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Fifth sequel with nonstop action , violent combats and spectacular images by computer generator
ma-cortes20 July 2013
The Umbrella Corporation's deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race's last and only hope, Alice (Milla Jovovich is the only actor to appear in all five films) , awakens in the heart of Umbrella's most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex . Again Alice fights alongside a resistance movement (Boris Kodjoe, Johann Urb , Kevin Durand , Robin Kasyanov) in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead . Meanwhile , Alice rescues her daughter Becky (Aryana Engineer , this role was not originally to be hearing-impaired, but after an outstanding audition, the role was given to Engineer) from starving zombies . Alice along with the valiant group rush to The Hive, where The Red Queen plots total destruction over the human race .

Fifth spectacular , action-packed and thrilling installment of the ¨Resident Evil series¨ , adapted from the video games characters produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi . Yet another noisy film rendered from a video game which never gets as eerie as a Zombie picture should . Unstopped-action gore-feast that provides for high-octane escapist entertainment with some eye-catching visuals and pulsing soundtrack by Tomandandy . This exciting picture contains thrills , chills , action-filled with fierce combats and lots of gore and guts . The horror and action moments are fast moving and compactly realized , being the first movie of the series not to feature undead dogs . This sequel takes more , more approach , more fights , more blood and gore . The creepy images of wide range from the genuinely fantastic to the bizarre along with scary and amazing frames . It's predictable but we have seen the previous chapters , as there are 3 scenes from ¨Resident Evil : Afterlife¨ that were reused in this movie , but also its predictability is redeemed in part by the charismatic acting from the action-women , as Milla Jovovich , Michelle Rodriguez , Sienna Guillory and Bingbing Li . The flesh-eating mutants appearance deliver the goods , plenty of screams , shocks and tension . The make-up assistants create a truly horrible zombie cannibals and state-of-art FX won the Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in Visual Effects . Horrifying and astonishing images about apocalyptic events with destroyed cities, such as the fantastic scenarios in Washington totally inhabited by flesh-munchies creatures and White House surrounded by millions of zombies . Cool , luminous cinematography using Steadicam by Glen MacPherson and haunting , pulsing Techno-musical score by Tomandandy ; during the car chase with the Zombie Russian army the music playing is called 'Phantom Chase' , this references music from the original Bio Hazard video game. The motion picture was professionally directed with startling visual style , though with no originality , by Paul W Anderson.

The complete saga is formed by the following films : ¨Resident evil¨ by Paul W Anderson with Milla , Eric Mabius , Michelle Rodriguez , James Purefoy , Colin Salmon ; this is the best , dealing with a group of containment specialists are sent in and have to fight employees who have been contaminated , while A.I. computer instigates a series of defensive measures to contain the virus . It's followed by ¨Resident evil II : Apocalypse¨ by Alexander Witt with Jared Harris , Iain Glen , Oded Fehr , Sienna Guillory . Furthermore , ¨Resident evil III¨ by Russell Mulcahy with Ali Larter, Ashanti , Mike Epps , Oded Fehr and of course Milla Jovovich and ¨Resident Evil : Afterlife¨ by Paul W Anderson with usual actors along with Kim Coates , Sergio Peris Mencheta , Boris Kodjoe and Wentworth Miller .
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Should be titled Resident Evil: Boss Battles
m-a-elsewhere3 February 2013
PREMISE: Alice. Kills stuff. PLOT: Alice. Kills stuff.

Viewers hoping for a coherent narrative are advised to try Capcom's Resident Evil cartoons; viewers completely new to the series really have no choice but to let the images simply break over them like tsunamis. Despite 2 or 3 pages of exposition, series writer/director Paul W. S. Anderson clearly assumes that anyone rejoining him at this point is so familiar with both the movies and the various R.E./BIOHAZARD VGs that new characters (Ada Wong; Leon Kennedy) can be ported over from the games, and old characters (Rain; Carlos) resurrected without explanation (Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and Luther West are back; Claire and Chris Redfield make cameos). Happily, I AM that geekish, so enjoyed the merry-go-round.

The CGI FX, which are virtually non-stop, are more varied, energetic, and original than in previous sequels. No more mutant dead dogs, thank goodness, although Anderson remains overly-fond of his tentacles- bursting-out-of-the-mouth shots.

The movie is less a script than a series of levels, as Alice, Project Alice, Leon, Ada and their ad hoc teams are dragged through artificial environments adapted from previous installments, from games (notably the new Manhattan and Moscow sets), from any spin-off that isn't bolted to the ground, even from absolutely unconnected franchises (e.g. DAWN OF THE DEAD). Each setting—all controlled by The Red Queen--has its own horde of character clones infected with different strains of the T-Virus and/or Plaga Parasite and its own boss monster adapted from one or another of the games.

If...and only if...that paragraph made the least bit of sense, then this movie's recommended.
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The extreme worst of all Resident Evil series
jsoetandi13 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love Resident Evil series. Despite the mediocre reviews it gets in the past, I still go to the cinema on its release and always looking forward for the next sequel.

But RE5 fails beyond believe. The storyline is utterly crap. The action are cheesy, the actors are cheesy, the whole movie is a joke to the RE series. I am completely disappointed at how the whole movie turns out to be.

*spoiler alert* The whole movie is set on one giant Umbrella underwater laboratory and Alice and friends is trying to break out of it. Along the way they encounter some zombies and finally got out. And that's literally about the summary of the whole story!

They try to use music to intensify everything.. but it becomes very cheesy. Especially towards the end before the final fight when Jill walks out of the submarine.

The Red Queen is total crap. Cheesy, stupid..

The fighting scene itself is very cheesy and unrealistic. They hardly get hit by a bullet even when they were standing in open view. But it seems like their bullet always managed to hit the enemy. Even the one bullet that hit Alice, didn't even do her much harm. What a load of crap.

At the final fight, it was obvious some of them had had their bones cracked. But they were still standing and fighting as if their bone is not really a necessary part of their body. They look pretty healthy for someone with broken bone!

When Alice beats Jill.. it was so obvious from the beginning that that's what needs to be done. But the scriptwriter must've made Alice so dumb that she did not realize that from the beginning. Sadly, the viewers are not as dumb as the scriptwriter.

And on the final scene when Leon touches Ada's thigh.. THATS AS CHEESIEST AS IT COULD GET! I could almost cry looking at that scene. What the f... *sigh*

I apologize for using a lot of "cheesy" word in my review. But it is exactly how I feel when I see it. It's like a bunch of amateurs movie makers trying to make action movie.

All in all, I wouldn't even rate it 5 for effort. Its a total lazy movie writing. I still want to see RE6, but I seriously hope they do not FAIL as big as this one.

What a load of crap this movie is.
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It was different…
imdb020-643-12977216 September 2012
Well… this movie is like a game. Watching this movie is like watching a kid playing one level of video game. But you're watching this during 1.5 hours.

During first 15 minutes of the movie I had only one thought in my mind: "what a hell is this?"

There is no plot, no catchy story like in previous parts. Here you have several blocks and a lot of stupid shooting and fighting without a hint to be a bit realistic. The final fight is like a raping of your mind - too much FX's, too less reality and common sense, it's against everything good in the world.

Actors are great. After a deadly injury a character doesn't show any sight of the pain except in his words.

Dialogs in the movie are fantastic… If you'll write down all the lines of all characters, you'll hardly fill 1.5 pages A4 size.

Watching this movie a felt like I'm fooled - creators didn't want to work to make it interesting, they used CGI+FX+fighting+shooting without everything else that makes movie worthwhile, and sold it to me using a bright wrap.

People were leaving the movie theatre in the middle of this picture.

Hope next movie will be much better.
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Absolute crap
dtander-114 September 2012
I really liked the first ResEvil movie, and I've been going along with them ever since, but this is the end of the line for me. This movie was a total waste of time and money. There's no plot, just a situation that Alice has to fight her way out of. There are some good stunts but nothing we haven't seen before. Most of the action is just ridiculous...bad guys that don't die, guns that don't run out of ammo, characters that can be interchangeably good or evil at the whim of the scriptwriter. It's like a five-year-old playing with toy soldiers. The actors are so wooden, and look so plastic that I honestly couldn't tell if they were CGI creations or actual human beings.

Milla and her husband should be ashamed of themselves.
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A 2 hour video game cut scene
nwsts13 September 2012
Not sure if this movie is only for videogamers, but I can't see anyone else caring to sit through it. The movie made it quite clear, early on, that there would be no complicated plot lines or character development. And the dialogue was equally simplistic. The lines sounded something like this - go to the 3rd mountain and collect 20 coins and 3 golden power boosters. One quickly sensed this was not a movie at all, rather a simple video game cut scene. Also problematical were the incredibly goofy scenes with thousands of bullets aimed point blank at the heroes and all of them missing. It just takes all of the fun out of a movie when there is absolutely no sense of danger to the heroes.

On the plus side, the action sequences were very well shot and the cgi was first class. That said, it just wasn't enough to make this reviewer glad to be sitting in the audience
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Resident Evil: No One Has to Reload EVER
Jess Tim24 September 2012
All I can say is, "Stop." Just please stop. No more. Alice, shut up. We know your name is Alice. Enough. We're 5 movies in now and it hasn't gone anywhere and it's not going anywhere. It's not even enough eye candy for fans of the games. I blame myself for being a glutton for punishment I guess; I've seen all the Resident Evil movies so far so I guess I'm in for the long haul. An overlong-haul. The fact that I'm a huge fan of the games unfortunately doesn't help when passing judgment on the movies. Retribution is, in my opinion, the worst one to date. The story is just, for lack of a more sophisticated word, DUMB. *Spoilers to follow*An underground facility that uses clones to recreate outbreaks? Sounds like a huge waste of time and resources to me. And the reasoning behind having said facility? To show China what the outbreak would look like in the United States. To show Japan what the outbreak would look like in Russia. Really? You mean you couldn't just put a zombie in a room with 4 people and show them what happens? Or at least a computer simulation? Much more cost effective. Having a big dumb facility just makes for having a lot of big dumb plot holes and questions. With all of those clones running around down there, you mean to tell me you can't just repopulate the human race? How do you keep having enough clothes to clothe them all? Who cleans up the bloody messes after each simulation? Why does Wesker have a change of heart all of a sudden for the human race and wants Alice to help save it? Wasn't he hell-bent on trying to kill everyone in the last movie Resident Evil: I'm Lost? Why does Umbrella have a supply of leather costumes for Alice? Why doesn't anyone have to reload ever? Leon's not using the Chicago Typewriter and I don't see anyone shooting any BSAA emblems, so according to all reasoning ever, guns need to be reloaded occasionally. Why didn't Alice just F'n recognize the ridiculously OBVIOUS glowing "bad-guy" looking scarab on Jill's chest? HEY! That must be her source of evil! WHERE IS CHRIS AND CLAIRE REDFIELD? Whose bright idea was it to have a deaf clone?! THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!!!!!! Call this movie Resident Evil: Plot Holes. Although we love seeing our favorite characters and subtle nods towards the games, we don't appreciate them being utterly stupid. Please do it right otherwise you're doing us a disservice. Throwing in new characters doesn't do them justice. I'm really glad you included Leon so he could have such a stimulating conversation with Alice. "I'm not letting you pass," "Let me pass," "Ok." And THAT WAS BARRY?! Seriously? Oh good, you gave him a Colt Python, so he's automatically Barry. Ada was at least legit; everything about her was right, if nothing else in the movie. Here they mentioned Las Plagas. According to this movie, Las Plagas are steroids you can inject into your Michelle Rodriguez to make her do X-Ray punches to people's hearts a-la the new Mortal Kombat. I'd much rather see her turn into a "head sprouter" than seeing her juiced up on 'roids. We've seen Girl Fight already. You know what, I'd rather just not see her at all, because she is in no way important. Oh, and hi Luther, I'm glad you survived the last movie and mysteriously teamed up with Leon. It's so important that you survived because you're such an integral part in this one...oh no… now you're dead. Great job. Everything about this movie is just stupid. I didn't see it in 3D thank God, but I'm sure that sucked too. It's time to just scrap the franchise. Matter of fact, it was time to scrap it 3 movies ago. Just make a REAL Resident Evil movie for the love of everything holy. Going in, you know the movie is bad, so I got what I deserved, but my God, I didn't think the franchise could actually get any worse. The bright side? This movie hit rock bottom so the next one couldn't possibly any worse…or could it?
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rivertam2613 September 2012
I've been a long time fan of the Resident Evil series even when people criticized them left and right. I thought they were really entertaining, stylish and inventive. Until now. There is no way I can stick up for this movie or any reason I'd even want to. I can't really give you a synopsis cause I'm not even sure what I just watched. All I can say is that it was huge disappointment in every facet possible. Despite the silliness of the previous films they always grounded themselves in some type of realism within the reigns of its premise. This entry doesn't even feel like it's a part of the same franchise. Gone is the fun and it's been replaced with ritzy production values and no discernible storyline. It's a movie based on a video game in which they are actually part of a video game and nothing is really happening. Despite a somewhat promising start with a cool reverse battle sequence, a best of franchise film reel and an inventive and even a little scary trip into suburbia we than move on to the supposed purpose of the film which just doesn't make sense at all. I mean the choices are just astoundingly bad why make the little girl deaf and the film filled with sign language, why set it in this underground facility, why is all of this happening, with this type of technology how does the remaining human population even have a chance, how is Wesker alive and why is he good now? he's not human??? None of these questions will be answered and lets not even discuss the frustratingly awkward scenes like one in which one of the good guys has a double unnecessary death, an uninspired nod towards the Alien franchise and repetitive scenarios that get less effective the more you see them (really the squid face things). Also, the acting has never been good in the Resident Evil series but Milla Jovovich had evoked a cool sense of fierce heroine, this time around she just seems plain bored as do the other actors. Filled with insipid dialogue, questionable plotting,overlong pacing, a weird bad movie from the 90's score, mediocre fight choreography (except for the scene with the chain) and a crapload of wasted potential this movie just feels like a bad dream. Sometimes, when I'm really looking forward to a movie I'll dream about it the night before and it will be horrible well this is what this feels like. Because in no possible way, what I just watched is a resident evil movie. Despite all of my complaining the movie does have some decent scenes the suburbia one I brought up before was kinda neat, another featuring Ada and Alice against 2 ax men and the chain fight in Tokyo. Besides that it's all just a big plodding waste of existential cinematic trash. A brainless, soulless unintentionally funny horror/action/sci fi hybrid that despite a larger budget,returning cast members and more impressive production values feels like an overlong filler episode that leaves me with a big question mark. Why has this happened to my beloved franchise???
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WTF Happened? Watch and judge for yourself - But don't waste too much on it
freaktation15 September 2012
I was doing a small Resident Evil movie marathon in preparation for seeing this movie, and I was really looking forward to see how they could save the ending of the fourth one - But I was quite hopeful that I would at least get a good action story with an acceptable plot. That have been true for all the others in the series so why not this one.

Well was I in for a rude awakening. Honestly if you enjoyed all the former movies and you consider them "part of their own story" meaning that your pretty much ignoring the video games when watching the movies then you'll find yourself even more amazed by how terrible this movie is.

I will avoid going into details about plot as others have done that and perfectly expressed the errors in it (I am of course referring to those more negative reviews you'll find as most of the very positive ones doesn't really put a lot of effort into mentioning it.. maybe because even they would have trouble claiming it to be a good movie then ;) ).

But I can easily sum-up the main problems with this movie: The plot and the acting. That is not a good thing for a movie and trust me it shows. The plot has some vague references to the former movie, but that's quickly forgotten and all your in for is a mess of action scenes and bad (and I mean bad) CGI effects. Somehow the actors manage to look not in the least interested in the gun battles they take part in, and at the same time do a damn good job to remove any sense of immersion you might have scrapped together, for instance by appearing utterly unfamiliar with handling their weapons.. There is some odd alien references.. or more likely "inspired" events that make no sense in the overall story and world.

Finally the whole absurd-storm will end with you sitting back confused as to what you just watched, shaking your head in shocked astonishment, trying to comprehend just how bad it was. Then the anger will arise due to the disappointment of what this could have been and here I am writing a review to warn others.

I personally will not count this as part of the series, I'll count it as the series failed little-brother rip-off that should never ever have been made.

I cannot in any situation recommend this movie.. by far the most disappointing, meaningless and confounded mess I ever saw.
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It is not even close to what you will be expecting!!
chanakya-dwivedi15 September 2012
I was eagerly looking forward to the 5th installment of this series and I am sorry to say that I have been really let down! Apart from the once in a while visuals, the movie has not been able to get even close to expectations. The first 10 minutes of the movie and you will start feeling disconnected from the movie already not caring at all what is gonna happen in the next scene. After resident evil 3 & 4, I was expecting a lot out of this installment and from Paul W.S. Anderson but he has not been able to live up the mark at all. The action scenes rather than being nail-biting, turned out to be hilarious and funny. There isn't a single moment in the movie where you are actually glued to screen. Milla Jovovich looks pretty as always, but that won't save the movie. All others have done a horrible job with their acting, especially Sienna Guillory. I would say that the only reason you would want to watch this movie is if you are a fan of the resident evil series and you don't mind wasting your money and time for the sake of this series.
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Why is this so popular?
jjvz1989-224-6390715 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have fond memories of every Resident Evil game in the main series and I am a fan still clamoring to play Biohazard 1.5. I still remember renting the directors cut of the first game way back in the 1990's. Of course back then we had the rumours of a George A Remero directed film that would be released after the commercials starring Brad Renfro started airing in Japan. For awhile we were under the mistaken belief that the father of zombie films would be bringing one of the best zombie video games to the silver screen. In 2002 we were unfortunate enough to see the first film of a truly bad what would become movie franchise. It saddens me to see that the franchise will most probably see a sixth entry.

The film starts off with a slow mo scene played in reverse, then just played, what should have been the ending of the last film is the beginning of the new film and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the ending of the previous film as we are then treated to a recap by Alice herself of every other film. What a waste of time and money. A homage to the zombie films of the 70's is the best scene in this film where Alice is now living in Suburbia with a husband and an kid. the zombies pile in and Michelle Rodriguez is reintroduced as the most worthless character, unsurprisingly it is a clone. the scene ends and we return to an truly awful storyline. It tries to imitate Operation raccoon City or the mercenaries play mode by having different scenarios in Moscow, New York and Suburbia, it is explained by the crap story point that umbrella tried to sell the virus by showing potential buyers what the T Virus is capable of. It also introduces Ada Wong at this point looking very much like the character in the game, not very well acted by the actress but that has become an trademark of the franchise) so it is an surprise when the Kevin Durand actually makes an decent Barry Burton and it is a joy even for a few remote seconds to be treated to an character that was in the video game that is actually done justice. Leon s Kennedy also appears but he is not given much screen time and unlike Kevin does not stand out and it is all to blame to the fact that Alice should be kept alive and invincible (could this be due to the fact that the director is married to Milla Jovovich). Albert Wesker, let me just stop there i don't want to talk about that butchering. Aside from the overall acting with an few exceptions, the backgrounds especially in the 3d version seems like it was done through the age old method of playing a film behind the actors and actresses, this does not do much especially in 3d, it looks crap and it does not have the charm other bad movies have or the old time horrors have. the film is bad in every aspects, the trailers is better than the film hell, the trailer for devil may cry had better story line than the entirety of this film.

the sad thing about this all Resident Evil return and so will Alice. Paul WS Anderson will get richer though he has an less than stellar career and has made mediocrity into a industry that is profitable. Stop these kind of films now and in the future we might have an industry based on quality rather than quantity. As for my love of the games, can't wait for Resident Evil 6 (once again clarification the game not the film.) but please no more spin offs.
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No Bueno... SMH
mislagle14 September 2012
I love the Resident Evil films. Sure, they are campy, but they are always fun and are usually a great action flick.

Retribution is absolutely not the case. Does it have lots of action? Yes, but when you have such a weak plot line as is showcased here not even GOOD action can save it. Even the action scenes themselves are horrendous, with mediocre at best special effects in most parts and ludicrous scenarios that never play well off of one another, not to mention the 20 page script for the entire film. The only lines delivered all seem like they were a Jr. High film project, and add nothing to the story except one liners and catchphrases.

All in all, this film is easily on my top 10 worst films of all time list, and I doubt many things will surpass it in the future.
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Here's what went wrong!
lorenzon26 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is what happened when the crew decided to make this movie. Paul S. Anderson met his crew and asked them:

"OK people let's get some ideas about what this movie will have."

Staff#1 "-hey, how about we make it like the new games and make it a shoot fest?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good, Done!"

Staff#2 "Wouldn't it be cool if the zombies could drive cars and motorcycles and carry weapons and chainsaws?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good to me, Done!"

Staff#3- "you remember when Claire and Alice fought that giant axe guy in the fourth film? How about this time we let Alice fight two of them?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Good idea, Done!"

Staff #1-"You know the fans want to see other characters so why not introduce a few more like Leon, Ada and Barry?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good, Done!"

Staff#2-"Aren't we going to have too many characters running around? How about we kill off one or two?"

Staff#3-"We'll kill off Barry. Anyway he's an expendable character in the game."

Staff #1-" Yeah but make it a heroic death. Let's have him go out in a blaze of glory brandishing his famous magnum. Fans like that sort of thing"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good, Done!"

Staff#2-" Hey I was watching Aliens the other day,wouldn't it be cool if Alice became a mother figure to some unknown little girl who gets kidnapped by a lichor and Alice has to save her like Ripley did?"

Paul S. Anderson- "Sounds good but we'll have to rework the lichors somehow. Done!"

Staff#3- "People liked the characters from the first film. It would be cool if we could bring them back somehow. It's a shame they got blown off with raccoon city."

Staff#2-"Hey if they can clone Alice why not her friends?"

Staff#3-" You're so right man. But where did hey get the DNA?"

Staff#2-" Does it matter?"

Staff#3-" It's just another Umbrella mystery. What do you think Paul?"

Paul S.Anderson- "Sounds good, OK people let's make this movie."

In the bathroom next to the meeting hall you hear a toilet flush. The fourth staff person comes out.

Staff#4- "Hey guys, sorry I'm late but I have a great idea for the story. If ties up all the loose ends. Umbrella finally falls. The cure for the plague is found and the world is saved. I also worked on a great script and intelligent dialogue. I even have a great idea for coaching some of the mediocre actors into believable ones."

Paul S. Anderson- "What are you talking about? We just worked out some great ideas. Lots of action, explosions, new characters. We have everything the fans want. As for acting? Did you see the first game? The lame voice acting did not deter its fans. These actors will do plenty fine for the fans. C'mon let's make this movie!"

And this is why this movie turned out the way it did.
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Another Movie in the Series - Worth by the Action Scenes Only
born-r12 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Resident Evil: Retribution" is the 5th movie of the Resident Evil movies franchise - this time, the story is about Alice being captured by the Umbrella Corporation and held in a submarine installation in the Arctic, where they test bioweapons in various environments, and goes around her struggle to escape, aided by Wesker and a special team that goes to her rescue, while opposed by the Red Queen and Umbrella Soldiers.

Basically this the story and that's it, and with some minor things it doesn't evolve much. The film more or less follows the same sequence of action of a video game, and follows the saga of heroin, leaving a (another) clear hook for another sequence.

Visually, as always, the movie has a particular visual, and it's very well done, with very nice CG effects / creatures and makeup, and lots of action, which borders the impossible. The film uses contrast in a very dark tone this time.

The music follows the action and fits perfectly, and the acting is good, within the general context.

Overall I liked this version, for the general action and the effects - other than that, it's empty, especially the story and character development that is superficial.

But generally, the action is what we expect from Resident Evil movie in the end, not something epic worthy of the best action film together (like every other RE movie was after all). Get it if you like the other RE movies, and like action video-games in general.
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An Anticipated Sequel Love it or Hate it!!!
kamiakb489 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Resident Evil Afterlife ending gives the viewers a sequel to be anticipated and look forward for. it did help on the promotion but after watching the movie it kinda blows it off.

Given that the ending of Resident Evil Afterlife have hints that anticipated game characters from the Resident Evil Series will finally have an appearance which have been predicted correctly Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong. (but I don't think Leon fans will love to see him on the big screen though Ada lovers or haters I think will love her on the movie.)

The movie's introduction starts from where the last movie ends. it kinda gives the feeling that the movie will be good and the viewers will have a great time. but after being enlighten on what the movie is all about. you will be thinking more on what the hell is this all about rather than enjoying and watching the movie.

Since it was being anticipated the movie-goers and Resident Evil games/movie fans expected more but was either disappointed or contented with what they saw.

My Advice is If you are a movie-goer who wants to enjoy Action Movie without thinking what the movie is all about then Resident Evil Retribution is a definite must watch for you but if you were the type who wants Action with a very good,complicated story line you rather ask first than leaving the cinemas/quit watching it with a bad taste on your mouth.
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Spend your money elsewhere!
ironhead3216 September 2012
I first like to say that I am a fan of the Resident Evil Franchise. I've watched all the movies and played all the games. That being said, this movie is horrible. The whole movie seems like a opening scene, just bullets and explosions for 95 minutes.

The new characters are forced, the dialogue is horrible. The only reason anyone seemed to like this movie was because they got to stare at Mila for an hour and a half. If all you want is to stare at Mila use a Google images search.

They could have cut this whole movie down to 20 minutes and given us a real story for the next hour. But that would require writing a decent script. If the dialogue in this movie was more that 20 pages I would be surprised.

How any one can defend this movie baffles me. Please spend your money elsewhere, if I could go back in time I would watch something else. You can wait until it's on Netflix, trust me. If they make money on this film they will continue to puke out this drivel banking on fan loyalty.

This movie was a serious disappointment.
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good movie for res fans
trscg117 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
is it a movie for film snobs? nope. is it for people who watch a film a week?. nope. what is this film? it's a cgi filled video game on wheels.

what gets me is all the negative reviews of this movie. what did you expect? an award winner? a picture that leaves a deep feeling of "wow what a thought provoking piece of art"? this is a video game put to the really big screen.

this is a movie to watch for big 'splosions and huge action.the best part of this movie is that people won't like it. are you a res fan? check. do you like movies that just entertain without pretense? check. like a movie that just kills a couple hours and makes you happy? check.

lets let the nature of this movie stand. it is what it is it's not high art, but f*** it 'splosions are awesome!
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A waste of my theater going dollars
stevemontebello15 September 2012
I have enjoyed previous installments of this franchise and went to see this most recent entry in 3D. Not having seen anything in the new 3D format I felt this action movie would be the one to showcase this technology. I was wrong. I found the 3D effects were most prominent on the periphery of the screen and distracted from the foreground action.

As far as the film itself, little plot development to the franchise theme, pretty vapid dialog (when there is any dialog)and no character development.

I enjoy action movies but can do without 90 minutes of frenetic action that does not really forward a story.

Hollywood - Please return to story telling without all the unnecessary gimmicks.
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5th Resident Evil film... not too bad
sonicfan57154 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I would like to point out that these films (based on the hit video-game series) have been made for basically showing us zombies, lickers, and a variety of bad ass undead getting their asses handed to them by a smoking-hot Milla Jovovich in tight black spandex or skimpy dresses... And that's why we love them! But the major complaint about these films are the confusing story lines and such, people go in to see a movie like this and wonder wtf is going on (unless you've actually seen the first 4 films). As for Resident Evil: Retribution... I liked it, I probably liked it almost as much as Afterlife, probably my favorite in this series. It is very confusing at first, even for a follower of the films like myself, but it eventually comes together and you understand very quickly what was going on. And (I don't want to give away any of the awesome action scenes here) after they fight through everything in the film, they eventually join an old enemy, and clearly states without a doubt that there will be one more, possibly final film, with the humans taking their last stand against the mutant undead. (I am hyped!) It's actually nostalgic watching this film because it brings in a couple of old faces from the first three films, but it's for a reason that'd you'd have to watch the movie to understand. And we finally get Leon, from the games, into the movies, and it's great to see him. I'm actually not sure who plays him as I'm typing this, but he looked fine enough as Leon, and surprisingly had the hairstyle down too. Now the action and undead/mutants... fantastic, some of the best the franchise has to offer. We get a giant, mutant licker (harkening back to the original with a licker hunting them down), soviet Russian zombies that can actually shoot guns and ride motorcycles, a showdown with not one, but TWO Axemen, and one sexy cat fight scene (you'll see what I mean at the end of the movie.) Visual effects were very impressive, I would have liked to see this in theaters in 3D, especially the genius beginning credits when everything was playing backwards. All in all, 8 out of 10, just because the action was so damn awesome, but people get thoroughly confused during the storyline, and that kind of brings down the experience, but not by much. Very fun, and awesome movie if you're just looking to see undead becoming, well, dead!
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What. Was. That?
Phlebotinum8716 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have just finished watching the fifth installment in the Resident Evil series with my house-mates after getting psyched for the next bought of cameos, action sequences and a view into the ever popular theme of 'Zombie Apocalypse'. I've come away not only feeling robbed of the overpriced 3D glasses, but confused and angry, much like fat kid with no jelly. The movie opens with a fantastic sequence including a slow motion rewind of the fallout from when the Umbrella Corporation located our hero (Alice) aboard the supposed safe zone, a ship called Arcadia. After watching the battle unfold, including the first (of what soon becomes tiresomely many) Tom and Jerry-like showdowns between Jovovich and Guillory (Valentine), the audience is treated to several relayed shots of action scenes from the previous movies, all of which is conveniently explained by Alices latest unkillable female friend, Ada Wong (Bingbing Li). Helping the ladies escape are a team of male characters, some referencing previous movies (Boris Kodjoe as Luther West) and some as a nod to the original video games (John Uurb as Leon Kennedy) What follows is two hours worth of unfinished plots, confusing references, sudden appearances of cast members playing multiple parts (Good Rodriguez, Bad Rodriguez) and more stock henchmen, some of which are undead Nazis (yes, really). Large scale battle scenes take place in famous cities like Moscow and New York while the invincible ladies and their male friends (who get shot, but thats okay. 'Cause they're MEN) stumble closer together to finally make their way out of the newest Umbrella base, which is of course located in Russia. Underwater. And ice. And there's submarines. Confused? Good. So after a lovely Dawn of the Dead Esq scene that takes place just after the credits, Alice and Wong find themselves discovering a clone child, who thinks Alice is her mum. Alice decides to keep her brand new clone child, because, your face, thats why. The addition of a sudden maternal bond from the erstwhile stone cold undead killing machine feels out of place, so much so that the wooden interactions between the cast from that point on tells us that even the characters simply aren't buying it. The whole movie plays out uncomfortably, somewhere between seeing a train crash and hearing an old lady try to muffle a queef with her handbag. I strongly advise you to wait for DVD.
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Avoid like the T-virus plague
TiredCamel14 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There are so many things wrong with this film that it's difficult to know where to begin, but let's try:

1. It's confusing

2. It's confusing

3. Did I say it's confusing? Well, it's confusing

4. The acting. The acting in this film is so bad I'm sure it will be shown in acting school as a warning. One exception is the big monster thing, who I felt brought a sorely needed subtlety and pathos to the character

5. Someone says: "Synchronize watches"

6. Someone says: "OK, let's do this"

7. Almost every idea is an unoriginal one: the clones (Matrix), the simulated environments (Truman Show), the angry zombies (Twenty Eight Days Later), etc

8. The gunfights. In a world of endless violence, do we really need another Hollywood film with a fetishistic display of guns?

9. It has a car chase in it...yawn

10. It has females dressed in latex suits and fighting each other...yawn

This film pretty much sums up the state of Hollywood in 2012: it is a tired, unoriginal and ultimately cynical attempt to get your cash.
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It's nothing about global!
GabrielGray15 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Frankly speaking I was a little concerned that I didn't watch the last (two?) episodes might have given me some trouble following the lines. Nah, it turned out fine anyway... Huge thanks to the opening "Previously on R.E." minutes, didn't expect to recall my shocked memory one decade back (that scientist headed off by elevator, ouch!)

Back to our new story, Milla stays the same strong, charming and loving Alice as we knew she would be. Pretty new face (here in this movie) Li presents another style of oriental sight which suits her just fine.

That's all I have to talk about this movie, thanks for reading... No? Oh, almost forgot about the "story". Well you know, they gave you the map, weapons show up just before you finish your last bullet, monsters never die easy, and so are the leading characters, talk to NPCs for necessary help and keys to the next level then through them out of your mind unless you need to use them later (yeah lady Ada in red I'm talking about you). Baseline: watch it the way you play R.E. the game without hitting your game pad and you won't be disappointed by the childish storyline or pale dialogues and the way they read them.

But don't get your pillow ready yet, I'm not saying this isn't worth watching. Visual effects and 3D usage are cut and finely designed. Throughout the movie you'll find it enjoyable and comfortable to watch, well except when Barry (or is it him?) busted one head of strawberry jam right on your face. And moreover, the backwards scene at beginning is truly brilliant and sparkle of the movie.

One last thing, for real now, what the hell do you mean by GLOBAL in big font on your poster when the most global thing I see are the empty theme parks 100 meters under the sea? Or next time you'll build a planetarium and claim it universal?
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This is a pure action 1hr SCI-fi movie, not a drama!
legioner88007 December 2012
I am surprised, and kind-a disturbed by the ignorance of many of the viewers here. You should familiarize with what you are paying for before you spend money on movie tickets, return at home and criticize without understanding the concept.

Let me get some things clear:

* This is an action SCI-FI(=NOT REAL) movie - don't expect realism! This movie could only be compared to the 90's action movies with lots of cool effects. The first movie already set the tone that this is unrealistic story (do you believe that zombies actually exist?). If you want realism, become a volunteer in Iraq or Afghanistan.

* This is a part of s sequence - threat this as another part of the series. Why would you otherwise expect 1hr of references to the old movies, if it is supposed that you already watched them? This is not Star Wars! This part was a pure 1hr action instead of 1hr talks and clichés and like <1 min action. Find out what <<< holism >>> is and apply it to this movie franchise. Maybe then you will understand it.

* Why would you still compare it to the games? If you played the games and expect a movie on the games, basically you will be watching a game play-through. (Then I will be laughing on comments like "well spent money")

The only criticism that I have about the series is that Paul drifted away from the zombies being the main issue to being no obstacle at all and focusing on bigger issues like Wesker and stronger mutants. But I understand his decision. If he dramatizes the zombies every new episode the script would be trivial like those TV zombie series. After all , the main character matures and learns how to kill zombies better.

This is a pure action SCI-fi movie, not a drama!

Are you still confused? Then, probably the RE movie franchise isn't for you.
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Critics, stop jumping on the bandwagon and give untrue negative critiques.
Wise Lim14 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Hello everyone, I'm a 17 year-old teen who just went out to watch Resident Evil: Retribution with his friends tonight.

I have been a fan since 2002, with my Mom and we just love Milla Jovovich (Alice) so freaking much - she has so much chemistry with the whole RE (Resident Evil) series itself.

First of all, I would have to apologize for my English since it's my 2nd language, not my native language. This is my first time reviewing a movie on IMDb and the reason I am doing this is because I am so infuriated by so many negative reviews, especially the one which is being featured at the IMDb page, saying oh how this movie sucks and how Anderson ran into writing blocks, yadda, yadda, yadda.

You know, since the first movie, people have been giving negative critiques, saying it is generic, saying there is no originality, saying there is no storyline, saying there are plot holes. What has become out of this is a whole let's-give-RE-bad-reviews-all-the-time bandwagon. I mean, it is just so easy finding out flaws out of a movie if you put your mind in it.

This movie is awesome for the following reasons: 1) Milla Jovovich - She is so full of energy. Her fighting scenes are so surreal and the way she talks, the way she moves, the whole set just redefines Alice as the whole zombie-killing badass. Her acting is so commendable on this installment. There was one scene - which I won't spoil - where she had to decide quickly and certain circumstances indicated that she might be in grave danger and just that moment she shred a tear of fear; this scene was so powerful I still remember it now.

2) Opening credits - Seriously, negative reviewers? It is one of the most creative ones I have seen for a horror movie. It was so cool seeing bullets of guns flying back to their origins and everything was just spectacular. The cinematography was spot-on for the opening credits. For the first in my life, I didn't mind the long opening credits.

3) Action-packed - Who wants a zombie movie without action? This whole movie was so freaking action packed, I found myself not breathing during so many scenes. This movie, I assure you, would hold you on to your seats and make you not wanting to blink, because each scene is just so brightly put together.

4) Creativity - Seriously? Generic? I have never seen such beautifully crafted zombies in any zombie movies I've seen. This movie just gave a variety of the undead I was so awed whenever the undead attacked Alice or her friends.

I would not drone on and on because I realize I am not the kind of person who gets his points across easily. I do know we are all entitled to our opinions but I just can't stand it when the negative reviews are all so unnecessarily negative. Give some credit to this RE's installment's team! They did a great job! Li Bing Bing (Ada) also did great - she had significant chemistry with Alice and I loved it.

Yes, there were plot holes but there were quite minor, and the mind-blowing scenes just overwhelmed these "plot holes".

If you didn't like the movie, you're most probably just another critic who is on the bandwagon or a person who hates zombie movies.

I love zombie movies. I love Milla Jovovich. I love Resident Evil. Keep 'em coming.

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Short, fast-paced and visually impressive, RE:Retribution is a fifth installment that really works.
James_Blake12 September 2012
The Resident Evil movies have always received criticism from not only snob critics but also fans for not following the video game's storyline. Nobody expected the original movie to actually be more of a prequel to the games with made up characters and starring Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez. Critics' hated it. Gamers hated it. Yet the general public's response was actually quite good. Looking back, that movie had its flaws but was very enjoyable and intense. Anderson managed to create a claustrophobic atmosphere whilst providing enough doses of action. The story was not really important at this point and Anderson played with the audience throughout the movie, making Jovovich's Alice a character very easy to sympathize with.

The sequels, however, did not provide enough character moments or story and opted to turn the franchise into a mindless action disaster. Even though the third entry (Extinction) managed to improve on the character development and story department(thanks to Mullcahy's direction)the craziness was still the spotlight. All these positive aspects were then thrown completely away in the fourth installment. The story was all over the place, the audience cared more for the undead than for the characters, the action goes from crazy to "WTH?" and so on.

Now these movies are enjoyable no matter what. Even Afterlife was fun to watch for its stupidity and craziness. It is a shame because something really good could have been made after the original since there was so much potential.

Resident Evil: Retribution is not different than the three sequels but does mostly everything MUCH better.

First, Anderson makes sure he brings back the best characters the franchise has had in the past movies connecting Retribution with the first entries. He then provides the movie with a simple but interesting story (in a similar way to the original), immersive 3D, over the top action sequences and outstanding visuals.

Retribution is the "Fast Five" of the Resident Evil franchise. It may not be the best but it is a very decent sequel that fans will absolutely love, the general public will enjoy and critics will hate with a passion.

The movie is as short as the others but is incredibly fast-paced with non-stop action. There are many continuity issues and plot holes but after four movies, you know exactly what you're going to get and be prepared for Retribution to exceed your expectations.

This is no masterpiece. There are no strong performances or a deep story with original ideas. This is a fifth installment in an mindless action zombie franchise and in that aspect, you CAN'T get better than this. It is certainly better than all the sequels as it manages to restore the sensible elements from the original (some jump scares and tense moments included!) whilst keeping the insanity and absurdity of the sequels.

Short, fast-paced and visually impressive, RE:Retribution is a fifth installment that really works.

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