The Highwaymen (2019) Poster

Kathy Bates: Ma Ferguson



  • Detective John Quinn : [the Govenor is holding a meeting with her officials, who are seated around a table discussing the Bonnie and Clyde situation. She is standing in front of them]  I'd like to have a say in how we handle this.

    Ma Ferguson : Fine.

    [Ma nods her head in agreement] 

    Ma Ferguson : Let's hear it.

    Lee Simmons : There was a time when we put a pair of man killers on the trail and let them do their job. TEXAS RANGERS.

    Detective John Quinn : There was a time... and that time's past.

    Ma Ferguson : This is 1934 Lee and you want to put COWBOYS on Bonnie and Clyde? Is that what you're selling?

    Lee Simmons : FRANK HAMER. That's what I'm selling.

    Ma Ferguson : Well sure, why don't we just go dig up Wyatt Earp?

    Detective John Quinn : Wild Bill Hickock.

    Ma Ferguson : Legislature disbanded the Rangers Lee.

    Lee Simmons : And you're right proud of it, aren't you, Mrs Govenor?

    Ma Ferguson : Damned right I am. They took orders from no one and they left me to answer for the blood.

    Lee Simmons : Seems like you're answering for it again. Govenor, Bonnie and Clyde have been on the road for over two years. Cold blooded killers who are more adored than movie stars.

    [shakes his head in frustration] 

    Lee Simmons : This has to stop.

    Ma Ferguson : [Ma turns around and walks over to the window in front of her looking at the rain pouring down and shakes her head]  ... Well... Where is he?

    [the image fades to Frank Hamer kneeling by a lakeside] 

  • Photographer : The Governor's car pulls up in front of her mansion. She gets out in the pouring rain, facing a mass of reporters and photographers. Governor, right here.

    [asking her to pose for a photograph] 

    Reporter 1 : Would you care to comment on the escape Governor?

    Ma Ferguson : [Ma smiles at the photographers and reporters]  Morning boys.

    Reporter 1 : Ma, no one's ever broken out of your prison and BONNIE AND CLYDE BREAK IN!

    Reporter 2 : They've been on the run for two years, Ma.

    Ma Ferguson : Never say die boys. Say damned. Never say die.

    [Ma steps between the crowd of reporters and photographers and begins to walk up the steps into her mansion] 

    Photographer : Some folks are saying Parker and Barrow are heroes, calling them Robin Hoods. Are they Robin Hoods Ma?

    Ma Ferguson : [Ma stops and turns around in anger to face the photographers and reporters in front of her]  Did Robin Hood ever shoot a gas station attendant point blank in the head for four dollars and a tank of gas? We will capture Clyde Barrow and his paramour. Write that down and underline it twice.

    [Ma turns back around and goes up the rest of the steps into her mansion] 

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