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tollyjamesmaggs30 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It's not clear whether Charlie Sheeen is mocking the media or just mocking himself. This all could be a charade to get attention.

However, if you look at it, he's not hurting anyone: if anything, he's entertaining. That is the purpose of this short hosted on 'funny or die'. He is parodying his new-found popularity on the internet.

This short sketch sees him creating a meal, often getting side-tracked by his new-found powers of teleportation. He also goes off subject and brings up matters which do not relate to the situation other than comical effect. However, that comical effect is successful in making a video that, in a way, summarises what Sheen is doing: getting very popular by doing what seems like spontaneous actions and spitting out humorous quotes which (No-doubtedly) will end up on a T-shirt somewhere on the internet.

It is funny.

It is entertaining.

It is 'Winning'
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