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MPAA Rated R for pervasive strong bloody horror violence, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • A nude woman is shown being showered by police officers, no nudity is seen except for the side of her body.
  • A pair of balls hang from a tree.

Violence & Gore

  • At the beginning, a girl is seen hitting the killer with something (knife, or large rock. Makes a lot of blood.)
  • That same girl is seen walking into a police station, covered in blood, and carrying a piece of a scalp.
  • A few scenes showing police officers vomiting after seeing what was done to the victims.
  • Police find the remains of a murdered victim. Their face has been removed. (graphic)
  • A man is seen carrying a severed head.
  • A lot of talk about bodies being found in pieces or hacked into pieces.
  • Police officers come across a tree that has blood, human tissue, and a severed head attached to it.
  • A humorous line where a man points at a tree that has human testicles (that have been removed from a body) hanging from them, saying that "balls aren't supposed to be hanging from trees."
  • An officer has a spike thrown through her chest, then Crowley drags her around by a rope that was attached to the spike. For a good 45 seconds she is screaming in pain and losing a lot of blood. It's a pretty graphic scene. The noises she makes are awful as well and adds to the goriness of the scene.
  • Crowley gets shot over and over by machine guns, shot guns, and pistols, but he isn't going down. He is still very bloody because of it though.
  • A man gets eaten by a crocodile.


  • A lot of cursing. f-bombs and "shits" in almost every scene. Pretty much, every curse word is used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 18+
  • The movie features intense kill scenes and a sense of dread throughout.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Crowley waked up in a body bag and kills the officer/coroner in a very graphic way. You see the officer/coroner's head get smashed, with blood and tissue going everywhere. Then Crowley goes outside, and another officer is shooting him in the chest, but it won't kill him. Crowley kills the man with a hatchet by chopping at his head. You see his brain falling to the ground. You see Crowley killing more officers very graphically.
  • Crowley attacks an officer with a hatchet, Crowley is then jumped my many other men, but Crowley effortlessly flings all the officers off him. He then picks up the man he just attacked and rips him in half. Crowley then proceeds to chop the heads off, disembowels, or attack in any way everyone in his path. in the process of doing this, he kills a man by stomping on his head, two or three times, until the head caved in. (graphic)
  • Crowley rips out a man's spinal cord with his brain attached to it. He also does something similar to another cop - I could only watch a little of that because it happens right after he takes a mans spinal cord out (through his stomach), and I was on a little bit of a "gore overload." He does the same thing to a 3rd cop, yet this time it seems like it takes longer. He rips the man to pieces while the man is still alive. You can hear him screaming the whole time. (GRAPHIC)
  • A paramedic is hiding when a guy who has obviously been hurt (his throat looks cut, and he'd gargle when he would try to speak. You then see a hatchet get thrown into that person's skull. Before he dies, he says, "You gotta be fucking kidding me." in a gargled voice.
  • A cop gets his head sawed off by an electric sander/saw. A woman is attacked an killed in the same room. (graphic)
  • A cop and a reporter are killed very graphically. Crowley picks a girl up and puts her on a tree by stabbing her with a branch that's still attached to the tree. We see Crowley's skin on his face and body melt off. A body explodes when it's shot with a gun.

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