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A Complete Embarrassment
hastebahar9 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you haven't read the books, the review is not for you. This movie is enjoyable and entertaining for an action movie, and there are funny parts as well as suspenseful parts. If you have read the books, however, here you go. I'm just going to cut straight to the point here - this movie was a joke. From the acting to the attempt to bring Rick Riordan's world to life, everything was wrong. So wrong, in fact, that after the movie finished I sat there in stunned silence thinking, "That's it?". I didn't go in this movie with high expectations since the first movie was such a disaster. However, I thought that since Annabeth's hair was blonde and the trailer looked promising, this movie would be at least better than the first one. I was wrong. Let's just start with the actors; the only two that impressed me with their performances were Leven Rambin as Clarisse and Stanley Tucci as Mr. D. Even though Leven didn't look the part, her sarcasm and fieriness matched the Clarisse in the books. Mr. D was perfect, I only wish he had been in the first movie. The rest of the actors were either horrible or just mediocre. Logan Lerman was a bore as Percy, barely able to be the witty smart-aleck from the books. Brandon T. Jackson was simply a comedic relief and nothing else. I saw none of Grover's personality in him. Douglas Smith, while a good actor by himself, didn't play the Tyson I imagined. He was smart, spoke clearly, and was even attractive with two eyes. Come on Thor Freudenthal, can you cast anyone who isn't remotely good-looking? The worst was Alexandria Daddadrio. She conveyed no emotion, her lines were monotone, and the way she played the damsel-in-distress, Percy-obsessed girl was so unnatural. Since when is Annabeth the one who needs saving? Anyways, I know that book-to-movie adaptations are incredibly hard to cast, so pushing aside the disappointments with that, lets just go to the storyline. The beginning was good. I thought it was sensible, for time's sake, to cut out the whole dodge ball game at the beginning of the book and introduce Tyson in another way. The flashback to the original trio was good, the bull fight was just how I imagined it, but Grover shouldn't have been there. He should've been already away, looking for Pan. I don't understand why they had to have him in camp; this was honestly such a simple thing they could've done to please the fans. Chiron's exile from the camp was also a simple touch they could've added. Once they go on the quest however, everything turns into a big mess. Grover getting captured by Luke? Finding Clarisse in the stomach of Scylla? All of a sudden, Clarisse is agreeing with everything Percy says? Then, the most disappointing part of all, the entire Circe's island scene was skipped along with the siren scene, which was a major development point for Percy and Annabeth's relationship (but I guess they don't need any development since they had them almost kissing at the end of The Lightning Thief). The dramatic and highly unnecessary amusement park scenes with Luke were so ridiculous they had me laughing. Why did Kronos come out in his full form, and why on Earth was Percy able to defeat him with a simple slash of his sword? That made no sense at all and I'm sure that even non-book readers would be confused at how a sword, even a "cursed sword" could immediately defeat the most powerful Titan with one cut. Also, has nobody realized that the Iris message has been completely ignored in this movie and the previous? Why leave out a form of communication so vital to the books? Lastly, something that wasn't necessary but would've added a lot more comedy to the movie than Grover's lame one-liner's were the "party ponies" who rescue Percy at the end. The reviving of Thalia was well done, although I don't understand Clarisse and Percy's sudden bonding. In the books, those two hate each other for all five books, and I can never remember them exchanging a smile or an understanding nod. In conclusion, I felt almost as though the director was trying to stray as far as the book as possible. Why couldn't they have curled Annabeth's hair, had Tyson have slow and slurred speech, added the search for Pan to the story, and so many other little things that may have made up for the scene skipping and melodramatic almost- deaths. If you love the books, I say stay as far away from this movie as possible, unless you want to go home with a yearn to reread the entire series just to remind yourself of the characters and story and get the awful portrayal out of your mind. That's all I have to say.
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A perfect recipe for a terrible movie
cawleyjack7310 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this movie earlier, and I did go into the movie screen expecting not a lot as I hated the first one.

*NON-SPOILER* The first thing I noticed in the movie was the terrible CGI, that stuck out like a sore thumb among the background. And the next thing I noticed was the mediocre acting, worsened by the dozens of cheesy, humorless and cheesy one-liners throughout the movie.

*SPOILER* The story was downright predictable also, as it ended as most generic action/adventure movies ended, the bad guy releasing they had done bad and the main character killing the main baddie.

*NON-SPOILER* The only good thing in this movie I could think about was the locations the characters found themselves in. The locations ranged from cities, to woods to the middle of the ocean.

The main character, Percy Jackson is supposed to be the half-blood son of Poseidon (a water god) and barely uses water AT ALL throughout the movie to his advantage. *SPOILER* And an even particularly silly scene where they are about to be swallowed by a large water monster thing, the water powers Percy has don't actually 'work'.

All in all, this movie is a complete waste of money, complete with cheesy one-liners, boring story, tedious acting and just an all-over negative viewing experience.

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Best Thing About This Is The Special Effects
jparker989911 August 2013
This movie was a major disappointment in my opinion. I've read the books and I loved them so I thought the movie would be pretty good too! I was wrong. Problem one is that it was a little too slow. They could have easily shortened 10 to 15 minutes of this movie but yet unnecessary parts were added. Problem two is that the acting was just not good. They could have done a much better job and at least tried to act in character. The biggest problem is that this movie was just stupid. It took them up until the last 20 minutes to reach their destination and to get to the whole point. Up until then there were just time wasters. The only good thing about this film is the special effects. I saw this in 3-D and i give it applause for its amazing graphics and special effects. Other than that though, this movie isn't worth seeing, it has countless flaws and problems. Don't waste your money on it.
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Back to Camp Half-Blood
aaronx4725 August 2013
Greek mythology returns in "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters", the sequel to 2010's "The Lightning Thief". Based on the novels by Rick Riordan, the series puts a spin on the rich mythology by blending it with modern society, which is kind of interesting.

The bulk of all the characters here are demigods/half-bloods (offspring of gods and humans). But the protagonist is Percy Jackson, a demigod son of Poseidon. Previously, he along with his besties Annabeth (daughter of Athena) and Grover (a satyr), stopped Luke, the Lightning thief, from destroying Olympus. Here, Camp Half-Blood (demigods' safe haven) are under threat after Thalia's tree, the boundary that protects the camp, is poisoned. The only thing that can heal it is the Golden Fleece which is located on an island in the Sea of Monsters, or what we like to call the Bermuda Triangle.

The movie is quite action-packed and pits our hero against a variety of Greek monsters. I loved the scene where the half-bloods had to face the Colchis bull. The mechanical bull was quite extraordinary and that scene was entertaining. However, I felt that the climax was a bit of a letdown as all the tension that had been generated zipped away so quickly.

Characters come and go. In "Sea of Monsters", much of the ensemble cast that make up the deities from the previous film are absent. We will see no more of Zeus (Sean Bean), Poseidon (Kevin McKidd), Hades (Steve Coogan), Persephone (Rosario Dawson), and Chiron (Pierce Brosnan). That means most of the experienced actors are out (not to forget Uma Thurman as Medusa). In replacement, we get Dionysus portrayed by the reliable Stanley Tucci. The gods Hermes and Chiron have replacements (Nathan Fillion and Anthony Head, respectively). We also have the clumsy but humble Tyson (Douglas Smith), Percy's cyclops half-brother, and the self-eccentric Clarisse La Rue (Leven Rambin), demigod daughter of Ares.

The movie had lots of scenes involving special effects. It was okay but it wasn't excellent. Some of the creatures were stunning (the hippocampus was amazing and eye-candy) whereas some looked pretty cheap and effortless (Kronos).

Under the direction of a new director, the movie is more faithful to the source compared to the first movie's similarity to the book (although by a tiny bit). But that's not to say some of the scenes diverge from he book. The movie is quite well-paced and during the ride, there are plenty of laughs to enjoy.

Overall, "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" is quite an enjoyable film. It's not better than the first and it's not worse than the first. It has quite an interesting premise and some fine action sequences.

Rating: 6/10

Final Verdict: "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" is a decent sequel that provides plenty of action scenes and laughs, with passable acting and okay visual effects.
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Paves a Promising path for a sequel
seshimaroo21 August 2013
My expectations were very low for this movie. The reviews were rotten, I could tell it was nothing like the book from just the trailer, and it was cut from the ugly cloth of the Lightning Thief movie, despite both films being based upon source material with limitless potential. After watching this movie in the theater and bracing for Logan Lerman's flawless portrayal of dirt, I ended up getting thrown a real treat.

Not to say it was a really good movie. The acting ranged from good to sickening. The plot was already cursed to be soiled due to the the first film's failure at adaptation. Half the characters introduced in the first novel, but not the first movie, came up this time. It was nice to have Mr. D and Clarisse, and even Chris Rodriguez, make an appearance on the screen. Despite this, the script itself was full of corny lines (mostly uttered through the mouths of Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario). Some of my favorite script moments were Tyson's little comments here and there,("At least there's no line." and when he sings an all too familiar song...)and then Hermes(Nathan Fillion) was well adapted and written, and also portrayed well by the actor. Another thing to note was the film's overall humor. In the first film, the characters took the story so seriously, it was hilarious without their intention. In this film, the filmmakers, writers and actors, actually intend to have fun and be ridiculous, which makes the film more worthwhile.

I can't say the visual effects were the best, but they really weren't that bad. Many reviewers site "video-gamey" CGI. Well, if it's video game graphics, then it's the best video game graphics I've ever seen. They aren't super-realistic, but the special effects are decent.I have to point out that there was an awesome scene of CGI when the Oracle explains the story of Kronos to Percy. This scene was creative and well done, especially with it's stain-glass window style.

The film's score (composed by Andrew Lockington) was pretty epic, but not entirely memorable. It won't get much awards, but it was really well done and held the movie together.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters only settles for being an "okay" movie. There are constant deviations from the novel, only decent scripting, acting, visual effects, good music, and mixed acting. However, it is not a waste, especially for fans of Percy Jackson. I enjoyed the movie, and The Sea of Monsters is my favorite book, despite changes. Now that many characters and plot points have been set into place after being shattered y the first film, the makers of this film have paved a promising path for another film that may be even better than the first two.
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Nope, Nope, Nope.
abes393328 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Just for the record, I have read all the books multiple times and I understand that the movie won't follow the book completely.

But they could at least follow the story line a bit more.

So, the beginning of the movie starts out at camp. I actually didn't mind the very, very beginning of the movie. I thought it was fun. It all went downhill from there.

The next few scenes slightly follow the book in a way that it is good enough to pass.

Then you get to the oracle where Percy learns his destiny. THEY DIDN'T EVEN FOLLOW THE MYTHOLOGY! They said that Cronos swallowed all of his kids EXCEPT Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Then they chopped him up. Those who don't know, he swallows all of his kids except Zeus who is taken away until he's old enough to trick his father into throwing up all of his kids and they - depending on the version - castrate, or chop up their father.

They then proceeded that at the demigod's 20th birthday (I can't complain too much, Logan Lerman can't pass as a thirteen year old) he shall either save or destroy Olympus.

Setting out on the quest, to save Thalia's tree, with Annabeth, Tyson AND Grover, who we know is in Polyphemus' lair, stalling their marriage. Grover is kidnapped and sent to Polyphemus who we later see, slightly following the book, dressed as a woman, pretending to be a maid.

They don't know where Luke is, who is the one who captured Grover, so they go to see his Dad, Hermes, at the Demigod post office.

They learn he's on a boat, they leave, find the boat, and they're stuck. When they do escape, they go into the sea of monsters and get swallowed by the first monster they come by in the book. Meeting Clarisse down there. They escape together and finally get to an island.

In the book, Polyphemus lives on a nice island that has green grass and is completely healthy, thanks to the fleece. You've got the flesh-eating sheep and all that jazz.

In the movie, they get to the island that is an abandoned amusement park. They go down this roller coaster for a few seconds until they get stopped by rocks, which marks the entrance to Polyphemus' lair.

Fast forward, they have the fleece, and locked Polyphemus into he lair with a boulder. They meet Luke and his men, including Selena Beauregard (I might not have spelt that right) who practically saves the day in the fifth book, and they shoot Tyson who falls into a chasm.

Finally, they're tied up and Luke uses the fleece to revive Cronos. He succeeds and Cronos swallows Luke and Grover.

Percy's blade saves the day and they put Cronos back in the coffin. Grover is back and Luke is thrown into Polyphemus' cave where we assume he's eaten.

Annabeth is stabbed and she dies. Then is revived by the fleece. Tyson is back and they head back where the camp is waiting.

The rest makes sense, they go back to normal life, but alas, Thalia has been healed and is back.

I hope to god they don't make another movie. There isn't a way for them to make another one and still have the same outcome that they have in the book unless they do some crazy thing that barely passes for OK. I don't know what Rick Riordan was thinking when he helped - if he helped - with the making of this movie.

DO NOT SEE IT IF YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK. It's a waste of money and time.
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We Make Our Own Destiny
claudio_carvalho8 December 2013
The Camp Half-Blood is protected by Thalia, a daughter of Zeus that sacrificed her life to save the young Annabeth, Grover and Luke from an attack of Cyclops and was transformed by her father into a magical tree. Out of the blue, Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) is visited by his unknown half- brother Cyclops Tyson (Douglas Smith) and they discover that Thalia was poisoned and is dying. Then the camp is attacked by a Colchis Bull but it is vanquished by Percy. Soon he learns that Luke (Jake Abel) is the one that has poisoned the magical tree.

Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) discovers the mystic Golden Fleece is capable to heal Thalia and save their camp. But Mr. D (Stanley Tucci) assigns the winner demigod Clarisse (Leven Rambin) to the quest of retrieving the magic fleece. However Percy Jackson, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson decide to follow an ancient prophecy and they go to the dangerous journey to the Sea of Monsters to recover the Golden Fleece from Luke that wants to revive the evil Kronos to destroy the Olympus.

"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" is a reasonable infantile adventure of the demigod son of Poseidon Percy Jackson. The beautiful Clarisse is an unpleasant character and Percy Jackson is a weak hero; Tyson is too dumb and Grover is funny but coward. Therefore the only attractive character is Annabeth, gorgeous and strong. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Percy Jackson e o Mar de Monstros" ("Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters")
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Hoping for the next movie
Canadian_Haggis10 August 2013
I love the Percy Jackson books, it's one of my favourite book series. Thought the first film was alright, but a mediocre version of the books. When I heard that there was going to be a second one, I was very skeptical that it would work considering the number of bad changes they've done to the Lightning Thief.

But once I learned that screen writers Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski were hired to adapt it (who aren't credited for some reason), I began to feel hopeful for the Sea of Monsters. Alexander and Karaszewski had previously worked on the bio-pics Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flynt, and Man on the Moon. I thought that they'd look up the books and do justice to Percy Jackson.

Just came back from seeing it and I really like it, thought it was better than The Lightning Thief. I didn't think that it was a great film, some of the dialogue felt awkward to me, but overall I had fun and felt some justice was done. Yes, there was some changes made to the Sea of Monsters but nothing as bad as the previous film. I enjoyed watching Stanley Tucci (Mr. D), Anthony Stewart Head (Chiron), and Ron Perlman (Polyphemus).

Definitely see it if you like the books. Now I'm hoping to see the next films in the series!
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So crap it's an insult to crap, to call it crap
benjamin_98-848-31670418 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching this production, as it doesn't deserve to be called a film, with a burning desire to gouge my own eyes out. I'm a huge fan of the books and was insulted with the whole movie. I also couldn't believe that they left out key events like the:

*Sirens *Hermes being cool *Clarisse being a total bitch *Circe's island *Pirates and the queen Ann's revenge *The swordfight on the yacht between Luke and Percy *The dazed mortals on the ship *Tyson being a clumsy, but lovable Cyclops with a gift in the forge *Tantalus and his reign of terror The list is endless. But had the nerve to replace it with crap like this: *An amusement park on a Cyclops island *Percy hugging Tysonfor ever instead of grabbing the fleece *Kronos (more powerful then the Gods) Yet was beaten in mere seconds *That climbing wall scene at the beginning *Demi-gods knowing martial arts *Annabeth being crap in a fight *Random monsters that were never there in the first place And worst of all...*The entire movie. So if you want to see Hollywood defile the fantastic Percy Jackson series then this is the movie for you. Watch how the director and the screen writers (not worthy enough to be named) replace the characters you came to love with emotionless, shallow robots who can't act. And don't forget that bullshit hidden message about how you 'make your own destiny'. After that rant and the appalling acting, directing, writing, CGI and the characters I found one positive. The end credits. Seriously it's so bad not even M Night Shyamalan could make a movie this bad. Now that's saying something. Oh, I almost forgot *This review may contain spoilers*
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I despise these movies and they do the books NO justice
tickledgiraffe12 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so to ANYONE who saw the Sea of Monters, can you honestly tell me that after Percy is crushed by Kronos, Annabeth's reaction is NOT the worst piece of acting you've ever saw? I mean, the movie as a whole sucked, not following the books in the slightest, but that one shot was just SO horrible.

So yes, I despised this movie. Annabeth was a bitch and kept getting knocked over. I mean, in so many scenes, Annabeth was just knocked over and out until Percy came over to help her up. And when the bull attacked Percy, she didn't even go back to return the favor! She just left him. These movies are killing one of my all time favorite female characters.

Now onto Annabeth's racism. I get that a cyclops killed Thalia, but that should not have been enough mental scarring to make her hate the whole race. Now in the books, Annabeth is traumatized by a cyclops who abducted her friends and used the voice of her neglectful father to lure her to what would have been her death. Everything bad in her life was thrown at her there! And her heroes were held captive, completely relying on her to save them.

New topic!

So I was very disappointed with the missing scenes. Particularly Circe's Island. Yes, I get that they incorporated it with the theme park, but I wanted to see Percy turned into a guinea pig! And Annabeth save him! And the pirates, and stealing the ship! Which leads me to another missing scene: The Sirens. I feel as if that was not only a bonding moment for Percy and Annabeth, but also for the readers to connect with her.

Another bad part was the fighting. The fights were practically all just monsters throwing people against walls! There was some hand to hand, and some sword action(That sounds wrong...), but mostly it was clobbering time with fifty monster hulks!

I was very glad that they changed Annabeth's hair to blonde though, It made the movie seem significantly more on key with the book, even though the plot was so far off.

I also say kudos for the CGI. Especially that Steampunk bull at the beginning. That was cool.

I'm almost glad I paid to see it, just so I could force myself to sit through the whole thing.
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A bit of a disappointment
bravesfanc9 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Percy Jackson and his friends return for the sequel "Sea of Monsters". I have not read the books so I can't compare the film to the book. But, if the title is "Sea of Monsters", shouldn't we see some monsters??? If you want to get technical, sure, there is a one (yeah just one) sea monster they have to encounter, and they are able to manage it with relative ease.

Logan Lerman is a pretty good young actor and I've enjoyed his other films as well as the first Percy Jackson which was a lot better than this sequel. The story is simple, the barrier that protects their camp is broken and we find out in the beginning that it was put there because of a sacrifice from one of their own when she was a child. Zues turns the young child into a tree essentially and its the tree that protects the camp. But the tree is poisoned and the barrier is broken through by a very large mechanical bull who shoots fire.

The quest is given to retrieve the golden fleece which lies in the Sea of Monsters, which to us humans is the Bermuda Triangle. Percy isn't chosen, but of course, he and his friends decide they need to go because it's part of a prophecy he's involved in. And from there the story goes.

There's a couple action scenes here and there but just when it seemed like it might be getting good, it abruptly ends. I'm not sure if the actors tried to improvise or not, because there are more than a few attempts to get quick laughs with one liners which I didn't find all too funny. The one bright spot was Nathan Fillion's character "Hermes" who does successfully get the laughs he deserves.

Towards the end it gets a bit more entertaining, but by that time it might be too late to get the audience's full attention and not thinking about what to eat after the movie. This is more suited for the young adult genre, (I'm 25) but I enjoyed the first one that I thought I would give this one a shot.

Overall, it doesn't live up to its predecessor and the quick attempts at humor and the all too short action sequences leave the audience unsatisfied. 4/10 You can find all my reviews here
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Entertaining Film
urockband19 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
To start off, it was a really great movie that never failed to keep me entertained. There were, however; some bad aspects of this movie. The acting was well above average, though some characters came off as a bit corny in some of the dialogue that I believed could be said in a much better way or expression to tone down the corniness.

I have not read the books so I cannot judge how the characters portrayed their book counterparts but I will take the word of many reviewers on this title and agree with them on this issue. But, even without reading the books I couldn't imagine a better set of young actors for the roles. The actress who played "Clarisse" - Leven Rambin, mostly caught my eye with her acting. She was superb in the role as Clarisse and every scene she did was great.

Some moments or events in the movie were fairly predictable. And the idea of the movie seemed to follow every other film in the "The Main Characters never die"...The sad moments in the movie were immediately changed to bring happiness to the audience but in my opinion, I would like a little tragedy in such films.

A boy, the son of Poseidon, faces a quest to help save his home. The antagonist made such a brief appearance in the film and the problem was dealt with fairly easily. Almost, too good that there wasn't such big trouble going against the "evil boss"...But I am sure we haven't seen the end of him. I am anxiously waiting for the next movie as the story is simply great, exciting, and entertaining.

I just went today to see this movie in the theater and I actually came out of the movie feeling pretty satisfied and not at all disappointed. I chose this movie over The GetAway and I was glad I made the choice considering the rating and reviews I saw for that movie.

In summary: The actors were great, the dialogue was good except for some corny parts that definitely needed a look over. The story is simply perfect and the whole rating of the movie was good. You would love this movie if you really liked the first part. Definitely a Film Series worth watching.
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Mickeymauhead3 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was alright, just definitely not what I expected to see. Though this movie may have been closer to the books, I completely disagree that it was better than the first one. I honestly didn't see much change in "The Lightning Thief" from the books, mostly details on how the characters were described in them. Now in the second movie, they did fix the differences of the characters in the books that were in th first movie. For kids who have read the books, this one was probably better since it was closer to the books, but it was VERY cheesy.

All of the comedy felt really forced, For example when Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson come out of the taxi and Tyson says something like "That... Was... Awesome! Let's do it again!" honestly, to me, it was pathetic. One thing I was concerned about after the movie was when Kronos came out of the coffin and 'ate' Luke. That was unexpected, and it made me wonder how they were going to do the next movies if Luke was dead (Or not.) Even if he isn't dead, Kronos already went against him, and since the next books he is basically the body of Kronos, it makes me wonder what the directors will do. I won't be negative on the entire movie, since there was good action, the plot was creative and pretty clever, and "Rainbow" the hippocampus was beautifully done, very much how I imagined her/him in the books. But overall, I would say it's not worth watching. Sorry, this one was a downer.
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Cute and fun for younger audiences
phd_travel13 September 2013
It's refreshing to see a relatively non violent adventure fantasy suitable for younger audiences again. Yet older audiences can enjoy it too. I actually prefer the story to the Hunger Games stories with all the killing.

The effects and creatures are slightly fake and unreal looking but it adds to the charm. Cute blending of mythology and the present story.

Logan Lerman still looks young enough for the role but Alexandra Daddario is looking a bit older.

I remember enjoying the first one slightly more with the novelty of the characters but this one is alright enough.
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A Glimmer of Hope for The Film Franchise
BuzzHanks15 January 2014
This film shows what potential its franchise could have should it continue. It clearly demonstrates how a book adaptation should be: making it its own thing, while staying loyal to the essential elements of the series and maintaining continuity with the original film. Compared to the first film, this installment feels both more satisfying as an adaptation and also feels better as a solid movie overall. The first film was rather enjoyable, and had great ideas, but fell somewhat flat with a weak execution, and less passion in making it.

HOW this movie "fixes" and improves upon the first film is in the following ways:

  • A much more grounded and better polished script. The first film was perhaps hopeful to be thought of as more than its script. The structure and plot was thin and weak, and didn't feel as immersed as this film does. Here it feels like the film makers revised and mapped out what they wanted from the script instead of just seemingly writing the script over night without revisions. You get the sense that the filmmakers are passionate to get the writing right and make it make sense and enjoyable for those that haven't even seen the first film. To speak of that passion of presenting the series' world on film, there are many references made to various elements of Greek Mythology and to the series itself. Several story elements related to other stories in the series, those of which are quite similar to quests depicted in actual Greek Myths, are given a great discussion at the beginning of the film. The first film focused more on just trying to tell the basic needs without really expanding the world to its potential. As the film is titled Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, there is defiantly a "sea" full of monsters to be discovered in the movie, introducing monsters abounded from Greek myths, from a terrifying Charybdis, to a monstrous Polyphemus, among other cyclopeses, to less brutal creatures, such as a Hippocampus. Must amusing, "Hercules Busts Heads" is mentioned as a popular TV show, and appears as a brand name for a particular item needed for Percy & company to succeed in their quest.

  • Percy's friend Grover (played by Brandon T. Jackson) is not annoying in this film like he was in the first film. This time he is more mature, yet still retains his comedic characteristics, not trying to be the center of attention, and acting more like he does in the novels with being a good cheer up when needed for when his best friend Percy is down. This, among other things, shows the writer's passion to tell what works, rather than just letting things go and not caring about what happens, assuming that the audience will just like it, or the theory that its other elements will help make the film great.

  • The characters feel more like they do in the books, and despite the alterations made to scenes and the story, those changes all feel like something that could have happened in the books. They could have gone to a café with Demi God service. They could have gone to a place called Circe land (which actually fits the tone and concept of the universe better than the Polythemus land in the books, in that the concept of Mythology in a modern day setting is a combination of mythology and modern elements such as a theme park).

If there are any faults within this film, it lies within the climax. While a genius idea to resurrect the Lord of the Titans, Kronos, to bring a more visual sense to the antagonist's goal, and the film's consequential stakes, the scene feels a little fast paced. One gets the resolve that Percy struggles throughout the movie about controlling one's destiny, though the scene feels a bit abrupt, seemingly wanting to get the event over and done with; having read the book, this is perhaps the most deviated scene from it, as Kronos does not physically appear like this until the final book. In an analysis, film is show, not tell, as this was Luke's (the film's antagonist), goal, and gives the film a more satisfying climax, bringing Percy to face his biggest worry and confrontate the inner battle he faces throughout the film, doubting whether he is good enough, or will just ruin things, rather than making a difference. Besides this climax's shortcomings, the film has clichés; nevertheless, they go along with the theme of the movie about changing destiny, no matter how certain things may seem. On the other hand, it is also a refresher to have these sorts of clichés as they remind one of the obvious morals in life that we often overlook, as we get older. As it is, the main characters in this film are teenagers, and these are the sorts of things that teenagers often go through, and it has to be portrayed in a simple way to not only differentiate itself from the recent serious teen drama on shows like Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Too, it is also to appeal to the fans of the books, where there the characters are even younger, and a lot of these "clichés" are either appealing, or are new to them.

In short, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a film that shows hope and potential for the series. While there are things to improve upon, the film shows what the franchise can become should it continue. It is by far one of the most satisfying adaptations I have ever seen, better than some of the Harry Potters. If the climax had been better paced, and if there had only been less clichéd dialogue (though that depends on one's knowledge of such), then the film would be a perfect redemption for the film series, though those things are sure to become bettered. 
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A spectacle to watch
tonybaiden7 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
There comes a time when book adaptions don't stick to the original source material much. Like number 1, Sea of Monsters didn't, but I guess that is good as you don't know what might happen, like other films. It was a fun journey with nice 1st person views. The special effects were epic. It was exciting and had great action sequences. The film flowed really well, but like most films it had quite a few downsides. I didn't find it as fun The Lightning Thief and it was far to easy to tell what was going to be in 3D and what wasn't, kind of like it wanted to own the box office desperately and some CGI was unrealistic. 7/10
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All in all entertaining
mars_010310 August 2013
The film was a good adaptation of the book. It had funny bits in, a nod to firefly and Anthony Head in it (loads better than Pierce Bronson). The film starts with a action scene showing the growth of Percy. The film doesn't have any slow parts in my opinion.

There are two main issues with the film that fans of the books will pick out. One is the fact that Percy has not shown his ability to talk to horses or sea life. The second thing is on the andromada that will make the other adaptation of the films more difficult to keep on track with the books.

In conclusion the film is a must for kids will keep them entertained for the length of the film. For fans of the books fun to talk about the differences.
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Much better than the first movie
Chenry097 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this film so much better than the first one. I felt the first movie left a lot of key plot points out, but this movie brought some things in without making the movie seem jumbled. Sea of Monsters starts by telling the story of how Talia, Luke, and Annabeth came to camp half blood. It also brings in the characters Tyson and Clarisse. Granted, the way they brought in Tyson wasn't exactly how they did it in the books, I thought that they did it in the best way possible considering the first film. In the books, Tyson was a classmate of Percy's, but in this one, they brought him in to help Percy's confidence, which he needed, and also brought in the story of the great prophecy. I understand some people were looking for the movies to be an exact replica of the books on film, but I didn't expect that. Ad I don't think anyone should. The majority of the the characters were there, the basic storyline was there, and I thought that they brought the Kronos and Talia story lines in very well to make a cohesive and fun movie. The special effects were great to me, especially the hippocampus (I know there were supposed to be three of them, but the one they did have was impressive enough). I definitely encourage people to not rely too heavily on anyone's opinion (even mine) and go see and enjoy this movie.
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There's spoilers but who cares
jaredperalta11 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Alright let me say now, I want you to imagine a cheese ball. OK good well you just saw the movie. This movie is horrible despite the fact that Alexandra dadandrio is hot, and the firs 5 mins are good. And I'm the target for this trash, I'm 13.5 and love movies, and this is just complete trash. Avoid at all costs. Let me tell u a line for this s*** ( after Percy's brother dies) " I didn't even call him brother, a brother is a he wanted" COME ON! This is garbage. I will not tolerate this.

Geez this is bad oh here is my review for ABCs of death DON'T FN SEE IT!!
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There are no memorable scenes
fisheye-rules28 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First, there are no memorable scenes. I don't know what's the point of this movie. I know that they're looking for the fleece to the bermuda triangle, but the journey seems too easy, they need more obstacles, more enemies. and why the hell the daughter of god of war hate percy so badly, just because percy saved olympus or what? the way they present it are lame.

this movie definitely suitable for children only, don't expect for awesome fight scenes, well i don't know what kind of fight scenes good for this movie, typical fight scene with a lot of kicks and punches? or the fight using their "magical" power?
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This movie makes book look like the greatest story ever told
dannydean848 August 2013
Without saying any spoilers I will tell you why you must not pay a penny or a cent to see this movie unless you want to demand your money back like I did today. First, if you have read the book do not expect a similar plot. I enjoyed the Percy Jackson stories, and their sequels the Heroes of Olympus series as reasonable light reading an I believe Rick Riordan is a rather gifted story-writer for teenagers. The film does contain a similar plot but with all the best bits removed or ruined through trashy scriptwriting to try and gain the attention for teenage Paris Hilton wannabes. The story, meaning to follow it's predecessor had to be re-scripted because all the characters are getting old now. The acting is below par by the supposedly teenage actors if most of the time you can call it acting. The greatest travesty to acting is firstly Leven Rambin who plays Clarisse who obviously knew nothing of the role which she had to portray. Brandon T. Jackson is as bad at playing Grover, usually for laughs, in this film as in it's prequel. I'm surprised he was not recast. Some of the special effects we of a reasonable standard even with 3D but there was no 'WOW' factor. However, the further it got into the film and the worse the plot, jokes, and deviation from a well-told story it got, the more I wanted to cringe and face-palm myself into oblivion. In the end I walked out and got a free ticket for The Wolverine in 3D from my local cinema. This one will be film guaranteed to put to smile to my face. The shame is I enjoyed the books and even after seeing Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief I hoped that with a new director the plot would be more on par with the original story. I wanted this film to be a good one so much and now sadly I am disappointed beyond my worst thoughts.

Every film-goer accepts that a film can never be the book on screen due to the imagination of reader getting in the way but at least they could have attempted to produce the same story. I was willing to allow huge changes to take place as long as the story was enjoyable. Sadly I believe the screenplay writer and director should be executed for crimes against cinema. Finally after decades of searching I think I may finally have found my own personal worst film.
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Woeful Vacuity
lucas7391 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film is an absolute abomination.Having not read the books i don't know how accurate a portrayal this film is. The complete disregard for historical/mythical accuracy by putting the Golden Fleece in the Caribbean was the standout!! it would be laughable if it wasn't such an affront to your intelligence.Surely it wasn't because its presumed your average American doesn't know where Greece is, or cares for that matter. The girl walking around with the ipad was just a mindless,cheap, slap in the face for decent storytelling. I had to get up and leave, and that's the first time i've walked out of my own living room.I am amazed that they thought this was OK when editing it.I can suspend my disbelief but i'm not prepared to be insulted. Watch this if you don't know where Greece is and are happy to be spoon fed brown waste for a couple of hours.
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Opinions vary on this film......but I'm going to focus on the positive.
Soul46737 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly I thought this film was going to suck. I am a HUGE fan of the books....I have read them about 5 times and truthfully after watching the first film and how far it fled from the book I thought this film would be a lot worse than what it was. So, OK I went to watch this film in 3D with my mother and I am pretty sure I bored her by saying "that was in the book." OVER and OVER. The opening to this film begins with a camera following the sea and slowly sinking under and then revealing the title "Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters" in what looked like iron writing during which Logan Lerman is giving a speech about how the Greek gods are real and how 7 years ago 4 demigods tried to get into Camp Half Blood then the camera zooms from aerial shot of a forest to 4 young children. 2 girls and 2 guys. A creature is chasing them but we don't see this creature until later as this explains another part of the character "Annabeth" One of the guys gets knocked over by this creature and is picked up and dragged into the camp by young Annabeth and young Luke while a black haired girl named Thalia yells that she'll hold it off and for them to go. She is then thrown to the ground and dies in a position where she's flailed in several directions...Percy then continues to narrate saying that Zeus let her live in another way and as he says this Thalia's body begins to turn into a tree and this tree then forms a blue barrier which eventually becomes transparent as Annabeth, Luke and Grover enter the camp. I actually found this to be a strong opening as it showed us 2 of the main characters' journey as well as the main villain's plus the effects were amazing as well as the acting.

Anyways in the books from sea of monsters onwards Tyson was always my favourite character....and he did not disappoint in this film. I loved the clutzy lovable guy he was in this film. He was so cute actually. Douglas Smith portrays a character full of hope and love and optimism and this character actually makes the film. In a weird way he reminded me of Doug from the Pixar film up.....not in a mean way. He was just lovable and cute and charming and loved Percy from the minute he laid "eye" on him (haha....cheesy Cyclops joke) which reminded me of "I just met you and I love you." The line which Doug says to Mr Frederickson when they first meet. I found both his portrayal of my favourite character and the brotherly chemistry between Percy and himself to be stunning actually. How he sacrifices himself to save Percy and says "You'd do the same for me." and then falls of a cliff into water actually made me cry especially when Percy's grieving and says "I never even called him brother." I don't know how the world saw Douglas Smith as a clumsy Cyclops but truthfully I couldn't be more in love with what I saw from him today.

OK....first of me and mum are both HUGE fans of the Logan Lerman film "the perks of being a wallflower" and since watching it about 10 times in a week it is slightly tough to see him as anymore than the emotional character of "Charlie" but both characters of Charlie and Percy were perfectly portrayed by Logan Lerman and I am actually really proud of his performance in this. He portrays the wounded hero extremely well. The hero without a quest who cannot contact his father. I love Logan Lerman. I really do and I love Percy to me this was a perfect combination.

Truthfully the reviews on this film maybe mixed and some may choose to focus on the bad like how the voice over was sometimes too obvious and how the story ran to quick from disaster to disaster but there are so many things that are admirable about this film which cannot be ignored like the flawless casting and the brilliant lines and how it seemed to flow from scene to scene without stopping as well as how it seemed to stick to the book's storyline. I don't know whether this series will continue but I REALLY hope it does as I'm not ready to say goodbye to Percy and Annabeth and Grover and Tyson yet.
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mayamdm9814 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly thought it was more comedic than epic. Of course, I might be saying this because I read the books-but if they'd stuck to the go**** storyline we wouldn't be having this problem. They didn't even get Circe's land or Clarisse-the girl who refused to cooperate with Percy-right! And then, KRONOS. My God. KRONOS. Yeah, let's have him be defeated by one measly demigod in less than fifteen minutes when it took the three most powerful gods to defeat him before. All in all, I feel like the creators got my hopes up and then took covered me in diarrhea. I feel like I should lock them in a room with the entire book series and refuse to let them out until they've all memorized it word for word. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS. DON'T. JUST DON'T. JUST WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT ON DVD, AND WATCH IT ONLY IF THERE AREN'T ANY DECENT MOVIES. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUR KIDS BEG YOU TO SEE IT, DON'T TAKE THEM.
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Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish
georgina-430122 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I found this movie the worst movie ever over half of the movie was not even true. I have read all the Percy Jackson books and onto hero's of Olympus.If you enjoyed the book please don't even look at the cover of the DVD. The trailer fools people into watching it. Watching the movie was my biggest mistake I have ever made. I could go past a hundred negatives.

Negatives 1. Kronus does not come back 2. Dionysus's does not like his job. Zeus punished him, making him camp director 3. They don't get eaten by Charybdis. 4. Dionysus does not cheer he sulks. 5. Kronsus does not get his Scythe. 6. Kronusus's coffin does not even touch the golden fleece. 7. Where was the Scylla he was nowhere in sight. 8. What happened to the start. In the book he starts at a school not the camp and he meets Tyson there.

Positives 1. The information about the CSS Birmingham.
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