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MPAA Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, violence, some disturbing images, sexual content and partial nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • You see a man's bare butt for a few seconds.
  • A couple strip off, the man shirtless and the woman in her bra and shorts, run into the woods and kiss passionately, they both moan for a minute and sex is heavily implied.
  • A man's pubic hairs are seen briefly in one scene.
  • A group of men and women play spin the bottle. A man kisses a man, and a woman kisses another woman.
  • A woman is seen fully nude but covered by flowers so that nothing is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • A young woman falls over after the motorcycle she is on comes to a stop and the driver shouts that the young woman had been shot; we see the young woman laid out on a kitchen table, surrounded by a group of young men and women and two men as she gasps for air and we see a doctor sedate her with a rag soaked in gas; the young woman passes out and the doctor attempts to cut her open but is unable due to shaking hands, a young woman takes the knife and slowly cuts the woman's torso (we see blood) and with the doctor's verbal guidance, puts her hands into the young woman's open torso (the young woman is covered in blood, up to almost her elbows) and she removes a bullet; we later see the young woman dead and lying in a shallow grave as a group of people surround the grave and pile dirt on top of her.
  • A young woman rips open a soda can and drags it against her arm, she cries in pain and we see blood on her arm; a young man asks to see it and the young woman sheepishly shows the bloody cut and we later see a man examine the young woman's arm, pour sanitizer on it and glue the cut shut with crazy glue.
  • A young woman stabs a man (her father) in the leg with a syringe, the man yelps and we see him hit a table and moments later an ambulance races down the road; we then see the man fully recovered, standing next to a woman as a young man holds them at gunpoint, several young women and three men surround the man and woman as the man's daughter demands that the woman and man strip their clothing and get into a pond where we see countless dead fish surfacing; the woman resists and the young woman tries to tackle her, dragging her onto the ground as the police arrive and the man leaps into the water as the woman stands up and the young man holding the man and woman at gunpoint fires a shot at the police car's tire which causes the police to start firing shots at the group, which race away in an ambulance and motorcycle.
  • A young woman fights a man trying to kiss her; she shoves the man away and he continues to try to kiss her, she punches him in the stomach then hits him at the base of the neck and he falls to the ground with a thud.
  • Two security guards drag a group of young men and women out of the back of a train; one guard yanks a young woman onto the ground roughly and then pulls a young man out behind her as one of the security guards shouts at the young man, and the young woman shouts in his defense until the guard punches her in the stomach with a nightstick and then roughly handcuffs her to a stationary train.
  • We see two young men carrying a dead deer and a group of people surround the deer (its tongue is sticking out and we see its eyes open); a young woman instructs another young woman to butcher the deer, dragging a knife along its stomach (we see a small amount of blood); people act disgusted as the young woman hits the deer's intestines and a man continues to butcher the deer and instructs the young woman to place her hand and rub along the deer's organs (we see her hand brushing over a blood covered smooth muscle).
  • A young woman holds a knife to the neck of another young woman who flips the other young woman to the ground and threatens her, but then allows the young woman to walk away unharmed.
  • A young woman runs through a train yard as a police officer and police dog chase her; she throws a coat over a high barb-wire topped fence and jumps to safety (she is not harmed).
  • A group of people are seen putting large amounts of antibiotics in cocktails being handed out at a reception (one man is shown using an IV bag attached to a straw through his shirt to secretly fill the glasses) while a young woman attempts to gather the glasses, but we see people drinking from the tainted glasses; we later see a woman who had the tainted alcohol on a television press conference saying she was unharmed, but later see her obviously very ill as she explains that the medication had poisoned her and caused brain damage.


  • 10 "shits", 4 "ass" and 3 hell and damn, Jesus Chr*st

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There's not much fighting or shooting, but some blood is shown.
  • There are some strong images.
  • Scenes of dangerous acts.

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