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Sincere and enjoyable feel good movie
When a man puts a classified ad in the newspaper asking for a companion to time travel with him, a magazine writer and two interns go find him to find out his story. Aubrey Plaza plays Darius, one of the interns who at first seems pretty disinterested in the whole situation, ends up being the one who has to pretend like she wants to time travel. She expects to be working with a total nutjob, completely off his rocker, but instead she finds that Kenneth, the man who put the ad in the paper, is actually an incredible insightful, sweet, and softhearted person and that time traveling is more a facade for finding yourself and it's more of a metaphor for fixing old mistakes. It's a surprisingly touching film that has a lot more to offer than one might have expected.

Great dramadies are few and far between these days. They are usually too unfocused, can't find that perfect balance between comedy and drama, and try too hard to be profound when it comes to taking a look at the human condition. Safety Not Guaranteed finds a way past all these things. It has a clear and poignant focus that drives a heartfelt and oddly moving story. It's a great blend of comedy and drama as it tells a great story on a very human level, but also delivers its own pleasant brand of comedy. It's more clever comedy than laugh out loud comedy, but it fits just right for what this movie is trying to accomplish.

Safety Not Guaranteed could have easily been a sham and it could have gone too far overboard on its profundities. Instead, the excellent script keeps itself at bay and manages to tell a story that is more sincere than one would expect and feels more real than a dramady that is trying to be the most realistic of human stories. There's nothing here that will floor you or blow you out of the water, but it truly is a lovely and heartwarming story.

Normally feel good movies aren't my thing, but Safety Not Guaranteed is sincere enough and of a quality that makes it an absolute joy to watch. That being said, I don't know that I'd watch it again, and I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it's great for one viewing and it's an hour and a half well spent. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a heart.
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Safety Not Guaranteed...3 out of 4 Skittles
FilmStallion6 September 2012
LOGLINE: Mark Duplass (Puffy Chair & Humpday) plays Kenneth, the local small town weirdo who bags groceries and places a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel. Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation & Funny People) plays Darius, an intern sent in on assignment with her co-workers (Jake M. Johnson & Karan Soni) to secretly pose as potential time travel candidates and get the scoop for the entertainment magazine.

Obviously the guy is an insane wack-job…or is he? As Darius gets in closer with Kenneth and slowly finds out more and more about him, she isn't so sure anymore. Can this guy actually do what he claims, or is he so far off his rocker that he has lost all sight of reality? Writer Derek Connolly weaves in and out the possibilities of what is true and keeps the audience guessing until the film's final second payoff.

Actors Duplass and Plaza are so great radiating weirdness off of each other. The two form an unusual friendship that rings true in every detail. Jake M. Johnson (New Girl) and Karan Soni add several laughs to the bizarre…yet hilarious story. The film had many chances to lose sight of believability, but finds a way to stay on course.

The film's ending left me torn. No matter if you are the kind of person rooting for Kenneth to be vindicated, or believe he is crazy all along…the story keeps you hooked until the credits roll. Safety Not Guaranteed was a breakout hit from the Sundance Film Festival, and contains the spirit of what independent films strive to be. It's authentic, creative, unusual, and a breath of fresh air. It's fun to see what independent filmmakers come up with when they aren't restrained by the annoyance of making every viewer happy. If you are up for something different…do yourself a favor and see this one.

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buzzbruin8 June 2012
A wonderful film. The story is science fiction, fantasy and real-life relationships. The plot is unique (I know some reviewers have likened it to the back to the future series which was for fun and was fun). It is not only funny, (laugh out loud funny) but mysterious as to what is really going on and stir in some fantasy and science fiction-- but underneath is the inspection of all human beings and their lives and relationships. The casting was superb and the scenic northwest photography was great, I didn't know any of the actors but suffice to say they were chosen by a director of amazing talent. His idea his plot and his script were really really fine. I saw it in LA in Burbank and the audience was mostly the internet set and they loved it. All of their generations electronic things were a big part of the film, but this masterful director reached me, a senior--explaining the kids and yet reaching me with the love stories and those of friendship. Thus the director brought the old universal story of love among all of us. I can only say he is in for a tough career because with this film he has set the bar for himself and his crew very very high. Based on this work he will be great!!
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How does a film get a standing ovation?
Tom Sharp12 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Every so often I stumble across the kind of film that captures both heart and soul, the kind of film that makes me laugh and cry, makes me scoot forward on the edge of my seat, not because of the thrill of the chase or the climax of dramatic tension, but simply because I am cheering for the characters to make it! Because somehow my hope has found a way to attach to the hope of the characters, because I have felt strangely welcomed into their journey, because I am longing to believe that this world is more than a cold, cynical place, and that something beyond the natural may just be possible. There are lots of "feel-good" movies about relationships and love, but not quite as many that touch a chord deep within all of us that is usually reserved for the realm of religion or spiritual experience. Sometimes, a movie is made that feels transcendent. For me, that is how I left the theater after watching Safety Not Guaranteed at Sundance. It helped that the packed theater erupted in a cathartic cheer at the movie's final moment, which tells me that something else was going on for my fellow film-goers as well. In short, I think that this funny, engaging, interesting, character-driven, heart-warming independent film shot on a shoestring budget on location in Oregon touched that part in all of us that longs to believe in the unbelievable, that wonders if the "impossible" might, just might possibly be true after all.

Safety Not Guaranteed is about Kenneth (Mark Duplass), a man who is creating a time machine and places an ad in a local classifieds looking for a partner to time travel with him. The ad tells readers: "This is not a joke. Bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed." Intrigued, a local magazine decides to send a staff-writer (who has his own time-travel agenda of revisiting a 20 year old high-school first love) and two interns to find the author and see how crazy he really is. The film weaves the boy-meets-girl main storyline with two sub-plots of self-discovery: the thirty-something writer's encounter with his old high school fling, and the classic-nerd intern encouraged to make his own youthful fling. Initially playing the part, Darius the intern (Aubrey Plaza) starts to fall for a man driven by his passion, with whom she finds a connection in her own past pain and regret. Not your Back To the Future time travel story, we never see the machine until the end, and the director leaves us wondering if it even exists. And yet, we are led masterfully throughout the narrative to long for, maybe even start to believe that Kenneth is "for real" and that he has stumbled onto the kind of adventure that transcends the pain of the ordinary present. Without this hope for the impossible, this longing for "another world," Safety Not Guaranteed would be just like any other romantic comedy where the misfit get the girl, and the cynical girl forgives herself and opens her heart to love.

The beauty of the film is in its hope-filled longing, its call to believe. We stand at the lake beside the time machine with Darius, watching Kenneth stretch his hand out and ask us to take a step of faith, to put into action what we have been secretly hoping was possible. For the first time Darius has to take a real step to truly believe, which is a great conclusion to the film. Isn't that the heart of faith in God? There are many who say they believe and hope very much that it is all true. But in the end, are we willing to step out onto the boat and commit, when the outstretched hand beckons us to put our trust in Another and when the whole thing looks rather silly or (worse), rather crazy? Such is the story we are all asked to live, and a movie like Safety Guaranteed gets an audience standing ovation because we know Darius' step of faith is ours as well.
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Magical Little Gem That Makes You Believe
Michael_Elliott16 July 2012
Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Grocery clerk Kenneth (Mark Duplass) places an ad in a local paper asking for someone to go with him as he time travels. He says they'll be paid once they return but safety isn't guaranteed as he's only done this once before. A magazine writer (Jake Johnson) hears about the story and takes a long a couple interns, one named Darius (Aubrey Plaza), quickly gets caught up with the time traveler as she applies for the job without him knowing that she's actually on a job. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED is a pretty strange film to classify because it's part comedy and there are certainly some very light moments but the film also has a tremendous heart, which lets the characters actually be characters and this leads to some pretty dramatic moments. I guess the best way to classify this film is just by calling it life because it pretty much has a little bit of everything in it. What I found so good about the picture is simply how cute and charming it actually is. The reporters go into this story expecting to find a crazy man because we all know that time travel can't happen. What works so well with the film is the fact that you makes you believe that these type of things are possible and you really get caught up with all the characters and their situations. By the time the movie is over, and I won't spoil the ending, you're leaving the theater with a smile on your face no matter what your brain might tell you afterwards. Duplass and Plaza are simply perfect together as both of them bring the weirdness and loneliness out of their characters but they also have such a warm and wonderful chemistry that you can't help but fall for both of them. I also thought Johnson was extremely good in his supporting role as is Karan Soni as the other intern. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED is really a magical little gem that is a breath of fresh air if you're wanting to get away from the loud blockbusters of the summer.
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The Best Film I've Seen All Year
swifterone13 June 2012
With a budget of perhaps 10 box tops from some Cocoa Puffs, this film managed to be the most entertaining thing I've seen all year. The entire cast fits together and play off each other in a delightful way and the ending is great without being sappy sweet or maudlin.

I don't want to get into the plot, but Aubrey Plaza's debut as a lead actress is right on target and I see much success for her in the future in a lot more movies. Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson are excellent, and that new kid Karan Soni...well, you'll be seeing more of him in the future is my guess.

This is a film I would see again and again, each time it appears in the future. I would take a date to it, I would take kids to it, I would go by myself.

I would see it in a box, I would see it with a fox, I would see it at your house, I would see it with a mouse, I would see it here or there, I would see it anywhere! You'll like Safety Not Guaranteed, go see it now, be safe, Godspeed!
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Not perfect, but quite interesting
Argemaluco16 November 2012
Travel in time is definitely my favorite sub-genus of science fiction, and even though I equally adore the creativity of the Back to the Future trilogy, the historical humor of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and the apocalyptic solemnity of The Terminator, I also appreciate the independent films which deal the subject with more sobriety and philosophy. Films like Primer and Suspension have compensated their low budget and visual simplicity with provocative ideas which leave the mechanics of travel aside in order to focus on the melodrama created by the characters, proving that there's no need of flying cars or phone booths when there's an ingenious narrative inhabited by realistic and interesting human beings. Even though I didn't like it as much as Primer or Suspension, the film Safety Not Guaranteed fits into that group, even though it doesn't necessarily include too much time travel. Or maybe it does. I'm not sure...but that uncertainty is one of the best elements from this film.

Safety Not Guaranteed isn't a traditional sci-fi film. There may be time travel, there may be not...but the point of the screenplay isn't finding temporal paradoxes nor playing with historical chronology, but gradually discovering the nature and interaction between interesting characters, each one of them focused into their own "adventure". Screenwriter Derek Connolly built a complex but accessible narrative tapestry, free of unnecessary filler and with ingenious parallels which aren't always apparent, but eventually lead us to a satisfactory ending.

Connolly shows an efficient control over the multiple sub-plots, and they all share subjects in common. And then, we have the perfect performances from the whole cast. Mark Duplass brings a simultaneously likable and mysterious personality to his character, something which is very appropriate. Jake Johnson is very funny in his role; his performance is similar to the one he brings in the sitcom New Girl, even though it feels more emotive and sincere in here. Karan Soni is credible in his character, and supports the other actors very well. However, the revelation of Safety Not Guaranteed is definitely Aubrey Plaza, who is able to express multiple emotional levels with the grim face and cynical attitude of her character.

On the negative side of Safety Not Guaranteed, I can't deny that there are a few pretentious and auto-indulgent scenes. And even though Ryan Miller's score generally complements the scenes well, it occasionally feels a bit affected. Nevertheless, I think Safety Not Guaranteed is a very good movie, and I can recommend it mainly because of its screenplay and its performances.
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witty, touching, sweet, memorable--Standing O at the end at Sundance
joel6965 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
From the get go I expected this movie to be my favorite at Sundance. It was. It was charming, witty, quirky and totally kicked ass chuck norris style. You get to know several characters and each has their moment in the sun, though Aubrey gets the bulk of the great lines. There could have been even more of her deadpan delivers. That would have suited me fine. The writer did do a good job of balancing the story lines and showed intimate aspects of each character. I'm not sure how believable the relationship was between the main characters, but that didn't bother me too much (i was probably just jealous i wasn't building my own time machine to pick up chicks). While the movie seems to survive mostly on simple ideas and witty remarks, I wanted to go on that adventure too. He lived in a world that was about as normal as you can get in hick-sticks, USA. Like most of us as we get a little older, adventure passes us and is replaced by juice boxes and diaper changes. This move appeals to all kinds and touches us in memorable ways. Even if you don't have a time machine, you can always add a little adventure in your life and you can appreciate it even more when you have a partner you can trust with your life--safety not guaranteed though. ;o)
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Sweet Summer Sleeper
sherilcox19 July 2012
If you like smart dialogue, an imaginative narrative, and well developed character, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED is your film. The premise is well articulated with believable relationships portrayed by a talented cast. Audrey Plaza's star turn took the dopey outsider and added her own understated charm that illuminated every frame, especially the campfire scene with Mark Duplass. His performance was perhaps the riskiest.....playing a lonely but driven crusader whose character took a little from FISHER KING, a little from HEROS, a little more from BEAUTIFUL MIND and added a touch of STARMAN.

The ending might have seemed contrived without the sincerity of director Colin Trevorrow. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED was certainly the best film I've seen so far this summer especially after my disappointment with Wes Anderson's most recent effort. It was its last night in Tallahasee attended by perhaps only a dozen people.....surprisingly many stag guys who weren't afraid to laugh out loud. I wonder how many of them were time travelers.
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With witty lines and well written characters we're entertained through to the original ending.
napierslogs16 August 2012
"Safety Not Guaranteed" is based on an actual classified ad placed in a magazine, looking for someone to go back in time with. The real ad was just a joke for last-minute content. The movie, though, wonders what if it wasn't a joke. One young writer and two young interns are assigned to the story to figure out who is behind the ad, and how crazy he is.

Darius (Aubrey Plaza) is a sarcastic, defensive lost soul and appears to have at least some kind of genuine interest in the story. Jeff (Jake M. Johnson) is the staff-writer taking the lead but his only interest in the story is that he gets to go to the town where his high school crush lives. Arnau (Karan Soni) is tagging along because he does whatever will look good on his resume. The guy they are hunting down is Kenneth (Mark Duplass) and he truly believes that he is building a time machine. Darius forms an immediate connection with the guy and wants to help him with his adventure. Jeff immediately pegs him as a lunatic, so that just means he has more time to go skirt-chasing.

These are good characters, better written than what you would expect to find in a simple comedy. Each have their reasons for being there; each have a time they want to get back to; and each have something they want to experience. They also appear to be responsible in determining how much you will enjoy this movie. The rave reviews and the standing ovation reports coming out of Sundance all mention how much the characters echo their own lives. As if the writer has found the true essence of being a human being. However, there are people, me included, who don't actually connect to any of the characters but still found their plights and misadventures amusing.

This is a well written film, as most successful indies are. It thrives on witty lines and its ability to fully explore each of the characters. The first point makes it a comedy but the second point, the main one, makes it a drama so be prepared for a more thoughtful journey than just a laugh riot.

It is fairly original, especially with the much talked about ending, but I personally found that the low-budget indie "Juko's Time Machine" (2011) handled a similar concept in a much more ingenious way. "Safety Not Guaranteed" added fresh spins to basic concepts and was funny and entertaining throughout, just be careful with some of the comparisons it's getting.
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Synthetic Mumblecore RomCom
Cinnyaste9 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First, the poster touts "From the Producer of "Little Miss Sunshine." It's actually only one of the Producers. The true genius behind the terrific "...Sunshine" is sadly lacking here. This film is the venue of the Duplass brothers of mumblecore fame. (Brother Mark took the lead role.) And mumblecore "Safety Not Guaranteed" is. (One wonders if the Duplass boys will ever move forward.)

One expecting more SciFi adventure finds disappointment in "Safety Not Guaranteed." This is simply an Indie RomCom with a smidge of quirk and a little SF. As a RomCom it's a fairly standard damaged goods story: alienated girl loses her Mother; iconic, self-conscious guy who is either a genius or completely nuts. By end credit's roll we find he may be both. Her motivation for returning to 2001 is to save her Mother. His, we find, is to save a love killed in an auto accident. The revelation his lost love was not killed and lives not too far away (Kristen Bell in a cameo) is a tossed in deceit that's right out of the RomCom play book. But it cheapens the character and story, particularly in the lame way he reacts to being called on it.

These two souls find each other when a lazy journalist undertakes writing a magazine story based on an ad seeking a time travel partner. He takes along, and abuses, two interns: our heroine and a geeky, game-obsessed Indian. The journalist's ulterior motive is to look up a high school flame he's never forgotten. This parallel love story leads nowhere and simply provides balance and further proof safety is not guaranteed in love's arena. Then there's the virgin Indian the Journalist leads to getting laid.

The Indian is a stereotype, and that goes down a little hard. It's certain the character was written with the best comedic intentions but the portrayal veers over the line. And the big de-virginizing is a yawn as seen in every teen comedy featuring a male who must be rescued from his virginity by a more experienced male.

Ms. Plaza does fine, but her snarky edge is off putting. That leaves little empathy for her. She's written to be hollow following her Mother's death, but Ms. Plaza fails to plumb the void she carries within. Mr. Duplass is sufficient. Nothing more, nothing less.

The destination, 2001, is tantalizing. Within that date is a small kernel of a great addition to this lame tale; live in the present. Unfortunately it's unpopped. Conversely, using 2001 is macabre.

The technical execution is muddy, dark, desaturated cinematography and lackadaisical editing. Mumblecore exemplified.

The little charm and few laughs contained in "Safety Not Guaranteed" are greatly overshadowed in a hackneyed plot the filmmakers try to hide under a synthetic blanket of something greater. The film also tries too hard to be hip and only partially succeeds. The result is barely watchable. Queue up if an exercise in Mumblecore 2.0, RomCom is your thing. Otherwise protection of your film viewing sensibilities is not guaranteed.
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That which stole my heart at Sundance...
ashleyarielle12 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a delightful farce with a huge heart. Spurred on by a mysterious Craigslist ad one lackadaisical reporter (Jake M. Johnson) and two (less than) eager interns (Aubrey Plaza and Karan Soni) set out to find the man promising time travel to a suitable partner. One of the interns, Darius, is a girl with a dark past and her own reasons for wanting to travel back in time. As it becomes clear that only she can reach out to Kenneth (Mark Duplass), the reclusive inventor of the elusive time machine, she moves deeper into a world that she cannot fathom and may lead only to heartache. For Kenneth's mystery is magnetic and she finds herself falling for him despite herself and regardless of whether or not he actually has a time machine. As government agents close in and her boss applies pressure to get the story, Darius has to make a choice. Either opt for the incredible or dismiss Kenneth as the nut job most people believe him to be. The film hinges on her choice and it's unclear until the last frame of the film as to whether or not it pays off. The weak link of the film is probably the story of the reporter, Jeff and the other intern, Arnau, whose drunken exploits do little to add to the whole of the film. The film is a story that teeters between hope and devastation. Toeing the line between insanity and faith, the film weaves together three (at times stumbling story lines) as the characters discover what it is they truly need to survive in a world gone mad. In an age of Facebook, Twitter and endless, unrelenting loneliness the film explores the push and pull of the need for community and the trust it takes to reach out to something larger than one's self. Ultimately, Safety Not Guaranteed is a story of belief, hope, relationship and the importance of the trust we place in others. Its few flat notes are more than made for by its plucky heart and wry humor, which leaves the audience smirking until the very end.
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Waste of time.. eeh, eeh? kind of a pun there! But seriously, boring.
Finfrosk866 September 2015
OK, I did just not like this movie at all. Not at all.

Partly because I expected, or hoped, it would be pretty different than it turned out to be. This movie is just one big tease.

I did not like either of the two male leads, don't quite know why. Did not like Mark Duplass' character, because he looks kind of stupid, and acts it. And I did not care much for Jake Johnsons character, because he's a douche. They sort of grew on me a little, but not nearly enough. The girl I liked. Well, at least didn't dislike.

I did like, very much so, seeing Jeff Garlin (from The Goldbergs) in his tiny little role. I hoped to see more of him. Wah-wah.

Had I been prepared for what kind of movie this was before watching it, I might have liked it better, but had I known that I would never have bothered seeing it.

Kooky character, that might not be quite what he/she first seems, befriends cooler character that slowly starts 'getting' kooky character.. with a lot of guitar and pling-plong music.. yuck, I'm freaking sick of it. I hate romance, haha. Also I did not laugh one single time, and did not find the story interesting. Honestly I just waited for something that never came, because my lacking research of this movie beforehand.

The movie itself is not directly bad, I'm sure a lot of people like it, but my cup of tea and biscuits it is not.
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Great Film, but no closure..
pinkas-218 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film is well written and acted. I truly enjoyed watching it, as the cast was chosen well and were believable. The story line was very interesting and gripping at times.

However, not sharing spoilers here, the film sort of ended on a high note - but no real closure. I feel there was more room to develop in some areas. For example what has happened to the main charterers after the ending, or maybe some more of the relationship between Jeff and his former (high-school?) girlfriend.. I needed 40 more minutes to tie in this feature nicely.

Maybe there will be a director cut of the film? maybe.
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Promising Beginning, Pointless and Boring Development
Claudio Carvalho6 April 2013
In Seattle, the editor of a magazine, Bridget (Mary Lynn Rajskub), assigns the cynical reporter Jeff (Jake Johnson) and the interns Darius (Aubrey Plaza) and Arnau (Karan Soni) to find and interview the author of an advertisement inviting a companion for a time travel.

They travel to a coastal town in Washington and Jeff leaves Darius and Arnau watching the PO Box. Darius finds that the man is Kenneth Calloway (Mark Duplass), who works in a supermarket. Meanwhile Jeff's only interest is to find his former sweetheart that lives in town and Arnau wants to have sexual experience. Now Darius has to find whether Kenneth is a lunatic or has really invented a time machine.

"Safety Not Guaranteed" is a comedy with a promising beginning, with funny and witty dialogs and situations. Unfortunately, in a moment the story becomes pointless and boring romance that goes nowhere. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Sem Segurança Nenhuma" ("Without any Safety")
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The title is the most interesting thing about this movie
Christopher P17 June 2013
I feel forced to add my opinion to counter all the incomprehensible praise for this movie.

Stop while you are ahead. This movie is not charming nor endearing. It is cliché driven. Every character is a stereo-type without an interesting twist. Come on… a young man of Indian descent that needs to get laid? A boss that manipulates the expense account and system for his own purposes? That abuses interns? A cynical hipster girl ? This is all original stuff. In 1948 maybe. The dialogue & humor (if we can call it that) is banal. The acting (or possibly the directing) made me notice they were acting. The ending was "so what". And anyway, what was the safety concern? And why did you need to BYO weapons? Not one character brought me into the movie emotionally, and the camera work put me to sleep. Something put me to sleep. Really.
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SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED - SF lite, Quirky heavy
Joe Stemme10 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Another entry in the recent lite Sci-Fi sweepstakes: Films such as ANOTHER WORLD, MELANCHOLIA, SOUND OF MY VOICE which use a slight SF tinge in what would otherwise be 'straight' non-genre movies. The film that SF fans will probably most closely associate it with is HAPPY ACCIDENTS. Both are Rom-Coms with a woman entering into a relationship with an oddball man who claims to be a time-traveler.

SAFETY is based on a real (if planted) classified ad that ran in Backwoods Home Magazine several years ago: "Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. I have only done this once before. Safety not guaranteed." The ad has been adapted by screenwriter Derek Connolly into a story about Darius (Aubrey Plaza), a magazine intern, who tracks down the Ad's author Kenneth (Mark Duplass, who also Co-produced with his brother Jay). Of course, a deeper relationship ensues.

SAFETY's problem isn't so much its Sundance quirkiness quotient as much as its structure. If the film had stayed with the central relationship with Darius and Kenneth (as in 'What's the Frequency, Kenneth'?) it may have worked. The actors work well together and Plaza is particularly engaging.

Unfortunately, the film has Darius working with a lead reporter (Jake Johnson) and another intern (Karan Soni). The intern is a nerdy horned-rim glasses wearing Indian science student who's only function seems to be as a convenient "comedic" foil for the reporter. Every time the main relationship seems to be building momentum, Director Colin Treverrow cuts away to a subplot involving the Reporter and an old flame. It's not so much that the subplot is poorly played, nor somewhat story driven (Darius has to report to somebody 'neutral', I suppose), but, it seriously undercuts what should be the main thrust of the story - Darius & Kenneth. So, by the time we get to the climax, it feels rushed and unsatisfying.

The throwaway ending is even more frustrating for those hooked by the film's initial premise. Even worse, hints are laid of something consequential as the reason that the protagonists want to time-travel, but they are left unfulfilled as well. Of all the films mentioned in this sub-genre, SAFETY has the least edifying conclusion of them all, appealing stars and all.
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deking9111 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst movies I have ever seen. The script had no depth, lame characters, and predictable scenes. I will use the scene where the so called weirdo was hanging around the fire with the over the top clingy desperate girl (sorry for lack of names but I will take no effort in remembering them for they as characters were forgotten at the beginning of the credits). She asks him about the guitar, he says he dose not play well, she encourages him, he then proceeds to rock out like he's been performing live at gigs for the past 5 years, she says it was amazing, he tries to decline the comment, then the 'moment', and then finally the make-out. Sorry for the spoiler but seriously, if you haven't seen a film with a scene like that you have obviously been under a rock. I called it before it all happened, and don't think I'm tooting my horn as my movies watching experience is on the minimal. Boring and non likable people, and the weirdo wasn't even a believable one, he seemed like he was forcing his weirdness and really trying to separate himself from the norm. The supporting cast was just as bad, as they too had no substance and very cliché. The dick's love life with his past romance was terrible in that is was going no where, had no beginning, no middle, and for some reason the dick acted like it was something, and that was a forced end. The Indian was corny, and his development reached the climax where he gets laid by a minor... Lame and no personal accomplishment. They only achievement is from the girl who finally gets laid and has some one love her, for she had that tragic event that is suppose to separate her from society because of the death of her mother. She is weak and uses that setback as the main reason for her relationship. Seriously, I don't think she is listening to half of what the weirdo is saying because she literally seems shocked at the fact that he lied to her. We watched this movie on the sole reason of its initial rating, and I could only think that this movies marketing team must of played a part in it. From a previous rating, mentioning the weirdo as the most hated character of all time, I agree, as I was wanting to punch the dude in the head near the end. If your going to be weird and genius like, the get it right. Lame lines, scenes that didn't make sense to the context, and horrible presence. For anybody wanting a unique film, this is not. The ending saved it from being a complete waste as this was the only thing that didn't make me walk out. But being a movie, and reaching for a climax, it has to keep its viewer stationary. Even the ending was the ultimate Lame. She goes in to his arms after the a small duration of actually knowing this idiot, and only being in his actual home once, and the common it was love that was meant to be because we are both 'different'. Something this movies tries way to hard to be but comes off as any other mainstream movie and forces out predictable lines on lame characters with yawn filled scenes.
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Embarrassingly amateur
bdkwhite11 March 2013
I do not understand the hype surrounding this movie—or the fact that it won a writing award at Sundance. Seriously?

Safety Not Guaranteed is a poorly written, acted, directed, and edited romantic comedy with an obnoxiously predictable ending. This is what independent film has to offer us these days? Where's the risk? It's so sad that indie filmmakers just crank out the same Kate & Leopold crap. At least Hugh Jackman looked good in tight pants.

Stop pretending that inserting a time machine somehow makes your film quirky. It doesn't. Your ideas are mediocre at best.

This movie had so much potential. I don't dislike Aubrey Plaza or Mark Duplass, but there's absolutely no chemistry here. Two weirdos don't always make a right.
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Why I keep watching Indie films, is for the few Gems like this.
alanpgini4 September 2016
Very slow, but its worth it. Great ending, but the last words of the ending could have been better. These two things helped bring the film down a couple notches. Plus it also didn't stay true to the ad in the paper, which had inspired this story-line. Add in a small plot hole near the end, and a 9 of 10 movie becomes a 7 of 10. But they can be forgiven for these small sins. You've got to give credit to the producers who made this on a 4 thousand dollar budget, and made 4 million out of it. Who am I to nit-pick that kind of success? It's these kind of shoestring budget movies, few as they are in this quality, that makes Hollywood look like an idiots playground. Even with its problems, its well worth the watch, based upon the total package of being a sci-fi love story that works. This came out in 2012, near the same time as "The Adjustment Bureau" film. Sadly, these two didn't start a trend. Like all good films, it makes you think, after the final credits roll. I myself have always said, that regrets are for people with time machines. After all, we were who we were back then. But I'm also a sucker for a good film, or even just a good love story, that tries to answer those regrets.
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Faux-whimsical hipster trash, get out of my face.
Ben Parker5 May 2015
Safety Not Guaranteed is the sort of attempt to be cute and whimsical that makes me want to go on tirades in IMDb reviews, but I simply won't. I'll just point out that this sort of faux-whimsical hipsterish trash may only appeal to a select group of people. It may however make everyone else want to tear their hair out.

Specifics? Chiefly, I found there to be a dearth of likable characters. I found Aubrey Plaza to be horribly miscast. She comes off like a shallow brat with no redeeming qualities, and the male journalist (played by Jake Johnson from New Girl) is obnoxious. All the acting is average, but I'm singling out Mark Duplass. He has a pivotal role here, and he's absolutely soulless. His eyes are dead. Why does this not bother anyone else?

Its rare for a movie to anger me these days, but here you go.

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And unlikely and touching romance
Lucy_Rose849 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I had no idea what to expect from this film, but within about 5 minutes I was hooked. Aubrey Plaza plays Darius, a dry-witted and cynical magazine intern desperate to move up the ranks and write her own articles. When an opportunity arises to assist on an assignment to investigate a man who claims he can time travel, she jumps at the chance. She befriends the man, Kenneth, and plays along with his eccentricities in order to win his trust and be accepted as his time travelling partner.

The characters are excellent - quirky yet humane, with snappy and witty dialogue that reminded me of 'Juno' - which is important with a story as character led as this. Mark Duplass as Kenneth is superb, and somehow manages imbue the character with enough eccentricity for us to question Darius's trust in him, whilst being endearing enough for us to buy her attraction to him.

If it wasn't for my investment in the characters, I think I would have felt the pace lag. There is a lot of repetition as Kenneth trains Darius in preparation for their mission - but I was kept guessing right until the end as to whether Kenneth's time travelling claims would be revealed as a product of a wild imagination or brilliant scientific mind. At the end of the day it didn't really matter. This is the story of two damaged souls who form an unlikely bond and make each other whole, and that in itself was utterly touching.
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What a joy it was to watch "Safety Not Guaranteed"
ebru77720103 May 2013
If Safety Not Guaranteed was made 5 years ago, no doubt the character played by the hilarious Aubrey Plaza, would've been played by Ellen Page and Mark Ruffalo would have replaced Jake Johnson as Jeff.

Now, as mentioned, Plaza is very funny, but sadly, she, almost note-by-note, reprised her Parks and Recreation TV role. That said, if you liked her there, she'll continue to crack you up here. (Thankfully, both Mary Lynn Rajskub from TV's 24 and The League's Mark Duplass, did not follow suit by mimicking their TV characters. Not in the least.) -The climax ,one of the best ending I ever see (it will spin your mind for half in hrs) Well in the end (as always ignore my faulty English :P but I am improving :) ) I recommend it from my heart , Yes It start on a slow note but the movie worth it for 1 time watch. ıt's amazing film. The story is science fiction, fantasy and real-life relationships. it were shot with with millions and had few major "stars" it would be a box office smasher.There is a conversation that takes place between the two main characters in Safety Not Guaranteed, Aubrey Plaza's Darius and Mark Duplass's Kenneth, in which Kenneth talks about his first girlfriend. He tells Darius that yes, technically he could go out and get another girlfriend like everyone always says, but he could never find a way to replicate the time and place. He could never capture that same ephemera and unhinged optimism again no matter what. I loved that conversation, and that feeling Kenneth mentions is one that struck me hard watching Safety Not Guaranteed; this is an inspired effort and one that I'm not going to forget. Therefore I advise to everybody.
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guaranty you re gonna waste your time
chief-crazycow6 November 2012
first, it wasn't a comedy, second, no depth in characters. third, the girl, is making you bore to death especially with that blackmail of your emotions by her dead mother. she s not the only orphan u know. forth, the journalist is just another prick in the wall. fifth the geek gamer is a cliché and sixth the bitch that runs the news magazine place, is a bitch for once more.

what is going on with these bitches anyway? if they really exist why the dog catcher doesn't get them and free the world from them?

finally the protagonist, the nuts or no time traveler/super market clerk, who has a fake ear that he doesn't want to talk about it, is more like from the forgotten era of the late 80's a bad imitation of a geek Rambo/chuck Norris, who will travel time to save a love that doesn't need to be saved. now if i wanted to see a pointless movie, i would have chosen a spoof, with some scatological humor, like scary movie for example. i want my money back, but most of all, my time that i waste to see that movie, it wanted to call itself a comedy.
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