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The perfect realistic romance movie
AvidClimber18 June 2013
Love Is All You Need is a wedding, romance, and family movie from Denmark mostly taking place in Italy. It is about solving the riddles within yourself, not necessarily succeeding, but at least acknowledging them.

The good. Superb Italian panoramas. Fascinating and touching story with a lot of depth. Very realistic. Solidly built scenario with interesting twists and turns. Excellent background. Perfect ending. Nicely romantic with a few laughs. Well grounded. No clichés.

The actors. Trine Dyrholm is absolutely fantastic, beautiful and compelling. Pierce Brosnan, while not playing too far from his usual roles, is just great. And I have to mention the work of Paprika Steen as the annoying, mean, and self-centered aunt/sister-in-law.

The bad. I can't thing of anything. That's how much I appreciated the flick.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. Something much different from Hollywood's romantic films. A true breath of fresh air. A must for everyone, to the exception of those not interested in romance or family conflicts.
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Great Movie that can deceive the viewer
ferrari-pp18 May 2013
I am very surprised to see how many people thought this is a feel-good , crowd-pleaser movie. To me it is the exact opposite: a very well done hard movie that explores all the kinds of relationships in today's world. So you see the cheater with a wife with cancer (a few names of political figures in USA come to mind), the gay who tries to fight his gayness, the mother who does not love the daughter, the man who still mourns his loss and does not pay attention to what he has, the son who wants to please the distant father, and so on. In a way a very sad, gut-wrenching movie. Now in this human-heart exploration the director, I think, threw in also the visual difference between a gray Copenhagen and a very colorful, beautiful Sorrento: this might be the way to suggest the difference between reality and want we WANT to believe. The only predictable part of the movie is the ending ... and may be even this it's Mrs Bier's way to tell us that in spite of all the terrible things we saw, there is always hope for all of us! I enjoyed very much this great movie. The only thing I did not like is the Englis translated title. The original title (The Bald Hairdresser) is much better in my opinion.
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Feel good enjoyable movie
dexkirb20 April 2013
I think the Italian review above is very harsh - what do we go to see films for? To be entertained and moved emotionally in at least one way. I laughed, cried, smiled and thought this was a great way to spend two hours. It is not pretentious or highbrow but that is good in my opinion - the locations are good on the eye, music enjoyable and a few interesting characters. Whilst it may not be Brosnan's most challenging role he is a likable guy and character and does portray a man with baggage, emotional issues and regret over his relationship with his son. many people will recognise some of the issues in this film, so lighten up in Italy and just regard some films as light entertainment - nothing wrong with that.
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naturally charming and relatable
se-milton22 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Arrow Films presents a Danish feature directed by Susanne Bier that brings together Trine Dyrholm and Pierce Brosnan as Ida, a woman battling with a cheating husband and the aftermath of chemotherapy, and widower Philip, protagonists in a romance that begins as they meet at their children's wedding.

The encounter takes place in Sorrento, Italy where Brosnan's character met his first wife who died several years before. The beauty and warmth of the setting naturally inspires a feeling of romance, but it all has a slight Mamma Mia air to it – minus the singing.

That aside, Bier instills a tenderness in Ida whose struggle with cancer functions as a sub plot, the focus being on her beauty and delicate, intelligent nature. Dyrholm is astonishing to look at on screen, and the grace that she brings to Ida is moving. Brosnan's Philip begins as a wounded, uptight businessman (recognisable from previous films like Remember Me,) but he gently and gradually weaves a vulnerability that proves his fine technique as an actor.

There are some glorious moments for Philip's desperate sister-in-law, Benedikte (Paprika Steen) as she is batted away in her attempts to woo Philip. Ida's husband Leif (Kim Bodnia) brings his new woman Tilde (Christiane Schaumburg-Muller) to the wedding unannounced, with both characters lending a comic naivety to the film. The reaction from Ida's children is a dream, particularly Kenneth (Micky Skeel Hansen) with his biting tongue and later, brilliantly well-placed left hook.

The focus of Love Is All You Need is of course on love, in a rom-com that is naturally charming and relatable. It doesn't sicken, and the story is plausible and raw. It explores sexuality, sensuality, and the nature of love in a way that is considerate and inquisitive. Susanne Bier has a clear vision with her directorial story, admitting that she is "very romantic" herself but insisting "you can't be heavy handed in a rom-com" – and this very human clarity works in the film's favour.

Emotionally engaging and a relatively easy watch, Love Is All You Need is subtitled, but not noticeably, with fluid scenes in English interjected throughout (our leading man understands Danish but never speaks it). It's gorgeously shot and a very open, appreciative film.
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blogurious4 October 2012
It doesn't matter how much you have, materialistic speaking. The one and only thing that makes sense in life and never fades away is the love we all feel inside, regardless of how many times it seems to let us down. Love is like an endless spring, always digging other ways to keep on flowing, if you'll let it.

"Love Is All You Need" doesn't need to say much. It's just a look into dysfunctional families and the many secrets we all hold, trying to avoid confrontation because it's much easier to pretend everything is okay. It's a very romantic and, yet, sad journey that takes you through the pain and determination of a character fighting to stay alive in every sense of the way. Sometimes love may seem to have abandoned you until it kisses you from behind, restoring the hope you thought was lost. Simply lovely.
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Excellent entertainment for nearly 2 hours, based on an ingenious script with several sub-plots
JvH4821 October 2012
I saw this film as part of the Ghent filmfestival 2012. Usually I've little interest in feelgood movies, and particularly not when wedding festivities are an integral element. But the synopsis in the filmfestival brochure had that little something that made me book tickets, and I'm not disappointed. That does not mean that important questions of life and death are discussed, but rather that it proves solid entertainment for the whole duration (nearly 2 hours), no more no less. You will forget about the movie later on, to remember only that it was pleasant and amusing throughout.

The story line develops steadily, and all important characters get time to be introduced to the audience. In other words, we really get the chance to know them. These introductions are spread evenly, and luckily not condensed in the first quarter.

Center of the proceedings is hairdresser Ida, who just returned from hospital after a cancer treatment. She is wearing a wig as a result, hence the original title "The bald hairdresser" (possibly for commercial reasons translated to "Love is all you need"). Still not certain about the ultimate success of the cancer treatment, she returns home. There she finds her husband Leif with the much younger Tilde (from "accounting") doing it on the couch. Ida does not take it lightly, and a divorce seems imminent.

As her daughter Astrid will be getting married in Italy within a few days, she travels alone to the airport. In her nerves to park the car in order to catch her flight, she collides with the car of a business man in vegetables (Philip). He happens to be the father of the groom (Patrick), and on his way to the same marriage. This coincidence seems a bit of a stretch as well as statistically impossible. Luckily it is the only thing in this film that I consider far fetched. Combining that encounter with the fact (we learn that later on) that he is a widower, allows us to predict the main story line from that moment on. However... It does not happen that way, at least not exactly.

Apart from the developments around the relationship between Ida and Philip, there are ample opportunities for sub-plots and new characters to be introduced along the line. All this gets gradually interwoven in the story, without giving us a feeling that the film makers are overdoing it. The time that the film takes, much more than the average 90 minutes, offers sufficient room for parallel story lines to develop and come to a (sometimes happy, sometimes not so happy) conclusion. The script mixes all these many ingredients in an ingenious way, and stays believable from start to finish (aforementioned car accident being the only exception).

I don't think it makes any sense to delve deeper in the scenario. Which is next to impossible anyway without revealing how the story develops, and without introducing spoilers in the text. That would take away much of the surprise, a definite no-no, since surprises are the main ingredients out of which this film is made.

Apart from superb casting and acting that we are allowed to witness, the story line (better: story lines) suffice to keep the viewer interested all the time in what will happen next. I could not spot any dull moments, in other words fully qualified entertainment for the whole family. Expecting no more than what the label says, I scored it deservedly with a maximum (5) for the audience award when leaving the theater.
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Beautiful Movie!
schuster_mark11 March 2014
As an American, sometimes it tough to watch a movie that doesn't feature at least one or two well known Hollywood actors. Granted, Pierce Brosnan is what lured me in - but it was Trine Dyrholm that stole my heart. There were several wonderful performances, and the locations and camera work were the icing on the cake.

This movie weaves a beautiful tapestry of the struggles and triumphs of a family. It exposes the most vulnerable emotions we all feel in our own families.

This was a well written movie. If you love beautiful Italian scenery, good dialog and the occasional dysfunctional family antic - then this is the movie for you. Relaxing, beautiful and a wonderful message.
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Family tensions with a soft, understanding touch
diane-3419 December 2012
Diane and I saw this, to me interesting but to Diane delightful, movie this afternoon at Paradiso in Perth. I found the initial first-half of the movie fairly unnerving because I am a total coward at movies in all their aspects including domestic difficulties and this movie had them in spades; having said that I found the entire movie engaging and very watchable with no "dead" spots anywhere in the film.

The movie is composed of viewer looks into the lives of all the principal characters but centering around the mother of the groom and the father of the bride. The larger family all have their pieces to add to this bubbling pot of individuals who all seem to have significant parts to play as the principals go through the steps of their routine. Not to be overly trite about the metaphor but speaking of dance it plays a larger than expected role in the movie or at least to me.

This is a lovely movie and one that should be watched by any person whose mind is stable enough to appreciate good story telling without the need for guns, killing and the mindlessness of the normal Hollywood dross.
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Wonderful Film
scottieweiss30 April 2013
The brief preview I read of this film described it as an antidote to "shrill, soulless Hollywood romantic comedies" with the power to "restore your faith in the entire genre". I was unsure whether it would live up to such high praise, but decided to give it a go.

The film follows the story of Ida, a lovely lady recovering from chemotherapy and the antics of her unappreciative husband Leif. Separately we follow her daughter Astrid as she prepares to wed her fiancé Patrick in a beautiful secluded grove in Sorrento. But marriage is not portrayed in this film as a straightforward or predictable process, and hints of challenges soon begin to emerge, both for the engaged couple and for Ida herself.

My attention was gripped more than anything by the characters themselves. All confused to some degree, I found them likable to a person - even Leif, whose "activities" were less than admirable. Their hidden depths are revealed through their struggles. I'd like to give a special nod here to Pierce Brosnan's Philip. Emotionally constricted from the start, his defensiveness and wariness gradually ease to reveal a man of real depth and warmth.

The photography in this film is gorgeous, but there again, it's only important as the backdrop to the characters' personal development. It's also a very humorous film in places, and I found the two hours flew by. 10/10.
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A couple's pain, another's gain
Reno-Rangan13 December 2013
Surprisingly this movie expelled all my expectations. It was a simply good movie with nice characters and places, not an awesome-awesome one though. So diverse romance-drama told in the perspective of the elder people's beginning of a new relationship. It is a predictable plot so there's no surprise twists at all. From the director of 'In a Better World' this movie narrates the story of a widower and a hairdresser whose husband is cheating on her.

A widower businessman in his 50s probably is preparing to attend his son's wedding in abroad. In other side of the story a woman who successfully completed her cancer treatment as well getting ready to attend her daughter's wedding in Italy. In an accident these two meet at the airport. With a little discomfortable at beginning they start to like each other. For the sake of children these two must sacrifice what they have found within them. So the lives goes on as it forced them to move along with it.

Extraordinary performances by Pierce Brosnan and a woman on his counterpart character called Ida was awesome. I can't finish this review without mentioning the bride, she looked so pretty. Sadly it was not her story. The seaside locations in Italy were beautiful, played a crucial role in the movie's pleasant presentation. They shot it at the right season I guess because it was alluring. Everyone might not enjoy the movie because it deals about older people's romance and I am not old but I liked it.
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Heart warming experience
sixandstones30 December 2013
I originally watched this movie because I have a film (writer)coming out with English subtitles and I wanted to experience watching a film with subtitles. What I experienced was a heart-warming and totally enjoyable experience. It has a wonderful blend of romance, drama, comedy and that acting was fantastic. There are lots of unexpected twists and fantastic subplots. The characters are well developed and the pacing is perfect. Never a dull moment. I would highly recommend to anyone with a heartbeat! I would watch again. Sorry I didn't dvr this gem but I'll be sure to dvr an upcoming showing. Watch this with someone you love and double the experience. Highly recommend.
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And love is where you find it.....
gradyharp27 December 2013
Susanne Bier (In a Better World, Things We Lost in the Fire, After the Wedding, Brothers) has come up with another touching and very real exploration of human feelings with LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED co-written with Anders Thomas Jensen. In a story that could have become Hallmarky, Bier is able to score with just the right amount of human need, sentiment and reality testing that makes this little film win.

In Denmark, a hairdresser – very significant occupation we'll find – named Ida (Trine Dyrholm) has just finished post mastectomy carcinoma treatments yet when she goes home to share the news with her husband Leif (Kim Bodnia) en flagrante with a young chick form work and leaves her loutish husband to his life choices. Also living in Denmark is wealthy Englishman Phillip, a middle aged, estranged man still angry at the world for the loss of his wife, leaving him to raise his Patrick (Sebastian Jessen)? Patrick plans to marry Astrid (Molly Blixt Egelind) who happens to be the daughter of Ida. The fates of these two souls are about to intertwine as they embark for a trip to Italy to attend the wedding of Patrick and Astrid, to be staged in Philip's villa with the aid of his sister-in-law Benedikte (Paprike Steen) who has always had eyes for Philip, a thwarted romantic delusion. All eyes are on the wedding Patrick has meticulously planned but eventually takes a turn when Patrick finally admits his same sex feelings, and his thawing father falls in love with the emotionally fragile but captivating Ida. It's a story about seeking love and having the courage to change your life - even when you think it's too late.

So many threads to this story but Susanne Bier has tied them together nicely – not providing a Hollywood ending but leaving us with thoughts about how circumstances can alter the way we have been unsuccessfully viewing life.

Grady Harp
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I'll have a Danish
Quietb-114 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's very predictable but that makes it comfortable. It's another dysfunctional family getting together for a wedding. We've seen it before, but this time the mother of the bride has just completed breast cancer treatment.

An interesting touch is that the credits all seem to dissolve into.a gold like Pixie dust. There are good performances, beautiful scenery and great use of a Dean Martin song. There are subtitles that sometime blend into the background, but not to much dialogue as much of the story doesn't need dialogue.

Some of the characters are thinly written. The sister-in-law and her daughter were almost cartoonish.

There are laughs and tugs at the heart. It may not be the best wedding movie but it is a good time at the movies. Don't expect a wide summer release, but it is a pleasant change of pace. See it.
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Good job by Brosnan...well written
MarieGabrielle10 March 2014
I normally do not like the typical American romantic trite comedy, which is cartoon-ish, unrealistic, and reads like a Hallmark card.

This film is, happily, none of those. It is a very well-written story about several characters converging, The wife with cancer, older, whose daughter is to be married in Italy. The character Brosnan plays is an unavailable father (whose son turns out to be gay and not wanting marriage, in the end). Her husband is also a loser who cheats, and yet wants her back in the end, just for his convenience.

There are a few annoying characters such as the frivolous actress portraying "Benedicta", a former sister in law who continues to pursue Brosnan, who lost his wife and has been a widower.

It is not a straight comedy, there are some very good scenes such as mother and daughter talking about marriage, how things don't always work out, and generally how life can throw us curve balls when we least expect it.

The end is positive and hopeful, and while I am not a fan I thought Pierce Brosnan was very good in this type role and had some depth we don't normally see. Highly Recommended. 8/10
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Philip: "I am not looking"
stephanlinsenhoff2 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This sweet comedy shows when everything has happened that should not happen happens. Surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer, her husband with a much younger work colleague on their sofa. Ida travels without her husband to Italy to their daughter's wedding in Sorrento. At the airport in the parking area she backs in to Philips car. Philip, movie-coincidence, is the father to the boy her daughter will marry. Of course and what else. After the arrival, with Philip on their way to their children she has to listen how he treats his staff ("I pay them") bluntly telling him in the taxi that she dislikes him. What else: the movie follows the well known scheme. In a touching monologue in front of everybody her daughter calls off the wedding. The call-off is the cover-up for the real romance and the real 'happy end': the between-the-lines-romance of her mother and the widowed father.

Back home where life goes on ... until Philip comes to the hair salon for a haircut the expert she is, talked of he needs. But it is her he needs. But: too early. First other things has to happen. She has to take care of. One: her unfaithful husband. This husband that appeared at their daughters wedding with his latest love affair. Not only 'Love is all we need', the English title: but more.

The movies centerpiece is the scene at the beach. She swims. Without clothes and wig, lying there in the sand: naked and bald. Discovering what she does Charles rushes down to warn her of the dangerous undercurrents in the water. Coming out of the water, she: "Don't look" and he: "I am not looking. Take your clothes on". He does not look. But what he does is he sees! Beyond her nakedness, beyond her baldness. The 'skaldede frisør', she is. Seeing her what and as she is. Beyond.

The reason for their happy ending. Not in the hair salon. He tried but came too early for a haircut he does not need. First she must take care with the business with her husband. First then, later and now she comes and asks him to open the answer from the hospital and read it to her. By looking at her and his eyes we 'see' what the letter says without hearing him reading the letter: their second Chance.

new years eve 2013, for Clemencia
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When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie...
treeline130 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Pierce Brosnan plays a wealthy but grouchy businessman whose son is getting married in Italy. When he first meets the bride's mother, they instantly loathe each other, but the magic of Sorrento changes all that.

I love this movie! It is bilingual (Danish/English) and everyone (except Brosnan) switches between the two, often during a single conversation. Even the credits switch languages. The subtitles are fine, though, and Danish is a beautiful language.

Brosnan and costar Trine Dyrholm are wonderful together, playing heartbroken middle-agers who still want to be loved. There is a strong supporting Danish cast with well-developed characters and interesting story lines for all of them.

The story is more romance than comedy with lots of people falling in and out of love. It's heartwarming and engrossing and the Sorrento location is incredibly picturesque. Highly recommended.
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Sweet natured romantic drama with humour
neil-47626 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After a whirlwind romance, Astrid and Patrick are getting married in Patrick's old family villa in Italy which has remained fairly deserted after his mother died when he was small. Astrid's mother Ida (Trina Dyrholm) is, hopefully, in remission from breast cancer following a mastectomy: when she walks in on husband Lief doing the horizontal mambo with bookkeeper Thilde, she travels from Denmark to Italy without him, having (literally) bumped into Patrick's father Philip (Pierce Brosnan) at the airport. Businessman Philip is an unhappy man, having never resolved the anger he still feels at his wife's pointless accidental death. Among the other guests are Lief (who has travelled the following day and, insensitively, brought Thilde) and Philip's late wife's sister Benedikte, a woman capable of staggeringly crass and damaging comments made with complete obliviousness to their effects. And Patrick has some issues which need to be resolved before the wedding can take place.

Director Susanne Bier marshals her various plot threads and (except for Brosnan) Danish cast well as this gentle drama unfolds. There is nothing earth-shattering here, just real life, shown to us with compassion and humour. In Lief, Thilde and Benedikte, there are three wonderfully funny monsters, yet they too are human: we squirm at what they do, but we believe it at the same time, and understand that what we are seeing is selfishness not malice.

All the performances are good, but Brosnan (being gently unwound from his anger) is better than he has been for a long time, and Trina Dyrholm's Ida is both delightful and powerfully moving, in an understated performance which shows both range and courage.

The audience for this film (which features a mixture of English and subtitled Danish dialogue, about half and half) was mostly what one might call "women of a certain age" who were there, I suspect, for Mr Brosnan (whose hair colouring varies - maybe he hit the Grecian 2000 before the trip to Italy). As they filtered into the row behind me, and the chicken house cackling overpowered the ads and trailers, I felt ominous forebodings. Fortunately, they were silent throughout the movie: they enjoyed it very much, and so did I.
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All you need is LOVE
corrosion-221 October 2012
Love is All You Need is a real crowd pleaser, feel good type of movie. It may not be very original and ground breaking but it is expertly put together and will make the viewer leave the cinema feeling good and uplifted.

Somehow, it is reminiscent of Mamma Mia!, specially with Pierce Brosnan's presence in both movies. Here, he plays a successful businessman whose son is marrying the daughter of a Swedish hairdresser with an unfaithful husband. The wedding is set in romantic Sorrento and unexpected events happen which keep the film continuously interesting. Brosnan is particularly good and this film has the potential to become a big hit.
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romantic and heartwarming
wenxu29 November 2015
watched on a 9 hours flight. Kill sometimes, turns out to be a very heartwarming movie... The main actress and actor played superb, the sensitive playing of both character make the romantic story quiet believing. Everyone in the movie played so well, romantic, sensitive with a touch of humor. Some of the photography of the nature scene are so artistic, single and elegant made. compare with Hollywood cliché the movie is just very different in every way. watch with ease, a quiet complicated story lines with several conflicts.. which reflects the reality in our current society.

the first Danish movie I ever watched, love it!
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Everlasting Arms In The End
cathys84823 June 2013
There is a reason to be happy about Pierce Brosnen humbly accepting to play the role of Phillip .

In America there are few models for doing grief work and few models for manhood.

Phillip is a knight without armor in the way he sees Ida a cancer survivor as well as his gay son.

His eyes see up to the skies and down to the seas. Mourning and melancholia is complicated and Pierce in real life has experienced this.

I am reminded of the 12 step program: life is unmanageable, I cannot control things, I am not God and have to rely on a power greater than myself.

Phillip could play God in this film. After all he is paying for his son's wedding and Ida asks him to read the letter regarding her final prognosis.

Instead, Phillip reacts peacefully and humbly by making observations rather than emotionally reacting.

Isn't that what adults do?

I am still taking notes on how to respond to betrayals that have occurred for me over 15 years ago!

Yes in the end, love is all we need and we either fall into His everlasting arms or not.

I left the film feeling more love, joy and hope for the future!
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Please give me Danish cinema back !
cath85814 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a huge Danish cinema fan. I've seen many movies from that wonderful country. I've never been a huge fan of Susanne Bier but I thought "open hearts" or "brothers" were much better than this one. One of the main issue with this picture is that it was shot in Italy and of course including Pierce Brosnan is the cast was nothing but a huge mistake. He is far too smooth for a Danish film...This movie contains a considerable amount of clichés, the end is so predictable that it becomes unbearable. Every good danish actor is misused, the plot is so terrible that a new word should be invented to describe it. I'm being harsh because I'm afraid Danish cinema is going to lose its touch with people like Susanne Bier. Keep it inside Denmark without trying to get it closer to "general" cinema. As far as I'm concerned, cinema in Denmark is best represented by Festen or Mifune aka Dogma. Every film Danish directors have made outside Denmark with American or English actors (thinking of Thomas Vinterberg's It's all about love : a complete disaster...) has been a complete washout. Please keep on making good films without feeling the pressure to do something else just because people have started to get interested. Nothing much said about this film because it's so poor, nothing is worth mentioning. It's like a bad TV-show without anything of the brutal and realistic intake on human beings you usually see in Danish movies. It's sadly empty...
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Love isn't all you need. Some maturity and responsibility would also help
howard.schumann11 June 2013
Oscar-winning director Suzanne Bier has crafted several emotionally resonant films that have had a strong impact on the viewer. Unfortunately, Love Is All You Need is not one of them. Hitting all the right buttons, the film makes a concerted effort to appeal to the requisite demographics but forgets to aim at constituents with intelligence and sensitivity. Filmed mostly in Italy on the Bay of Naples, its gorgeous natural surroundings and talented cast cannot redeem it from a nonsensical plot and characters who are irresponsible jerks. Billed as a romantic comedy, its originality is immediately suspect when we hear the song, That's Amore, open the film a la Moonstruck.

Ida (Trine Dyrholm), an attractive middle-aged hairdresser, is a cancer survivor with a guarded prognosis. Coming home from the hospital, she is shocked when she sees her husband Leif (Kim Bodnia) on the living room couch in heated embrace with Thilde from Accounting (Christiane Schaumburg-Muller). Telling his wife that he was so stressed by her illness, he had no choice but to cheat on her, he asks for forgiveness. Obviously, if he had thought, like most adults, about moving to a more private setting or had given one second of thought to the timing of his tryst, it would have ruined the plot. The incident aside, Ida, traveling alone, is on her way to Italy to attend her daughter Astrid's (Molly Blixt Egelind) wedding. Flustered, she backs her car up in the airport parking garage and runs right into - wouldn't you know it? That's right, Pierce Brosnan of all people.

Not only is Philip (Brosnan), the head of a fresh-produce company and one of the myriad of uber-wealthy people in the film, going to Italy as well but is, wonder of wonders, the father of the groom. Now how's that for a coincidence? Of course, they are both angry and fighting mad, a prerequisite for living happily ever after. Philip is particularly bitter since he lost his wife several years ago in a car accident and has been taking it out on the rest of humanity ever since. Things are only heating up, however. When we get to the wedding, held at Philip's luxury villa in Sorrento, we meet Benedikte (Paprika Steen), Philip's rowdy and obnoxious sister-in-law who tells him that she's always been madly in love with him. This prompts one of the nastiest speeches in movie history where lovely Benedikte finds out just how awful she really is. Tender is the night.

To make the gathering even more cringe-worthy, Leif shows up at the wedding with his floozy girlfriend who's all smiles. Much to Ida's horror, her soldier-son Kenneth (Micky Skeel Hansen), floors his father with a right cross from his only one good arm. There is much more melodrama, however, including a laughable twist involving Patrick (Sebastian Jessen), the husband-to-be, but I had better stop now. If all of this was played as a farce, it would be moderately amusing even with all its stale sub-plots, predictability, and banal dialogue. Unfortunately, the film has an aura of profound seriousness that makes it insufferable in any genre. Despite some moments of genuine warmth, Love Is All You Need wastes some fine talent on a romantic comedy that has neither romance nor comedy. If this film is any example, love isn't all you need. Some maturity and responsibility would also help.
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Just a thoroughly good film but it may have you crying a bit!
glasslens9 May 2013
Imagine Mama Mia! without the songs and with a real plot and with a tiny touch of Danish weight. Add good direction, good actors and that magic that is hard to define but lifts what could be average into really good, and this is what you get in Love Is All You Need. It is hard to miss the Mama Mia! connection with the sub-plot of daughter getting married in a romantic place with friends, mother without a partner and of course Pierce Brosnan in a leading role as a father. Mama Mia! was always designed to be light and frothy and it achieved that 100% but this film is has a slightly darker theme and is far more meaningful. The performances are just superb - especially from Trine Dyrholm who has an extraordinary magnetism - you cannot take your eyes from her beautiful expressive face even when she tries to have no expression! Technically excellent with good camera work and fantastically good sound - especially the music, this shows that yet again, the Danish/Nordic/Swedish talent for film-making shines through.
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And you get more than enough of it
kosmasp21 May 2013
Just the song "That's amore" is enough love for any and everyone. Apart from one of the best love songs ever to be written and performed, the movie also has drama to offer. And a lot of comedy. Relationships are easy to spot, but what is really amazing, is how easy the movie delivers in the acting department and how convincing everyone is. You actually believe the relationships those people have with each other are "true" and not just fiction.

Great acting and writing do contribute to that fact of course. The setting does help. And while some twists are very well seeded into the story and therefor should not be a big surprise, the movie itself feels very good. One last point, that did surprise, the rating in Germany. It's rated "0", which means it's for everybody, including children. There is a small scene that involves intercourse. Nothing major and no frontal nudity. Just a heads up for people who might feel a bit offended by that
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Pierce Brosnan saying "I'm sorry" for the entire film
superhoneyginger19 May 2019
Caught this about 15 mins in on tv, i noticed it was a Scandinavian language film with Pierce Brosnan in a leading role, so I continued watching for that reason principally.

It's a familiar premise of two-worlds-collide with an international, interlingual aspect. The film takes place in Denmark and Italy with a disgruntled executive (Pierce) meeting a demure danish hairdresser while both hurrying to get to their respective children's wedding in Italy.

The heart of the film takes place there in Italy, where, in the prelude to the wedding all becomes clear about our protagonists. There are moments of tenderness and angst in equal measure carried along nicely by all actors and all set against sumptuous scenery.

As my title suggests, I doubt Brosnan has ever said "I'm sorry" more times in one film and that was the most -although unintentional - comedic aspect for me in this serene yet quaintly engaging drama/romance. Though I felt the film belonged to the female lead who's dealing with crisis manifold and ultimately finding her place in the world.

It won't make you laugh or cry but the core concepts and nice performances should keep you watching.
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