is a painfully dull film, with terrible CGI. The actual monster has some of the worst computer generated graphics I have ever seen in my life and the fight scenes are repetitive and have no depth to them, just run up and shoot bigfoot (who apparently can't be hurt by bullets) until he eats you.

The acting is awful and I was initially overjoyed to see a cameo from Alice Cooper, but then he didn't even sing or do anything so it was pointless. The two main characters also share a badly done relationship, one of them literally gets the others' friends killed with his stupidity but apparently that's forgotten by the end.

1/10: Awful, nothing exciting or enjoyable
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Scarecrow-8813 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Character actor Bruce Davison (of all people!) directed this silly bit of creature feature b-movie nonsense about an enraged, truly ticked off Bigfoot on a destructive rampage through an area of South Dakota. Syfy channel CGI Bigfoot runs around squishing people underfoot, pulling victims' heads off or crushing them in his bare hands. He snarls and roars, tosses around outhouses, RVs, ATVs, vehicles, and the like, dead set on raising as much havoc as possible. What is even more irresistible than this, you ask? The cast of former stars from yesteryear. Sherilyn Fenn (of Twin Peaks) as a deputy, Harold Hessman (WKRP in Cincinnati) as the mayor, Bruce Davison (X Men) as the sheriff, Danny Bonaduce (Patridge Family) as a radio DJ who decides to take up Sasquatch hunting, and Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch) especially fun as a "tree hugger" hippie former rock star (and Bigfoot supporter who claims that he's only so angry because Bonaduce and mayor Hessman were responsible for tearing up a lot of good land for a rock concert "return of the 80s" festival that the Big Meanie smashes up Incredible Hulk style). This movie got a 10 just because Bonaduce and Williams get into fisticuffs at a bar when Danny starts bragging about shagging Barry's mom! Seeing CGI Bigfoot tossing around CGI cop cars while stomping about while letting out primal screams is only adds extra laughs to this whole cornball experience. Want me to sweeten the pot? Alice Cooper (!) shows up at the rock concert (he says to Bonaduce to promote his book on golf!) ready to cut loose with Bigfoot crashing his act and kicking him out sight! Seeing Cooper and Bonaduce arguing over the shock rocker getting on stage at the sparsely populated concert was just surreal to me. Seeing Barry posters with his face and the tag "Save Bigfoot" was about as WTF. This whole deal is Davison's way of just having fun; he has the right kind of cast to play with the laughable material. It all boils down to Bigfoot laying waste to any local that gets in its way, and the cast wanting to kill (or save) it in the worst possible way.
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These SyFy films are not 'camp', they're just plain STUPID!
randy_kay14 July 2013
Unlike one of the previous reviewers named djderka, I do not believe AT ALL that SyFy's movies are funny B-Movies for the Millenniumer's and that somehow, if you're not from that generation you're just not 'getting it'. That is such an insulting, arrogant and stupid thing to say to anyone who's not from your age category. That's as stupid as me saying that anyone who's older than ME can't appreciate bad movies made from 1974 to 1994, that's just BS, anyone with a brain knows in general the difference between a good and bad movie. If these SyFy movies are TRYING to be funny then they're doing a very poor job of it and if you find anything in this funny as in "HA HA, they MEANT that to be funny", then I'm afraid you're just a moron.

I actually suspect that 'djderka' probably works for SyFy in some capacity which would explain why he claims they 'purposely' made the cop car have a dull finish instead of a shiny one to make the film look cheesy (I guess a subtle SyFy joke that only a Milleniumer like djderka would be able to 'pick up' on). No djderka, sorry to burst your bubble but they did it because it's faster/easier/cheaper to render the finished CGI effects and that's the ONLY reason they did it. EVERY object in this movie that should have been shiny was dull. But I guess djderka thinks they made ALL those finishes dull to purposely get a laugh from all his in-the-know buddy gamer Milleniumer's.
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Solid and enjoyable Bigfoot effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder1 October 2017
After crashing a music festival in South Dakota, a small band of locals try to put their differences aside and align with the local authorities to hunt the massive Bigfoot awakened by the concert responsible for the carnage before it's rampage escalates out of control.

This here was an exceptionally cheesy Sci-Fi channel creature feature entry. The fun of this is made up by the film's large number of action scenes where the creature's on the loose and running wild on the citizens. Those start off rather early here with the opening rampage against the construction works in the middle of the woods as it rampages through the woods, a fantastically cheesy attack on the big music festival where the creature appears and runs wild on the guests and the later attack where the hunters get the drop with the higher firepower out in the woods as the creature starts tearing through the rest of the group on the ground. The scenes of it running wild in the town while the hunters come after it with a ton of big guns to shoot up the city as he wrecks cars and buildings in the midst of the gunfire unleashed against it before the large-scale confrontations with the military at the mountain hideout setting up a big finale that's pretty shocking for what's accomplished. Likewise, this also takes on the channels' other feature setup meaning this one is filled with all the usual hallmarks of such films with the shorter scenes here including the fine ambush on the hikers out in the woods and a later scene with the poachers trying to simply track it who run into the creature in the woods which all come together to make this one really fun and action-packed. Alongside the high body-count and the rather decent design for the creature, these here are what hold this one up over its few flaws. The main issue at fault here is the same problem usually found in these films which is the atrocious CGI work that pops up here, managing to come off really obvious about its usage. Since everything here involving the creature is done in CGI, there's always the fact that the creature never interacts with its environment all that much, it's jerking movements where it really seems to highlight the inability to move within its space which makes it look really obvious. The last part here that holds it back is the problematic story that has a couple of issues, in that it tends to put the events in the wrong order. There's no reason why the festival rampage, which should be the film's highlight, put half-an-hour into it as that really makes no sense nor does the inclusion of the hunting party which is placed near the end for some rather odd reason. The other big issue with that is some of the personal issues here are just lame and utterly innocuous points into it that are supposed to be character development pieces that don't have anything to do with the story itself and serve no purpose being there. In the end, it's really cheesy, but that isn't a point to hold against it.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.
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Terrible terrible terrible
antant-1383830 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible terrible film, but I loved it. I'm sure they went out of there way to make the worst film ever, and they succeeded. The cgi is beyond bad. Alice Cooper getting munched is a highlight. This film should be put in a museum there is a lot to learn from this complete and utter rubbish. I love a bad film and I loved this. Surely, hopefully that was the point.
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Terrible terrible terrible.
antant-1383830 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible film, but I loved it. It's so stupid it's beyond. The cgi is, well where was it. Alice Cooper getting munched is a highlight. My only conclusion is that they set out to make the worst film possible and succeeded. Put this in a museum.
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Decent Actors vs. a Lame Script
bababear1 July 2012
Watching this, I was more upset watching actors have to say such lame lines in implausible situations than by anything the "big scary" monster could do.

Danny Bonaduce (Danny Partridge forty some years ago on "The Partridge Family) and Barry Williams (Greg Brady on "The Brady Bunch" in the 70's) are the "leads" in this epic, playing totally unlikable characters. Bonaduce is a cynical promoter/DJ, Williams is a really bad folk singer who cares about the environment. Bonacuce stages a rock festival that a couple of dozen people attend, the highlight of which is a guest appearance by Bigfoot: displeased by Alice Cooper's song stylings, he eats a few audience members and literally kicks Cooper off the stage.

Sherilyn Fenn, an Emmy nominee in the early 1990's for playing high school hottie Audry Horne on "Twin Peaks" gets to wear Marge Gunderson's old hat from "Fargo" as she attempts to impose order on the scene. Also wearing a badge is Bruce Davison, an Oscar nominee for "Longtime Companion." Davison also directed the film. His direction of a kid's program got him an Emmy nomination a few years ago. He's unlikely to get one for this.

As I said, the script is terrible. Bigfoot eats people at a rock concert, terrorizes Deadwood, South Dakota, and briefly visits Cedar Rapids. The resolution of the story (well, sort of resolution) comes at Mount Rushmore.

But through all the death and disaster, there's no sense of urgency to the proceedings. Fenn does what she can with an underwritten part, but she's now forty-seven years old. She looks fine- she reminds me of Barbara Hale as Della on "Perry Mason"- but this is a film with poorly developed character parts and no leads.

Oddly enough, the special effects aren't really bad. There's some nice use of forced perspective. But we don't know where this huge gorilla came from. I don't think that apes of any sort are native to South Dakota. Because the story mechanics call for it, the monster shows up. To keep the story mechanics moving, characters walk into the frame to be Monster Chow.

By the way: I'll admit that I fast forwarded a lot, but I have no recollection of Billy Idol showing up for an instant.
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In which a giant CGI bigfoot roams
Leofwine_draca21 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
BIGFOOT is another Asylum monster movie in which a giant CGI bigfoot rampages through the woods and terrorises people, in particular the organisers of a woodland rock concert. Like previous Asylum movies before it, this film's remit is to grab of a bunch of past-it celebrities and throw them into a non-existent storyline, one that's full of cheese and lame action sequences.

That I enjoyed this a little more than the majority of Asylum offerings is only because the ones I usually watch are so very poor (like THE DAY THE EARTH STOPPED, the one I watched right before this). The CGI bigfoot is poor, but not quite as poor as some of the CGI monsters you see in SyFy Channel movies, but the scenes of him going on a destructive rampage, climbing Mount Rushmore and smashing diggers and helicopters, are kind of fun in an ultra-cheesy way.

Cast-wise, we get old-time stars Bruce Davison and Sherilynn Fenn, both looking incredibly aged, as the small-town sheriffs on the trail of the beast; Davison also directs for some odd reason. Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams are the rival old-time TV actors/musicians who square off as the running time progresses. It's an attempt to re-do the Tiffany/Debbie Gibson antagonism/pairing in MEGA SHARK VS. GATOROID although it doesn't work as well here. The best part is Alice Cooper's amusing cameo.
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