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Season 1

17 Jul. 2011
Fallen Angels
Corona, CA - Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to rescue a failing biker bar that's struggling with rowdy clientele and a scandalous reputation due to its scantily clad bartenders and the fact it's located next to a strip club.
24 Jul. 2011
Downey's and Out
Philadelphia, PA - Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to resuscitate Downey's, a failing Irish pub in Philadelphia. To do that, he'll have to inspire Dom, a one-time star chef, turned negligent owner, who has let the bar go to ruin.
31 Jul. 2011
Shabby Abbey
Jon is called in to help The Abbey, a family-owned Irish pub in Chicago that was once known for its music scene, food and drink but has fallen on hard times and is struggling to survive. He finds an inexperienced manager, a dangerously dirty kitchen and confused, leaderless and poorly trained staff.
7 Aug. 2011
Beach Bummer
Jon tackles an Irish themed beach bar in Redondo Beach, California, called Kilkenny's. Jon attempts to create a bar with a cohesive identity that beach goers and locals will frequent.
14 Aug. 2011
Swanky Troubles
Jon is called in to Swanky Bubbles, a champagne bar in Philadelphia that hasn't made money since 2004 and has a demoralized staff. The problems can be traced back to its two co-owners, one of whom is too busy hitting on the female customers and the other of whom is hardly ever there.
21 Aug. 2011
The Blue Frog Sings the Blues
Chicago, IL - Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to get The Blue Frog 22, a failing bar in Chicago, to grow up. To do that, he'll need the mother-and-son owners to ditch the "Mom's Basement" aesthetic that's dragging them down.
28 Aug. 2011
Bad to the Bone
Boston, MA- Bar expert Jon Taffer sets off to help Bill, the owner of The Chicken Bone, avoid financial ruin. Bill, a former customer who took over the Bone, learned the hard way that running a bar is much tougher than it looks.
11 Sep. 2011
Jon must reorganize Champs, a failing sports bar in Burbank, California, which has problems with both its management and its employees.
18 Sep. 2011
Bar Fight
Yorba Linda, CA - Bar expert Jon Taffer goes toe-to-toe with a former baseball player turned bar owner as he tries to revive the Canyon Inn, a decaying bar on its last legs. (Canyon Inn to Canyon Saloon)
25 Sep. 2011
Hogtied Ham's
Boston, MA - Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to save automotive-themed Angry Ham's Garage from stalling out. Rowdy owners and stonewalling city officials are all lurking right under the hood.

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