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Typical Japanese Ham-fisted Acting
docdra20 August 2022
Title says it all, but to elaborate a bit - Japanese anime is somehow better because the 2D drawings lack emotional depth, so the sometimes-ridiculous dialog doesn't seem bad because it isn't paired with ridiculous acting. On the other hand, Japanese live action shows often have ridiculous acting on top of over-the-top dialog, which is just a bad combination.

Which is the problem THIS film has, which is evident almost immediately - the acting varies from stiff to overly animated with over-the-top and/or bad acting typical of a live action Japanese adaptation. Don't get me wrong, not all of them are bad, just most of them.
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A better joke than first one
shawnyu6424 August 2022
But still a joke. Dialogues (in Japanese) and production value is so cringy and doesn't capture any of original manga/anime's greatness. Expectations were low but this is on the bad end even for live action adaptation.,
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Hard to enjoy given the production value
LeAvantGuardian21 August 2022
Full metal Alchemist is a fantasy anime that when done live requires a healthy level of suspension of disbelief to truly enjoy. Every aspect of this film looks so cheap with its cosplay level budget that it's impossible to appreciate any value the story may have. Though between the over acting and drawn out plot I'm not sure there is all that much here to enjoy in spite of the production level.

You can tell this movie was not produced by Netflix because even their awful adaptation of Death Note looked great. This movie has jarring green screens with poor post processing, props that look like foam, and dated CG that looks like it was added in as an after thought.

Sadly, I can't give this more than a 4/10.
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It was bad. Remaking anime as live action makes no sense.
siderite22 August 2022
I guess they tried. However, having seen the anime and read the manga, I can't understand how they can make a movie that feels so lackluster and dead. The magic of manga is that you can show anything you want, your imagination being the only limit. Live action films, on the other hand, have to have actors who speak Japanese - good luck funding a tiny blonde person to play the main role, combine actors with CGI - good luck having enough money for special effects that are even on par with an anime can draw, and most of all, have to map the emotions in the drawing to real people - good luck with that!

In other words this was a destined to be a failure, yet somehow money was found to make the film happen. I guess some people prefer to watch the live version or hate animation or both.

In this film, Scar shows up trying to kill as many state alchemists as possible, due to their involvement in the genocidal war that destroyed his nation. But there is also Lin, a prince from Xing - a fictional version of China, trying to capture homunculi. There is Winry, which is somehow connected to both Ed and Scar. There is another Xingian girl who protects Scar, a master that tells Scar to let go, Envy and Gluttony, all the alchemists and their people, random people of the same race as Scar and so on. And when you are properly confused, the film ends with "To be continued".

Bottom line: even if you want to watch it, there is no need to do so until the second part pops up. It is only half of a story that we already have, a lot better done, as anime and manga.
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A Lot of Arms were cut!
lawisians21 August 2022
The dialogues were forced, sub-par acting, battle scenes were bad! Probably my fault when I didn't lower my expectations, especially since I already seen the anime. Everything looks familiar, but I wouldn't consider this an FMA movie.
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gianmarcoronconi5 September 2022
I start by saying that I evaluate the film only on the basis of the film and not the affinity with the cartoon / comic and not even with the affinity to the general plot of the whole story. The film itself is a decent film, full of breathtaking action and full of jokes and light moments that manage well to dampen the frenzy of everything, but the fact remains that the film is still very boring because of its really too excessive duration, the film is too long, really too long, it bores you beyond belief and after a little more than half you start wondering how long the film will last because the film is really very dense and at the same time slow and this thing wears you out a lot.
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As if you didn't already know...
jcarsillo-0949121 August 2022
Why movies like this, The Last Airbender, or Dragonball are ever made will never make sense. Some things just don't translate netween mediums, manga is one of them. Anime is another. Anybody who's done it has failed miserably. This is no exception.
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Great character design and film setup, but bad acting continues to disappoint
aloysiustay-1503221 August 2022
1. Great character design / dressing, great background scene. Lots of effort put into this.

2. Strange quiet scenes and lack of interesting or funny dialogues does make it cheap. I don't know if it's just me but the comic timing is painful - it's like a friend who insist on telling a joke without a buildup and just force it on everyone during a gathering. The quietness does not help.

3. Lack of character buildup: I sincerely hope Japanese Anime Live action Directors will one day realize that the character buildup in Anime is what makes the audiences fall in love so hard with the characters and create that powerful connection with the show.

4. Bad acting: the lack of character buildup is exacerbated by overacting/anime type expressions by Edward, Winry and the side characters. Roy Mustang is just wrong - his character in the anime is someone who is confident and smug which suggest he's never had to worked too hard to get to where he is because of background, his genius or whatever. His complexion is fair which is suppose to symbolise the opposite of Scar, who grew up in hardship. He also has the easiest move to create transmutation to emphasize that "not having to try too hard". In the live action, the actor has a fake tan.... and he looks stressed out / constipated in every of his dialogue. Louis Armstrong is just disappointing.... I really doubt the anime Armstrong would be proud of that body......... I don't think you can lay the blame on the actors, but I think the people in charge of the casting, should have done more research and understood what makes the characters awesome to the audience. For example, Alice in Borderland did a great job with both casting and character buildup.
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Not worth the time
ramkoil26 August 2022
I could not finish this so called movie. An hour through it felt like 5 hours and walked away.

The story is butchered, there are holes the size of Jupiter in the plot. People just appear out of nowhere to do something then just disappear just for convenience. Acting is also as bad as the plot.

This is the Hollywood virus infiltrating Asian shows. Typical, full of CG and no brain. They should put a note at the beginning "To enjoy this show either deposit brain in the box provided or you must be brainwashed by Hollywood." if this is the trend in 10 years time most Korean and Japanese show would be the same as Hollywood shows!

Thanks god for China they are still resisting, and not allowing these multinationals to control their culture!
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sithhaldir22 August 2022
After the disappointments of the first movie back in 2017, was skeptic that this 2nd movie will follow suit but it seems the writers had learned their lessons, listen to the fans and followed as close as possible to the FMA Manga/FMAB Storyline for this 2nd movie.

They are not afraid anymore to have larger Supporting Casts by having the characters we are familiar with from the manga/FMAB Anime, characters sadly missed out in the 1st movie.

The Story Flow is a bit fast but there is so much that can be condensed into a 2h plus movie.

Changes made are subtle but their end results still remained the same as in the manga.

Cast-wise, Kanata Hongo (Envy) had improved his portrayal of Envy. Still a slightly stiff but a lot more LIKE Envy we know of, unlike his extremely stiff & passive acting in the 1st movie.

Kokoro Terada (Selim/Pride) and Hiroshi Tachi (King Bradly/Wrath) also shine well with their characters. Looking forward to how they portray the next stage of their character in the next movie.

Some of the actors lack the figure to portray their characters accurately (Armstrong, Scar, Pinako etc), but hey, finding someone their size/height that can act well and speak fluent Japanese isn't easy so they are forgiven for the choice of cast.

Overall, am very happy with this movie and excited whenever a scene from the manga/FMAB pop up.

Fullmetal Alchemist the Revenge of Scar had redeemed the FMA Live-Action Movies Status to be as good as other successful Japanese Anime/Manga Live-Action movies.

Looking forward to the next movie, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Last Transmutation!
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Much better than the first one
zzplayer3 June 2022
Edward and Winry's actors are still bad but the other characters were good especially Scar.

Like the first movie, it lacks of background actors and background atmosphere.

A lot of outside scenes are completely quiet, it feels strange and cheap.

Still the story and battles are enjoyable, I am looking forward to seeing the third and final movie.
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Exceptional Once Again!
jenaycarter2 September 2022
This film is amazing! And has not disappointed! Round of applause to all the actors! And a round of applause to the Effects team! Everything down to the T!

But word of advice to the critics who prefer watching live action anime films in English Dubbed audio and subtitles, and then turn around and complain please save your fingers the time and not type out a negative review!

I rated this film at 10 star because I prefer to watch this film in Japanese which is the original language spoken ANYWAY. But hey, if you're one to watch anime live action movies in English dubbed and you have high expectations then go ahead and watch the film. But I'll say again this movie wasn't bad.

The speed of the movie was fine, the scenes of course were following certain spots from the Fullmetal Alchemist series which in my opinion was well applied. All in all the movie was good.
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Snootz28 August 2022
I realize this is a "live anime". Nevertheless, plodding script, poor acting, poor directing. There aren't many films in this genre that I shut down early, but at 45 minutes I wasn't able to tolerate much more. I'm not easily bored (I can take slow burn classics with the best of them) but this is a real snoozefest. These reviews require at least 600 characters... as if any additional wording is going to describe this film any better than already stated. If you suffer from insomina, this might do the trick.

Geeminy, what is IMDB wanting here, useless droll run-on reviews. The movie stinks like a dead possum. What more do they want?
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It's ok, except for
bryant-christenson29 August 2022
They absolutely horrible dubbing in English. Listen to it in Japanese with English subtitles and you will spare yourself the over acting and melodramatic dialogue.

The production values are not all that bad and the special effects are pretty good. But, oh there is horrible dubbing.

As far as casting it looks like they pretty much used all wannabe boy band members from Japan.

I greatly enjoyed the tongue in cheek names and nicknames of the characters once I realized they were not meant to be taken seriously.

Gather with some friends, break out the beer and popcorn, and visit as you watch. It's a pretty good experience.
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A hollow experience
Leofwine_draca8 October 2022
I enjoyed THE REVENGE OF SCAR about as much as I enjoyed the first live action FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST movie, which is not very much at all! The problem is that these anime adaptations lack something in translation so we're left with stiff performances, wooden dialogue and storytelling that feels like it's all over the place. On the plus side, like the RUROUNI KENSHIN films before it, this has very nice visuals and costumes in particular; you can see exactly what the animated figures would have looked like, and there's plenty of creativity in the constant visuals and CGI action. What a shame that the rest is so hollow...
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They did great not making this English language!
debonaire-5032120 August 2022
The storyline and sequence made me reminisce the anime I've watched when I was in university. I remember Fullmetal Alchemist as the anime that made me cry the most. Heck, I even had an alchemy circle tattooed on my back (just medium size) cause of this. The emotional pains of the characters combined with acknowledging our human side made me love this back then. And honestly, the portrayal in the movie was all good - a bit pushy in trying to play with emotions but hell, I understand why and ofcourse - the anime is more exaggerated haha. As for the limited audience it could reach? Nope. People can watch it if they want to - almost all people can read. Speaking in English will just limit the conversation and humor. Just read the subtitles.
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Acceptable but nothing to rave about
star_hazard26 September 2022
FMA anime/manga is one of my favorites, I just finished the trilogy live action just to see it and.. well it really didn't live up to any sort of good expectations for it.

Out of the three this is probably the better film for me. Plot point is more centralized thus we're not bombarded with tens of plot lines that never go any deeper.

CGI stuff is an improvement from the first but still nothing to rave on.. Acting and action is passable here. There's less of the usual Japanese style animated reactions that don't really translate well but it's still present.

The best part are the costumes and that's sad because it's like expensive cosplay but I guess at least they did give effort to make the characters wear something that blend in with the environment and not some fake looking uniform.
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Surprised me.
quynhanhwattpad26 August 2022
This was such an improvement compared to the first one. The plot follows more closely to the original, the acting is less cringe (the Winry's scene got me,) this time they actually portrayed El's personality like in the original, cocky little brat (which I adored). Roy, unfortunately is still a "too serious dude" (come on he's more playful than that) but it's good to see the "useless" joke. Overall quite enjoyable. I'll be waiting for the final.
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horrible as it gets
kenanerol4 September 2022
Just a movie with cheap partial animations, nothing to really say on it, a movie that makes fun with the watchers. No story, scenes dont follow up, childish scenes, literally felt they make fun with our minds. You can foresee every scene coming up before it happens, its that much a cheap movie, waste of time. I dont think it is about the players, I think they do their best in that bad scripted scenario. It could be such great movie scripture but its not. I definetely don't recommend this movie, you can barely stand and watch it until finishing it. Unnecessary fiction, its like watching a cheap 3rd world cartoon converted into movie. I think thats about it.
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Better than the First
doubleaprince5 October 2022
This movie is by no means perfect, but it's not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be either. It was far more enjoyable to watch than the first, and I really enjoyed the new cast (minus Scar, who's doing brownface). Especially enjoyed Uchino as Hohenheim, he's perfectly cast in my opinion. Honestly he plays him closer to his manga counterpart than the anime did. Was also much happier with Hawkeye and Roy in this. And Roy's team! They were all really well cast!

The special effects aren't very great, but bad effects have never bothered me. Costumes were great, as they were in the first film. Wigs were a huge step up from the first movie as well.

Overall, not a perfect film, but not terrible either.
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Foolish to not go with an enlish language version.
bpsmith-0516319 August 2022
The dialogue is stilted and the performer's were limited.

Given the fan base, and the success of western animation adaptations it's a shame that studios continue to make live action films that do not cater for a broader audience.
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If you wanna waste time here's a good time waster
fcmwnuvuf30 August 2022
As a fan of full metal alchemist, there were some parts that was exciting to see as live action. But the story line was absolutely garbage. Yet again wasted my time. It's a very bad movie! Don't even bother if you're a fan.they ruined my fav animie! Like if you're watching it without background knowledge of the animie you would pretty much just enjoy the special effects and not understand what's actually going on in the movie. They should have never attempted this! And how they gonna have a part two, I don't get it! They should just stop. Again do not waste anytime watching this. If you're a fan, you're gonna be even more disappointed but so watch it cause it was fun to see some characters as live action but they absolutely butchered the story. A very good story. I do understand it isn't easy to compress all of it into a 2hr movie. If anything they should do a three part series and try to follow as much as they can. Oh wells, thanks netflix for just ruining another good animie.
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Hahahahahahahah English dub review
tmygunz29 August 2022
Yall know they just ripped the English dub sound track from the original right? Like, play it next to the orignal anime movie and youll see. Hahahahahha so wild I was sitting here thinking something was off and I realized that they just pulled the dub from the original. And now I have to write nonsense so I can post this .................. Still ..................taco......cat ...........t a cocktail ...............catco..............t a couple

.....cats in the cradle in the silver moon I need to type 600 words characters to submit thiiiiiisssss post ......I'm Still typing baby can't you seeee 600 characters coming for meeeee

.I think I'm going to switch to my phones predictive text to get the rest of this

Lol ok is the best way for you and you can go out to eat a bit of food for the 6th or 6th and 6th and I can go out and eat some more if I need a 6th to get a.
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