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How is it possible that this movie has a 2.5 rating right now?
ginascoles24 March 2012
Having gone to Sundance with a theology class and having viewed a ton of films, this was by far a favorite of the week. When I saw the current rating I felt compelled to share a brief snippet of what I got out of the film.

Honest, Authentic, Redemptive. This is a story about a young girl whose love for her mother drives her into the hustle of the underground Latin music industry. As she catches momentum and the attention of some big names, her integrity is put to the test.

What is most inspiring about the film are the family dynamics. It really portrays commitment to family, despite the lies, manipulation, and imperfection of the human condition. Majo (Gina Rodriguez) is committed to seeing her mother's life redeemed, despite the dissuasion of her immediate family members, and the latter discovery that she was duped into financially supporting her mother's expensive drug habit.

Gina Rodriguez's performance is gritty, strong, and powerful. She truly is the driving force of the film. We found out in the interview that followed the film that the actress went through months of training to learn the craft of rap and spoken word. You would never guess she isn't a natural.

The musical score is also helps to drive the storyline. We were blessed to have gotten some insight from the directors who explained the musical journey of the film was specifically planned to mirror what could be an authentic musical journey for a Latina in the music world. Majo starts out with slam poetry, turns to underground Latin rap, gets picked up by a major label and her music becomes over produced, and eventually finds her true voice.

However, I would venture to say that the music does more than just further the plot. The music follows the hero's journey towards authenticity, as she overcomes her fear of speaking the truth and steps into her identity as a daughter, sister, and friend. It also assists in revealing her calling to be an unabashedly truthful musical artist.

I am a mid twenties white female that does not listen to rap or hip hop music or have a interest in spoken word poetry. Not only did I find myself enjoying the music itself, but I was gripped by the universal truths in this film and felt myself relating to the situations and characters on a deeper level.
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Yah Man8 April 2013
I saw this by mistake actually and I'm glad I did! Man what a powerhouse this movie is! Majo (Gina Rodriguez) struggles to make it in the hip hop scene and that means awesome tracks and fast raps.

But there's a lot more...we follow her family as well and while success comes, her personal life is a mess. But despite being lied to and manipulated she sticks to what she believes in and goes further then anyone believed.

What amazed me was the musical story which basically follows her development as a person, from a shy girl that writes slam poetry to a young woman that's not afraid to let her voice be heard.

Do not miss this because the casting, the music and the plot makes this a great enjoyment, it gave me goosebumps! Thumbs up!

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A story that feels truly L.A. I know. I live here. I feel like this could be the story of people I know.
public-665-43598520 April 2013
A strong story, beautifully, naturally, and powerfully acted. The filmmakers avoid over-dramatization and stereotypical archetypes except for a few instances for the sake of humor. It is beautifully shot, I think with a Red camera. Lighting is deftly natural. Excellent sound. Really good beats and lyrics. I was lucky to be at the ArcLight for a Q&A with the cast and crew. Gina Rodriquez (Filly Brown)threw a rap at us!

I knew nothing about this movie before I saw it, except that the singer Jenni Rivera, who died recently in a accident, had a role in it. Her role, though relatively small, is essential to the story and her performance was raw and powerful. I don't know her music...but she was excellent in this role.

While the entire cast was excellent...stand outs for me were: Rodriguez: Filly Brown...just an amazing multifaceted breakout effort. I wont say anything more about her because you need to see the movie to know how good she is.

Lou Diamond Phillips: In what I think is his best role in many years as Fillys father. I really feel like I know this character. He lives down the street from me over near Vermont. A little older, a little beaten- up by life, maybe spent some time inside...but proud, honest, ambitious, and hard as stone when life pokes him.

Chingo Bling: I cannot remember the characters name...but this is a cool cat. I swear I know this guy too. Everyone in LA who buys or sells anything knows a guy like this. His lines are so naturally (you might even say viscerally)delivered...that he feels real. You want to follow him around just to hear what he has to say. Really.

Chrissie Fit: Fillys little sister. Sexy, naive, vulnerable, Latina. Don't you just love that combo?

In the interest of full disclosure I want to say that I am an Anglo who loves Mexicans. I like the fire and the complications and the pride and the big laughs and the food. The Mexican Americans in my life have elevated it. Made it happier and more complex... and louder. L.A. is my home and my people are of all backgrounds...but the beat of this cities heart is a Latin beat and this movie lets you feel it. matter where you live, if you want to know a little bit about what if feels like to stay up late dancing and drinking on the east side....Filly Brown will show you around. Just don't #*%@ with her because that chick will mess you up.
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Kathynelson131 January 2012
Amazing film! I am 54 years old and do not consider myself a fan of hip hop. But this film tears at your heart strings. I just can't stop thinking about it. Congratulations on a job well done. I certainly hope it makes it to the theaters for all to see. So glad I was able to enjoy it at Sundance! The characters in the story were vulnerable and love able, even though their imperfections were well defined. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole movie and am even wondering about changing my opinion of Hip Hop! Good cast, good directing and excellent crew all around. We will be seeing Gina Rodriguez again! Wow! I am happy to give this film a top review.
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Amazing !
Johannes Dobler30 June 2013
If you get a chance, watch this movie!!

First of all you don't need to like rap music in order to like this movie, i really enjoyed the tracks but it goes far beyond music! The plot is not like extremely original or twisted, but it feels like everything just fits together. Whats just amazing here, is the character development! I believed all the feelings the characters had and the reactions to different situations, which also requires good acting!

Filly Brown is a movie with a lot of love, heart, passion and great music!

I do not understand the 4,8 rating at all, read the other reviews here and watch yourself!
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Wonderful Performance
nemod1222 April 2013
I always found IMDb a serious site but i begin to loose sight of that.

Of course that's not the flaw of the site or the makers/owners. But the sort of people that give a rating to a film or show doesn't say anything to me anymore.

Just read the handful of reviews on this and don't look at this absurd rating. This film has soul and emotion and beauty and art in it.

Don't gonna spoil anything. Just please , watch it. it's a great film with a warm hart.

Very good performances from all the actors. Thus i also do not share the opinion from the end rating so far.
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A Knock Out Performance!!
unitedbmx201220 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First time i saw the trailer i said. Got to go check out this movie at the theaters, why wait for the DVD to come out. I Went in to see this film and i got to say fine performances by each and every cast member. Gina Rodriguez never heard of her. Very talented actress she blew me away, driven and so devoted to her family. Lou Diamond Philips an honest hard working man,good father. His role for this movie was perfect. The other characters very genuine also. This film was shot in Los Angeles,California, The movie starts off with the sight seeing of Downtown Los Angeles. When you read reviews on this movie, read positive reviews, don't read the bad ones. Those who didn't like the film did not relate to it or the story did not appeal to them. Aside from the overall current rating this movie has, it deserves a much higher rating. The story of this film is one of those rare films that draw you in the characters, and you relate to it. So go watch it. Take a friend, girlfriend, or even by yourself. It's pretty cool.
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I'm glad that I discovered this movie.
Evolution-X15 July 2013
The funny thing on how I discovered this movie was when I saw a trailer for it attached to "Olympus Has Fallen" when I saw that movie back in March of this year. I remember after that, I had to look it up and I was able to that this movie is an indie film. I got lucky that it was released in my neck of the woods when I looked it up to see where it was playing.

I have to say that this a good independent film, but not a great one. There were some flaws in some areas like the ending for one thing, even though I see what they tried to do, but it felt a LITTLE awkward, not a lot. Same with a little romantic subplot that didn't really go anywhere.

Other than that, I liked the music of the movie. Also, the acting was pretty good, especially from Jenni Rivera. It was a real shame what happened to her. She died before this movie was released. I wonder if she even got to see it because I read that this movie was shown at film festivals before getting a wider release.
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Very good actress, good script, bad math.
Gustavo Medrano20 October 2013
IMHO this film seemed far superior to the IMDb rating. Reading about this rate I discovered that apply a weighted value, the valuation algorithm is secret and applies different "filters". It is quite possible that the highest and lowest votes are discarded. The performance of Gina Rodriguez is so good that many users vote 10, but that does not look at the results. After you see the movie, wait some days before to vote and rate the whole film, 7 or 8 is more accurate and we will look how rating improves. Please do not be discouraged by the low score and enjoy the story and the music. Despite his early death, the actress give us a huge sample of talent.
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Excellent movie! A must see!
lupitasbutterfly3 October 2013
Great movie! Excellent acting and story line! I give it a 10. The Olmos did it again!

This movie had me on the edge of my seat hoping things would work out for Filly.

It showed how much discrimination there still is in this country.

Really sad what drugs can do to a mother's judgment. Drugs clouding a persons everything and amongst that, she put her own daughter's life in jeopardy.

I was really glad to see that talent runs in the Olmos family. Like father like son!

Watching this movie is a must. I need to buy it and add it to my movie library!
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