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Las Vegas / Las Vecas
LoveIsAStateOfMind29 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Little Old Lady just completely stole the show.

I don't even know where to start! How about the Las Vegas / Las Vecas thing? I found that legitimately funny. Pure magic! The tone of the comedy in this show exactly suits what I like and that's why I love it so. Sidenote: I love the camera angles in this episode, for example when Awesome was explaining about Las Vecas ...... and again with Ellie/Sarah. I can't describe it but if you've seen the episode then you know what I mean.

Sarah/the strippers ........ boy I don't think I've ever seen anyone look so uncomfortable!! ["Ooh is that a gun? No."] <- just the way she said that line made me crack up! I LOVE THAT ELLIE FINALLY KNOWS THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT CHUCK!!!! And she's been into Castle <3. I love that there are finally no secrets between Chuck/Ellie for the first time since the Pilot.

And then we come to the Agent X's mother. Oh dear Lord, best minor character EVER. The way she was with Chuck, the way she was with Casey - the fact that she got so much of Casey's admiration! THE GRENADE AND THE KNITTING WOOL!!!!!!!! Question: why is Volkoff's lawyer guy driving a car with the steering wheel on the left if they're in England??? Also, I am pretty sure you'll never see a car like that on the streets over here unless it's an import.

I KNEW THAT VOLKOFF WOULD BE AGENT X!!!!!! I mean obviously at first I thought there would be a chance that Agent X was referring to Chuck but then I knew the only option left would be Volkoff. How does Chuck's Mum fit into all of this?
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