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The Cinema Snob: Zombie Lake
Michael_Elliott25 March 2015
The Cinema Snob (2009)

"Zombie Lake"

In this now long-running series, writer-director Brad Jones play the title character, the Cinema Snob, a mainstream or high art critic who decides to review some of the most notoriously bad movies ever made. Since the original episode this series has grown to have a very high cult following and fans from around the world.

It's surprising that it took so long for ZOMBIE LAKE to appear in front of The Cinema Snob since it does have one of the worst reputations out there. At one point I called it the worst movie ever made but over time I started to enjoy it's badness but there's no doubt that the Snob hated every minute of it. He points out the countless logical flaws in the film like the timeline but also scenes where drowned people are still able to swim and breathe somehow. There's also a pretty good joke about Jess Franco's co-written credit and the highlight, and perhaps funniest thing to happen in any Snob episode, is a joke about had Hitler watched this movie.

Episode: A-
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