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The original Belgian version was better but this one is also fine.
deloudelouvain13 February 2017
I have a couple of questions after watching The Loft. The first one is why some people don't like this movie? If you wanted to watch a mystery thriller then this is what you got. There's no way in hell you could see the end coming. That's what makes a mystery thriller standing out from the rest. A good story with some twists you don't see coming. My second question is why do we need to remake a movie that has been made before and even better? I saw the Belgian version of 2008 before and even if it is the exact copy of this version the original was even better. So why spending all that money on a movie that already exists? Just put some subtitles under the Belgian version and you got an even better movie. Saves you money and time. And if you watched this version of The Loft to see Matthias Schoenaerts play in it than you could have watched the original version as well because he plays in both movies. That must be a premiere I think. Anyways, even though I preferred the original version I still think this one was also good. Good story with good twists and with a good cast. What else do you want on a movie night?
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A box office flop, especially with critics, and yet..
DBLurker5 July 2017
.. a movie that's far more entertaining than most of the crap produced these days.

Really nice acting, cringe-worthy characters (in a good way) played by talented & believable actors with a nice suspenseful/thrilling plot. I honestly thought I would hate it when I started watching it on BluRay, but wow, I sat through it all without even taking a bathroom break.

Not going to spoil anything, except for the fact that this movie is another reason why the so called "critics" should not be listened to.

Oh and watch it with your wife for the best experience.
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Convoluted mess of an erotic thriller
lnvicta3 May 2015
The only reason I knew this movie existed is because I was looking up what Eric Stonestreet had done aside from Modern Family, so I decided to give this a shot. The premise of the movie is the best part about it: Five guys have the keys to a secret loft where they can freely cheat on their wives, but one day they find a dead girl on the bed and have to figure out who did it. To this movie's credit, the first half is engaging and curious. They develop some shady history between the guys and show how the loft came to be, but as pieces of the puzzle start coming together and the more answers we get, the more the movie suffers. I mean I've seen botched premises before but The Loft takes it to a new low.

The five leads in this movie do what they can. They are likable actors and they have some moments of conviction here and there, but the script is so horrendous it's astonishing that they can keep a straight face delivering these lines. Wentworth Miller is the weak link, and I don't know if it's his fault or his character just being really weird and uncomfortable but that's another thing: you don't like any of these characters. They're all despicable, cheating, lying, douchebags that are only friends because they all have those sh*tty traits in common. And I use the term "friends" loosely because these guys seem to hate each other as much as the audience does. Half the time they're yelling and arguing at each other, the other half they're just dull and plodding along with the script. It's sad because you want to like these guys but they really are just sociopathic dickheads. Honestly the only one with a conscious is James Marsden's character but even then still he's a deceiving slimeball. However the cokehead brother completely embraces the psychosis angle and gives a very nice standout performance considering the material he was given.

The women in this movie are horrendous. There is not one memorable female character - they're all either stupid and married to these guys or stupid and f*cking them behind their wives' backs. It's hard to care about a movie where every character is totally unlikable.

Like I said, the first half of the movie is very promising. The pacing was appropriate, it was easy to follow what was going on, it gave you time to become invested in the mystery, then all of a sudden things get crazy. Like unbelievable, ridiculous, stupid levels of crazy. First of all there are like six endings to the movie; it goes on for a good 10-20 more minutes than it should, and the worst part is that each "ending" is worse than the last. They try over-explaining what happened and it ends up getting so twisted and convoluted that it collapses onto itself. At a point you just stop caring about who did what - you just want the damn movie to end. The entire third act is a disaster in every conceivable way.

This movie was watchable, mainly because of the cast, but the ending is so frustrating I had to give it a low score. I really tried to like it, it's just hard to care about a movie when you're just watching a bunch of stupid people do stupid things. And the police interrogation scenes were atrocious.

If you don't care about plot and just want to see a bunch of good looking people act like complete jerks for an hour and a half, you can get a kick out of The Loft. If you want a thrilling murder mystery that makes you think, stay far far away - The Loft does not deliver.
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Like a cheap Rubik's cube
drownsoda903 February 2015
"The Loft" is a remake of a Belgian film, and focuses on five married men who go in on a ritzy high rise loft for the purposes of pursuing their affairs and sexual escapades. When a girl winds up dead in a pool of blood in the loft, the five men panic as they attempt to unravel who she is and where she came from.

Taking some cues from Hitchcock (and not exactly with a fraction of Hitch's poise), "The Loft" is an overall entertaining film, but the script at times is the equivalent of a cheap Rubik's cube— it looks fine, it's a fun puzzle, I guess, but it's really just not that impressive overall.

The film shifts between past and present, unraveling the narrative through flashbacks which are sandwiched between the current dilemma of the four men arguing in the loft over the corpse of the dead blonde. The pacing is a bit choppy, and the transitions rather abrupt. James Marsden and Wentworth Miller are among the film's greatest star power here, but the cast overall is really underwhelming, and the performances are at times borderline campy as the men play up their roles as buffoonish plutocratic mattress hounds.

The finale cements my feelings of the film as an underwhelming thriller that seems more suited for television than the silver screen, but I still can't say it was totally not worth the time. In spite of the hammy performances, the disjointed narrative, and the overall sensibility of utter lifelessness that the film has, it is still by and large an entertaining flick. Nearly impossible to take seriously, but for entertainment's sake, it's passable. 5/10.
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Effective thriller that achieves what it sets out to
jtindahouse8 March 2015
From the opening moments of 'The Loft' you can guess pretty much exactly what you're in for. A "whodunnit" mystery with plentiful twists, where not everything is as it seems. Knowing that much doesn't hurt a film at all. In fact it makes the next couple of hours something to be very much looked forward to - or at least for me it does. You could say the format of the genre is lacking in originality, but you could rarely say two films are the same and anyone who says they saw the ending coming is almost always lying or exaggerating a fleeting suspicious they had. This is why I love mystery-thrillers.

'The Loft' is a fun watch - nothing more, nothing less. It achieves exactly what it sets out to. The 5 lead actors were all pretty solid and gave credible performances. I think I will always see Eric Stonestreet as his brilliant character from 'Modern Family', so I struggled a bit at first to take him seriously in his role here, but he's good enough of an actor to get past that. The dialogue was tightly written and every detail that could otherwise have been questioned was covered well. The only fault I could find was the score sometimes drowning out the dialogue which can be annoying in a film like this where you are trying to catch every spoken detail. Altogether though a fine movie.
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Friendship, Little Secrets and Twists
claudio_carvalho9 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The architect Vincent Stevens (Karl Urban); the psychiatrist Chris Vanowen (James Marsden); the real estate agents Luke Seacord (Wentworth Miller) and Marty Landry (Eric Stonestreet); and Chris' half-brother Philip Trauner (Matthias Schoenaerts) are married and best friends. Vincent proposes his friends to share a wonderful penthouse loft in a brand new building designed by him to become their rendezvous instead of using their credit cards for love affairs and one night stands in hotels. When they discover the body of a beautiful woman cuffed on the bed in the loft, they have argument to find who is the responsible and secrets are disclosed affecting their friendship.

"The Loft" is an engaging thriller with a good story with many twists despite of the flaws and the weak conclusion. It is not easy to write a complex screenplay developing many characters with twists without plot holes. The greatest one is how a high-standard building in the present days does not have security cameras and guards to show that the alibis are not consistent? Chris is a psychiatrist and does not identify that Sarah Deakins is not dead? The conclusion is also unconvincing. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Prazeres Mortais" ("Deadly Pleasures")
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The plot is fine,, honestly there were more than a couple of thrilling moments .. well at least i think it went better than what i'v read here in the reviews before.
Aktham_Tashtush22 May 2015
The movie started nicely,, with flipping between the moment of now in the investigation room and the moment where they found the body in the loft and the one year and between flashbacks .. Even though it had five different stories it was actually easily understandable.

The Idea of the movie is fresh and new for Hollywood and the plot flows smoothly in the first half an hour of the movie there are no much puzzles to think about but who really between those five guys did it !! until you start to think maybe it's one of the guys mistresses. then you jump to accuse everyone who speaks Latin, then everyone becomes a killer in your eyes :D .

So to be fair the screenplay writing appears so tight and consistent .. with just a couple of unexpected surprise in the end ;)

With the same director as the Belgian version of the movie Erik Van Looy and pretty much the same writers i'v heard they kept it just as it went in the original. Even though i kinda preferred to watch the original movie because the originals always better but i mean who can stand almost 2 hours of translated Dutch movie !! :P

As for the cast, the Leads whom i only know from TV they were all engaging and well invested in their roles, Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller and Eric Stonestreet and even the short appearances of Matthias Schoenaerts who was actually in the original Belgian movie "Loft (2008)".

Overall it went fine,, well at least let's say better than what i'v read in some reviews .
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unappealing characters
SnoopyStyle6 August 2016
Architect Vincent Stevens (Karl Urban) is being interrogated by the police as he recounts what happened. Luke Seacord (Wentworth Miller) had discovered a dead girl handcuffed to the bed in the loft. He called Vincent, psychiatrist Chris Vanowen (James Marsden), fellow real estate agent Marty Landry (Eric Stonestreet), and Chris' half brother Philip Williams (Matthias Schoenaerts). Vincent had organized a shared secret love nest for the five married friends. Chris is married to Allison (Rhona Mitra) and had an affair with Ann Morris (Rachael Taylor), the sister of a patient who committed suicide. Vincent is married to Barbara (Valerie Cruz) and slept with Sarah Deakins (Isabel Lucas).

None of the characters are appealing and therefore none of it matters to me. By following a scattering of characters, none of them become big enough to be compelling. It becomes an endurance contest of waiting for the reveal. Since nobody is the hero of the piece, anybody could be the killer and no twist or reveal is truly shocking. I had hopes of a Hitchcockian thriller but it's all very flat.
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85122225 May 2015
Greetings from Lithuania.

"The Loft" (2014) is definitely an enjoyable mystery flick. It tells a story of 5 guys who rent an loft, when something bad one day happens. Trust no one, when you have these kind of friends.

The story was not bad at all, i likes the simple yet somehow fresh idea. Pacin of this movie is good, at running time 1 h 45 min this movie barely drags and is entertaining from start till finish.

Overall, "The Loft" is a satisfying mystery thriller - "who dunnit". Perfromances are very OK, but nothing that very good. Script is interesting. This movie doesn't go deep into conciseness of these guys, but it's enjoyable ride nevertheless.
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A Big Game Of Cluedo
SushiStoner10321 February 2015
The Loft is a murder mystery, directed by Erik Van Looy who also happened to direct the original Belgium film (loft) 2008. This remake follows the same story of five uncommitted husbands who struggle to sustain a relationship and to keep it in their pants. They are conveniently given access to a secret love dungeon where they can seek their mistresses and cheat on their wives. Shortly after somebody is "murdered" in the loft, the five begin to suspect each other and from there on the over complex CSI episode arises.

Ill start off praising the positives, since the film did have potential. The cinematography is miraculous. The unique sense of direction makes every shot look great. The script is somewhat lethargic but thankfully the "majority" of the cast pull it off. Each character was evenly distributed and explored, creating fairly interesting protagonists and slight emotional attachment. The score raised tension when necessary and kept me guessing on the edge of my seat. But after the 100th twist, the suspense and fascination quickly dissolved. The loft has simply out smarted itself, a simple, yet at times intriguing plot desperately seeks for every twist and turn it can find and uses them, I don't even think M. Night Shyamalan could've handled it. Things started to drag and seem all over the place. It is one big puzzle with one too many pieces. Overall a fun, entertaining sexual thriller. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Just Awful - Let Me Count the Way....
Mehki_Girl2 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
All of the characters are sleezebags and/or stupid. The hooker with the heart of gold, the five cheating frenemies, the stupid, clingy, unhappy wives, the dumb sleezy pickup artist who was stupid enough to think some rich guy was going to leave his wife for her.

Dumb, dumb, dumb...let me count the ways...

1. You don't try to stage a dead body after 10 hours or so...there's something called lividity, which means the blood has pooled, so when you find a body lying on its back and you turn it over on its stomach, the coroner, unless, he or she is as stupid as you are, is going to figure out this dead body, which when it was alive supposedly committed suicide, didn't.

2. See above. this also goes along with cutting it's wrist after the fact. The body was already dead, dummy, just leave it as it was. Don't cut it's wrists and hack it up. Again, forensics will determine the blood flow, that the heart wasn't pumping, that the blood is old, blood splatter, etc. Remember you are trying to make this a suicide - not a murder by a butcher who hung around to do more damage to a dead body long after the fact.

3. She was dead and left a suicide note, why did you have to do anything with the body???

4. If you are going to kill someone with an injection, don't do it in their arm, put a spot where the sun don't shine and hope a thorough examination doesn't find the injection spot.

5. After moving a dead body after it's been dead for hour, sob all over it and leave your freaking DNA, skin, and haircells, why don't you . We already know your stupid.

6. How do you still have a key to a crime scene, where you and the actual murderer could get in? Wouldn't the cops change the locks and secure it would more than tape, confiscate the keys???

7. A murderer decides to explain everything to a guy wearing a coat, has a cellphone and possibly a wire??? Really bad film-making and writing.

8. Why trust a coke-head, out of control moron to cover up the crime? What did you expect a nut-job like him would do? Why didn't you recognize the problem after the fact either? Isn't one of you idiots supposed to be a doctor, haven't you watched The Forensic Files, Law & Order, any cop show??? Ever heard of DNA??? See #1 and 2 above

9. You're all liars and cheaters, why would *any* of you trust the other guy???

10. The character with the supposed moral compass (he's shtupping the hooker) is as sleazy as the rest of them. Please don't attempt to make it the good guy. He's cheating on his wife and kids. Really? Did he think he was just going to have a cup of coffee with a woman who told him she wasn't wearing a panties in public? He resisted her "charms" for, what, like 10 seconds?

11. The hooker with the heart of gold...really?

12. Is that ending supposed to be upbeat? Get her tested for STDs man. Millions of women in the world, you're bored with your wife, and you pick a hooker?

13. Why aren't they all going on trial or in jail for obstruction of justice and abuse of a corpse, lying to the police, and any number of broken laws?

Stupid writing, stupid direction, stupid acting. Bad, just really bad, so bad, I had to sign in just to write how bad.

And everyone looked unshaven, greasy, smelly, and like they needed a good bath. How anyone wanted to sleep with any of them for money or not is beyond me. Ewww...
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B grade all the way. Stick to the original
eddie_baggins14 December 2015
A film you just wish someone like David Fincher tackled, The Loft is a B grade movie through and through and a movie that makes no illusions to what it is and Erik Van Looy's English language remake of his original foreign thriller of the same name is a movie that despite its quite obvious flaws and sometimes downright weird acting turns is an enjoyable guilty pleasure that for all sakes and purposes shouldn't be as watchable as it is.

This above statement is by no means a glowing recommendation however, as The Loft is quite frequently a terrible movie that is saved by a plot line so unbelievable yet bewilderingly intriguing that you can't help but watch and try figure out who's done what, who's betrayed who and who can be a bigger bigot than the next guy. It's clear that this material was enough for Van Looy's original film to be well regarded and without having seen it, it was likely less sowed into B grade fodder than this long shelved Hollywood remake that was filmed in 2011 yet only released this year and perhaps the companies behind this redoing clued onto the films biggest flaw, the un-likability of EVERY single character in the film.

This above statement is supposed to be taken literally as all jokes aside, The Loft just might well be the most terrible ensemble committed to screen in many moons. When reading through the name cast of Karl Urban, James Marsden and yes Modern Family's lovable blob Eric Stonestreet you may think this is a strange statement to make and the actors aren't movie ruining horrible (even though Prison Break's Wentworth Miller try's his hardest to be) but there characters sure are.

How much can we really relate to a bunch of guys that get together to co-own a seedy city loft apartment where they're free to do anything to anyone at any time and when this crew of calculating derelicts share screen time the cringe factor goes up to almost unbearable levels and by the film's final act you'll soon come to realise that the films reveal isn't all it was cracked up to be from such a loaded plot driver.

For all intents and purposes The Loft is a lot more entertaining than it has any right to be but that is almost entirely due to its mysterious lifeless body that puts our creepy bunch of males into a sticky predicament and take away that and concentration towards the films "twist", script and characters unearths a film that should be a whole new league of worse than it actually is. Watch for the could've been factor not the what is factor.

2 creepy friends out of 5
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Silly but entertaining puzzle
NonkelJulien17 October 2014
Having seen the original movie 'Loft' by Erik Van Looy (, I was hoping for a fresh take. But a fresh take is obviously not why they hired the same Van Looy to direct this version. This is essentially the same movie, just without subtitles.

In short, the building blocks of 'The Loft' are a set of plot twists. They are mostly silly, suffering from a few red herrings that hurt the story's credibility, but it's still entertaining to watch them unfold. Largely because the movie flows well for the most part, with only a few dull moments in the first half.

Although I preferred the exterior design of the original loft, the overall cinematography of 'The Loft' feels a little warmer and more comfortable. Only a little though, because the characters in it are stone cold. James Marsden is the warmest character in the frame, but like everybody else he doesn't get enough to work with to make for a convincing character that the audience can identify with. The characters are The Loft's biggest flaw (as they were in the original), which is especially disappointing since making you care about characters has often been a strong and successful focus in Bart de Pauw's earlier scripts. There are just too many of them, and as a consequence most of the dialog in the back story scenes is expositional and feels awkward. There's never an opportunity for development. The characters are just there to lead you from one twist to the next.

The overall acting suffers as a result. Strangely I felt that Rhona Mitra, with barely any screen time, delivers one of the better performances, with obvious anger below her coldness, yet just enough restrain. Wentworth Miller does what he does best. He doesn't seem to care much, but still feels like a good fit, even with the little information we get for his character. Matthias Schoenaerts' presence is undeniable. But as a guy who seems to be on edge pretty much all the time, his marriage seems plainly unlikely, and his past couldn't be revealed more clumsily. Still, he's a welcome contrast to the otherwise held back main cast. It's a pity that he was clearly suffering from sickness or fatigue in a few scenes, where it's blatantly obvious how much he had to strain his voice. It's arguably suiting his character, but it's still distracting.

The concept of this story lends itself to a much darker movie, and this just feels like a missed opportunity. I can't help but wonder how this would've worked as a film noir. You have five characters that could easily be despicable and instantly more interesting, and the women couldn't be more fatale. Of course, film noir doesn't sell anymore, so instead we get a bright and shiny thriller that doesn't thrill, that keeps you guessing, but doesn't make you ask questions. It deals with edgy themes, but it barely skims them and focuses on polish instead.

7/10. It's definitely an enjoyable watch, but only for people who're into the whole whodunit thing. Not if you're looking for anything more. It's successful at what it is and doesn't pretend to be anything else, but I can't help but sense the potential for something more.
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courtherbst26 March 2018
It confuses me why some great movies like this have subpar ratings and others are completely overrated. Of all the boring Saturday movies I've watched on Netflix, this one remains my favorite. It's best to go into this movie knowing as little as possible. If you love thrillers and "who did it" type movies, this will be a satisfying movie to you. I've read some complaints about the ending, but I disagree. The ending was fairly realistic, and that made it satisfying to me. It's not an Oscar worthy movie, but it's a good guilty pleasure movie, especially for a Netflix day.
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Unworry of an international incident
StevePulaski25 June 2015
We have five men, all approaching middle-age and hungering for their inconsequential days of drinking and screwing anything in sight. They are Vince (Karl Urban), a married architect, Luke (Wentworth Miller), a married diabetic who finds himself going along with his friends more often than not, Chris (James Marsden), a married psychiatrist, Marty (Eric Stonestreet), a married, loudmouth alcoholic, and Phillip (Matthias Schoenaerts), Chris's married half-brother. In efforts to try and replicate those days, Vince gives each of his pals a key to a loft in a building he designed. There are only five keys made for this particular room, which mimics the design of a lavish presidential suite. Here, the men can unleash their wildest fantasies and never worry about getting caught. It isn't until Luke ventures up to the loft to find a nude woman murdered and handcuffed to the bed of the loft that things begin to unravel. With this, the men begin to reveal to each other, and their spouses, their intentions and their ugly path of adultery.

I'm always up for a good erotic thriller and Erik Van Looy's The Loft is serviceable genre-fare, by that standard. Van Looy apparently felt the story was significant enough to warrant a Dutch-language, Belgian adaptation in 2008 before working on this American version in 2011. Despite being shot in the summer of 2011, the film went through a shift in distributors when the head of Dark Castle Entertainment at Warner Bros. moved offices to Universal. After that, he sat on the film, choosing to release other projects and keep The Loft on the shelf until releasing it with minimal promotion during the dumping ground month of January 2015 in America.

On that basis alone, in addition to being an erotic thriller, a generally tough sell, the American version of The Loft is destined to bear some obscurity in future years. However, what makes this genre work is the elements of sexiness and contempt, which this film has in mass amounts. The erotic flare in Nicolas Karakatsanis's cinematography, heavy on the lavish details and the red textures, and John Frizzell's equal parts sensual and ominous score really make The Loft work for its genre. The contempt element comes in when we realize just how unlikable all of the characters are here. When we are lead down a path of twists and turns, most of which clearly written by the writing team of Bart De Pauw and Wesley Strick, it's clear we cannot trust any of these characters and that makes the experience that much more intriguing.

The Loft, however, has its own share of shortcomings, most of which come in the acting department. Without a doubt, for a mainstream release, this has some of the shakiest acting I have seen in quite sometime. James Marsden constantly feels awkward, giving a deer-in-headlights-esque performance throughout the entire film. His lines delivery carries a certain wooden quality, and isn't assisted by the likes of Urban or Miller, both of whom have their own share of overacting as well. Probably the film's most animated is Stonestreet, given his roly-poly nature, but the acting here brings the film down significant notches, especially in the more climactic sequences.

Furthermore, the downside of there being no likable characters makes it inevitably difficult to care what happens to anyone by the end of the film. While the element of distrust works wonders for the ability to resonate with characters in a film, it makes the outcome less impacting because you find yourself not rooting for anyone in the long run - not even an antihero but a series of unreliable, contemptible souls.

The Loft takes an underrated territory that finds itself charted less and less in the current day and tries to invoke it with some sort of life and substance. While it succeeds aesthetically, it's disappointing on a character level and on an acting level as well. The efforts to get this film a release in America likely wasn't worth the laborious process and the agonizing wait for a release.

Starring: James Marsden, Karl Urban, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Isabel Lucas, Rhona Mitra, and Rachael Taylor.
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Thriller With Good Twists
stevendbeard30 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "The Loft", starring Karl Urban-Bones in the new Star Trek movies, Xena:Warrior Princess_tv; James Marsden-Cyclops in the X-Men movies, The Notebook; Wentworth Miller-Resident Evil:Afterlife, Prison Break_tv; Eric Stonestreet-Modern Family_tv, Identity Thief and Rachael Taylor-666 Park Avenue_tv, Transformers.

This is a pretty good thriller that is a remake of a 2008 Belgian movie, which was then remade in 2010 by the Dutch. Karl plays an architect that makes his best buddies an offer they find hard to resist. He gives each of them a special key to a penthouse loft-aka an apartment-that they may use anytime they feel the need for an extramarital affair or if they just want some quiet time away from their wife or boss. James is a psychiatrist, Wentworth is a shy and quiet one and Eric is a womanizing flirt. All are also married, but with different degrees of happiness. James and Wentworth resist, at first, but soon find a reason to use the loft. One day, Wentworth drops by and finds a dead body in the loft, so he calls everyone and they all put their heads together to figure out exactly what happened. The keys are electronic and need a master key to make a duplicate, which is under lock in Karl's safe-someone had to have gotten in with a key to commit the crime. Did anyone loose their key? Or lend it to someone? Did one or more of the wives discover what the boys are doing at the loft and seek some kind of revenge? Rachael plays a woman that James falls in love with, after meeting her at a party, and no, she is not the victim. It has a lot of good twists and turns in it and I really enjoyed it. It's rated "R" for violence, language, sexual content-including nudity- and drug use and has a running time of 1 hour & 48 minutes. I would buy this on Blu-Ray.
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Not too much depth, but an entertaining watch
Horst_In_Translation21 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"The Loft" is Erik van Looy's first film as a director since 2008. This film may stay his most known work for many years to come as this is already the third version of it. Van Looy directed the Belgian original in 2008 and there was even a Dutch version not much later with another director though. It would certainly very interesting to compare these movies and look for similarities and differences. A third remake is not common at all. He has worked on several Belgian movies and the most famous actor he directed so far is probably Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke. The story is fairly simple initially. Five males rent a loft, which they use to cheat on their wives. One day, a dead woman is found in the apartment and it has to be one of them who killed her as nobody has a key except the five and there are no traces of a breaking and entering.

Quite a simple premise and I think if they had kept it more simple towards the end, it could have been a really great film. In my opinion, it was just one final twist too many at the end. It wasn't so bad that it would destroy the entire film. The big advantage for me here was that I was familiar with the whole quintet. I knew all of them at least a bit from the name or from previous projects and Eric Stonestreet I even knew very well being an avid "Modern Family" viewer. A bit strange to see him as such an extremely heterosexual character. Apart from him, I watched some "Prison Break", "Rust and Bone", "Lord of the Rings" and "30 Rock" in the past, which helped me associate with the other actors. Urban I was not too familiar with, but I saw him in "RED" not too long ago and managed to make a connection here as well. The only other I knew in here was Rhona Mitra, not a particularly versatile actress in my opinion, but she has great screen presence in pretty much everything she is in, even if she doesn't talk much.

Except the criticism about the ending (it felt like a series of "Pretty Little Liars" packed into half an hour, framing, suicide, murder, pills...) , I am mostly fine with the script. I think they could have made it more efficient by keeping the film at 80 minutes and having the audience guess until the final sequence who killed the girl and made it very clear with one of them being the killer, maybe even letting him get away at the end. Unfortunately they did not. However, there are some nice details in the movie that I enjoyed. For example, due to the central characters' involvement with several blondes it is initially not safe to say who is the actual victim. I liked that. Guessing is always good. What I did not entirely understand was why most of the other men would rent the loft if it was almost exclusively only one of them who would use it to cheat on his wife. The whole surveillance plot could have been a bit more clever too. As I said earlier, it was almost too much drama packed into 20 minutes and it would have been too much for 2 hours, everything that happened in the end.

All in all, I would slightly recommend this movie. Even if it is not entirely convincing, it certainly has its strengths and you could give it a chance, especially if you like thrillers revolving around murder.
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A Mediocre Thriller
dfa1203746 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I never really fancied seeing The Loft because from what I saw on the trailers it didn't really look to be anything that good. It was my wife who wanted to see it, so I thought I'd give it a try, and I was quite surprised as it ended up being a decent enough thriller. I mean it wasn't anything spectacular, but it was worth watching.

The story is quite basic on the surface...a group of married guys buy a loft apartment to use for their, shall we say, intimate adventures with other women, but when one of the men finds a woman dead handcuffed to the bed things start to go downhill quickly.

Is it an amazing story? Not in the slightest, but what keeps it interesting are all the wee twists and turns the story has with the main one at the end. Is it a gripping story? No, but it still does enough to keep your interest.

I'm also surprised to see other reviewers mention that the film was very slow paced as I didn't find that at all. It moves along at a steady enough pace without ever getting boring, so where the "very slow movie" part comes into it I'm not sure.

The cast is pretty decent, and I'm glad to say that Wentworth Miller was at least MUCH better here than when I saw him last which was in Resident Evil: Afterlife. Even though his facial expression always stayed the same with that permanent frown (I think he's incapable of any other expression when acting in all honesty) at least his acting was better this time around. As for the characters they all play, well, apart from one or two, none are really all that likable, including the female roles, so you kind of end up not caring what happens to any of them.

Anyway, The Loft does have it's moments, and overall it is a watchable thriller, but it's really nothing to get too excited about.
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shellqueenk1 February 2015
I was surprised how good this film was. I usually figure out who done its before the reveal but I didn't with this one. It can be a bit confusing jumping around from past and present but that adds to the mystery. Its a smart movie and we don't get those that often. Performances are good- most actors seemed to be a bit out of their typical roles. Wentworth Miller was very different from Prison Break and its nice to see Karl Urban break away from SciFi/Fantasy franchises. Eric Stonestreet was very different from his TV role and James Mardsen showed the conflict of someone going against their norm. Also, it was nice to have a movie this length- not so long its hard to stand up when the film is done. Its a shame the studio didn't really back it and do any advertising. I never saw a TV spot- just a preview. They also kept pushing back the release date. Its a shame this one will just probably fade into DVD obscurity because its good and entertaining.
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Worst movie I've seen in a long time
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki6 February 2015
After sitting unreleased and collecting dust for three and a half years (and currently sitting at a rock bottom 0% on rottentomatoes) this sleazy, wannabe thriller wasn't worth the wait. The trailer looked intriguing to me, but the film is filled with repulsive characters (one is a coked-out rapist, another is a slimeball who makes it public that he wants to bang his "friend"'s kid sister, another is a closet homosexual who secretly films his "friend" banging random girls in the loft - why would any of these people associate with each other in the first place?) and a screenplay with a new twist in nearly every scene, which merely becomes over complicated and far too confusing after the second twist. After that, I didn't even care who the killer was, or why.

There is absolutely no structure to this film, it's not told in even remotely linear fashion, and the first scene gives away parts of the ending, making the climax partially predictable.

Not even good in a turn-your-mind-off-and-enjoy-it type of way, just over-plotted and sleazy. And do any of these guys ever shave? Not every guy can pull off the five o'clock shadow look.

Filmmakers tried for a deep and meaningful, profound closing scene, and failed miserably.
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A passable mystery thriller that doesn't have much thrills
KineticSeoul25 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those mystery movie that tries to go in a realistic tone but ends up being over the top and ridiculous. It's not a bad mystery thriller but isn't one of the really good ones either. It actually had my attention at least from beginning to end. Although I wasn't highly entertained or found this flick to be thrilling or impactful. But it has some hot girls and a decent but a bit of a far-fetched climax that makes it worth a watch with a couple of friends. The ending is pretty generic though and doesn't give off a lasting impression. As a matter of fact this is a mystery movie that will be forgotten in just few days. Overall it's a mystery thriller without much thrills, it's a who done it flick that is just passable.

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Thriller with a twist
davispittman17 January 2017
The loft is a mind boggling thriller about five men who share a loft, where they will sometimes take women up there and cheat on their wives. One thing I'd like to say is that I got angry a lot throughout this movie just because of the animal like behavior of the sick men in this movie. There are like 2 characters in this movie that are clean and not adulterous, lying, cheating filthy people. Having that said, I liked the casting and I thought that every actor did their best to represent their role. James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Karl urban, and Eric stonestreet all did a pretty good job. This thriller does have a somewhat surprising twist ending, which I always love and then just when you think you have everything all figured out, something else surprising occurs. I also don't think the movie was too short or too long, I think it had a suitable runtime. If you like entertaining mind boggling thrillers, then the loft is for you. It certainly could've been better, but I don't think it deserves all the hate that it's gotten. 7/10 for The Loft.
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THE LOFT is a docudrama deftly exposing America's One Per Cent . . .
oscaralbert1 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
. . . for the Amoral, Sociopathic, Lawless, Cheating Murderers that they are. THE LOFT is bound to do even better business internationally than in the domestic market, since it confirms what the World has long suspected. Big Money people--such as real estate moguls, their bribed government lackeys, their corrupt builders, sleazy architects, Dr. Feel Good psychiatrists, and Big League hookers pictured here--squander the life blood cash that they've stolen from we "Little People" (through their fraudulent tax schemes, price-fixing, and exorbitant fees) so that they can lead hedonistic lives featuring every sort of debauchery known to Satan's minions. THE LOFT captures it all: deviant sex, prescription drug abuse, perverse spouse swapping, Big Brother spy cameras, cocaine by the pound, and kinky back-stabbing "friendships" (since the Rich are incapable of basic human virtues such as loyalty, benevolence, and trust). THE LOFT proves that the One Per Cent's bonfire of vanities will consume any moth drawn too close to their flame. THE LOFT could be subtitled DEMONS AMONG US.
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Awesome Movie
trooflawed31 January 2015
This is the first review I've ever written on here, so I'm just gonna be short and sweet, the movie is phenomenal. It's suspenseful and keeps you guessing the whole time, really grabbed my attention, I'd recommend for anyone who's into the genre. In a little more detail, the plot of the movie is based around 5 guys sharing a loft where they can bring their mistresses (which is refreshingly original, even though it's a remake of a remake) and eventually end up involved in an investigation that could land them all in jail. From the time I walked in I had rather low expectations, however by the end the film had exceeded all of my expectations, and went on to wow me. If you're looking to get spend two hours trying to solve a case and getting lost all over the place, then you'll enjoy this one.
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a roller coaster
Kirpianuscus2 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
after its end , the basic question is if it could be considered a real good film. and it is. because against each critic, it has a lot of virtues who convince. first- the cast. it is a memorable occasion to see Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller or Mattias Schoenarts together. then - for the seductive plot , real roller coaster for viewer. and not the last, for the theme. for the admirers of the genre it is a must see. for the rest - a nice show about appearances, sin, temptation, family and love, friendship and the responsibility for the pleasure. the basic good point - the feeling to discover an old fashion thriller. and this impose "The Loft" as one of interesting titles. the basic bad point - maybe the not real inspired end.
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