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I like it.. not sure why other people are so disturbed by it
winnipegreviews11 January 2012
I like the show because I can relate to the awkward relationship humour. I don't know why everyone is so insistent on bashing the show in these reviews. It's a sitcom about two people learning to co-exist and navigate each others personalities and idiosyncrasies. A laugh track is on EVERY sitcom, so not sure why people insist on pointing it out here.

Anyways I like the show, but perhaps you need to be able to relate to it to get some of the humour. I think it's funny, lighthearted and I like the characters. I think the actors play the character's well and deliver the lines as naturally as they can considering it's a sitcom and all sitcom character's tend to be kind of overly emphasized.
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Wow, these reviews are ridiculous!!!
iounu28 November 2011
Sometimes I can't believe the crap people write in these reviews. I'm convinced that the same people slamming this show are the ones writing how wonderful Glee is. Unreal. I personally love this show. There's one reason in particular that warmed me to it. They laugh and smile at jokes during the show. It has always bothered me that in popular shows such as Friends and Raymond when a character says something hilarious that nobody in the show ever laughs or seems to even pay attention to the joke. Super phony. In Whitney they not only acknowledge jokes but they seem to almost come out of character to laugh or smile a little at them. This makes the characters even MORE likable and keeps me thoroughly interested. I enjoy Whiteneys attitude towards romance and the typical "women" things. It makes her interesting. Her bf on the show is great as well, probably even better than her. I'll continue watching to see how it progresses.
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Really enjoy it!
erinmm20052 November 2011
Based on the other reviews on here, this show is not for everyone. However, I really enjoy this show. It has some very funny one-liners and the cast is enjoyable to watch. Whitney Cummings (Whitney) and Chris D'Elia (Alex) are great comedians and have good chemistry! The relationship situations they get themselves into are totally blown out of proportion, but I think that is part of what makes the sitcom funny. The sarcasm at times is hilarious! I don't think it has been on long enough to really hit its stride, but it has been picked up for a full season, so I am sure it will be even better by the end of the season. I will definitely continue to watch. If you have never seen it... please give it a chance!
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Funny is in the ear of the beholder...
StefaniePerez30 September 2011
All the negative reviews are astounding! I cannot believe that people think NBC would choose to air a "horrible" pilot. I LOVED the show, from start to finish. Whitney has sharp wit and Chris D'Elia makes the show just as funny. Without allowing my review, nor the several others, give the show a chance and WATCH it!! I don't agree with some of the other reviews. The actors do complement each other, and it is almost as if the show was written specifically for them to be in the show. They have great chemistry on screen. The humor is sarcastic, and on point. The group of girls have funny jokes followed up by great acting. Yes, I won't deny that the laugh track is bad... but aren't they all? I must say, I am a fan of the humor for sure! I will continue watching the show, and I may not always be home to watch it, but will DVR it. It's nice to be able to look forward to getting home, to unwind and watch a good show.
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Damn good show, solid characters
MrLosi28 February 2012
Much to my surprise, Whitney ends up being a very funny show. The surrounding characters really round out this sitcom to create scenes that are damn funny and memorable. All of Whitney's friends are a little weird in a good way. Her boyfriend Alex is so off it's funny. He does weird voices and movements with his body that are so unique that you just need to watch it to understand how funny it can be. Roxanne is another special character that has the ability to do physical humor and her timing is spot on. Lilly and her fiancé are especially difficult to figure out and were a bit slow to develop but I am now really digging their dynamics and want to see where that strange couple ends up. Whitney's parents have not played a huge part so far and it may be good to see a little more of them but what I have seen of them I was not in love with. The characters need more development but all in all this show was a gem to find and I am shocked that this show is not at the top of the list of best new comedies. So, check this out for yourselves and I think you will be shocked how damn sharp it is.
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One of the best new comedies!
kdsnail9 October 2011
After seeing Whitney in a stand-up routine on some cable special, I had to give her new show a chance. I was not disappointed.

Other than the canned laughter, which producers feel the need to run every 8 seconds, the show has fresh faces with sharp wit. Whitney says what women should be able to voice - and that's the sharpness of this show. In a society where people expect women to have a limited intelligent contribution, Whitney dares to challenge the status quo without being offensive. To round out the lead roles, her boyfriend on the show does not play a wimp, but is a second person that can match her vibrant approach to life.

Watch it more than once and Whitney will charm you with her flair.
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It's always a bad omen when the forced laughter comes every few seconds...
Asteri-Atypical22 September 2011
...and this was no exception.

Despite the fact it was claimed it was "filmed in front of a live audience", I no more feel this laughter was genuine, from the heart, than the impersonal machines which usually are the hallmark of a poorly-written crapfest comedy.

Since it was Whitney Cummings, I thought I'd give it a chance. Despite being a bit "cheap / crude", she seemed to have some wit in some of her routines. Sadly, no such wit was present in this brainless comedy.

This is not "amusing in a low-brow sense like Larry the Cable Guy or Jeff Foxworthy" comedy. It's just pointless, without anything unique or clever. This is just the same brain-dead sitcom we've seen before a zillion times, with a zillion different names.

I gave it a shot. It didn't cut it.

Nothing new here, folks.
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great show
iddqd879 October 2011
First off, I do NOT usually watch TV, besides Always Sunny, Burn Notice, Community and some other random shows. I laughed at some of the commercials and thought it was worth a look.

I actually laugh out loud at this show. Rare for me. I think they are both very funny and its filmed in front of a studio audience so the laughs are more tolerable and when they get each other to crack a smile you can tell its real.

I hope this show stays for a long time, I really enjoy it and I think the 4/10 is pretty harsh. Its far better, more clever and genuinely funnier and well timed than most other shows out there.
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Great new comedy about sexual awkwardness
mwolfe3816 November 2011
This show is quite funny and the characters are at least somewhat relatable. The writers do a good job making comedy out of awkward sexual situations but the comedy does not stop there. There are some pretty good lines but not overly witty. Overall the show deserves much more credit than the other reviews here would suggest.

I have watched this with my wife every week since it came out and have found myself laughing much more than some other new shows I've attempted to watch recently (Suburgatory, Happy Endings, The New Girl) -- all of which have much better ratings on here.

The show is obviously not comparable with something like arrested development or modern family but still worth a watch. May not be for everyone but I enjoy it.
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really not bad
digdog-785-71753813 January 2012
in today's internetz world, TV reviews matter less and less - watch an episode online, and if you don't like it, no harm done - after all, it's not a movie showing where you need to pay a ticket.

But Whitney isn't bad at all, and surely not as bad as the other reviewers make it out to be.

Perhaps it's the fact that i understand the characters, have been there (with the permanent girlfriend who burns for a marriage proposal that's not going to happen), or maybe it's my cynicism that's too close to the show's and makes me appreciate the jokes - in fact, this show makes me laugh; not laugh out hard, tears kind of laughing that Friends does, or the occasional solid laugh i get out of a Family Guy episode, but nonetheless, it's still plenty watchable for a TV show. In fact, i'd say that this show is about as funny as 2 Broke Girls is, and though neither is *that* funny, they both do well when your other alternatives are teen angst vampire chick-flicks.

Also, Roxanne is hot.

My vote: a cool 7/10
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This show should come with a Surgeon General's warning
shakespeareandoll22 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Don't waste your time watching this.

The entire show lacks on any sort of conflict or real storyline. It relies on the fact that the main characters are unmarried and living together. Unless you've recently time-traveled from the year 1875 where this premise would be considered mind-blowing or vaguely astonishing, none of this will wow you.

Every single (and I do mean EVERY single) character is an unbearable mess. They seem like caricatures dreamed up by someone who has been living underneath a cardboard box and just recently came back into contact with other human beings.

The laugh-track on this show drowns the majority of the lines said by the actors, making it impossible to even enjoy any of the one-liners if you wanted to. Oh yeah, did I mention the fact that this show is entirely compromised of unfunny one-liners? I'm even pretty sure one of the lines was stolen from a Tyler the Creator rap.

Overall, this show is an absolute mess. Sorry Whitney.
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kevincoleridge17 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING! This show is simply unwatchable right from the very beginning. Here are your spoilers: The premise is unfitting the casting, the laugh track is unbearable, and the production seemed like a bad high school play. I urge you to save 30 minutes of your life by avoiding this show. It seems unfitting the talent in the male and female leads respectively, as I have seen excellence from them in previous works. I find it unfortunate that I expected better from NBC to develop a way to showcase Whitney Cummings' talent and particular humor. Perhaps they should ask Lorne Michaels to help produce a quick fix to this show if there is any care to save it. It seems the other NBC comedy debut, "Up All Night" at least has seemed to be on the mark for modern television comedy, while "Whitney" seems to be the epitome of the word: "dated."
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How could this be worse?
aadams26 September 2011
There is NO WAY that canned laughter was from a live audience. This show may be the worst thing I've ever watched. It felt like something from the 70s in the dated subject matter and stupidity with how these two utter morons go through their tragically idiotic days. It's so bad it made me angry that I downloaded it from iTunes and watched in disbelief that NBC would even look at this concept much less put it in their fall lineup. I found Whitney unbearably unappealing in every conceivable way, and the dork she lives with is more boring and dimwitted than day-old oatmeal. As the sitcom progressed, I began to hope it was actually a crime show and these two would be the victims. Shut it down.
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just_wilco6 October 2011
Whitney is literally one of the worst television shows I have ever sat through. The "jokes" are not funny, despite the cast's seeming inability to not chuckle when delivering lines, the acting is atrocious, and the laugh track is unbelievably distracting. It's a bad sign when the "studio audience" is cracking up at - not JUST the supposed "jokes" - but EVERY SINGLE LINE.

I tried to give it a chance with the first two episodes, but I wasn't able to make it through 22 minutes of either. It is truly a sad day if this is the direction NBC is going with its "comedy". I'm completely baffled that the same network that airs the brilliant "Community" and "Parks And Recreation" has given this hot mess a full season.

Unless you're a masochist, I'd strongly advise you to steer clear of this abomination.
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I love this show =]
amiyumi139 October 2011
I could care less about the negative reviews about the show, not everyone is going to like it. But I find this show very refreshing from what is shown on TV nowadays, when most of them have the same story lines and plots. I have not seen a show with this story line. Whitney is also a very funny comedian I think, a lot better then most the female comedians out there. And even though the "live audience" sounds forced or not real, that shouldn't matter because I'm the one who is laughing and enjoying the show. I am looking forward to more seasons. Everyone has different tastes in shows and comedies and that is normal. But I personally love this show and think it is a nice breeze of a "different" kind of sitcom.
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Whitney seems worthwhile, and much better than the averaged rating here so far reflects.
goreblimey7714 October 2011
Hmm. A lousy rating and a bunch of bad reviews. Personally, I give it a 6 1/2 - which rounds up to 7. Whitney (who I hadn't seen before, that I remember, anyhow) is very funny. So is her boyfriend. And there is some good writing - as in good lines, principally. It's main fault is the laugh-track -- which they should - if not eliminate altogether - lower the volume on by 50% or more.

Great sitcoms don't need laugh tracks at all - None in Modern Family, for example, and none in the later episodes of Sports Night (better to cut it later than never). Whitney may well never be great, but it's good enough to sharply limit the track. (While it's touted as being recorded before a studio audience, I cannot believe that there isn't an "augmented" track involved; and even if there isn't, they need to cut the "audience track" down appreciably (and/or populate the audience with considerably more actual natural humans. English-speaking. Adults).)

The second most-serious deficiency here seems to me to be in weakish story-telling, but it's early days yet. And even if it is and is to stay a "6.5" rated show - that's not so bad.

Anyway, Whitney seems worthwhile, and much better than the averaged rating here so far reflects.
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Unwatchable. . .
TheBeeperKing23 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I understand that television would be exceptionally boring if it catered to only one taste. I understand that there is room in this great big network television world for the "Two and a Half Men"s, "Community"s, "CSI"s and "True Blood"s. I understand the concept of "To each their own" and I try not to judge other's tastes too harshly.

However, I DO NOT understand why NBC would vet a show so horrifyingly annoying that it is the equivalent of being forced to chew on tin foil while someone simultaneously scratches a chalkboard and chews an apple directly in your ear. It would be different if every time I opened a magazine or newspaper I didn't see Whitney Cummings smiling with a wide, toothy grin. Surely NBC wouldn't heavily promote something so awful as the crown jewel of it's Thursday night lineup.

Evidently, I was wrong.

Forget the fact that each commercial was cringe-worthy. Commercials aren't necessarily indicative of a promising show. Forget that every ad seemed to promote only the "groundbreaking" concept that Whitney and her boyfriend (gasp!) don't feel the need to get married. Some stellar shows are based on weaker concepts.

What IS difficult to forget is the ham-handed acting of every character, prosaic dialog and strange decision to revert to the live studio audience filming with three shot format. It was literally painful to watch, but I did so hoping that even the last moment may bring redemption. Again - I was wrong.

Each joke delivered by an unlikeable character was met with laughter. Quite a bit of laughter, actually. Maybe some of the jokes were mildly funny ("Nice dress") but not enough to warrant a full fledged guffaw from the crowd. Considering each actor paused not only their dialog, but stopped all physical movement to smirk at their own snark, it made for very uncomfortable television. It was though they were told to wait for the laughter so the next one-liner wouldn't be compromised. It also looked like they were waiting for validation or cues from their counterpart on screen. Combine these things together and it seemed like everyone in Whitney's world has a mini-stroke after each delivery.

Then combine the contrived concept that Whitney needs to explore role play to add spark to their sex life. Not wasting a second of their 22 minutes, a visit to the sex shop forgoes any potential for prop inspired hilarity and, instead, the over-the-top employee breezes immediately past Whitney's two friends and makes a beeline for her. The need to drive the dialog wasted any edginess that may have been realized. Basically - "Whitney not have outfit. Whitney need outfit. Whitney get outfit." - Fascinating.

The only "wit" evident in this episode is a mildly entertaining take on Whitney taking the "sexy nurse" role-play too far by making her boyfriend fill out actual insurance forms as foreplay. Cute, but not enough to justify an entire episode.

Since the promo commercials show Whitney dressed in several costumes to ignite a night of passion and only one of them appeared in the pilot, the sad reality is that Whitney Cummings has decided that this will be a recurring segment in her show. Again, maybe if the dialog and humor was bearable, this could be an entertaining aspect of the show. But as it stands right now, it's going to be a recycled gag to emphasize how witty and snarky Whitney thinks she is while only emphasizing that 29 years of existence can be harder on some more than others.

The supporting cast is a nightmare of stereotypes that is devoid of both diversity and appeal. One dimensional in nature, does anyone really relate to the boozy, bitter friend with a chip on her shoulder? Karen from Will and Grace is not more appealing humorless and middle class. A passion obsessed couple who can ONLY seem to talk about sex have no sustainability other than to emphasize how little Whitney and her boyfriend don't have sex. Add a sex crazed police officer with tired one liners, the whole 22 minutes of Whitney reinforces the fact that stand up comedians must not have real friends to derive inspiration from.

If NBC really wants to hang it's hat on recycling well-known characters, then dumbing them down to make the out-of-her-league title character engaging, then there's probably a reason NBC continues to be a last place network.

I've heard Whitney Cummings is a competent stand-up comic. Perhaps it's great advice for her to stick to what she's good at - television sitcoms are not her strength.
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I knew it was going to be bad.
mrwes00024 September 2011
I knew it was going to be bad, but not sure how bad. So I was curious and watched. I felt the urge to scratch my eyeballs out within the first few minutes. Comedy stylings from the early 90s, with the wit of a mule.

All you have to do to understand what this show is about, is to go to Whitney Cummings's wikipedia page. There it reads, "She was formerly a cast member of the MTV television show Punk'd." Yes, that sounds about right.

Please NBC, cancel this show and try something else. Look at how successful Community is. Don't keep doing these copy and paste jobs. It's like you mashed every bad sitcom you can imagine into one turd.
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garrettbaldwin109 October 2011
I turned on this show on demand tonight, and it is absolutely brutal.

It seems like Whitney Cummings would be far better off as a secondary character on another show because this show just doesn't work.

She's a woman in a relationship and she doesn't get enough sex... Get it? That's the whole plot line. Then toss on a forced laugh track that rumbles every 15 seconds at jokes that simply aren't funny.

I am figuring that they gave out drugs to the audience for them to be laughing at any of this show. Or, the audience is laughing at how bad this is... Or they are watching another show in a different room.

I really can't even begin to describe how painful this show is to watch....
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You have to wonder how this ever got on the air
duraflex14 October 2011
The Whitney character is thoroughly unlikeable.

She's mean, uncaring, rude, insensitive and obnoxious. Nothing funny going on here.

Whitney has no redeeming qualities and why the boyfriend or anyone would choose to live with her is beyond comprehension.

Whitney is written to try to make the lead character look so cute and clever - written by the star and creator and it's very self serving. Totally unlike Ray Romano whose super successful sitcom poked fun at himself as well as showing his endearing qualities and sensitivities.

As far as Whitney goes, a test pattern with a tone generator would be a better use of air time.
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wow, totally surprised how many of you hate this show
msveloso4 December 2011
are any of you in a relationship? if you were you might see the humour. i think its witty and fun. the supporting characters are great too, we all have these kinda people in our lives, you gotta love the drunk single girl or the pervert single guy in a position of power, the perfect couple...

even my husband, who in the beginning I had to practically beg for him to watch with me tried not to like this but it the end he couldn't help himself... sure there's the corny laugh track, who cares.

this show is a bright spot after a dark day. its a little like will and grace without the gays. this is one of our favourite new comedy shows of the season...and that list is pretty short...
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This show makes me laugh
moveguy1 December 2011
I first heard of or saw Whitney Cummings on a celebrity roast and thought she killed (think it was hasselhoff). Then I saw her on another and once again she was one of the better ones, then heard her on a Howard Stern interview and he was all about this girl so when I saw she had a show out I had to at least check it out.

I have to start off by saying you can't judge this show by the first episode, like many sitcoms out there that's just not fair. The biggest problem people seem to have with it is the laugh track and that is most notable in the pilot so they must have learned from it and turned it down a couple notches once the show got picked up.

Seinfeld is one of my all time favourites and its full of background laughing (and the pilot is probably the worst episode), its just that a lot of newer shows are taking the realism stance like Curb and The Office and Modern Family so you become used to not having a laugh track and then when it shows up it seems weird much like when it first disappeared it seemed weird. Watching Seinfeld right after Curb or vice-versa (that spelt right?) made me first really notice what a difference it makes.

But back to Whitney, this show makes me laugh, its geared for adults which I like (being an adult in age at least) and so far sticks to comedy without any real drama which I also like. Wish How I Met Your Mother had a lot less drama in it. I like the characters, I like the random stories and I really hope it gets time to grow cause it definitely has potential.
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Simply magnificent
la_salchi24 February 2012
I do not have to write anymore to tell everyone that this show is simply magnificent and really fun! I love it.

I do not understand why people hate it. The show is really good. I prefer it before Glee even how I met your mother.

Whitney's character and Roxanne's are great.

They show has everything for fun: love, comedy, jokes. It takes 20 minutes but you do not realize...

Simply great! You gotta see this show. I really hope a second season.

Finally and Since I need at least ten lines...wikipedia says: The series follows Whitney Cummings, as she portrays a fictionalized version of herself, and her very supportive live-in boyfriend, Alex. Even though the two have decided that they will not commit to marriage, she does question how committed they are in their 3-year relationship and tries to go as far to prove a point; she begins to fear what she sees as "relationship boredom" and worries what will happen next that could possibly end her relationship. Because of what she sees and hears around her involving other relationships, she decides to use unconventional methods to keep the romantic flames glowing with the help of her close friends. The sitcom is set in Chicago.
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Love this show
jarodriguez1417 November 2011
I don't understand why most people have given this show bad reviews. This show is awesome!! Its a show for young couples that have been living together for a few years. My wife and I are always watching it, and we are amazed at how similar this couple's relationship is to ours. There have been some episodes where the main story does not involve the couple's relationship, and I have to say, those episodes were incredibly boring. But when the story involves the couple's relationship, the show is incredibly accurate and funny. If you are in a relationship and you have recently started living together, this show is for you. I am actually writing this review as I wait for the show to begin.
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Grows on you...
telesfunken12 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say... the first episodes were just boring. The characters weren't believable at all, the actors seemed to be laughing of their own jokes (I HATE when they do that!!!) and it pretty much looked like the same sitcom we've already seen a thousand times before... all over again. I don't know why but I had to keep checking the following episodes, I guess I was curious to see how bad this show could become. But I gotta say... after the fourth episode I was kind of hooked. The jokes actually make me laugh and Whitney is much nicer. The couple seem to have found this complicity, this easy going back and forth dialogue and even the satellite characters seem funnier and also more believable. So yeah... I have to admit I'm converted to this smart couple and right now, I'm curious to see how good this show can get. I will stay tuned.
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