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An unexpected surprise
Manoj Menon20 November 2012
I started seeing Lessons in forgetting without much expectation, I knew the director as a soft-spoken level headed intense man who has a passion for cinema, but I wanted to see how he would treat the adaptation of a novel. I can describe the movie in one word - outstanding. All departments of film making have been attended to with finest details, kudos to the director.Music is fantastic, the voice of the singer haunts you even after the movie. Viswamagal Kitsu's cinematography, especially the climax is superb.

The movie takes the viewer through unexpected turn of events and brings to a breathtaking climax. This is how movies should be made, for a moment, I wished that the movie is made in Hindi with some popular stars (in order to get a wide commercial acceptance).

Viewers can view the movie in different point of views, I Saw it as a father's dilemma on whether he has taught his daughter right things or wrong things?. Some others saw it as a father's search for the mystery behind his daughter's condition. Few others saw this as a film highlighting the social issue of female foeticide.

This is a movie which can have an international appeal and lot of social relevance, these kind of movies should not go unnoticed and should be promoted by Government, NGOs and large institutions.

All the best to the director and his team
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A must see film....
Rita Som22 November 2012
A well made film. Good story line, photography, music, cast, which culminated into a hard hitting film enlightening about the extent people can go to destroy a girl child before she is even born. Amazing team work. The film has a wonderful tempo and in the end it makes us think.Through out the film there is a wonderful father-daughter connection. It is a 'must watch' film.It should reach out to the mass promoting a stand against female foeticide. It is good to know the film is already getting accolades.Through this film a message can be given about saving a girl child. 'Lessons in Forgetting' can be promoted for a cause.It also teaches us a lesson to fight for a cause but with caution.
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An emotional tug of war
Anuj Nair21 November 2012
An engaging story that is layered with the essence of rural and urban India which keeps colliding with each other. It explores the value of closure and how it does not always end in revenge but by learning to forget and move on. The music just take the film to another level with thought provoking lyrics that tug at your heart. Lessons in forgetting is visually compelling with tastefully framed moments that will stay with you long after the movie ends. What makes this movie stand out is that it juxtaposes a modern liberated girl with the society that practices female foeticide. This constant tug of war between the characters is what culminates in a gut wrenching climax. lessons in forgetting is a must watch because it reflects the disturbing truth that exists among us and does so without being preachy. It is an honest and sincere effort that shines through.
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Excellent movie
sreehari nair20 November 2012
Lessons in Forgetting is a very heart-rending story that follows the path of a father who is out to investigate his daughters death.

Through the unusual journey he comes across many stories that tells the story of his daughter; a road he wished he had traveled earlier to know his daughter better.

Kudos to the director to stick to the novel and has beautifully adapted the novel into a movie.

The movie is well crafted and does shows signs of the director as a person who could handle such complicate story with ease.

This movie is worth a watch for film lovers.
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Kudos to Director Unni Vijayan for making an extra-ordinary movie
sathi muralidharan15 December 2012
I hope the message it carries spreads everywhere in India as well as abroad.

Many gender issues that you face in this world is covered in this movie.

Female-foeticide is a major issue all over India except for a few communities.

The whole team of this movie has taken so much pains to make it.

I wish with all my heart that it reaches the masses and let justice be done to the movie.I congratulate the Producer Mr. Prince Thampi of Arowana studios for taking up this movie as a challenge.

We are all looking forward to the much-awaited public release. selection of cast is perfect. the locations, photography is up to the mark.
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A must watch movie
prema-chhaya22 November 2012
Lessons in forgetting is a movie made with passion. It excels in every department story telling, direction, editing, cinematography. acting...... A rare movie which doesn't let you wander off even for a moment. Juxtaposition of the urban and rural India is perfect. The relationships be it father-daughter, grand mother-daughter-grand daughter, urban young friendships are explored beautifully. A very modern young girl gets deeply involved in unearthing the female foeticide in a village and in the process takes on the high and mighty villagers. The climax is hard hitting and leaves you speechless and numb for a long time. A must watch movie.
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Very well Made
Sabari G Thampi27 November 2012
Lessons in Forgetting is a very well made movie. What struck me was that for many of those involved, including the Director, Producer and Director of Photography, the Movie was their first attempt in mainstream cinema. They have done a very good job, in handling a subject that is an 'elephant in the couch' which is female foeticide. Practiced for centuries as Female Infanticide, technology has helped to further the cause.

A saddened father investigating his daughters accident finds out that there is more to the 'accident'than it meets the eye. He is no Superman. Neither does he have exceptional fighting skills. So it is not a revenge movie. The Movie takes a very practical approach as the truth is revealed, peeled off layer by layer, in that at times, every one of us needs to find the inner courage to face the truth and learn to forget.

It is unusual for a producer or a Director to take up such a subject and more unusual to present a story in a practical manner. The movie does not preach. It is a bold attempt by all those involved and they need to be encouraged. Production values are quite rich and it is further enriched by all round performances.

Produced by Prince Thampi, Directed by Unni Vijayan, the movie is based on Anitha Nair's well known best seller by the same name.
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taking a hard look at loss and pain.
maya rao25 November 2012
Lessons in forgetting is a hard look at loss and pain. director unni vijayan's debut is confident and the story is told in bold strokes, making the impact all the more heart rending. backed by the powerful performances of the leading cast, specially Adil, the story of a girl who is brutally victimized for being a free spirit and the hunt for the perpetrators of the crime becomes a journey of discovery...of looking our prejudices in the eye...of the futility of revenge...of closure. truly lessons in forgetting and if possible forgiving. The cinematography is alternately lingering and moody reflecting the protagonist's state of mind and gritty and harsh telling us of impending doom. Right at the outset we know the outcome but yet when the end comes its brutality shocks you..the senselessness and the randomness adding to the impact...building up an anger within which stays with you long after the film ends.
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