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The Hidden Persuaders are all around, were doomed
garytalor20024 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I seen this in New York for some film fest. Not sure what to expect really and I will admit after seeing the film i enjoyed it, simple as that.

Forget you typical simple storyline this is a thinking mans film and you leave having learned something and paranoid.

A rock singer is found dead but.... all is not what it seems.

Some great jokes and we avoid the usual idiotic stuff that is now common in the genre. For that full credit to the writer, Wayne Dudley, the jokes are well constructed and don't feel imposed or forced on us.

The cast is great and really committed, with the exception of some of the smaller rolls such as a gravedigger,receptionist and a few others. Don't know if it was the actors or the director's fault but they were bad. The band manager and reporter i thought stood out as great actors, the band members could have been a real band, if not then i was coned by great acting.

Why not 10 out of 10 ? First, there's the length, it really felt 2hours long. The other problem was the over usage of a plan where the camera is not horizontal, don't know if it was for style purposes but the faded colors and the dark comic aesthetic were enough in my opinion.
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