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MPAA Rated R for violence, some sexuality, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • HBO reports this as "brief nudity" and all nudity is indeed extremely brief.
  • An intimate scene briefly shows the shadow of a woman's bare breast as she gets out of bed.
  • There is a 5-10 second shot of blurred figures through a frosted window accompanied by moaning sounds, implying people are having sex. Nothing can be seen as the window is completely frosted.
  • Two women, one of them a human, one of them a hologram, get naked, but nothing is seen below their shoulders. No nudity. The hologram woman melds with the other by phasing through her. The scene ends before anything happens, implying sex. Not gratuitous and meant for artistic purposes.
  • A female replicant is shown standing nude at birth covered in slime. Scene lasts 39 seconds. Breasts are shown for about 15 seconds, but no frontal nudity. The context of the scene is non sexual.
  • As a man walks by, he sees a giant, pink skinned, blue haired and black eyed nude hologram girl. The hologram looks more like an animation than a real person. Breasts are seen for approximately 7 seconds and buttocks are seen for approximately 2 seconds.
  • K briefly walks by some mostly formed replicants floating in vats of liquid. Any nudity is vague and the replicants look like statues. (This shot is shown in the trailer).
  • Statues of gigantic, naked women are scattered about a surreal cityscape.
  • A group of women walk over to a table K sits at and flirt with him.
  • A few women dressed in revealing outfits.
  • There is a nude male corpse on a medical table in the background of one scene.

Violence & Gore

  • While the violence is infrequent, it was pretty graphic and disturbing at times. This includes drowning, stabbing, gunfight, blown up and hand-to-hand combat.
  • A man beat another man and then shoot him. The shooting only shown a split second before the camera cuts into the shooter.
  • A woman hits a man on the back of his neck with great power. The result is quite gruesome, as the man's jaw is dislocated and he bleeds out of nearly every orifice.
  • Some group of people is attacked by missiles launched from a drone. The impact is shown with many people launched into the air from the explosion (one of these men is seen having a limb fly off with some blood). Later, the aftermath is shown with many bloody dead bodies, however the shoot is taken from a long distance.
  • A man slashes a woman's stomach open. The wound is not explicitly shown, but the blood is seen going down her thighs. When the screen pans out, the wound is generally covered by the man standing in front of her, but the wound is seen very briefly as she falls down.
  • A woman attacks another woman by slashing her stomach (quick cut) and then stab her on the same spot (shot from distance)
  • A woman executes another woman by shooting her in the head (on-screen). However the shooting is on the background and blurred. We still can see the blood spurt, though.
  • A man attacks a downed vehicle and shoots the driver in the head. Blood is seen spurting on the side, but the camera quickly jumps back to the shooter.
  • A woman has a fight with a man and she stabs the man, with blood spurts when she pulls the knife out. However the scene is dark, so the blood looks black.
  • A man strangles a woman underwater and lets her drown until she's dead.
  • A woman grabs another woman's hand who is holding a glass. The glass breaks in her hand and her hand is forced closed onto the shards, resulting in lots of blood.
  • While "retiring" replicants isn't considered murder in this dystopian future, it sure looks like it.
  • A naked woman is slashed through the stomach with a knife, bleeding out as two people look on.
  • Another woman, this one clothed, is similarly killed.
  • A third is shot almost point-blank in the head, accompanied by a spray of blood and gore.
  • K shoots several people in the head and snaps someone's back.
  • Perhaps a dozen others are killed via some sort of war drone.
  • A massive melee leads to someone drowning.
  • Someone else gets smashed in the back of the head, and the victim dies with blood spurting out of his mouth and floating in his eyeballs.
  • Speaking of eyeballs, K removes one from a deceased replicant (eyeballs contain replicant serial numbers) and takes it back to the office to be logged.
  • We don't see the eye's removal, but we do see it in a bloody bag.
  • K also gets into some serious fights that lead to his face being caked with blood.
  • He drools blood out of his mouth on occasion, too
  • K punches someone in the face, too, leading to a bloody and perhaps broken nose.
  • A child is beaten by a bunch of bullies.
  • Flying cars crash.
  • Replicants smash through walls.
  • Explosions explode.
  • People fly back.
  • We hear someone threaten to torture someone else.
  • There's talk of dissecting replicants.


  • There are 6 spoken uses of the word "fuck", and two written. Milder bad language, such as 'prick' and 'shit', is also used.
  • Seven f-words, three s-words and a smattering of other profanities, including "b--tard," "h---" and "pr--k."
  • God's name is paired with "d--n," loudly, once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some alcohol drinking and smoking.
  • K smokes, and we see him light up often.
  • He serves himself and Joi drinks of some kind.
  • Lt. Joshi downs an alcoholic beverage at K's house as well.
  • An old-fashioned bar features hundreds of old liquor bottles stacked in rather artistic fashions.
  • Deckard offers K a glass of whiskey. "Got millions of bottles of whiskey," he says.
  • He also pours some on the floor for his dog to lap up.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The main villain is a heartless killing machine who goes around killing people who have knowledge of the replica program. She is expressionless but sometimes she tears up while killing people. She is similar to the T-1000 from Terminator 2.
  • There is a dog that is injured and presumably left behind. Sad scene.
  • Niander Wallace killing an infertile female replicant can be unsettling and creepy to some viewers.
  • I wouldn't recommend younger children to see this movie because there is a lot of sexual content and graphic infrequent violence. I would recommend it to 15+ and 18+


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Officer K kills Sapper. After that he takes off Sapper's eyeball and cleans the blood from his eye in the sink.

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