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Dennis Christopher: Leonide Moguy



  • Dr. King Schultz : How long have you been associated with Mr. Candie?

    Leonide Moguy : Oh, Calvin's father and I were about eleven when we went to boarding school together. Calvin's father's father put me through law school. One could almost say I was raised to be Calvin's lawyer.

    Django : One could almost say you's a nigga.

    Leonide Moguy : What did you say?

    Django : I said...

    Dr. King Schultz : He's just being cheeky.

  • Dr. King Schultz : Anything else about Mr. Candie I should know about before I meet him?

    Leonide Moguy : Yes, he is a bit of a francophile. Well, what civilized people aren't? And he prefers "Monsieur Candie" to "Mr. Candie".

    Dr. King Schultz : Si c'est cela qu'il préfère.

    [Whatever he prefers] 

    Leonide Moguy : He doesn't speak French. Don't speak French to him, it'll embarrass him.

  • Calvin Candie : [after selling Broomhilda to Django and Schultz]  Mr. Moguy!

    Leonide Moguy : Yes, Calvin?

    Calvin Candie : You make this gentlemen a receipt for $12,000, please.

    [Candie stands up and casually examines his cut hand] 

    Calvin Candie : It was a pleasure doing business with y'all.


    Calvin Candie : Now gentlemen, if you care to join me in the parlor, we will be serving white cake...

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