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karl_consiglio27 October 2012
You find yourself waiting for stuff to start happening and when it finally does, all we are given is a lot of annoying noise before we are even presented with the "monster". The creature is obviously human and I think there where enough boys to bust its head in, not by venturing after it in its territory/the woods, but sticking together at the house on the look out. that guy who took the second rifle made the same mistake as the one who took the first, by then the lesson should have been learnt. They could have left, they had the cars, yeah OK but then it was too late. All I'm trying to say is that they could have gone about it the way they would a large bear, which is actually stronger than this cannibal. Question remains if there was more than one of these things. Not even the surviver at the end tells us anything. We saw too little and Blair Witch beats this without showing anything. Thats the thing it trys to be a Blair Witch without offering any new surprizes or strike a new chord in any way. What you feel is nervous, but not scared. No one phoned for help again?
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Not Much of a "Massacre"
FilmFatale7 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A group of friends head out to one girl's family's remote vacation house in Bucks County, PA to celebrate Will's 25th birthday. Two of the guests are filming everything to give Will something to remember. As the night goes on, one girl goes outside to make a phone call and never comes back. Things go from bad to worse, and the cameras become the main witnesses to the horrors that befall the revelers.

Or something like that, because most of the found footage in this movie consists of shots of the ground and of the low-growing foliage on the property. To be fair, though, this aspect bumped up BCM a point or two for me since this is more like how actual found footage would look. As it is, it takes 63 minutes of this 84-minute flick for anything resembling "horror" to take place. Then the remaining characters watch the footage again and the girls shriek and cry while the guys get macho and grab shotguns. Most of the rest of the cast then gets killed inside the house and there's no more footage shot.

There's a framing device of filmmakers putting together a documentary on the massacre and interviewing family members of the victims but it doesn't really work because everyone is portrayed as being really nice kids and then at the party they're mostly really nice kids and then they're dead formerly really nice kids.

It's nice that we get a glimpse or two of the killer but it really just left me wanting more. Also, the last ten minutes or so do generate a fair amount of suspense and dread - I wish there had been more of this and less exposition. As it is, Bucks County Massacre ends up being a pretty boring affair.
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Bucks County Snoooooooooooozefest............................
nightwatch477324 February 2013
Alright lets go pick up a camera grab a bunch of friends and head over to a party and start filming for an hour. Well thats all this film is for 60 minutes. I mean I know character development is needed but this was just ridiculous. Nothing is going on at all and it is the 70min mark of the movie. I knew I was in trouble when in the very beginning of the film the distributor Brain Damage films pops up. I loathe almost every film from this label but this was a found footage film and I thought maybe Brain Damage couldn't mess this one up too badly. God was I wrong this film was just GOD AWFUL. By the time something happens the final credits are rolling. I give it 2/10 just because some of the actors were descent. Please avoid this and watch Evil Things instead........
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Max_Lucas25 March 2015
If you like "camera-shake" and a bunch of amateur actors shouting, screaming and running around in a stupor, then this flick is for you. Don't expect any type of real plot since they claim this is the only video footage that the local law enforcement was willing to release in an attempt to put any rumors to rest.... It seems anyone with a video camera nowadays can release just plain junk. I wish they would all sit down and watch what they created 5 times before just pushing out the door. I love horror movies, but it's getting real hard to find the few great ones amongst all of these bad ones. I was shocked to see the rating that it received.
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Don't pay attention to the rating (fake reviews)
BrandonSMUdallas4 March 2016
Love found footage. Hit or miss genre, usually miss. This was an air-ball. As the other reviews say, basically 70 minutes of character development, 15 of screaming and dying. Bad acting other than the blonde girlfriend, can't even remember her name though.

***When you see five or six 2 and 3 star reviews then another few 9 and 10 star reviews, something is up. All you have to do it click on the user names of these 9's and 10's and you'll see they had never before, and have never since, reviewed a film on here. Obviously people involved in the film. Completely misleading to those who don't know better.

This is the type of movie that deserves to be pirated, as I'm sure most of you who saw it did. Don't try to trick people. Let the film speak for itself. At least at that point, you can give them credit for their attempt.

Bottom line. Fake reviews will mislead people into watching this. It's bad. Really, really bad. This coming from someone who will give any found footage movie a chance.
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The Bucks County Massacre: I'm gonna be "That guy"
Platypuschow5 January 2018
I hate to be "That guy" but I'm going to have to be on this occasion, I'm gonna be the guy who points out how many fake reviews are presently on IMDB for this title and thus no doubt how many fake ratings. The cast, the crew and their families maybe? But lots of newly made accounts with no activity other than to give an outstanding review for this? Yeah not dodgy at all.

Now let me be clear I'm quite a fan of Brain Damage films, for those unaware they are a hyper low budget film company that makes mostly horror films.

Here they've adopted the lowest budget genre of all, found footage. It's yet another that opens with disclaimers claiming that it's all real yadayadayada.

Over an hour of the film is character development, yes really! When something does finally happen it's rushed, loud and ultimately you don't see anything.

The film has the genres usual tropes, screaming, excuses for still filming, walking through the woods & night vision. Did I mention screaming?

I'm not a hater of found footage I just hate that every man and his dog are making them and that nothing actually happens.

This is dreadful stuff.

The Good:

Character development is solid

The Bad:

Nothing happens

An hour of character development is too much

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Brain Damage films should stick to making movies set around Syn DeVil getting her boobs out
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Senseless and boring Found Footage horror flick
marcwiechmann7 November 2016
First of all, don't take the rating of, what is it now, 6.somewhat? - serious. This comes mainly from a handful of obvious fake reviews.

This is a cheap, very very cheap found footage indie horror movie, that has literally nothing to offer.

The first 50 minutes are filming a party. Yes, that's it. Absolutely nothing else happens than some early 20s people having a party. A pretty lame party, as it happens to be. The people are extremely unlikable and boring. They play guitar hero, sing with a guitar and talk. Like, the birthday party of a 12 year old.

After 50 minutes, something happens, which leads to some persons running back to the party, showing the rest of the gang what they just filmed. All watch it, in real time, and we see the reactions to the film material, that we just watched some minutes before.

Talking about recycling, huh?

After that, a lot of shaky hand camera stuff goes on. Until the end you hear some screaming, then it's finally over.

Sounds boring?

Sure it does, because it was!

The one and only thing that happened could have been avoided, if the guys from the party just stand together and beat the aggressor up. No one needed to die.

So, this is super lazy "storytelling" (there hasn't been really much of a "story), the characters are unlikable (and let's be honest here, butt ugly on top), you can't see anything, and nothing happens.

I totally see no reason why anyone should watch this. I love found footage movies and horror flicks, and I tend to honor the effort of making movies. But this? This was not a movie, and I cannot recommend it to anyone.

1/10, and only because you can't give 0.
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A hot mess
befoulmetalroosa23 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This was the most excruciating thing I've ever seen. It was loud and annoying, and I couldn't understand WHY any of these people were friends. They were vicious and nasty to each other, and yes, they had the excuse of being 'drunk', but for a birthday celebration, it was awful. The 'testimonials' from the 'families' were filled with nothing but wonderful and good things about their dead children. The 'families' didn't seem to be grieving in a natural way. It was if they took 'Ham Acting 101'.

The man-thing was barely seen, and the purpose of the slaughter was unclear. He wasn't EATING them, so why ATTACK them. I wanted to slap those stupid girls so very badly. I kept saying SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. They wouldn't stop their infernal screaming, even when it would've been prudent for them to be friggin' QUIET.

All in all, a hack job of a stupid found footage mess. Blech.
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Pray for the End
timothygartin15 March 2020
Terrible. Just terrible. So terrible. Nothing happens for a full 40 minutes except annoying characters doing annoying things. For the next 40 minutes the annoying characters just run and scream. I was so happy when this movie ended.
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The Bucks County Shaky Cam
Shelpa16 August 2017
I consider myself fairly patient when it comes to sitting through a movie. I NEVER turn them off and will always watch them through till the end no matter how bad they are. This movie really tested that patience.

I wish there was something positive I could say about this movie but I struggle to find any good points.

This movie consisted of two parts with bad acting being consistent across both parts. Part one was a group of annoying 20 somethings partying and yelling. Part two was the same bunch of annoying 20 somethings freaking out and yelling.

The camera shaking was beyond annoying, I have never found any other found footage movie as frustrating as this one. I think that is because with most FF movies the really bad camera shaking is at the end when the poo hits the fan, with this one it started at the beginning, didn't stop and was nauseating.

If you are really desperate for a FF flick then go ahead but I would pop it at the very bottom of my list. sorry.
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Too much talking over each other
poetik-482245 December 2020
Just my opinion but I would've made the screaming, babbling, incoherent, drunk women go into another room while reviewing the footage of the dead people. And the cancer girl is the only survivor? Wtf?!? Want the real true story? Go online and google what actually happened.
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beth-7373521 December 2018
I lived in Bucks County and never heard anything about this supposed true story. Blair Witch type movie.
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A plausible fff
pmcguireumc8 September 2020
I happen to be in the minority on this one. I really like it. I think the setting and the characters are believable, with none of the actors becoming the live action equivalent of Jar Jar. None are overly obnoxious. The only criticism I have of the bcm, is that the film could have used a little more of the killer. A few more glances here and there would have added to the tension. Anyway, I really enjoyed it!
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Some bad reviews ...
vibsonedward78825 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I went to this movie with high expectations, but...

I've seen some bad reviews about this movie, and I'm not sure why? Yes the movie was about an hour of "getting to know the characters", but that's what I liked about it. I actually felt bad for the characters, especially when they started getting picked off one by one. I would choose that any day over an invisible demon and a bunch of noises (Paranormal Activity) or 3 people walking in the woods (Blair Witch).

If you expect a disappointment, you're welcome. If you're an oblivious fanatic that just loves hearing and reading the same regurgitated lines, you're in for a whirlwind!
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BCM is Original and Better
deuces4205 February 2013
as every film there is a build up. its supposed to be a true story so the party scenes make perfect sense.i can relate to this as many other kids and young adults can to.It seamed pretty real to its in bucks county PA so they are known for a lot of supernatural occurrences.whatever that vampire or thing was in the woods it killed those people. M night Shamalan filmed Signs in Bucks county pa and its a pretty crazy place.

FLAWS: are a little to much party,to much screaming

GOOD:entertaining,suspenseful,you get to see the killer somewhat unlike other found footage films and its ORIGINAL!Hope this goes Mainstream!!!
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must see it
griffinjill4325 February 2015
I watched the trailers so many times i have lost count.And I went to see this movie with high expectations and was happily surprised with what I saw. So happy this movie came.

Bravo to the writer and director of this masterpiece! I actually enjoyed the fact that it was an entertaining window to the lives of the characters, instead of some mysterious demon lurking in the shadows. Man that creature (whatever it was), was pretty bad ass. When he ripped the throat out of the one girl my girlfriend jumped and screamed! I have to say, the tag line "The Blair Witch meets Paranormal Activity at Cloverfield!" is an understatement. The Bucks County Massacre is my new favorite found footage movie and it will be hard to top it....unless the creators are thinking of making a part 2?!?!

I recommend that people watch this film. Surely that's enough to convince you to watch it!

My rating: 9/10
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I'm in it! 2 stars...
apchylinski8 July 2021
Yes, I'm Rob. The over acting hot head, according to the script at least. This is hella boring to watch but was HELLA fun to make. It was most of us first foray into the film realm, and it shows. I cringe at the movie now. It gets 2 because I did learn a lot, and what NOT to do. But keep in mind, we were just acting to the director's "vision"
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Better than the Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity hands down
spanishscorpio764 November 2014
I've read some negative reviews about this movie, but after watching it, I'm not sure what crack people are smoking. BCM was way better than the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity combined! Simply put because after investing 1 hour of my time and emotions into the characters, then I had to watch them get slaughtered! With Blair Witch, it was 3 people in the woods the whole movie without any creature or anything. Paranormal was worse with the entire movie being some invisible demon. At least with BCM you get to see a monster or mutant or something, and watch it kill everyone, and boy do the killings look real!! Actually now that I mention it, this is based on a true story with real footage, is this real???
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9 star !!!
fesslerclyde24325 February 2015
Great expectations before the film, definitely, and they really paid off. The film is strong on so many levels, outstanding characters, great worlds If you have not seen this movie, do yourself a favor. Stop reading these reviews, get off your sofa, and go get this movie! Buy it, don't rent it. You will not regret it.

"Bucks County Massacre" is easily the best found footage horror-thriller of all time. Nothing even comes close...and yes it is miles ahead of Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project...miles!! All in all, The Bucks County Massacre was an awesome . Amazing characters, vivid cinematography, great dialogue, lots of humor, soundtrack was nice, story exciting.
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i haven't seen anything like this in a long time!
glanzbarbara232325 February 2015
I must say this is an excellent movie! there was nothing that i didn't like, all was good. the story, the characters, the sound, the visuals and most importantly everything felt like i needed to see more! i even wish the movie was longer.

Most found footage horror films don't even show a monster or a creature, and they use noises and suspense in order to scare the audience out of its wits. Most of the time, however, these stereotypes create a generic and boring film. One of the reasons I loved BCM is because it avoided these clichés and instead showed us the creature, and even showed us as it massacred the poor party goers.

this is a really fascinating work, i haven't seen anything like this in a long time!
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Loved it
robhallstar4 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
i thought the beginning was kinda lame but as the story went on i was really into it i think i just wanted to see the killer which you do see for a couple of seconds but at least they show it unlike paranormal activity or Blair witch.i thought it was more believable than the other found footage films.i felt real bad for the kids i wonder why they never used there phones again.i hope they make a part 2.what makes me upset are the people on here expecting all kinds of CGI crap and trendy pop music to be played.this movie blows cloverfield away and it deserves a lot of thing i didn't like was all the interviews but hey its there party not mine.
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