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Amy and Levi again
jotix10021 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Amy gets together with Levi, which is something promising. At work things are not exactly going the way she has hoped. It becomes clear her inability to do the job she is supposed to be doing is helped by her co-worker Tyler, the shy man that has been helping Amy. She has a big surprise coming to her. Working late one night, Tyler shows what he is really after, which comes out of nowhere and leaves Amy wondering.

Her boss Doug is throwing a big party. He wants Amy to invite her friend Harper, a hot number to go. Doug and Harper hit it off. Amy, having drunk a bit gets on the dance floor only to be pawed by Doug while they are dancing, something that shocks Amy. She does not know what to do and must face everyone the following day.

Another good episode in this series. The chapter was directed by Jonathan Demme, a man with a lot of talent. He makes things go at a fast pace leaving the viewer wanting for more. The screenplay was written by Mike White, who also appears as Tyler. The pacing is excellent and the writing rings true.

The main interest in watching "Enlightened" is Laura Dern, its star. She is an accomplished actress whose mere presence lights up the screen. Luke Wilson is seen as Levi. Timm Sharp as Dougie Daniels is an asset to the show as the boss who wants to use Amy for getting her friend. Mike White shows up as Tyler, the shy man who is secretly in love with Amy.
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