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After appearing as a guest on the show, Reese Witherspoon begins to hang around the Lately offices. At first, all the writers clamor to have her be their individual new BFF, which Reese seems more than willing to be to each of them. But over time, a little Reese goes a long way. The writers have to figure out a tactful way to tell Chelsea of Reese's intrusions into their working life as Chelsea, who has not been subject to Reese's intrusions, is oblivious to the situation and as such still considers Reese a close friend. Meanwhile, Lionel, one of the security guards, buys Heather's lunch for her at the food truck. This incident leads to some awkward encounters between the two as Heather tries to reciprocate, while Lionel begins to question what Heather's actions mean. And Chuy asks Brad, the Jewish MBA, for advice on how to negotiate his still active contract with Chelsea.

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