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Spot on depiction of the "silent killer" of relationships
supremecyco18 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This movie, in my humble opinion, is a spot on depiction of what I call the "silent killer" of relationships. On the surface a relationship can seem almost perfect, two people loving each other very much, having fun together, living together. At the same time one of the partners in the relationship is slowly dying inside, and the unintentional "killer" is the other partner. The main character Semih loves Defne very much. But he wants all the benefits of a relationship and at the same time he doesn't want to be bound to the obligations of a relationship. For example, when the grandmother of Defne dies, instead of being there for her he makes up excuses to not be there for her. He doesn't even attend the funeral. The movie shows us how he has been ignoring all the signs that something was wrong with the relationship, and that the break up between Semih and Defne isn't as out of the blue as it seems in the beginning of the movie. On the other hand the character of Defne shows us what a lot of people do wrong when in a relationship. She puts the relationship and Semih first and allows Semih to not take into account what she wants in the relationship and in their life. The fact that their relationship ended is equally her fault as it is his, in my opinion. I think this movie Is a great eye-opener for people, whether they are a "Semih" or a "Defne".
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The problem is Me...
rruzluna19 November 2022
Don´t Leave (original tittle in Turkish is Kal) gives us a short but sometimes deeply image about modern relationship in your 30's and how you give it an "expiration day" when it starts o maybe extend it with easy steps.

This movie is an invitation to rethink our love behavior through a masculine vision (personaly I appreciate that) and how Semih remembered his relation with Defne, specially goods times in flash-backs and moments when they were loosing each other trying to be goods partners to the "other" but not for her/himself across behaviors to indulge, avoid fears or expose your insecurities.

If you are in a relation or perhaps you are losing it this movie gives some clues to move away from the background thinking in your feelings and how you can be a better person for yourself.
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Great Watch
saplos14 November 2022
I simply loved this movie. The dialogue was great, the acting superb. The emotions on display were powerful and the protagonist's character arc was superb.

The director's smooth portrayal of two different timelines is fabulous and the protagonist's execution is flawless. Supporting characters are also alive and we can fully immerse ourselve.

It's a movie that expands your knowledge of the range of emotions capable by humans, how blindsided we are when we've got something good going and how painful it can be for us to lose that.

A recommended watch for anyone who would love to explore this captivating film.
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Aciktan's Netflix Trilogy
yusufpiskin11 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
2022 model Ozan Açiktan movie.

'Kal', the last link of Açiktan's Netflix trilogy, returns to the frames and colors we remember from Açiktan 'Silsile'.

Burak Deniz's natural acting is magnificent in scenes that flow one after another for 100 minutes, connected by sharp cuts and soft dialogues.

For the last 30 years, especially for people who want to get rid of the rural stories that come one after the other in our 'Art-house' / 'festival' cinema and watch the stories of the people they meet every day in the cinema, Açiktan is like a space whose cinema has been saved.

Although he clearly describes all the characters and event cycles in the story he tells, he has also made his mark in this movie, Açiktan, who loves question marks with his brilliance from Hitchcock's admiration.

The end of the movie will be criticized by those who are not familiar with the movie Açiktan. Fortunately, Açiktan is one of our sane filmmakers who do not listen to such empty types/criticisms.

Just like in Silsile, the art team included every place where the movie takes place, every area that is in the background in the frames, into the story.

The music choices of the movie are also great.

It is a very good choice that there is no garish like HDR/Dolby Vision in the 4K movie, so they didn't overshadow the natural light choices in the movie.

The sound problem that Turkish cinema could not solve has never been a minus for Açiktan cinema. The film, which was mixed with Dolby Digital 7.1, was released as Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 on Netflix.

He was openly a name that I was always curious about his next project, and with KAL I learned that this will be the case in the future.
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