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Better action
Movi3DO15 December 2021
My wish for you is to become hope. People need that.

The second Amazing Spider-Man movie, and it was pretty amazing for me. Electro is probably the best Spider-Man villain, not in terms of characterization, but in terms of coolness and power. That last fight scene was so dope with the electricity that made all the music. Blue is a great color for Electro. He is also very powerful, and he definitely could have done more than in the movie.

Andrew Garfield again brought charisma to the our favorite local superhero. And just like in the first, Peter and Gwen had such amazing charm and chemistry, only because of the actors.

My problem is although they revealed more about Peter's parents, it kinda led to nothing. I was quite disappointed in that. Then, Harry Osborn was pretty boring and just rushed.

Overall, it was just slightly better than the other Spider-Man (of course not even close to Spider-Man 2) because of a cooler villain. 7.5/10.
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Too much, too unbalanced and a waste of talent
MartinOnMovies25 April 2014
I can't say I went in to the theater with high hopes. I did enjoy the first installment of this unnecessary reboot, almost anything seemed like a step up from "Spiderman 3", and Garfield felt way more natural than Maguire, and Emma Stone is always welcome. But after seeing the first trailer I thought it seemed like a total mess, and I wasn't convinced by Electro one bit. Unfortunately I was spot on, I hoped to at least get an enjoyable time at the cinema with my friends, but ended up feeling quite uncomfortable and laughing throughout most of the film.

Garfield and Stone has their chemistry and does their best with the incredibly thin script and cheesy one-liners, but their potential quite beautiful scenes together gets lost in the over-full and messy plot. I can't buy an emotional scene that is interrupted by heavy dub-step and a blue electric guy.

Oh Jamie Foxx, how did you go from Django to this? Before he goes all CGI-Electro he tries to play the nerdy unseen scientist (with a worse comb-over than Christian Bale's 'Hustle'-look). As Electro it's hard to say how much is his fault, and what can be blamed on the rest, I'd go with the rest. You don't sympathize with him nor do you believe how fast he becomes this super-villain.

Everything that Dane DeHaan did so well in "Chronicle" just feels unnatural and (maybe not misplaced, but wrong) here. And his character development is way too rushed and quite unnecessary for this film, it just becomes another sub-plot standing in the way of what really matters.

Sally Field does good work as Aunt May, but leaves no lasting mark. Paul Giamatti's Russian criminal is just in the way and only gives a couple of dreadful and laughable scenes. And then there's the mad German scientist named Kafka and I rest my case.

The action and visuals isn't bad, but still doesn't make up for the low "trying to be Marvel"-comedy and horrific soundtrack, a soundtrack that almost itself destroys the film throughout the exhausting 142 minutes. And sometimes it feels like the movie is taking us as an audience to be stupid, with pointers to what is going to happen. I would like to say that you might enjoy it if you just try and see it for what it is, but it's hard, but hopefully possible! It had an interesting start, with a glimpse inside the past and Peter's parents, but it's left underdeveloped, as is almost everything else, to make room for all its action and villains.

It's amazing how the difference between two big-budget superhero-movies can be so huge, if you put this against "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", a great and, opposed to this one, original film.

Oh how I wish that Marc Webb could have continued with a "(500) Days of Summer"-esque movie instead, he could keep the sub-plots starring Garfield, Stone and DeHaan, and it could very well be a great film, and probably not such a waste of talent.
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2
JoBloTheMovieCritic22 December 2021
8/10 - I know I am definitely in the minority on this one, but I for one feel that this 2014 sequel is not only not the "worst Spider-Man movie," but actually improves on its predecessor by doubling down on heart, the swoon-worthy chemistry between Garfield and Stone, and jaw-dropping visual effects.
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Finally!!! A good spiderman movie!!!
zamba5000125 April 2014
I was really surprised after watching this movie! Not only was the VFX extremely good, but the plot was also awesome and detailed. They show you that; spiderman is a human, he can't save everyone, without making enemies. Everyone was good in this movie, even police officers were good in this movie. I feel that Marc Webb (the director) has learned from his mistakes, no more wannabe spidey, no more trying to funny! And finally, finally, we learn more about his parents. The story is realistic, if you think about it in a superhero movie perspective. They show you the sad part of spiderman's story, they show you the phycology of spidey and almost all the enemies. The vfx are really impressing too, I even think there could might be a Oscar nomination for it.

The ending was too fast though, they had the chance to stop it at the right time. But instead they overworked it. There were some parts of the movie, where they tried to be funny, even though it wasn't.... But all and all, the movie was awesome and epic. AWESOME MOVIE, AWESOME DAY. Strong 8/10
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Great Spider Man movie!
daniell san24 April 2014
First off, I'd like to say that I really did not like the first Amazing Spider-Man, so my expectations were really low coming in to part 2. I was pleasantly surprised by it though. This movie has action, comedy and drama in a perfect balance. I was worried that there would be too many bad guys in this movie, but they did it just right. If I had one complaint, it would be that Harry Osborne's transition to the Green Goblin could have been done differently, it felt a bit rushed to me, but the rest of the movie makes up for it. Another highlight for me was the soundtrack and score of the movie. The music when Electro is in Times Square is amazingly well done.

Overall I liked this movie a lot because it really felt like the Spider-Man I knew from the comics.

There was a mid credits scene of the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie, but I really didn't like that scene.
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"Let's go catch a spider."
estebangonzalez1025 April 2014
"Let's go catch a spider."

Marc Webb's first feature film, 500 Days of Summer, was a successful small indie romantic film with a lot of heart. He went from that to the huge production of the Spider-Man franchise which I thought didn't necessarily need a reboot so soon. However the film did work thanks to Andrew Garfield's portrayal of Peter Parker. His natural charisma and confidence translated really well to the character and his sense of humor makes him the perfect candidate to play Spier-Man. I began my review by mentioning that Webb directed 500 Days of Summer because for me the heart and soul of this film is the love story between Gwen and Peter. I can't think of any other superhero film with such a great love story and believable chemistry than this one. Garfield and Emma Stone are incredible together and I loved their scenes. Webb knows a thing or two about young romance and it is the film's strongest asset. The sequel is entertaining and has some great action scenes, but I could've watched this film for the romance alone. The flaws are actually the villains in this film. They don't crowd the film like the trailers led me to believe, but they really don't seem to menacing until we reach the final third act. For a film that runs at 140 minutes it went by really quick and that is always a good sign. Spider-Man 2 might not be as good as this year's Captain America, but it does have its solid moments and clever one-liners. At times the CGI took me out of the film as it looked more like a video game, but there were some interesting shots as we got to follow Spider-Man swing across the New York City landscape. The film works better as a romantic comedy than an actual superhero movie but that was fine with me because it was a really good one. It makes most other recent rom-coms look ridiculous and unbelievable.

After a short flashback where we see what happened with Peter's parents, the camera follows Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) swinging across NYC as he tries to stop a Russian mob criminal, Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti), who has stolen something from OsCorp. In the midst of all the action he receives a call from his girlfriend, Gwen (Emma Stone), who is reminding him that he's going to be late for their graduation. Somehow Spider-Man manages to take care of business and arrives in the nick of time to receive his degree as Peter Parker. His Aunt May (Sally Field) is the only family he has left, but she's there for him like she's always been. Peter however has been having visions of Gwen's father reminding him of the promise he made to not date his daughter in order to keep her out of danger. Apparently it has been a conflict they've dealt with over the last few months and Gwen decides it's time for the two to break up. Gwen continues to work at OsCorp which is now managed by Norman's son, Harry (Dane DeHaan), after his passing. Harry seems to suffer from the same degenerative disease of his father and wants to continue researching for a cure in OsCorp. Peter is glad to see his childhood friend back, but when he realizes what he's up to things get complicated. When an employee from OsCorp suffers a freak accident he becomes Electro (Jamie Foxx), a dangerous foe for Spider-Man and the city.

The Amazing Spider-Man has some flaws but it still entertains thanks to the great chemistry between Stone and Garfield. They are perfect together. DeHaan is also great as Harry and he does look like a believable threat for Spider-Man. I had a problem with Foxx's clumsy performance as Max but once he becomes Electro he does look menacing. I didn't care too much about the villains or the action set pieces despite the fact that they were well crafted. The inner struggles that Peter Parker faces with his family drama and relationship with Gwen is at the heart of this film. The final act is more than just a gigantic action face-off, there is actually a lot of emotional elements at stake and that is what lifted this movie as it finished on a high note. There was a very emotional scene scene near the end of the film that left the entire theater in silence. The best thing about this sequel is that it was much more emotionally involving than the original and it banks its strength from Andrew Garfield's charismatic and spot on performance as Peter Parker.
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Intense, charming and electric
kunalkhandwala13 May 2014
Great power doesn't just come with great responsibility but also at a great cost. Heroes deal with their painful pasts and yet rise to face the evil that can threaten the present day. It is their ability to overcome those personal battles in times when darkness looms over society, that makes them superheroes. In the follow-up to the reboot of Raimi's Spiderman trilogy, director Marc Webb (!) massively improvises upon the story's technological rendering and the human element of it that delineates the challenges of being a superhero for an ordinary man. Peter Parker's ability to overcome his fears, his childhood loss, his financial instability and relationship's complication is what really makes him the Amazing Spiderman and in its 2nd installment, his portrayal by Andrew Garfield outclasses any prior attempt. At the burden-heavy core of his responsibility web is Emma Stone's charming Gwen Stacy who is perhaps the most lovable superhero girlfriend yet.

As Spiderman busies himself with crime prevention in the city, thus gaining popularity among its citizens, Peter Parker's personal struggles mount. Devoting time for his girlfriend and being there for her big moments is one challenge but visions of her deceased father warning him to keep her out of his harm's way is a decision that is taken by his destiny and not him. Meanwhile, Harry Osborne (Dan DeHaan) returns to his ailing father's death-bed to take over a device containing his life's work and his empire of OsCorp. The same illness however is detected in Harry and his only solution to a cure is blood transfusion from Spiderman. The hero's woes aren't over just yet. In a freak accident in a lab, Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) is submerged in a tank of genetically modified Eels that mutate him into 'Electro' – a living electric station that has the power to cause a massive blackout and use that energy against Spiderman. Parker soon realizes that all of his challenges have OsCorp in common and it is his father's hidden video feed that clarifies Norman Osborn's true intentions about the biogenetic projects. Spiderman must now face all his demons, take high volts of electricity thrown at him by Electro, combat the wrath of the goblin-glide rider Harry Osborn and keep Gwen away from imminent danger. A hero's strength will become his weakness and he will pay a price to be the savior of the city that he must protect.

The action is frenetic at times and draws parallels with 'Man of Steel' where each sequence isn't elaborately explained but is delivered in its intense form directly. We all know the powers of Spiderman so the director doesn't waste time in how he goes about the action. The swinging scenes are better than ever at engaging the audience, the action is bigger and Spiderman's powers seem enhanced. The special effects truly come into play when portraying the destruction by Electro and yet, they simply aid the story and characters. The plot balances well between being a Superhero's struggle story and an all-out action duel.

Dane DeHaan plays a sinister Harry Osborn with evil emanating from his expressions. Jamie Foxx 's innocent Max Dillon is then transformed into the CGI version that is Electro and Foxx is excellent in his powerful villain's character. As secrets that are buried in the past are revealed, Peter understands his purpose better and overcomes his challenges. Garfield's quirkiness works in his friendship with Harry, his vulnerability works with Aunt May and his ambivalence works with Gwen. In an all round performance, Garfield manages to out-swing The Amazing Spiderman's curse of being the 5th movie about the superhero in 12 years. Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy is the reason this film stands out beyond all the action and effects. Her charming portrayal of the young, ambitious and intelligent individual is such a far cry from Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane. Peter's fears raise complications between them while Gwen's confidence and charm bring them closer. The scene when they establish 'ground rules' after a break up can just make one fall in love with her as Peter did. Gwen's science degree makes her more of an understanding partner rather than just a romantic one and such chemistry makes them the best couple in a superhero film.

Faced with an enemy far superior in powers, a complicated relationship shrouded in fear and a past remembered for its losses, the friendly neighborhood Spiderman must rise to live up to a role that every superhero embraces. Through the dark days that took over the city and through days he felt alone, what made our hero 'The Amazing Spiderman' was his ability to give hope to people...... and of course, how he can free fall from the tallest building's top and make us spend all that money on its 3D effect.

  • 8.234 on a scale of 1-10.
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Why the hate?
vertexricky28 August 2021
Honestly, this is my favorite spiderman movie. I know. I know. Y'all think I should be cast into a burning furnace hog tied, but in my honest opinion, Andrew Garfield is the best spiderman, Emma Stone played spidey's love interest the best and this movie had the best cgi in a spiderman movie. Period. It's not the one with the best story, agreed, but this movie had a whole lot more to offer. That complaint about the movie having too many villains never resonated with me as I found it to be just right. I loved the relationship between Peter and Gwen . I loved the death of Gwen. This movie will always remain as gold in my heart.
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IanCandido9 August 2014
This film is getting too much hate by some people and too much love by others (including me), and it seems to be only based on the mental image each group has of spider-man and movie scripts in general.

Those who love the soup opera aspects of Peter Park, hated, they missed the character grow, the motives of the villains (arguable) and complained for having too many story lines. On the other hand those who love comic spidey, loved, for all the stupid puns, the charisma and the of course the action. But the main complain is about the script, but understanding as a comic adaptation, it makes sense, the several sub-plots going on between each fight,the preface and Peter Parker/Spider-Man parallels objectives, it makes just like a regular comic (weekly or monthly) and less like a regular movie.

But What can I say, I was expecting to see the real (mental image, again) Spider-Man on screen, the costume is really (a lot of emphasis here) beautiful, Andrew Garfield really is in the character, Emma Stone makes an active love interest, Dane DeHaan makes a 'realistic' Green Goblin and Paul Giamatti goes a over-the-top, more related to an usual Spider-Man Villain. The only big flaw is Jamie Foxx getting the spotlight just because Django, the character is lost in the movie, half-way between fun villain and real threat, shame because he is the main villain.

Marc Webb got me, I'm gonna be the first in line for: The Amazing Spider-Man 3, Venom-Carnage, Sinister Six, maybe Spider-Woman (not confirmed yet), or any other release of a fun comic adaptation.
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spidey 2 - surprisingly good.
dale717111 April 2014
Being not a fan of the spiderman movies - for me aimed at at kids and teenagers of which i am not - I found this movie to be a bit of an unexpected treat.

Viewed it last night at a 3d preview in edinburgh and what i worried might be a bum numbing 2 and a half hours actually flew by.

Don't want to give any spoilers or ruin any story but the whole pace of this film is much tighter than previous efforts and the tone can be quite dark at times. There is of course love interest but this added to the story and I actually bought into it and found myself caring for the characters, no mean feat for a cynic like me. Thankfully it didn't come across all teen/twilighty which seems to be the norm these days.

The villains are very good, Dane DeHaan in particular is exceptional (is it me or does he remind you of a young Leo di Caprio?) and gives a fantastically unnerving performance - big things beckon for him no mistake.

If you liked the previous Spiderman movies you'll still love this, If you didn't put any misgivings aside and give it a whirl (as i did). Either way definitely go and see this film, words I never thought I'd utter about a Spiderman movie. You Won't be disappointed.

As I said - no plot details and no spoilers, just an honest opinion of my film experience.
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Lots of fun, a good continuation of the genre
Figgy66-915-59847017 April 2014
17 April 2014 Film of Choice at The Plaza, Dorchester Tonight - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (3D) - Marvellous Marvel does it again. If nothing else a Marvel film is entertaining, but this film was definitely better than just entertaining. A mix of superhero, ordinary folk, internal struggles and battles against the bad guys, this film also had quite a few laugh out loud moments too. One of the most telling story lines yet this episode deals with the internal struggles that Peter Parker goes through to balance his everyday life, with family, love of his girl and his obligation to save the general population. I know as the audience we are privy to all the secrets on the good side and the bad side, but it never ceases to amaze me that the person closest to him, his Aunt May, has never discovered the spider suit which is just sitting in a heap in his closet, open your eyes lady, the guy you raised from a small boy is one of the coolest super heroes around. I quite like Andrew Garfield as Spider Man, he balances his fun side with the angst needed to capture this story line to perfection. 3D gets better and better by the way!!!!
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A really, really good film
themorar9516 April 2014
I personally thought this was an excellent film. It had a good amount of comedy, truly deep emotions, and brilliant action. A great, cohesive film to lead on from the first one.

The relationship between the two main characters are brilliant, and you can really understand what's going on between them as both actors portray their characters very well.

Also, what I like from these movies are that they are more relative to the Spider-man comic books, compared to the Spider-man Trilogy (and let's be honest, they were terrible.) If you have read the comic books, then you'll understand where I'm coming from when you see this movie.

The only downside/s I feel this movie has is that Jamie Foxx, in my opinion, doesn't really fit his character and I felt that he didn't really have a massive say in the whole film, it was more about the other villain - but what I did like is that having two villains didn't make it feel like there was too much going on; it was very understandable and a pleasurable viewing experience, so the director receives points in my book for his story telling.

This review is really brief as I don't want to sway your opinion on the film before you've watched it, but rather to change your opinion on whether you should watch it, and I believe that you definitely should.
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A solid, entertaining film.
vid816 April 2014
So soon after Tobey Maguire's Spiderman Trilogy, the decision to reboot the franchise may have been seen as bizarre to some. However, the first in this new series, Amazing Spider-Man, was thoroughly entertaining, and this second instalment has similarly impressed. In the film, Spider-Man has to deal with new enemies including Electro and the Green Goblin, as well as Rhino. The action scenes were refreshingly good and, although there were too many romantic scenes for my liking, which in turn made the movie slightly too long, they were humorous at times - throughout the movie, there were scenes which triggered a few laughs from the audience which lightened up the production. Having said that, I don't think that it was as dark as the first instalment. All in all, a film worth seeing.
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I love it
magamiabu14 June 2021
Awesome It's amazing.

I will really like if there was part 3.
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Much Better Than People Would Lead You To Believe
dfa12037418 February 2015
So much negativity for a film that is far, far superior to the Raimi cheese-fest astounds me that it's a kin to praising Pearl Harbour over Saving Private Ryan in my opinion.

This version, like it's prequel, is so much better than any of the Raimi films in all aspects from action, story, and CGI that it's no contest for me. In saying that though, I think the only part of this version I didn't really like was the way the Green Goblin was portrayed. He actually looked like a cross between Wolverine and a leprechaun and he was more laughable than menacing. Other than that however, this is a much more enjoyable film than any of the others.

The story for the film, while being pretty predictable, is very decent for a super hero movie. I mean, how many super hero movies can have an Award-winning story that is NOT original or predictable? They are all the same in one way or another so for this story to be criticised more over others is a bit laughable. There is more of a "love story" with this sequel as well between Stacy and Parker, but unlike the way the annoying relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson was portrayed in the Raimi films, this one is not insufferable. And that's coming from a guy who hates any sort of romance in movies.

The main cast done a stand-up job once again with Garfield and Stone doing well with their continuation of Parker/Spider-man and Gwen Stacy. Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan were excellent in their roles as Electro/Max Dillon and Green Goblin/Harry Osborn respectively, especially DeHaan as Harry Osborn who brought a sly, sneaky, and very snake-like menace to the character. I also liked the Stan Lee cameo again in this wasn't as good as his cameo in the 1st film, but it was still a nice touch.

Sam Raimi may have brought us a more up-to-date take on Spider-man but Marc Webb has made the franchise more enjoyable with less cheese. Ignore the hate and judge for may just enjoy it as much as I did.
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Best version of Spiderman till date...
Nebzyl3 August 2014
The original trilogy seemed incomplete but now, that incompleteness is completed by this new one. I love the background story of Spiderman shown in this movie, at least it has got one unlike the original. The story of how Peter Parker ended up with his Uncle and Aunt, the story of why "Peter Parker" is the only one who could be Spiderman and no-one else. It all feels complete now. A satisfactory plot for a superhero movie.

Talking about the performances, I like the new Peter Parker, humorous and entertainer. I've started to feel the original 'Peter Parker' was actually boring. Really good job by the actors here. And with that SuperVillian : 'Electro', the movie becomes one of the best SuperHero movies. Visual effects are quite good and the movie is perfectly entertaining. For me, this is the best version of Spiderman movie till now. I don't care what the critics have to say, this movie is a good one.
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Spider-Man more on his plate than he can handle in this sequel
JohnnyPHreak28 July 2014
I'm an unabashed die hard fan boy for Spider-Man. There I said it. You can call me a homer for anything Spider-Man. I wasn't a happy camper when I heard they were rebooting the films that I fell in love with. The first two Raimi films for me were great. The sequel still holding up today as one of the best superhero movies of all time. The first Amazing Spider-Man was a bit jarring for me. I walked out of the film not knowing what I thought about it. I enjoyed Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man but his Peter Parker didn't click with me. I also had some nit picky things about the film as a whole (Gwen instead of Mary Jane, lackluster villain). But watching the film a few more times I realized that I liked it.

I do research on films that I'm excited for. This film came out weeks earlier in the UK and Europe. And the reviews were mixed which was sinking my high hopes. I didn't like the fact that there were three villains (More on that later). But it seemed like they were choosing the right actors for parts and surrounding the film in talent. After much heart and headache reading people thoughts and reviews for me, I'm okay with saying I liked much of this second Spider-Man film.

Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man and it seems he's embraced the part much more this time than in the first film. His Spider-Man is having fun being the savior of the city. He's making the quips, the jokes and the all around energy of his Spider-Man feels directly out of the comic book. I am finally sold on his Peter Parker. Director Marc Webb finally lets the smart but dorky Parker shine in a few scenes that are hilarious and engaging.

I'm still not an Emma Stone fan but she is a good counter to Garfield's Parker. They have excellent chemistry. You can tell that these may be Webb's favorite scenes to shoot. When they are on screen this huge summer tent pole film because a small drama about two people with a unique love story.

The villains, there are three of them but not really. Let me explain. Rhino played basically as a cameo by Paul Giamatti is really only on screen to show Spider-Man in action at the beginning and end of the film. His main adversaries are Jamie Foxx's Electro who starts off as a man who is saved by Spider-Man. He then becomes a obsessed fan only to in perfect comic book fashion have a horrible accident that grants him superpowers. Foxx is okay, I wouldn't say he is awful. He has some good moments and contrary to what has been written I think he only has one cringe worthy line.

Dane DeHaan is one of if not my favorite actor working this moment. His method style works so well in many of the films he's in and here it's perfect. His Harry Osborn is less cartoon-y than James Franco's from previous films. He's creepy, spoiled, arrogant but dealt with a lot of adversity. His chemistry with Garfield feels genuine. It doesn't feel forced like it could have been. They are long time friends who have been distant but because of new circumstances are forced back together.

The action is fun, fast and so Spider-Man if that means anything. The way they use his spider sense was very cool. I want to see more of that. The small nods to the comic book are fantastic. There are nods here and there to the upcoming sinister six film which doesn't cloud the film. It's just there in the story that this is apart of a large story in the future. I was trying to count the nods to the comic books. The only issues I had with the film was Peter's search for what happen to his father was kind of just there to fill time. Also the great Sally Field as Aunt May got only a few scenes. She was great on screen but mostly wasted.

Because this film is dividing fans I think I've pinpointed the problem. I'm a fan of the comic books and this film feel like a few issues of the comic books aka a mini-series. There are multiple stories, with multiple villains and a lot going on. I'm okay with the finally product and eager to see the film again. For Garfield's performance, the chemistry with Stone and the action scenes this film is a fun ride for any fan of the neighborhood web shooter.
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bevo-136786 August 2021
The amazing Spider-Man 2. This time with double the amazement.
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James_De_Bello21 October 2014
Lets give a disclaimer here: I am a comic book nerd-geek and Spider-Man is one of my favorite fictional characters ever, so maybe I am inclined to be fully absorbed by this movie very easily, yet this doesn't take away from my film nerd-fan side that genuinely thought very highly of this film from a simple filmaking point of view. As storytelling goes I was very-pleasantly surprised to find a really strong grip: it never commits the Spider-Man 3 mistake of being over-crowded and maintains a brilliant balance on all the characters flowing naturally with a story that feels perfectly fine despite the pressure it had from Sony. It never tries to be over intricate but manages to pull of multiple inter-twining story lines in a magnificent way. Never does it leave loose ends and that is something I hadn't seen in a comic-book movie for a couple of years. Furthermore it isn't a banal plot, there of course are some clichéd moments but as much as they don't get me in 90% of movies they got me here (credit to director/actors for making those few feel very spontaneous), it has valid originality and keeps a core fidelity to the source material that deserves high praise. Just as good is the way in which this sequel builds on its predecessor tying up loose ends, proceeding with minor story lines of the first movie and adding great parts in it. As a director Webb proves to be amazing. The action scenes are complexly put together, with visual brilliance and continuity in them. Great improvement from the first movie. They really were breathtaking, nail-biting sequences that found me on the edge of my seat continuously. Another visual aspect that is stunning is the swinging sequences of Spider-Man: this is what I always wanted to see but never fully experienced with the other Spider-Man movies; the shots there were fantastic. Yet what I most admire Webb for is the talent he has for character development and coherence, we have seen this in his previous two movies and here it is firing once again in all cylinders. There just isn't one character in whom I did not believe, I never spotted the stereotypical comic-book person in here. Everybody had there chance to shine. Sure a couple of characters have minor short-comings and I understand if somebody doesn't believe in Electro's personality, but I found that it walked the line between movie acceptability and comic-book campyness in the perfect dose. To this I also have to give credit to the soundtrack which blew me totally away when Electro is introduced to the public: that was some serious use of music and sounds for storytelling, brilliant, intelligent! Adding to this is a really powerful score from Hans Zimmer, one of the better ones I have heard from him and generally in recent years. Our introduction to Harry Osborn/Green Goblin was positive on the character part (indeed there was no need for him to be green goblin in this one but I honestly did not mind him), yet from an acting point of view I think Dane Dehaan overacted in some scenes, nevertheless he was good enough. There have been many criticisms of this movie in regards to messy tone, unoriginality and rushed villains and as much as I see where people are coming from and I would indeed have appreciated a more untraditional villain(s) introduction and story I just never thought of that during the movie: there are many movies in which I simply cannot be taken in because of originality issues, but for some reason this one felt to me so fluent I never had any problems with this and actually felt it kept a consistent tone throughout. Yet I must address the fact that watching it twice I could feel the studio putting too much of its hand in the movie: they were way to manipulative of this and I think that by leaving Marc Webb just some more creative power this movie could have been enormously better. The CGI wasn't always seamless but great in many moments and anyways it never bothered me because the story was always the driving force behind it and what I was most interested in: this also speaks to the fact that the action was used to propel the plot so it never felt out of place, that is something really hard to pull off. There is lots of humor in the film and I can safely say that it actually is very funny and very faithful to who Spider-Man is and how he acts and to expand on this the humor fits both the tone of the movie and the storytelling, speaking again to the fact that, just like the action, it is used appropriately for the character development or the story, it is never gratuitous. I was excepting more fan service, but I can't really fault the movie for not satisfying my unsatisfiable thirst for it, that was nevertheless kept at bay. "The Amazing Spiderman 2" truly was a comic book movie. It took the best aspects of the two world and combined them in what I always figured in my head when I read Spider-Man comics. Yet, I have been holding back this for all my review and here it is: what truly is the best part of the movie, the most riveting element, the thing that Webb does best in a really majestical way, the driving force behind this film, the main reason and thing that kept me most absorbed in the drama and what gives it honest emotional depth is the relationship between Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker. honestly do not know how Webb is so amazingly good with romance and character interaction but what we have here (and in the previous movie) is something really special.
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Spider-Man's amazing prowess is as solid as his webs
Junreviews13 May 2014
Whether you have watched previous Spider-Man movies or not, there are tons of potential and spectacular elements where you won't be able to see in Marvel counterparts in this film.

What easily makes me say such a bias statement? The director and the team know how to deliver fantastic and thrilling camera angles to showcase flexible, fast-paced, and detailed web techniques that Spider- Man used when going through oodles of hazardous obstacles to protect citizens in New York while naturally executing chores and roles as an ordinary guy. If that does not live up to your expectations, get ready to giggle at some of the jokes along with mischievous antics.

The super-villain, the blue-neon bodied nerd, Electro, is an electrifying and unique character to be seen. Jamie Foxx does his part as an actor and villain for the first time. The one-on-one battle that involves elemental moves and scientific tactics is the highlight of the movie. Although the plot get vaguely wrapped around between Electro and the Oscorp, it is still interesting to watch the character development.

So what takes 2 stars away from me? It would be the complicated bonds between a young couple, Peter and Gwen, who just can't make up their mind by being hesitant, especially in the middle of the movie. I mean, it is normal for any couples to experience erratic emotions, but the whole romance definitely can be succinct to intensify other aspects.

Despite a number of downsides, I would still strongly recommend this to anyone who is itching to watch a different type of feisty film. Because no movies can offer such a sticky, nifty, and vigorous action like "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Yes, it is as good as the first one, or like others say, it is better.
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Much better than Garfield's first attempt
sean-roche13 May 2014
As a huge fan of the original Spiderman trilogy with Tobey Maguire I remember watching the reboot with Andrew Garfield and being far from impressed. I wished they never rebooted and just continued with Maguire under the suit.

But TASM:2 opens up with a universe far more dense than the reboot let on in the first movie. The second attempt gets finally seems to get things right with Spiderman's style and attitude - true to the comic. Another thing worth noting is that his suit is now more believable considering you can see it ripple in the wind as he swings along the city; a vast improvement from the obvious CGI with Tobey Maquire. Garfield also seems to have beefed up this time around (definitely needed to enable him to portray someone capable of throwing a punch!).

The movie runs quite long and they cram a lot into it - this has been criticised by a few but is something I rather enjoyed. If you ever watched the cartoon series you will enjoy this movie.
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Amazing Movie..!!!
thatcrazysome11 May 2014
Review of the much anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , this movie literally puts "Amazing" in the franchise tittle, best use of 3d tech. and to my surprise a great quality of VFX & CGI effects in the movie, finally!!! And the camera work was par excellence it's brilliant, the elements of the movie are perfectly timed be it comedy, action, drama whatever it was like spot on. Yeah I agree the movie goes a little slow at some point in the 2nd half but its still worth watching, definitely! The background music is pretty dope, brilliant characterization & performances by Emmastone & Andrewgarfield, what an actor he is, his performance is awesome especially in the climax scenes. You know what I love most about Spider-Man? Everything. God I'm unbelievably hyped for this movie....
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Good but not great
tinovalkki3 June 2014
Once again a good example about movie that critics don't like, but I enjoy to watch. Of course this isn't greatest movie of history, but as a comic book filming it is very entertaining. Spider-Man's leaps between skyscrapers are beautiful to watch especially in 3D experience is like sitting on a roller coaster. Andrew Garfield is great as a Spider-Man, Emma Stone succeed well as Spider-Man's girl friend despite the tragical end. Sally Field is always great actress. Only Jamie Foxx don't convince in his role as a nerd. Luckily he act nerd only half of the film and the rest of the movie he is digitally enhanced Electro. Story is entertaining and pretentious comic book adaption and that is the way it should been watch. Albeit the dialogue is quite childish at time to time it doesn't bother too much. Lots of popcorn and enough of soda is all you need to enjoy this movie. If you want to say something bad about the movie you could say it has been inflate to so big that it will be a hard to surpass on next movie. Movies massive budget (200 million dollars) is hard to cross over. On the other hand if movie makes enough profit as theatrical release couple of more millions should not be any infeasible to approve.
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A Good Marc Spidey Webb Movie !!!
ragahvnithin72 May 2014
after a quite good reboot of the spider-man franchise (TASM1), we can say this is the best spidey movie in the view of visual effects and background score. Rise of electro (jamie Fox) most anticipated villain in spider-man comics is the gud kick start for the franchise, may be he can be used more than this because of his incredible powers, Marc Webb directed the film very brilliantly every shot & scene is well taken especially the scene at times square is quite too awesomeness, and coming to script and screen play Andrew & Emma chemistry went well all the way in the film, harry Osborn character is very well crafted, background score by Hans zimmer is too good in the fight scenes according to the act ,the beats of music is very nice to listen. the emotional scenes at the ending is good. finally Its very worth to watch film & spidey lovers going to love this one very well !
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Better than I thought it would have been
ray-steven8918 April 2014
Just finished watching this movie,Holy Craaap. It's one of the best superhero movie I have seen in a long time, the story, the acting, the chemistry, the action was damn awesome. The only complained I had with this movie was that sometimes it felt a little bit long but after a while I forgot it was really long. The 3D was really good comparing to other 3D superhero movies. I can't wait for all the fans and movie fans of movie watch this. The villains are good in this movie, the green goblin was a little bit creepy than I thought it would have been, Electro looked really cool with his electric power, Rhino was there for about 2 minutes which was at the end. I thought they should never have shown the rhino at the poster or trailer at all,instead they could surprise us spider man fighting rhino at the end. Overall solid film recommend everyone to watch it
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