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(2011– )

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Season 1

25 Feb. 2011
The Sofa-Bed
Mum and Dad are having a clear-out, and Dad's been ordered to chuck away all his tatty, old magazines. "Why do you keep all this crap?" says Mum. "It's not crap, " says Dad, "they're collectibles." Dad tells Jonny to secretly hide his magazines in his car and look after them back at his flat. Meanwhile, neighbor Jim has been using the family's toilet, as he mysteriously broke his own loo. Jim keeps interrupting dinner with a call to nature, and Adam has to keep letting him in. Dad has forgotten that he asked a man off ebay to come and pick up their old sofabed, and ...
4 Mar. 2011
The Jingle
Peering through the window Adam and Jonny are amazed to see Martin looking at his privates with a magnifying glass but do not like to say anything. After dinner,Martin,anxious that Adam should have a girl-friend,pays him twenty pounds to go on a Jewish internet dating site but Adam is more keen to listen to a jingle he has written for a local firm which is to be played on the radio. Unfortunately none of the house radios seem to work so the family pile into the car,only for Adam to find that mot of the jingle has been cut. Eventually the family discover why Martin is ...
11 Mar. 2011
The Curtains
Jackie's plain-speaking mother comes to dinner,getting her hair caught in the car door,and instantly antagonizes her daughter by telling her that the new curtains of which Jackie is so proud are horrible. And when Martin drops the dinner on the floor and scoops it back in the dish,nobody dares tell Grandma. As the two women row Adam and Jonny repair to the pub,where they meet Jim and have to help him carry his drunken dog home. Adam gets everybody back on good terms though his practical joke almost kills Grandma who,after a glass of reviving spirits,finds the curtains...
25 Mar. 2011
The Dress
Jackie insists that Martin burns his old magazines so he builds a bonfire,though his plan is to hide them all in the shed. Jackie's friend Val arrives to show off the dress she is wearing at her daughter Karen's wedding and Martin cannot resist scaring her with his Prince Charles mask whilst Adam cannot resist teasing Jonny since his supposed girlfriend is unable to attend the wedding.Jim appears,firstly to return Jackie's scales and then to report his dog Wilson missing though Wilson does return,bearing a pair of shoes. Jackie finally makes Martin burn his magazines ...
1 Apr. 2011
The Mercedes
It's Adam's birthday and,as he arrives at the house,he is almost run over by the dreaded Sheila Bloom,or Bitch-face as Jackie and the boys call her,an old flame of Martin's,in her much-prized silver Mercedes. Martin gives Adam a book on the S.S, as a present and cooks the dinner since Jackie has done her ankle in. It is a disaster so the family,plus Grandma,head to the local Chinese,only to find Sheila and her husband Eddie there. Sheila's insistence on telling the family that her mother died in the Mercedes reduces the boys to laughter and worse is to come when,...
8 Apr. 2011
The Date
Adam is horrified to discover that Jackie has invited Tanya Green,with whom he used to play as a child,to dinner with a view to pairing them off. A look at his baby pictures,Martin's burping,Jonny bloodying his nose with a pickle jar by accident,Jim arriving,having been locked out of his house when his dog swallowed the key - can things get any more embarrassing for Adam? At least Tanya shares his awkwardness and at least Jackie can be pleased that Tanya fancies one of her sons.

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