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An Absolute Must-Watch
rachelfranke9414 July 2013
Okay, I'll be the first to admit that when the promos for this show first aired on Disney Channel, I wasn't interested. I hadn't particularly enjoyed Fish Hooks, and I figured Gravity Falls would be more of the same. I was so wrong. This show is full to bursting with fantastic and lovable characters, witty humor, great writing, beautiful animation, and mysteries, fantasy, and little Easter eggs around every corner. In addition, there are a few elements that could easily give me nightmares, but which, oddly enough, the kids I babysit find more hilarious than anything. Guess it's the age difference. If you haven't yet, you definitely need to give this show a shot. I know Gravity Falls fans from age two to fifty, and I'd recommend it to anyone.
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Surprisingly Great!
Pictoron12 August 2012
I hate the Disney Channel and what it's become, however I watched this show, and was very entertained! It's not just the humor, but the mixture of surreal situations that connect with the story. Not to mention, THE CHARACTERS! They're all simply fun and the way they get along and interact with each other is great! The setting is pretty cool too, there's always the potential for something completely new and supernatural to occur. I've seen all the episodes so far (all 7) but for the time being, I will continue to keep up with the episodes, and altogether I'm just happy to see that there is still hope for the cartoons of today and the future cartoons.
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Great show for broad range of ages
lovlyc12229 March 2013
Very few shows have the capacity to entertain 8 and 10 year old girls a 13 year old boy and their 27 year old woman. Like the Shrek movies it has humor for youngsters and a stealthy adult humor. Definitely has elements from many cartoon predecessors and often times will ground a plot on a real life issue. My little cousins love it and when they found out I was watching gravity falls at home they flipped out. Now when I go visit we will sometimes watch on episode from the DVR. I literally can't stand most Disney programming but the style and creativity of this show caught my eye one day channel flipping. It is worth checking out and you will most likely be extremely surprised.
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hilarious but fairly edgy show for children
dacgold20 February 2015
This show is really great, the writing is great, the characters are great, the humour is great, its the BEST written show storyline wise i have ever seen, the plot is so well thought out and so many secrets and codes to look for in every corner as part of the overall mystery. The characters are all very entertaining and funny, and the humour is very funny, quick, and breezy. The ONLY problems with the show is that it's rated tv-y7, it should really be rated p.g, if it were it would bring in the crowed it is more suited for. Some things in the show make me think "wow they got away with that?! In this day and age?!". Not only is there several jokes that would fit just as well in the simpsons, there's references to the simpsons too! Even a couple jokes that hint at pornography. The other problem is it airs on Disney. This is NOT a Disney show nor should it be treated like one if this show doesn't last long, its because its on Disney. It would be much suited to a p.g rating and on CN. Or at least if it was Disney, rated it p.g and air it late at night. Overall, a really really great well written show that is just not rated properly or on the right network. Do check it out though! Teens and adults will enjoy it.
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Awesome Show!
thegodking444415 July 2013
By far my current favorite cartoon! This show is really clever, mysterious, funny, and great! When I first saw commercials for this show I didn't think it'd be special, but I was for sure wrong! Once I started watching it I just could not stop. The characters act like real people and are relatable to. When you watch Gravity Falls you feel the suspense and mystery but will be laughing as well. The only thing I think I'd want different is more of it! But it takes time to make such a quality television show. Overall Gravity Falls is in my all time top 5 favorite television shows and I hope they continue making many more episodes soon.
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So far a Near Perfect Show
djdcartoons9122 August 2012
Disney has been making some radical changes in recent years. Back in the day Disney was always known for its films and amusement parks, its original creator driven content always seemed to take a backseat. For years the only decent original Disney channel series were Fillmore! and The Weekenders. However like I said recently Disney has been taking a bold new direction. The addition of Disney XD has led to the creation of some great shows Phineas and Ferb and particularly Chris Prynoski's new show Motor City. Their current original content mirroring the 90's shows that put creator driven series on the map. Their latest play in this new direction the creation of what so far promises to be perhaps their best creator driven series yet Gravity Falls.

Emerging from the ashes of the Marvellous Misadventures of Flapjack (another quality show, however not Disneys) where series creator Alex Hirsch served as writer and storyboard artist, Gravity Falls is perhaps the best instalment in a series of programs crafted by current Cal Arts Alumni since Adventure Time.

From a cartooning and animation standpoint the series feels refreshing. The character designs feel like some superb mixture of The Simpsons, Classic Disney animation with a bit of The Marvellous Misadventures of Flapjack thrown in. The Characters are drawn in a very fun way and they lend themselves to the quality character animation the series has produced. From a character animation standpoint the work is spirited. It is fluid and comedic exemplifying how much the character animation can be integral to the characters themselves.

Cartooning and Animation aside though I feel the true greatness of the show stems from its writing style, approach of comedy and characters. Alex Hirsch and his writing team have made a show that conjures to mind the character driven humour of the classic Simpsons with the weird and often creepy nature of a 90's kid show called Eerie Indiana. The end result is a show with unique and weird story lines and a level of humour that does what many of the 90's shows did best, transcend its target audience. This show produces jokes that will work for both kids and adults. The characters are also very likable. We have seen characters like Dipper, Mabel and Grunkle Stan before but on Gravity Falls they are crafted so believably that we can forgive that. These are not just funny characters, they are characters with defined personas, they are oddly relatable and they have even in these 9 episodes shown some semblance of character development something that is usually left out of many North American animated series.

So far this is a near perfect show its only misstep so far the episode entitled Dipper Vs. Manliness, which I won't spoil it for you, has a great concept but is too much build up and not enough pay off.

For me this is a show that makes the kid in me smile. Watching this now is like tuning into my childhood favourites (Hey Arnold, Ren and Stimpy, Courage the Cowardly Dog) only now I am old enough to appreciate it.
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eforest774 August 2012
Gravity Falls is a new show on Disney Channel, and the only reason I heard about it was because of a friend I have on tumblr. While I haven't been a fan of Disney's, I have to say that Gravity Falls is absolutely fantastic.

Gravity Falls is about two kids, Mabel and Dipper Pines, who are currently living in one of those "middle of nowhere" towns called Gravity Falls with their uncle Stan, who appears to have a very mysterious past. Plenty of other mysteries lurk in Gravity Falls, and you, as the viewer, look to figure them out along with Dipper and Mabel. Along with dealing with their eccentric uncle, the kids also encounter the extremely snarky Wendy as well as a host of other quirky residents.

The tone of Gravity Falls's humour is very similar to Adventure Time - very strange and mostly situational, but I feel that a lot of the time the dialogue is much more clever and mature than that of Adventure Time's. The voice acting, animation and art style are also great, and the theme song of the show especially is fantastic.

What I enjoy most about this show, however, is its tone. This show is a total mystery - there's clues hidden everywhere. I'm completely enthralled with finding everything out before it's addressed in the show - mainly Stan's past.

This show is great, check it out!
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Gravity Falls: a Diamond in the Disney Channel Rough
newkidontheblock1 February 2013
There are few things I hate more on television than the Disney Channel. This factory of mediocrity has churned out "gems" like The Suite Life with Zach and Cody and the unfortunately popular Hanna Montana. The Disney Channel is a place for Uncle Walt's successors to push talentless teens out in front of the world. Said teens get a few moments of fame and the Mouse gets another few million.

Why do I make this cynical and cliché critique of the Disney Channel? Because I want to make sure every person who reads this understands how shocked and delighted I am by Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls takes place in a remote Oregon town of the same name. It features Dipper and Mabel Pines (voiced by Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal respectively), a pair of twins, staying with their Great Uncle (or Grunkle, a term I believe needs to be used more often) Stan (voiced by show creator Alex Hirsch), a sleazy con-artist that runs a tourist trap called the Mystery Shack. Stan rips off gullible vacationers and townies with "supernatural" attractions and a less than stellar gift shop, overseen by man-child Soos (also voiced by Hirsch) and a down-to-earth slacker teenager Wendy (voiced by Linda Cardellini). It looks like a dull summer for the twins, but they soon find out that there is quite a lot of strange goings on in the little town.

This show has that right mix of humor and adventure every family program ought to have. It's written in a way that can engage people of all ages without pandering to anyone.

The voice actors were chosen masterfully, especially in Mabel Pines. I can't imagine anyone else but Schaal (who also voiced Trixie in Toy Story 3 and plays Mel in Flight of the Conchords)playing the bubbly, effervescent Mabel.

This show also features DIY voice acting from Hirsch, a seemingly common occurrence in animated shows today (Regular Show creator JG Quintel voicing Mordecai and High Five Ghost and Adventure Time creator Pen Ward voicing Lumpy Space Princess as well as a myriad of side characters). Hirsch shows quite a bit of range voicing miserly Stan and obvious Soos.

Gravity Falls is also able juxtapose the supernatural and the normal growing pains of adolescence. On a nearly weekly basis, the observant and intelligent Dipper finds a way to crack a mystery involving gnomes and crystals that change an object's size, yet he can't muster the courage to ask his crush, Wendy, on a date.

There are a lot of TV shows and movies that try so hard to reach that sweet spot where they can appeal to kids, parents and young adults, but fall painfully short. Gravity Falls, though, hits that spot brilliantly.

Like his fellow CalArts alumni Quintel and Ward, Hirsch's product is one made out of love and care and it's made clear in every episode. Most impressively, though, is that it gives me a reason to watch the Disney Channel.
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Best new Disney show!!
julianand775017 July 2012
Gravity Falls is set in a town in the middle of nowhere, focusing on Dipper and Mabel, solving the mysteries of Gravity Falls.

One of the things that I find really amazing about this show is the music. It's great, eerie, and enhances the mood of the scene.

The characters are all great, and are all very likable and funny. The dynamics between Dipper and Mabel is one of the best parts of the show if you ask me. The way they interact with each other is the way you would think a brother and sister would act towards each other.

Animation wise, it is pretty well animated. The intro's animation is impressive but the actual show isn't as amazing but still good.

The show has a eerie atmosphere, but still has the heart of most of Disney shows.

So overall, The show is great. The characters, eerie atmosphere, and charm make it a enjoyable watch for kids and adults.
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Why are you reading the ratings ?
panosk-5588414 July 2019
It's Gravity Falls. There is no point on seing the ratings of the people. You know there are all great rating because the show is just great. Again, IT'S GRAVITY FALLS !!!
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One of, if not the best cartoon I've seen in ages
Jhwolfjh13 February 2014
The plot is amazing, funny and mysterious. All the elements blend greatly. The characters are weird and lovable. The characters interact great together and I have been enjoying every minute of this show. The ciphers that the show offers are amazing and fun to solve they don't give away plot,at least not yet, so you don't need to decipher them, but personally I enjoy doing it. I enjoy everything about this show. There's never been any terrible jokes and no clichés in the plot which is always great. I recommend that you watch this show, but if you don't enjoy mystery in the plot, which I don't know why you wouldn't, or weird random humour, more understandable, then you probably won't enjoy this show as much as I have but it is still defiantly worth checking out.
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anasm21 June 2019
This show is everything I secretly wished it would be. Now I'm a happy 32 year old kid.
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SnoopyStyle29 June 2019
Twelve year old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines have been sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon to spend the summer with their great-uncle Gkunkle Stan. Stan had turned his home into a tourist trap, The Mystery Shack. Wendy and Soos work for Stan. Dipper finds a mysterious book detailing the strange creatures living in Gravity Falls.

I love everything about this show. I love the premise, the characters, the theme song, and the various wacky creatures. While it's great for kids, the smart writing makes it even better for adults with kids' imagination. It is a brilliant show and the only flaw is its shorten lifespan.
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Just West of Weird
Quizzical-Panda16 February 2016
Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere in Oregon, two twins exit a bus. A flashy showman, their Great Uncle, greets them, and invites them into the paranormal epicentre of the world. While it seems he's too much of a trickster to believe in the supernatural he promotes, the kids explore the town, and find enough adventure, mystery and conspiracy to last a thousand lifetimes. It's an experience that will change the both of them forever.

Gravity Falls' intro has no lyrics, and yet, in roughly forty seconds of screen-time, we already know the settings, the major characters, their virtues and flaws, their relationships, and a whole lot of foreshadowing for things that won't even be touched on until the very end. This very effectively sums up the show; a lot being thrown at you, even if you don't recognise it at the time. It constantly thinks back to itself, with some of the most in-depth continuity, background or foreground, of any show, animated or not. Characters casually appear in the background several episodes before an episode revolves around them, minor plot-points are revisited dozens of episodes later, and damage to both people and property doesn't vanish after a single episode. Almost every major plot twist (and there are many) involves a heavy degree of foreshadowing, stretching back into the first season. Thankfully, it's never quite enough for the casual viewer to pick up, but enough to reward multiple viewings. Being a show that revolves around mystery (the creator, Alex Hirsch, had the intention to blend the episodic mysteries of X-Files, with the overarching mystery of Twin Peaks), every episode is littered with codes and riddles that are used both for comedy, and hints about upcoming confrontations. The more one dissects each episode, the more one realises the dedication and effort that was put into every one.

But regardless of the mystery elements that define the series, the heart and soul of the show is the relationship between the twins, Dipper and Mabel. Both on the cusp of puberty, Dipper is introverted, adventurous, and deeply precocious, while his sister is extroverted, more interested in the prospect of summer romance than the supernatural, and has an infectious, childish optimism for life. So many pitfalls that beset other twin/sibling relationships in shows are avoided in their writing: identical characters, every episode being a conflict between the two, one of the two always being right, etc. While very different, the two compliment, rather than conflict with each other. When they tease, they know when to stop, when they fight, it's a big deal, and when they see the anguish the other goes through, they sacrifice. What a relief from the endless cynical jibes that define character interaction in the modern era; here, the two unquestionably love and cherish the company of each other. It's the most affecting twin relationship one could write without straining believability. Both have insecurities about themselves, and both are deeply flawed from the outset, which they learn to overcome together. Hirsch said one of the most amazing things about the show for him was the sheer amount of people calling him up to thank him for their getting closer to their siblings, after having drifted apart, or never having been together at all. The relationship between Hirsch's own twin sister and himself as the obvious inception for Mabel and Dipper gives a deeply authentic vibe, creating one of the best written sibling relationships in all fiction.

This allows the show to do something really well; humour. Hirsch never intended to do a kid's show, and constantly wrote the show from the perspective of what would children get into, and what would make adults laugh, a formula which enabled the show to have the entirety of the top ten broadcast ratings on their channel. Consequently, the strong characterisation and connections between the characters, (the twins, their con-man Great Uncle, the practical but dim-witted janitor, and the tomboyish counter-girl) allow for miraculously high-quality character-humour. However, this isn't to pigeon-hole the show's comedic writing, which has an incredible range from slapstick, to visual gags, to fourth-wall breaks. There is not a fart joke to be found, but there are jokes that no child could possibly get that will send older viewers into uproar (such as the Great Uncle giving the names of his hands as "Scratchy and Shaky.") When asked which episode in particular the censors most objected to, Hirsch replied "All of them".

While the humour can often be adult, including some of the most depressing, nihilistic monologues one can get away with given the rating, the level of darkness in terms of horror is something that shocks most people who watch the series for the first time. With a shape-shifter morphing into a spider version of the main characters, screaming severed heads, and lines like "I've got to turn some children into corpses", Gravity Falls never shied away from nightmare fuel. Yet even then, the show never forgets that it is primarily a comedic series. In the midst of extreme drama, there will be isolated comedic moments that are just enough to make you laugh, but integrated enough not to detract from the tone. The intensity of the drama cannot be underestimated though, with major life and death decisions having to be made by children who are clearly not prepared for the turmoil they are going through, which makes us all the more heartbroken to see their anguish.

Ultimately, the show concluded on the creator's terms; he envisioned a beginning, middle, and ending, and saw it through to the (highly emotional) end. Gravity Falls will never suffer the same zombification that overcame once great shows like the Simpsons, leaving one of the most consistent high-quality programming across not just children's, or animated television, but the medium in general. It's a show for all ages, and an adventure in itself.
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Best ever!
moxiecue12 August 2013
I certainly love this show! its only one of the Disney shows i would watch i love the characters a lot! the plot actually makes sense than the other Disney shows i bet Walt would be proud every time it comes on it makes me smile

1.Dipper is cool,good-looking,funny and fun even though everyone else in the show doesn't think so

2.Mabel is weird,has a vibrant sweater thing in every episode,very fun,and kinda foolish

3.Stan is Cheap,and old he is kinda like Mr.Krabs but funnier,i do like old people like that but without being criminals or that cheap

I give it a 10 good job Alex Hirsh!
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Unreal show
river_rogers21 July 2019
Gravity falls is hilarious, exciting and mysterious. It's show for all ages and will definitely stand the test of time with how unique and brilliant it is.
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Perfect nostalgic summer fun
ontheis17 August 2020
One of my favorite (if not favorite) animated shows ever. Watching for a few minutes of the first episode, I thought it was for young children only, but I was so wrong. This show is perfect for anyone, maybe even more appreciated later in life. It's funny, every single episode is pure entertainment... The only flaw is that is so short! Maybe better to end it so it never fades and keep the charm, but still it has a great potential to be much much longer. At least I hope for more animated TV shows with the same vibe - Oregon summers, nature and magic! Can't wait for other things to come out by the creator!
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This isn't any random kids show
lolkingsmass3 June 2021
I have seen this show like 3 times and I am ready to watch it again.

It literally has every relatable emotions, the most one is that life flies too fast your childhood disappears in no time.

There is a lot of great characterization within just 2 seasons, this show should live on for more seasons.

And finally the finale, it was a perfect end to an epic.
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The Most Underrated Disney Channel Show of Present Time
Justinyam34 July 2013
I say this as a child who watched Disney Channel during the period it brought its live-action properties to greater prominence: I never thought Disney Channel would have any good cartoons. I never grew up with Ducktales or the popular Saturday Morning lineup from the late 80s, and so when I watched the channel the only running cartoons were the likes of 'Kim Possible', 'Lilo and Stitch' and 'American Dragon'. The first two were decent cartoons, and while I didn't get into American Dragon much, the couple episodes I watched did feel action packed. Unfortunately, when it came to quality they couldn't compare to shows on channels like Cartoon Network. The characters and stories didn't leave much of an impact; a lot of it because the same archetypes and plots have been done better in other cartoons, but also because it never took that many risks.

And then this show comes along.

The premise of Gravity Falls is that a pair of 12 year old twins from the Pines family, a brother named Dipper and a sister named Mabel, go on a summer trip to a rural, woodland town in Oregon to visit their 'Grunkle' Stan (who I'm guessing is both the twin's grandfather and uncle. I'm trying not to think too hard about it). The uncle runs a museum of faux paranormal objects, and the twins have to help him run the place, with help from a deep and hilarious handyman named Soos and a teenage girl named Wendy. Ironically, the town of Gravity Falls turns out to really be home of numerous supernatural anomalies and creatures, and the twins have to deal with them each episode; all the while trying to discover the source of all the town's strangeness.

As childish as it seemed, the precise moment when I perked at Gravity Falls was when one of the characters openly uttered the word 'Sascrotch'. Obviously, adult humor does not equal good quality writing, but the mere fact that the Disney Channel let a show get away with such humor indicates that they've given this show much more freedom in its development. And as proved with shows like The Simpsons and Animaniacs, giving creative freedom to a talented crew of writers, animators and artists can produce amazing results.

And while we're on the subject, so much of Gravity Falls reminds me of The Simpsons in both humor and the animation. Gravity Falls's creator Alex Hirsh even stated that The Simpsons was a major influence of the show, and it definitely shows in all the right ways. The characters themselves resemble Simpsons characters, except with pink skin, slightly smaller eyes and with an added extra finger on each hand (except the kid protagonists. Seriously, look at the hands of the twin characters and the adult characters: THE KIDS HAVE LESS FINGERS THAN ADULTS). All the characters have distinct traits, and all of them take part in the show's hilarity. Mabel especially is the quirkiest character of the show, and I think it's charming to see an animated young girl who's wacky and not always purely innocent. The humor and writing themselves also recalls the Simpsons, with a pinch of pop-culture references, a dash of slapstick and plenty of unpredictability and wit without getting too cynical. I've never cracked up so much to any Disney Channel cartoon other than Gravity Falls.

The animation itself is amongst the best of Disney 2D animation I've seen outside of their films, even if there's a bit of 3D animation for any vehicles in the show. The movements of the characters are extremely fluid, while the backgrounds themselves are full of meticulous detail; fully capturing the nature of the Oregon woodland while evoking the show's dark, unknown mystery.

Speaking of dark and unknowing, the overall nature of the show is one of the strange and paranormal, and there's a consistent cryptic atmosphere in each episode (complete with decodable codes in each of the episode's credits, the appearance of the 'All seeing eye' and hidden clues). This is one of the few Disney channel shows with genuinely scary moments, but all the while there's a coating of lightheartedness that makes it so much fun. Some of these moments came from the 5th episode "The Inconveniencing", which is also the episode that completely won me over to the show. Without spoiling much, this episode is about the Twins, Wendy and some friends visiting an abandoned convenience store that turns out to be haunted, and it packs a couple of the scariest and hilarious moments of the show into a single episode.

But what gets me the most is that this show is full of heart, especially with the relationship between the sibling protagonists Dipper and Mabel Pines. I drew up the Simpsons comparison here earlier, and in this regard it's similar to the relationship between Bart and Lisa Simpson. But unlike the Simpsons (and many other animated shows depicting constantly quarreling siblings), there's almost little to no rivalry amongst the Twin siblings except for a couple of episodes. It's not to say that there's no trouble relating to it: one of the themes around the show is how the Twins deal with maintaining their relationship with one another while going through adulthood. The Pine Twins genuinely love each other as siblings, and whenever they express that love it's extremely heartwarming without ever coming close to saccharine.

To sum it up: It's a shame that Gravity Falls often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to Disney Channel's scheduling (there's sometimes a month-long break between episodes. Why, Disney, why?), because this isn't only THE best show currently running on the Disney Channel, but also one of the best animated show currently on TV. It's humor, horror and heartwarming packed into a fun, wonderful package, and I highly recommend it to anyone missing the days of the classic Simpsons and animation with optimism.
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This was my favorite TV show! Why did it have to end?
vciccarello7 April 2018
I'll admit, when I was about 9 years old , I thought Mabel was kinda cute. She was also pretty funny. Well, almost every charecter in this show was funny! Now that I'm older, this is still probably the only show on TV that I'd watch. The show is so addicting and funny.

I'm pretty amazed that this is the only kid's show that I know on the Top 100 rated TV shows. Well Done! 10/10
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Greatest Animation Ever!
efeakdamar18 August 2019
I grew up watching this show and I definitly don't regret it. If anyone is thinkig that it's childish, you're completely wrong. It gets better and better everytime I watch it.
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Great show
colinhanley6 November 2018
This show was amazing and there needs to be a season three. I have a problem though, because I keep watching weirdmaggedon over and over again. 10 out of 10
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This shouldn't be just for kids
kwesib-321794 August 2020
I remember when I first saw gravity falls, the art and everything drove me away because I thought it was one of those immature and childish kids shows. One day I got so bored that I forced myself to watch a random episode and boy o boy this got addictive. So addictive I watched it all over and anticipated for every episode release. The music is so terrific and the humor is one of a kind. Gravity falls sets the story straight in such a way that adults are able to identify with it, however, the show is not so complicated for kids to understand. The side characters are funny as well and looking at the fast pacing of the story, the series really takes itself seriously; creating plot twists, cliffhangers and builds so much anticipation. I remember when the season 1 was ending, I kept thinking for days about a cliffhanger in the penultimate episodes. The second season was even better as comedy was blended into a show that turned darker and darker every episode. An arc was created for one of animation's greatest villains in recent years. The characters from the twins to their uncles have so much depth you barely see in a cartoon. I can only remember Avatar, Samurai Jack, Batman and a few who have such well written characters. Gravity falls is totally worth the 8.9 and if you are reading this, bewildered how a kids show managed to get so many good reviews, there's always the chance to find out for yourself.
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Expertly written with so much care put to creating interesting stories.
Animany9418 December 2019
Gravity Falls is one of those shows which both kids and adults can enjoy on their respective levels, because of how the writers carefully made up a premise including both fun, excitement, charm and emotional depth.

And everything just flows perfectly and works both as one grand story and stand-alone episodes to be enjoyed by casual viewers. But you'll get so much more out of it watching it all from start to finish.

And these characters are just so likable with all their quirks and all their personality. The twins Dipper and Mabel are so good together as an insecure and kind of serious boy and a happy-go-lucky and silly girl respectively who are sent to their jerk uncle Stan to spend the summer in his tourist attraction the Mystery Shack which ends up being packed with loads of strange things happening which ends up being bigger than they could ever dream of.

And Stan is a perfect example of a likable jerk. I love him and how he gets away with it all and still learns a lot and grows so much during the time with Dipper, Mabel and the rest of the townsfolk.

This is a fantastic show with great animation, great stories, great charm and lots of fun. You won't be disappointed.
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Would rate 100 if i could
zamlazercorn28 March 2019
Its funny, its trhilling, its sometime kinda off scary, its full of dark and or adulthumor and it feels like alex felt exactly how everything should be, theres almost zero plot holes and everything ties up... its like art
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