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I really wanted to like this movie...
zooey-gooey20 October 2011
I caught this at the Spooky Movie Film Fest and since I love both metal and Troma I thought this would be awesome. Sadly, it was neither. First off this is not a metal musical. At it's best it's hardcore and at it's worst it felt more like a feature length Insane Clown Posse video. My biggest suggestion would be to just change the name to hardcore musical now to avoid false advertising. I also don't think this movie should ever play in any theater. The amateur camera work is seizure inducing and I got very dizzy watching it. I hope in the future Troma just streams this online because the low quality showed big time on the big screen. It was a very awkward screening and I think everyone felt at least a little bad for the filmmakers during the uncomfortable Q and A. My question for them is, so you obviously spent no money making this and it shows. So why should anyone pay to watch it? The look of it reminded me of Michael Scott's ridiculous movie "Threat Level Midnight" that he made on "The Office". Except not entertaining.
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Not Troma bad, just bad
rock-star622 February 2012
This movie gets the award for biggest waste of time ever. I generally like troma films but this one is just painful. Horrible music and horrible everything else.

What I love about Troma films is they are like parodies of movies. But "Mr Bricks" is a bad joke that takes itself seriously. It's harder to laugh at something that doesn't realize how bad it is. This is just an example of everything you shouldn't do to make a movie.

You know when you watch a movie and afterwards all you can think of is all of the things you should have done instead of wasting the time watching something so meaningless and stupid? Take my word for it. Go for a walk, watch some TV, just don't waste your time with this.

It is seriously so bad Troma should pay people to watch it.
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Avoid at all costs.
jim rogers15 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is what it sounds like when doves get crushed by bricks...

It sounds terrible. Wow, this movie is a real stinker. Why would you make a musical with the most tone deaf, untalented 'singers' in the world? And this was shot in NY land of the musical, so the ass clowns that produced this could have easily scouted talented vocalists. The title character of 'Mr Bricks' has the worst vocals, he sounds like my gym teacher yuck. A second close in this suck fest is the hooker cop, her vocals are so bad they're actually funny. Hundreds of talented female vocalist and they cast someone who sings like a dying cat. The other character, creep cop was so boring and underdeveloped I cant even remember what he sounded like.

Has Kaufman lost his mind? Why would Troma waste the money to release this? This mess is bad even by Troma standards. I am shocked by the positive reviews on here. They are obviously written by people who are friends with the talentless hacks who made this garbage. No one in there right mind would give this movie a 10/10 unless they feel sorry for the people who worked on this. Unbelievable! This movie is obviously made by people who are lazy, incompetent and have no clue what it takes to create anything entertaining.
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A good, wacky time.
marcusbones-301-93793225 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty original independent feature that delivers all you'd expect after seeing the poster or trailer. I rather enjoyed this over-the-top revenge story set to lots of loud music and featuring a heavily tattooed muscle man as its central character. Tim Dax is hard to look away from when he's on screen, and is convincing enough when delivering his angry dialogue or beating up the bad guys. Also effective is the lovely Nicola Fiore in the female lead. Lots of blood and energy make up for the money that the movie clearly didn't have, and I found that the low budget more often added to the flavor than detracted from the quality. If the title sounds like that of something you'd want to watch, and if you're familiar with other Troma releases, there's probably a good chance you'd like this movie.
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Independent film at its best!
Mike Jackman25 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mr. Bricks starts out with a bang and doesn't let up! A passion project from all involved, it's a different kind of horror/musical that leaves the viewer in a daze after watching! It invokes feelings of sadness, disgust and even excitement. That's what a good film is supposed to do! Even as someone who isn't typically a fan of this kind of music I found myself enjoying the songs and eventually humming along to them! Tim Dax (Mr. Bricks) is someone to look out for. I recently saw him featured in a Steven Tyler music video!

Give Mr. Bricks a shot and support this creative team for their future endeavors!
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Give this crazy movie a chance!
loogenhausen24 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you enjoyed Repo! The Genetic Opera or the Rocky Horror Picture Show you're going to love Mr. Bricks. This movie has pretty much everything you need in an independent film: love, murder, revenge, sex and musical numbers!

No, it is not for everyone, but if you crave originality and passion from the movies you watch, Mr. Bricks has that in spades. With catchy hard-hitting songs that would make Henry Rollins himself proud, this is a take-no-prisoners attitude to filmmaking that doesn't let up until the end.

Come for the inspired music and the crazy tattooed Mr. Bricks, played by Tim Dax, and stay for the gleefully violent and over the top revenge story that even has a little twinge of bittersweet to it.

Highly stylized and instantly memorable, Mr. Bricks will stick with you long after the credits roll.
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THis was great
skully-bones4 May 2013
Yes it's told out of order, yes it's slow but give it a chance! Just b/c the Troma logo is slapped on it doesn't mean it's camp. You ever seen Combat Shock? This is it! Let the story unfold. Mr. Bricks is great and the music moves the plot along, while not "heavy metal" it will suit your heavy needs. Give this movie a chance. BRRIIICCCKKKSS! Tim Dax, Nicola Fiore and Vito Trigo are great entangled in a love triangle.

I'll be honest, the movie was shot with weird lenses, grainy, but that lends to the charm. Really check it out. It has heart, and that's what matters.
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What's the big deal?
metalharuto4 May 2013
This movie was just released in my country Japan and me and my friends love it. It takes patience to appreciate what is happening in this film. I know a lot of ambitious American action films are wham bam and nothing else. Mr. Bricks meditates on the subject of rape, murder all through heavy metal music. This has never been done. Be patient. Watch it. Look beneath the surface. Like I said this movie is big where I am from. Everything beneath the surface. Some said this movie set Troma back after they gave money to Father's Day. On the behind the scenes it says they made this for 3000 where Troma gave Father's Day 10,000. How can you compare? You can't. That's why Bricks is great. It's a slow motion meditation on love and murder and music. Please give it a chance, turn off your ADHD brain, take a breath, put in the movie and ENJOY!
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A Good Time All Around
seagerdixon3319 November 2012
"Mr. Bricks" is awesome. Seriously, what part of giant helmet tattooed man killing people with a brick while being chased by Robert De Niro's long lost song do you not get? It's like if you took the part of John Carpenter's brain that makes awesome action flicks and mated with early 90s hardcore and it gave birth to the It's Alive baby which grew up listening to Motorhead and picking fights with the biggest kid in the school yard. Speaking of Motorhead, in addition to the totally killer soundtrack of hardcore (and incredibly catchy) musical numbers, Motorhead has a song on the soundtrack. Great effects too, no cheesy Asylum fake effects crap, but brutal practical effects that made me jump from my seat. No seriously, the movie great. My roommates loved it too. Definitely a bonding moment. I recommend this movie to any fan of brash in your face cinema. If you are expecting anything more than an outrageous good time, then maybe skip this one. Grab some beers, turn up the volume, and watch it with your friends. I'm personally excited to see the behind the scenes documentary. It'll be interesting to see how they were able to pull off so much on such a small budget. It's true independent film making at its absolute best. Cant wait for "Bricks 2,"I hear Tim Dax gets a harpoon gun that shoots bricks and rides on a T-Rex. This movie is kick starting the new age of Troma Entertainment
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Troma Maintains Their 'Weirdness' Streak!
Brian Morton28 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The one thing that I truly love about Troma is that they support independent film unconditionally! Whether it's comedy, horror or something completely different, Troma will support and release it so we all have a chance to see it! And the something completely different is exactly what you get in their latest release, Mr. Bricks.

Mr. Bricks is the story of Eugene Hicks, a big man who's on the wrong side of the law. When Hicks kidnaps a policewoman, he crosses a line that will change his life forever. First, he's shot in the head and survives, then, when he comes to, he begins his search for this woman who he matter what the cost! Mr. Bricks is a simple tale of love, betrayal and corruption, but it's told in such an unusual way that you won't be able to take your eyes off it. It's a "Heavy Metal Murder Musical"...and if those words don't make you think, then there's something wrong with you! Mr. Bricks is a strange movie, made stranger by it's topic...and then the icing on the cake is characters breaking into metal songs!!! It might sound too weird for you, but trust me, it works! I'm giving Mr. Bricks 3 out of 4 cigars, it's not going to be for everyone, but if you're experimental and want to see something wildly different, then check out Mr. Bricks!
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another great musical
zombiebrains6815 May 2014
When I first watched this movie I didn't really like it. But then I found myself singing the songs and realized I was hooked. Now I watch this movie all the time. It take a bit to get used too. But if you like musicals you might dig it. The songs have a way of getting stuck in your head. What is a victim?! I've seen many movies this company makes and i must say this ones a good one. Its a twisted tale i could not stop watching. I must say I didn't understand this movie at first. It takes a few views to grow on you. The songs are what did it for me. The songs kind of stay with you after you watch it. Dax could be a real metal singer.I really hope there is a sequel.Bravo
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Unique, exciting, surprisingly complex: Mr. Bricks is a sheer joy to watch
Warning: Spoilers
Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical, directed by indie newcomer Travis Campbell and produced/distributed by cult hit-makers Troma Entertainment, may be deceiving on a first look. With a DVD cover that screams campy horror-comedy and a title that says just about as much, one might expect just another cheap-and-cheesy exploitation film, light on story and heavy on gore and bare breasts. Having gone into Mr. Bricks with exactly those expectations myself, I'm here to tell you that it's much more than that. That isn't to say it isn't funny--it has a sharp, witty sense of humor. That also isn't to say that it doesn't have its fair share of gore and bare breasts--it certainly does, although frankly less than one might expect. It is to say, however, that Mr. Bricks is a gritty, entertaining, surprisingly-deep revenge story that's guaranteed to take you by surprise.

The story follows Mr. Bricks, a heavily-muscled tattooed madman, who wakes up with missing memories and a missing girlfriend after being shot in the head by a mysterious antagonist, and left for dead in his home. He takes it upon himself to look for Scarlet, his missing girlfriend, and to seek revenge on the man who shot him and, presumably, took her away. It may sound simple, but not everything is as it seems, and one twist after another keeps the story fresh and the pacing tight. I won't say anything more than that about the story, because it's really something worth seeing for yourself. Of course, we wouldn't have a musical without songs, and thankfully the musical numbers in Mr. Bricks are really what sets it apart from the rest of the pack. The primary style of song evokes mid-90s groove metal (eg. Pantera, Pissing Razors, Hatebreed,) although other styles are brought into the mix, including grindcore, Gothic rock, melodic hardcore and speed metal. The musical numbers are a real treat, and at times the songs lend themselves to a unique style of visual filmmaking more evocative of music videos than a typical film.

The movie brings with it a gritty atmosphere and a unique visual style, which is heavily-stylized and expressionistic, making use of desaturated colors, a highly mobile and very expressive camera, some very interesting shot composition, and an interesting mix of no-frills practical effects and digital special effects (blood splatters!) put in just the right places. From the opening title sequence through to the very end, it's a film with a compelling aesthetic. The aesthetic, though, wouldn't matter without the riveting story and the great performances from Tim Dax (Mr. Bricks) and Nicola Fiore (Scarlet,) who keep the movie fresh and entertaining with their deft combinations of subtle emotion and over-the-top camp sensibilities, which are a perfect match for the film. Additionally, the film is surprisingly complex and subtle in the way it handles moral issues (murder, revenge, suicide) and questions about the human condition (sexuality, notions of justice,) which add a certain level of depth to the movie beyond what one might expect.

Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical is an interesting, unique film which keeps things interesting by defying audience expectations and building a complex mystery with conflict that continues to grow throughout. It may not be a film to be taken seriously, but it's nonetheless surprisingly complex for a low-budget exploitation film that, in less-skilled hands, could have been decidedly less impressive. It's got a great look, a great deal of creative ambition, and a lot of effort put into it, and it clearly shows. It's absolutely worth a look.
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Refreshing... destined to be a cult favorite years from now
Samantha Reid4 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw Mr. Bricks in the theatre the first time I have to admit I hated it, I did. Mr. Bricks got a horrible reception, the audience didn't get it, one, b/c I think it had the Troma brand name on it and they thought it would be a typical Troma affair and two, people didn't know what to expect from the tone. Then Troma sent me a screener to review (I don't think they realized I had seen it even though I talked to Lloyd face to face at the event) and I let the screener sit on top of my DVD player collecting dust for a good month.

Then a bunch of my friends came over one night and one of them picked up the DVD and said what in the hell is this? I said don't waste your time. Eventually I was talked into watching it again, but this time the movie grew on me. Not only that, my friends (who are more metalheads than horror fans) really enjoyed it. I asked them why? They said it was refreshing to see a movie that wasn't poking fun at horror or the"grindhouse" movie genre but just told a simple story using a different style, and while rough around the edges Mr. Bricks wasn't trying to be something that it wasn't. They also thought the musical element was a really cool device because the songs pushed the story along without grinding the narrative to a halt.

Then a light went on in my head, this movie is the definition of grindhouse and Troma! Mr. Bricks is something you watch with a bunch of friends on a Friday night while getting a pizza (or partaking in other party favors) and enjoy. Then again I also watch it as a pick-me up when I'm feeling down and I have ripped the songs and put them on my ipod.

In the age of pop grindhouse where anybody can stick a "film grain" filter on their movie and call it a day, I must say it was refreshing to see something like Mr. Bricks. The movie IMHO is truer to the grindhouse sensibility in the fact that it doesn't try to emulate the current fad of trying to be a 70s/80s throwback for the sake of self reflection, or a nod-nod-wink-wink tongue in cheek poke at the audience, like "hey remember all the cool things you loved about the 80s and VHS well here's a funny reference to remind you of how cool that time period was!" Mr. Bricks is campy and dark and takes itself seriously (maybe too seriously at times) and that's what makes it original.

As one reviewer on here wrote "it's harder to laugh at something that doesn't realize how bad it is. This is just an example of everything you shouldn't do to make a movie," really? So the movie makers were supposed to make something for the audience to laugh at, with a lot of references to the genre, like a cheap Tarantino knock-off? Since when do all movies of this genre have to be funny? That's the problem I think Mr. Bricks is up against. People get mad that's it's not funny and that's a damn shame.
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