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  • Anna is focused on having Lisa breed with Tyler to ensure the evolution of the Visitors, while Erica and Diana enlist Lisa to stage a coup against Anna and remove her from power before humanity is destroyed. Erica and the Fifth Column join Lisa in the attempted coup, which has devastating results. Also in the episode, Marc Singer, who played freedom fighter Mike Donovan on the original "V" series, guest stars as Lars Tremont, a member of a top secret organization of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the globe who have long suspected that the Visitors are very much not here in peace.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • "V" - "Mother's Day" - March 15, 2011

    The big showdown has arrived. Unfortunately, it turns into a big letdown.

    Anna is all excited that her plans are ready to go and she's going to have Lisa mate with Tyler. So Diana puts a call into the Fifth Column gang and says it's time to pull the trigger, Anna must be stopped and Lisa is key to the plan.

    Jack and Hobbes smuggle Lisa to FC headquarters in a zinc-lined coffin to throw off V trackers and is informed by the gang that the plan is to stage her kidnapping and lure Anna into a trap and have Lisa, gulp, kill her with one of the V's snazzy immolation guns. Meanwhile, Ryan and Joshua hatch a plan to get Diana off the mothership.

    The video of Lisa kidnapped is sent to Anna and she is told to meet with Jack. He gives her an envelope with an address where she is to trade her life for Lisa's. Anna is pissed but is at least going to make the appearance of going through with it. When the moment comes, Lisa pulls the gun when her mother's back is turned and Anna sees her reflection in a nearby piece of glass. She totally plays Lisa saying that she has discovered that human emotion is awesome and that the V's and humans will find a way to live together side by side and, by the way, she knows she's never said this but she tells Lisa "I love you." Lisa crumbles, secrets away the gun and hugs her mother. They then come out of the warehouse together much to the chagrin of Chad and Erica. Chad pulls Anna aside for an interview, while Erica-- in FBI mode as Anna's protector-- pulls Lisa aside to ask what's up. Lisa says her mother has changed and isn't evil anymore. Erica wonders what if she's wrong. Lisa says Erica turned into someone very much like Anna over these last few weeks so she shouldn't talk. (She also bedded Hobbes again and had nightmares about Anna telling her the same thing, that she had lost her humanity).

    The gang on the ship is alerted but Diana doesn't care. She throws caution to the wind and has Joshua and Ryan assembles the Vs. She tells them that they have been lied to and misled by Anna and that the human soul is awesome and they should all find a way to live together. Her inspirational speech is punctuated by Anna's tail right through her torso. She kills her mom and then turns to Lisa and says "that's how you kill your mother." Lisa is taken away and Anna reassures her followers that she's still very much in charge, human souls and emotions are bad,and she has a plan to protect their species from subversion by humans.

    She then goes to check on that plan and it's ready. The queen egg hatches, giving us our first look at a full scale V, all gooey, and Lizard-y,and vaguely alien from "Alien"-looking. Anna tells Marcus, Joshua, and Thomas to have it covered with skin just like Lisa's and to have it mate with Tyler. They get to work. Later Marcus admits to Anna that he betrayed her by talking to Diana and should be killed and offers his neck. She dismisses this and says now that she realizes she can use human emotions to play people, like she did Lisa, she'll be more powerful than ever. She then tells him to never betray her again. She also unscrambled the voices on the kidnap video and realizes that one of them is Chad and orders him apprehended.

    While Anna is giving her little speech to the masses Ryan tries to go get his daughter Amy and abscond with her. But Amy believes what Anna told her, that her father abandoned her to die and that she will never leave Anna, she punctuates her point by wrapping her tail around Ryan's neck and breaking it. (Alot of parenticide going on tonight).

    After realizing that Hobbes has bugged out, Ryan is incommunicado and Tyler is still on the ship,Erica freaks out at FC HQ. Chad and Jack try to calm her down.

    Back at her house Erica frantically calls Tyler and we see her from inside a nearby snow globe. It's a audio/video bug. Her bosses Paul and Chris at the FBI are watching and listening as she tells Tyler everything about the V's and begs him to leave the ship. Because he's an idiot he says he needs to hear this from Lisa. The FBI guys say it's clear Erica knows everything and start to make calls.

    So he goes to ask her about being a lizard and stuff but fake Lisa has other plans and begins the mating dance. Anna has this horizontal bop put on a video screen to torture real Lisa who is now being held captive in Diana's old cell. Fake Lisa smiles up at the camera as she rides Tyler. When they're done having sex, her crazy teeth come out and she chomps down on his carotid artery. Real Lisa screams, fake Lisa smiles.

    Erica is still freaking out and then she is kidnapped.

    Chad is picked up by V security.

    Erica is bound to a chair when a mysterious man named Lars Tremont introduces himself. She asks what the deal is and he takes her to a bunker one mile under Manhattan. It's a NORAD-looking room with computers and big video screens and her old FBI pals Paul and Chris. Apparently, Tremont and her friends are part of a large-scale, secret military and government cabal that also know the V's aren't "of peace" and have been here longer than most people think. It's called Project Aries and they want to shut the V's down too.

    Anna decides that it's time to bliss humanity in order to have total control over them. Marcus begs her not to since blissing one human almost killed her. She says if she dies it will be in service of her species. She gets in her special light pool and starts the process and again immediately starts bleeding from her eyes and shaking. Amy arrives and tells her not to worry, she'll do it for her. She sits in the light pool and does the magical "you are at peace, my bliss is the only thing that makes you feel good" incantation and we see people around the world bathed in pools of light around the mothership staring up in the sky with blissful expressions. Anna is very proud of Ryan's daughter, whom she has claimed as her own.

    The computers go wonky at Project Aries and they say something's happening to people, "who?" someone asks. "Everyone!" someone replies. Erica hot foots it topside and is gobsmacked that everyone's standing around grinning in pools of light, including.... Jack.

    As the cameras pull back from the NYC mother ship we see all of the other ships heading in for the invasion.

    So to sum up:

    Body count: 3- Ryan, Diana, Tyler

    MIA: Hobbes, disappeared; Chad, apprehended by V security; Sid, not seen since the blue energy incident

    Blissed: Jack

    Imprisoned: Lisa

    In it to win it if there's another season: Erica and Lars Tremont and the Project Aries' gang

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