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A Thrilling Sequel that Raises the Bar for Marvel
TyRawrrnosaurus23 March 2014
With Rogers, Fury, and Romanoff previously established, directors Joe and Anthony Russo do a magnificent job at expanding these characters – along with some secondary characters we've seen before – providing more depth to understanding their actions and how they will affect future stories. Sam Jackson has a stronger presence this time around, validating Nick Fury as a main staple in the MCU among the big boys. Captain America is stronger, faster, and a more refined soldier, equipped with better fighting skills and understanding of current technology. Evans plays the earnestness of Captain America's black and white morality with convincing finesse in an age of grey that he has yet to find a comfortable middle. And Johansson progresses the allure of the cunning and multifaceted Black Widow, while bringing a splendid and lively balance to Rogers' straight and narrow.

Amidst such a tight and clever script, The Winter Soldier introduces a band of new characters, all of whom play a significant role, creating a more layered and conceivably real MCU. Frank Grillo brings the swolling mass of muscle known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Brock Rumlow to life. Emily VanCamp surprises with her portrayal of Agent 13, whom I wish had more screen time with Cap than just two quick scenes. Robert Redford plays Alexander Pierce, a superior ranking Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., friend to Nick Fury, and representative of the World Security Council. Pierce is a wonderful look into the higher ranks at S.H.I.E.L.D., contributing new insights as to how the organization is run outside of Fury, Agent Coulson, and Agent Maria Hill. Anthony Mackie is Sam Wilson aka The Falcon, an ex-military special-ops paratrooper and a welcomed addition recruited by Rogers to help fight the good fight. Mackie fits comfortably among the cast of veteran actors and should play nicely with the other Avengers.

Enhanced for combat and strength, The Winter Soldier's presence is terrifying when it comes to any action scene. Sebastian Stan does an amazing job holding his own against his targets and those who get in his way of his missions. My only gripe is that it is not explained how he obtains the immense power and skills he beholds. The connection between Rogers and The Winter Soldier is dealt with true care and excels the story of Captain America from the first film brilliantly. (Be sure to stay after the credits for a nice button leading into Captain America 3.)

The Winter Soldier is not just a fantastic sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers, it should also be recognized as one of the best sequels ever made. In fact, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the duo behind Thor: The Dark World, the Narnia Trilogy, and The First Avenger, have done such a great job shaping Captain America's story that this movie could almost stand on its own. There are many exciting twists and turns in this well-constructed, political action-thriller, but nothing comes as more of a shock than how important the story is at defining the direction of the MCU. What takes place in The Winter Soldier, along with an awesome mid-credits sequence tie-in, will inherently influence Avengers: Age of Ultron as well as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – which should make the TV series a lot more interesting and reward fans who have stuck by its side.

Tonally, The Winter Soldier is the darkest story we've come to encounter, raising many deep-seated questions about government and soldiers of war while also taking Rogers on an emotional journey. It also has the best action choreography among all of the MCU movies thus far. Whedon's NYC battle in The Avengers is beautifully shot and written, but cannot compare to the hard-hitting set pieces found in The Winter Soldier, each building up to the bigger whole. The Russo brothers come from a background of directing television comedies such as Arrested Development and Community, and it's extraordinary how well they handle a big budget action blockbuster from cinematography to pacing. They do infuse their own style of comedy with fun references and a cameo other than Stan Lee, functioning properly within the confines of the tone and story. Henry Jackman (Captain Phillips; Wreck-It Ralph; X-Men: First Class) also composes an adrenaline pumping score that sets the right mood every time.

The biggest fault found in The Winter Soldier is that it does not address the whereabouts of other heroes or where we are in terms of the time line of the other movies. Why can't Captain America call on Tony Stark to help him out or even Hawkeye who is a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. himself. This is a recurring problem we have seen throughout Phase 2 of the MCU in Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. Marvel Studios needs to acknowledge this hiccup if they want us to continue to believe all of these characters live in the same universe together. You cannot exclude these characters once you have opened Pandora's Box.

Marvel Studios has hit this one out of the ball park with yet another gripping adaptation for fans to enjoy for years to come. By and large, Captain America: The Winter Soldier succeeds on all fronts. It is the perfect set up for future films and at the same time it increases the value of its predecessors. There is little to argue against its merits and should be regarded as one of the greatest superhero movies of all time.
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A wonderful thriller, conspiracy and adventure that delivers a great great film
Fro21 March 2014
This film is simply exceptional in every way. The edge it has is delivering the best, grittiest action the genre has ever scene and characters that are as complex as the are fun. Why do I say that? Well...

What I love about the character is that Steve Rogers has "I'm-a-man-out- of-time issues" but he's comfortable with the chaos that it brings. In acclimating himself to this century he is at his best. Yes, most people would be overwhelmed but because of who he is and where he's from, he's able to cope and adapt. The serum that gives him his physical edge also gives him a mental boost. It's his emotions that are raw and unaided. Time has passed since Avengers so we don't get to see his day to day amazement and adjustment. I'm glad they skipped that stuff. What we do see is the man who once represented America and has become alien to America and it's slanted values. The passage of time. Add those struggles to a full blown conspiracy film and what results might just be the best film released all year long.

Steve Rogers is basically a John Wayne American. The world shifts to him and it's his job to tell everybody "Here's they way things should be done." We saw that in Avengers and even the first film after he gathered his Howling Commandos. Now, the powers that be are a lot more flexible in terms of loyalties and how they're going to get certain jobs done. How he handles this century's gray morality is at the heart of the film.

Like most men from the 1940's, Steve keeps things to himself and keeps his emotions bottled up. (EX: the first film when he mentions his mother dying of TB and he was even embarrassed when Peggy found him mourning alone for Bucky) So, bringing The Black Widow in to this film gives him someone who is going to draw out his story, because he's never going to offer it up of his own accord. Natasha learns from him. Fury learns from him. Sam Wilson learns from him. Yet, they all give him something in return. Every character used is utilized perfectly and smartly. Falcon for example, is not in awe of the legend of Captain America. This is exactly what Steve wants in a friend and in a fellow soldier, to not have to be Captain America. Everyone fits perfectly in to the plot and allows access to different beats, tones and emotional depth. Yes, conspiracy thrillers need depth and this one has it.

Captain America is probably the only superhero left in this world of the reboot who is singularly heroic. He doesn't have this dark existential quandary like other reinventions. Plugging that resolute goodness into a morally complex story means he doesn't question what he believes, but he questions whether anybody else does anymore. He doesn't question his foundation but he questions where he has ended up and what his role must now be. The conspiracy element and structure of this story helps in that Captain America is not up on a pedestal being self righteous, he's in a corner and that makes you want to root for the guy. He believes in what he's doing and the viewer is along for a great ride sharing that belief.

Marvel movies usually establish character early. This one starts out fast but it's got a lot of character in it. The first act packs a punch but does it laying the groundwork for a remarkable third act. They take time showing the issues and you immediately empathize with Steve. Giving us good character depth means the action delivers more punch. And the action here is beyond great. This movie absolutely punches you in the face in the best way possible. The action has advanced a lot from the first film. How he now operates in the world and kicks butt is all very impressive.

So, this is probably Marvel's grittiest movie and it's also their best sequel to date. There's a dash of humor but there's mostly a wonderful thriller, conspiracy and adventure that delivers a great great film.
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Pure Awesomeness
Sahl_9525 March 2014
Went into the movie not expecting much as I felt that the first Captain America was one of the weaker movies in Phase one of the Avengers. However, this movie was one of the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

First off, the action and fight scenes in the movie are just awesome and there is plenty of action to keep you entertained throughout the entire movie. There is also enough humour to balance all this. The characters all had their own amazing moments and the acting is decent as well. You get to see more of Nick Fury, and he was awesome in this. Black Widow is used much more in this movie and as well as being badass, she brings out more of the Captain's story. Sam Wilson (the Falcon) is great and is involved in some great action scenes. The villains in this movie were awesome as well.

Quite enjoyed the story as well. There were a few twists; some unexpected, some expected. And the reveal of the unexpected twists in the final third were epic. The story is not just about Captain America and the Winter Soldier, there are darker forces at play and causes the Captain to ask dangerous questions.

This movie is very entertaining, the story is decent, the ending is awesome and satisfying and I would recommend watching this. Makes for a decent political thriller as well. This will easily be one of my favourite movies.
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Brilliant film!
doomas1027 March 2014
Now "The winter soldier" is everything a Captain America movie should be. While it maintains some of the humour that now has become the trademark of Marvel films, TWS is way more serious than all of them combined. And this is truly where the film feels so brave and yes different than any other superhero flicks that we have seen.

Which brings me to the most important point, the plot. While of course it is not going to be the most original or complicated film of the century, there is the basic screen writing elements that so much lack from modern day blockbusters. You have the (likable) characters and a mystery they need to solve along with a racing clock. It reminded me the 70's political paranoia thrillers (3 days of the Condor - another Redford link, The parallax view, Z) and it is a welcome tone that makes the WS to differentiate itself from the rest. There are strong scenes regarding political fear, control, and information manipulation but it never feels bloated or overbearing. the purpose is to entertain even if it manages to squeeze through a bit of political views with Rogers replacing the viewer's voice on screen. At one point there is a talk about who is who which results in every man for himself mayhem in one of the most interesting sequences that you may see this year. We do not get this stuff these days!

Besides the charged plot, the introduction of new characters and the mega mayhem in the streets of Washingthon DC, the Russos have found time (and they should bloody do since TWS is 2 and a half hours long!) to inject some sentiments in the proceedings - a visit to Peggy, a confrontation with Fury regarding SHIELDs actions, Bucky's memory recall, Natasha's kissing talk. They could have easily skip these "crap" but instead the extra running time feels adjusted and coherent with a bit of more characterization which results to bring us closer to the on screen counterparts.

However, the action is what took me by surprise. The bar has been set higher now. It is truly unbelievable to think that these two directors (of the "Community" fame) came with such inventive ways of using Cap's shield. Finally, the shield gets to be seen in all of its glory. In addition, all the fist fights (and they are many) are excellent examples and putting the glasses to the school of frantic edit (which I truly despise) with varied and rapid choreography. A terrific elevator fight sequence probably stands out as truly memorable whereas the encounters with the Winter Soldier never feel repetitive. The Russo brothers keep changing the game from stealth and cloak missions, to car chases, to gun fires, to dog fights, to fist fights. There is something for everyone here and it is arguably among the finest I have seen. Impressive considering their credits. Real stunt work (backflips, wrestle moves, somersaults, etc), real fights and it is a pleasing sight to go away from superhero duels of the Avengers, Thor and Iron man. These characters rely on instincts and bullets. No more and no less and most of them do have some brutal moments for a PG-13 film (and blood too).

The actors are absolutely brilliant in their roles. While Evans came out as a bit arrogant in the "Avengers" and the least interesting character, here he truly shines. First time ever, I actually bought what he was bringing on the table. This is a soldier who believed in protecting the people and their freedom. Here though, in the modern era of espionage with multiple intrigues and political events, he finds himself unable to identify which side he is on and for what. At one point he even considers himself Fury's caretaker of terrorist "problems". The other side of the coin is Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury and Robert Redford's Alexander Pierce. It is nice to see Jackson expanding his role from 1 minute cameo in "Iron Man" to a fully supporting actor here. But the real standout is Robert Redford. Kevin Feige (the producer) probably knows how to do casting because so far there has not been a single acting mistake. Bringing heavy-acting-weight Redford to a superhero film is actually a bold move and while most movies do not focus on the talented cast, here the Russo brothers give Redford plenty of close ups and necessary gravitational dialogue that kept surprised me for a "summer" and "mindless" blockbuster. Antony Mackie plays Falcon believably enough and it is very good to see a great supporting turn instead of being the comedic sidekick. The winter soldier now himself is as you would have expected? probably the best villain outside Loki(!) in the marvel films. A truly unstoppable and cool killing machine that shows no remorse or regret considering his complete disregard (and destructive) actions throughout the film. Shaw manages to bring a bit of menace to a generally light hearted series of fantasy films as he has to act more with his eyes rather than sharing any scenes of actual dialogue.

Is it perfect? Of course not but it does not feel that it is drugging forever or raising any boring flags. There is plenty of plot, intelligence and sweet characters moments to keep anyone satisfying. This is blockbuster at its finest, a superhero film with heart, immersive action and subtle touches of humour. Totally recommended.
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What should have been a typical superhero film, now becomes a conspiracy-espionage thriller.
YJLcool27 March 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the third film in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (after last year's Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World). Compared with the mighty giant green monster, the hammer wielding Norse thunder god or the 'genius, philanthropist, billionaire, playboy' armor man, the Captain was never quite as appealing as the rest of the 'Unusuals'. Steve Rogers is portrayed as an old-fashioned, straightforward, honest, courageous, sincere, patriotic superhero. This makes him a less-interesting, boring character. Moreover, as Tony Stark said it, "Everything special about you came out of a bottle!"

Most film-goers would know that Marvel films are famous for its bright, fun and not-so-serious approach to its storytelling, together with some catchy, witty dialogues. This film is a game changer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This time around, Marvel decided to take a different approach on things: To make a Captain America sequel with a more serious, darker plot development and more face-to-face close-range hand combat fights. What should have been a typical superhero film, now becomes a conspiracy-espionage thriller.

Two years after the events that happened in New York city, the Captain still struggles with adjusting himself to the modern world, with no apparent social life or girl friend, which is why Natasha/Black Widow tries to introduce or recommend him some cute girls in S.H.I.E.L.D. for him to date with. He is shocked when he learns that the very governmental organisation he is working for is not what it seems to be, as the Cap said in the trailer, "This isn't freedom. This is fear". Soon, he finds himself entangled in a conspiracy that puts millions of innocent lives at risk.

The film comes with excellent, fast-paced action choreography. Although the cinematography is a bit dodgy due to the shaky-cam techniques used for depicting the chaotic moments, the fight scenes between the Winter Soldier and the Captain is fantastic and serves as one of the film's highlights. The audience finally gets to see how the Captain's shield is utilised effectively in both offensive and defensive combat situations. It also good to see again how Natasha kicks ass in the film.

All actors delivered a pretty decent performance in the film. Once again, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson both proved that they fit their roles well, adding more depth to the characters they portray in the film. Sam Wilson/Falcon is a welcome addition to the Marvel franchise and hopefully he will appear again in the Avengers sequel. Unfortunately, despite the film's title, the winter soldier is not a complex villain and doesn't appear much in the film. It's such a shame to just show him as a formidable physical fighter who's capable of challenging the Captain.

The film is well-scripted, filled with suspense while highlighting some important socio-political issues such as government surveillance and control in its storytelling. Although the twists in the film is predictable and fairly easy to guess, the sequel is a marked improvement compared to its predecessor, Captain America: The First Avenger. The story unfolds gradually and comes with huge, surprising developments by the end of the film. Marvel Cinematic Universe is not going to be the same again. What's going to happen next? How the story is going to progress in Avengers: Age of Ultron, after what had happened in this film? Interesting.

Rating: 8.5/10 winter.html

Be warned. This is not the typical fun, 'not-so-serious', entertaining Marvel film that you used to watch in the past. You might like it or find it a bore. In order to recognize some of the characters in the film, you need to remember some of Marvel's Phase One films. Most importantly, you need to watch Captain America: The First Avenger before watching this to understand the plot.

Note: Guess you don't need me to remind you to stay for the mid-credit and post-credit scenes. It foreshadows what's going to happen next by introducing a lesser-known supervillain and two new characters, 'Miracles' (another name for 'mutants' because of screen rights issues) which going to be in the Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron. It further confirms that one of weapons depicted in The Avengers is indeed one of the six infinity stones.
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Marvel makes a bold move!
abhishek-upadhayaya23 March 2014
Marvel showed pretty clearly in Iron Man 3 that they are not afraid to take risk, bend comic stories and venture into unknown territories. I was pleasantly surprised by Captain America : The Winter Soldier because Marvel is able to do surprise audience like never before. This movie has mostly everything a fan could ask for. A political drama, conspiracy theories, Chris Evans portrayal of a "out of his time" superhero who is trying to blend in with the world and thinks that "Internet is helpful", typical Marvel's laugh out loud moments and above all some mesmerizing action sequences. Threat in this movie is not as big as the one in Thor :The Dark World since only our tiny planet is at stake rather than entire 9 realms with imaginative difficult to pronounce names, but thanks to some very smart blend of direction, acting and close to perfect background scores, threat seems to be much bigger and more importantly, real this time. You actually care for the fate of entire planet and characters. You do come face to face with the full potential of SHIELD and its structure, its influence on world politics and when the actual villain is revealed, you just cannot hide your excitement. SHIELD acts as a central character in the movie and shows itself to be far bigger and complex than what we suspected after watching all the Marvel offerings. There is Nick Fury as usual hiding secrets, keeping secrets and digging secrets but watching him vulnerable in this movie is much better than watching him acting all almighty in Avengers. Chris Evans shine in this role and I can imagine he won't be at the bottom of favorite Avengers list after this movie. His portrayal of Captain America is near perfect. Scarlett Johansson is a surprise package in the film portraying Black Widow character. She gets ample screen time presence this time, even in scenes where she is not kicking someone. It is actually the first time we learn something about Black Widow, duplicity in her character just adds tension to the already built suspense in the movie. Sebastian Stan is good in his portrayal of winter soldier. He is a perfect nemesis to Captain America in the movie. I bet you haven't seen such creative combat scenes between these two ever before. Action here is not as loud as Thor movies, it is more real, every bullet which find its target hurts, every punch delivered matters, it is so enjoyable to watch just because it is so real. I wish I could write about some more characters but that will be giving away some key points. Please be assured there are some great character comebacks, some you expected, some you didn't. I was a little let down by the climax of the film by its simplicity after the real motive of the real villain is revealed, but of course you have to remember its a Marvel film, there doesn't exist any situation alien/political/social which can't be solved by few explosions and kicks. Overall it's a highly entertaining film from Marvel, I will put it behind only Avengers and first Iron Man, this movie deserves your weekend. And of course it goes without saying, don't dare to leave your seats until last credits have rolled out, you have probably all heard the rumors about Joss Whedon directing the end credit scene. Yes it is awesome and offers an insight into the next Avengers movie.
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It's smart, intense, well acted and superbly done. AMAZING FILM!
bobochildrunningwild30 March 2014
I'd have to rate Captain America The Winter Soldier as one of the best comic book movies ever made. It is as close to a perfect movie as you can get. Superman has generally held the title as most fondly remembered or nostalgic superhero film even though it has some campy flaws. Spider- Man has generally held the title as most beloved superhero film because of the character. Iron Man has generally held the most grounded and well liked superhero film. The Avengers has generally held the title as most highly rated and best film the genre has seen. Well, Captain America TWS can compete with them all in every category. It is IMO near perfect on every level. It's smart, intense, well acted, fun and superbly done.

The first film delivers a lot of action, a tantalizing and beautiful love interest, many humorous moments, powerful messages about internal fortitude and courage, a classic villain, fine acting and many of the basic essentials of any good action movie. This sequel adds an intriguing plot and does everything the first film did but does it BETTER. Including, incredible stunts, unbelievable feats and, not to be rude, but a climax that plays out like a multiple orgasm. The finish features one wave after another of edge of your seat moments. As fantastic of a movie that's ever been made in the genre and I'm not exaggerating one bit.
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Solid Thriller
scarinny21 March 2014
I applaud the Russo brothers and the writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely on a job well done in this action thriller The action is riveting as are the quite scenes between the characters. There are Good humorous punches in this script also. The returning cast are great and expanding their roles from other movies, I am trying to be vague here as not to ruin the movie. Also there are some great additions to the cast as well. Anthony Mackie does a soaring job as the Falcon (pun intended), he has a very comfortable fit to the cast and no way feel forces in. Robert Redford is a very compelling character and presence on screen. The action scenes were fantastic when I saw the resume of the Russos's movies I was a little worried, now I think they might have to worry about being type cast as action movie directors. There are a few changes from the comic book story line but they are not distracting. The Winter Solider is a movie that greatly expands and shakes the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stay for the two end credit sequences. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it. If it's action you want. Go see the Captain.
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Amazing Cap, Just Amazing!!!!!
c_razz_y19 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Another hit from marvel!!! can they do anything wrong.

With the success of the recent marvel films, this one again is sure to do well at the box office. whats more pleasantly surprising is that this film is probably the best they've made so far, even rivalling the avengers. I'm sure that with these positive reviews this movie will make upwards of 600 million, beating Thor: the dark world, but i doubt that it will beat iron man 3. however with the success of this movie, i feel that many more people with be eagerly waiting for the third instalment so watch out Batman V superman!!

The acting as expected from Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson was excellent. Robert Redford was impeccable in his role and he was worth the effort that Marvel put in to get him on board. The rest of the cast all play their roles extremely well and Marvel have done the right thing by bringing the Falcon in the movie, which was played well by Anthony Mackie.

The movie is a great political thriller and i must admit, even without the bonus of superheroes, the script/story is a great movie. The superheroes is what we pay and want to see but the amazing flow of the movie itself should leave many satisfied. The superheroes and villains were all great and i hope we continue seeing the Falcon in the future along with Black Widow. This movie is the most closely linked with The Avengers and also Avengers Age of Ultron, from the rest of the phase 2 films. This is a great movie and one that i highly recommend watching.

BTW stay for the end credits for an extra bonus!
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The most exciting this franchise has been in years
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews27 March 2014
When Fury(L. Jackson, tough as usual, for him and these) is attacked by an unknown enemy, the Captain(Evans, will of steel, heart of gold) and Black Widow(Johansson, sultry and devious – this uses her right, finally) find themselves(they have a great chemistry, with a charming running gag of her wanting to pair him up with a girl, going through a list of ones they both know; and with his straightforward nature, and her relative lack of integrity, they both affect the other towards them, benefiting both) with no one else to trust, except perhaps the veteran Falcon(Mackie, amiable), as they uncover a genuinely devastating truth, while on the run from a considerable force – including the elusive assassin, The Winter Soldier(Stan, terrifying, pure awesome pretty much every second he's on screen).

This is just short of the level of The Avengers. It uses the strong continuity of the cinematic Marvel(as in, their own studio) universe better than any of the others, and does justice to many different elements, most of them set up prior to this. Events occur in this that will have serious consequences for future entries. The plot-driven nature and approach of a 70's political thriller(where some characters, all credible and with something to do, happen to wear a flag or the like) in a contemporary setting and with biting satire(on foreign policy, something not entirely new to these, but never before this sharp… commenting on mass surveillance and executions taking place before any trial against the (supposed) perpetrator) is spot-on. From a 40's war flick, with heroism and defined lines between good and evil, to the modern method of taking on the opposition – with spying, and questionable tactics(compared to one army versus another).

The action all comes about naturally, it's personal, hard-hitting and, on account of next to no CGI, it's "real". Each intense set-piece is varied(fighting, shooting, chasing both on foot and vehicular…), you will remember them, and except for one bit, they feel fresh and original. Among the very few weaknesses are that Sharon(VanCamp, another compelling and strong woman) has nothing to do in this, appearing as if her important scenes were cut, and/or that she was setup for the next one. She is the only one that that goes for, a pleasant surprise considering the seemingly bloated cast of characters. This explores S.H.I.E.L.D., and how the iconic super soldier fits into it …or, whether or not he does, at all. The 3D is unobtrusive, adding depth and atmosphere, similar to Avatar.

There is violence and disturbing content in this. I recommend this to any fan of, well, blockbusters. 10/10
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When Captain America throws his mighty Shield !!!!!!!
Devansh Sharma22 March 2014
This movie Rocks!!!!!! At first, I wasn't very confident about watching a captain America movie because he looked kind of old-school. But when I watched this movie - BOOM !!!!!!! This movie blew my mind.... It is really AWESOME!!! There are many sequences that will make you jump up in your seats. And though I have not included any spoilers, I would like to recommend you to stay after the credits for two amazing scenes, now this is hardly a spoiler as everyone knows marvel always treats the audience with surprising after credits scenes. I shall say no more here. Marvel has done an excellent job on this movie.

Chris Evans has done some excellent work as Captain America. But Scarlett Johansson as Black widow steals the movie. Her character is evergreen as usual.Others to look forward to are Sebastian Stan as the winter soldier and Anthony Mackie as The Falcon.

I highly recommend this movie. Guys, this movie is really worth your bucks. Moreover, the movie runs for over 136 mins, but never at a single moment during the movie you feel bored. And the ending of the movie leaves you craving for more and more.

The climax is terrific. I haven't seen such an awesome climax of a movie since the Avengers. So guys, go for this movie.... take your kids with you. They'll love it. It is a perfect start of summer blockbuster and one of the best movies of the year without doubt..
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Superb. This could be the best sequel the genre has seen.
vicvonfate31 March 2014
This film finds Captain America still adjusting to the modern day, while working under the increasingly morally ambiguous government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. The set up is masterfully done. This is the third time we've seen the character and it's by far the most complex. The Avengers film touched bit with his feelings of what it was like to be in the modern era, but besides the deleted scenes, they had no time to dive in to the subject matter in that movie. That's not the case here. This is a wonderful character study to go along with a purely thrilling plot. This was exactly the perfect vehicle to deliver the film the character deserves at this time. What makes Steve/cap interesting isn't his abilities but the man himself. The "man out of time" to be exact. He must come to terms with a past that is long gone and a longing for a better more decent era. Dealing with the shades of grey of the modern era and being part of an organization like S.H.I.E.L.D. is taking its toll on a member of "the greatest generation." As he's finding his way, his past comes back and explodes all throughout his new life.

Enter The Winter Soldier, who is an amoral assassin and an agent of shady government rogues. Saying any more about what is an ultimately cool character would be a spoiler. Fans of the books know who he is and what he's about but movie fans need to find their own way.

I really enjoyed the origin and First Avenger but this movie is darker than the original film. It has a whole new flavor and that;s exactly what was needed. The 1940's romance and even the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" tone fit the first film quite nicely but would have been out of place in this story. Just like Cap, adaptation is a key. Steve is still an unquestioning patriot but he shifts from being an unquestioning soldier. This is where his old-fashioned values pay off. Questioning what is wrong and questioning what is morally cloudy is a test of true character. That is exactly why the character of Steve Rogers is so interesting. He's so much more than a super soldier boy scout. There's depth, angst and pathos to the max. He is out-of-place and he is old- fashioned but proud of that in a way. He also is an enhanced thinker so it's not like modern era gadgets confound him. It's all played just right.

The story itself is a good old fashion action thriller with a ton of intrigue. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be this clever. Everything about this movie is a joy to watch. Tha cast is perfect and everyone is used exceptionally well. This could be the best sequel the genre has seen. It's Marvel's best sequel for sure.
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An ambush of engaging sequences that leaves you satisfied
Sheance OST26 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Once upon a time there was Iron Man 3 where the hype is on the top of every Marvel movie that I thought wouldn't be surpassed by any other sequels/spin-offs or interconnected movie. The level of Iron Man 3 (not from a fan-boy perspective) was above the top. From the storyline to its action sequences to its comedy was above all commendable (although fan- boys would not agree with me, of course).

Then, there was Captain America.

Although the first movie was a little bit dragging from the beginning up to the end, the storyline was strong and was complementary to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The tone was sepia-ish due to the timeline of 1940's.

But little did I know that the entire first movie of CapAm was vital for sequel: The Winter Soldier.

It revolves around Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and the events after the cataclysmic Avengers in New York. In his trial to blend with the modern time and facing another familiar enemy which would destroy the entire empire of S.H.I.E.L.D., also a past that is sinister in the present, naming himself "The Winter Soldier", that will rock Rogers' world. Betrayal and Loyalty are his ultimate struggle on who's who he will give his trust, to win over the first ultimate test in the modern world he and the S.H.I.E.L.D. will ever know.

There's a lot going in the film, but is not distracting, and the pace is just perfect for the two and fifteen minutes run of it. The character build-up was enough for each, especially on Falcon (Anthony Mackie), the ex-military/side kick of Captain America. With Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), his character was focused from start to finish because he's the focal point of the movie on which the main characters should act upon after his unforeseen demise. But one superstar, aside from Captain America himself, who garnered an applause and bravo credit in the film, was Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). Her finesse, sinister moves, unprecedented jokes and sensual aura made it work for the entire movie. She is that one person in a film that would give a cool effect, plus she's a woman, so, it all works. I think its Marvel's way to introduce her because of the rumoured Black Widow movie… and I'm up for the line.

The only character that was little most exposure was Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), well, I am biased to this because I just so love her. But I guess it's just a build-up to what's to come for her and Steve Rogers in the future.

The story of The Winter Soldier was really compelling. The ambush to the main characters was believable in the sense of real life situations. The betrayal of some will pose a question on whether a main character will die. And that's exciting and dreading at the same time, not knowing if your favourite character will make it or not.

All the action in the movie was up-beat and so good. Although, I just hoped the camera movements weren't that much moving a lot, but still it works.

What I about Captain America: The Winter Soldier was that from start to end, because of the compelling storyline; it will engage you to focus and love every scene. It's a must watch. I'm kind of in battle to what's better, Iron Man 3 or Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the latter is a bit revamped on the storyline.

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Absolute Captain Crud
christopherRclarke6 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK, where to begin. This film had no creativity at all to it. I guess they ran out of ideas in the avengers, which was a great film. Who ever wrote this and got paid for it should have their head read. How much can and should you change the laws of physics to make something 'believable'.

Plot holes as follows : Captain America has a shield the size of a large pizza and no one ever shoots at his legs or feet, only directly into the shield; Hundreds of what would be green berets equivalent, highly trained killers can not hit any human moving or non moving targets with rifles and machine guns; Nick Furys car that is getting attacked seems to have no external defence at all, not a single gun or weapon, instead, let's put a gun inside that has to shoot through bullet proof material, so we will wait till all that bullet proof material is gone and then try to shoot through an obstacle at highly trained professionals who can't hit nick when he is stationary and in complete view (fwoh); gigantic million ton airships fall slowly to the ground after all thrusters are gone; apparently reducing your heart beat to one pulse per minute can keep you alive; head of organisation is bad guy, shock horror shock (sarcasm) and so on, couldn't be bothered typing more.

So see this if you are brainless, but if you actually like plot and good acting, see something else. I gave it 2 for the Apple Store scene.
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Marvel Less
cultfilmfreaksdotcom4 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Lotta things you don't know about me," Nick Fury tells Captain America… And he could also be talking to the theater audience since so far, through several films, the monotone, monologue-spouting S.H.I.E.L.D chief has been kept on the peripheral… And now he, along with former Russian agent Natasha, can step into the co-lead spotlight, which sadly winds up casting an extremely dull glow on everyone…

Especially our hero, Steve Rogers, who literally starts out in a brisk, humorous pace and then has a bland pop culture conversation with fellow soldier Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie, a forced sidekick eventually donning his winged-costume befitting a bad cartoon, awkwardly contrasting to the gloomy plot that's part James Bond, part political thriller... The latter where Robert Redford, as a stiff-suited wolf in sheep's clothing, fits like a dreary glove.

Between spurts of bombastic action are lofty conversations about American defense, questionable freedom, and glimpses into the first movie including a pointless visit to Steve's old stomping grounds… This occurs after Sam Jackson's Fury has his very own car chase leading to the introduction of a stealthy, long-haired assassin with limitless fighting skills, equal to Captain America, and whose real identity adds to the melodrama. (Tony Stark, where are you? These people take themselves way too seriously!)

The only good parts that seem worthy of – or that were already wasted and/or spoiled on – theatrical trailers happen much too fast while the head villain's wag-the-dog goal is not only cliché, but for a world derived from comic book origins, and following up the cinematic spectacle that is THE AVENGERS, this uneven, uninspired SOLDIER is no fun at all...
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Marvel Slays it Once Again! Bravo!!!
dreamtakers28 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I had a feeling that Captain America: Winter Soldier would be an amazing movie once the trailer was released. Turns out, I couldn't be more accurate. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not the usual superhero movie, it underlies a dark theme of politics and conspiracy beneath it. Haunting pasts, betrayals and fake deaths all come into play. In this film, we get to see Steve Rogers' full potential in terms of his heroism and leadership. When the leader of S.H.E.I.L.D., Nick Fury, takes the fall, it is up to Steve Rogers to determine the fate of S.H.E.I.L.D and most importantly, the livelihood of mankind. As the stoic and fearless hero that he is, Rogers takes charge and enlists the help of Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow as well as a new sidekick, Sam Wilson aka Falcon, to defeat HYDRA. He exuberates skills that we have never seen before with his gravity defying flips, kicks and punches, even single handedly defeating a whole vessel of villains. It is also exciting to see the strong bond between Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon. The trios are as loyal as ever to one another, never once faltering despite near death scenarios and with multitude obstacles being hurled their way like a violent hurricane. They displayed excellent teamwork in the process of defeating the baddies. The movie also sheds some light and heart-warming moments as well. The playful and snarky banter between good friends Natasha and Steve is fun to watch. The escalator scene, anyone? Also, the scene between Steve and his former love, Peggy was priceless. Here, we get to see the vulnerable and raw side of the Captain which he hides so well on a daily basis.

This film is a perfect blend of thrill, action and drama with an intriguing plot. The action sequences are plentiful; there is not just one "special" moment. I was gawking and gripping the edge of my seat throughout the movie. The stunts are top notch and are the best in its genre, perhaps even triumphing the likes of action movies. There are tons of extraordinary fighting combats, insane car chases and fiery explosions that would blow you off your feet. All the actors did a splendid job in portraying their characters convincingly, particularly Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett has a major role and takes up pretty much most of the screen time; so take note of this, fanboys.

Captain America: Winter Soldier has claim its spot as the best Marvel movie ever produced in my list as it exceeds my expectations in every single way. I daresay it is even better than The Avengers (It is a large statement to make as I am a massive Avengers fan). I can't wait to see the next installment of the Captain America sequel and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Bring it on, Marvel!
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Great Entertainment
Antoneo-Johnson31 March 2014
Captain America continues where it left off from the first movie and the Avengers.

Chris Evans did a good Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four and does an even better as Steve Rogers.

The movie is fast paced with lots of action that keeps you glued to the screen. New weaponry, spectacular fight scenes, introduction of new characters and possible love interest for Captain America.

Jackson, Evans and Johansson put in some good performances and the chemistry between characters new and old was good, very believable.

There is a strong emphasis on trust in relationship for all the characters and a sprinkle of political interference which was developed throughout the movie.

The film has the customary spectacular ending which does not disappoint. There are some flashback done very well. Good surprises, twist and turns, which you probably wont have anticipated.

This film is a great addition to the Captain American franchise and is vastly superior to the Thor and Iron Man nonsense.

I cant wait for the next installment of Captain America
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mgs_girl5 April 2014
we all know that marvel films sometimes lack in plot, but in such cases they usually compensate with: a)humor b)good acting c)creativity and originality. this film - none of that whatsoever. a predictable plot (first 10 minutes and you already know who the bad guy is), shallow characters, disappointing acting, tedious action scenes with only loud noises to keep you awake...simply a tragedy. The few quips here and there are far from enough for a two hour movie, which on top of that presents quite a dull, grayish setting - no eye candy at all (shame on you marvel). and for a character who pretty much makes up the title of the movie, the winter soldier was...just there - no impressive lines, no stable back story. i think that this movie aimed a bit too high, but ended up being illogical, painfully predictable and all in all - laughable. marvel tried serious? well, marvel failed at serious.
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Triple A logic error popcorn cinema
fast-giga2 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Captain America The Winter Soldier is supposed to be a AAA Hollywood movie. Apparently this means that it only needs explosions to be good. If you dare to demand a logical consistent story you will be unsatisfied. The acting is good, the explosions are just the same as in every other marvel movie. The story is very obvious and the supposedly surprising changes are foreseeable by a 10 year old. My biggest problem is the logical inconsistency. In the following a few examples: SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The propulsion of Director Furys car is destroyed by an explosion, and the damage is fixed by restarting the PC of the car. highly impossible no matter the technological level.

A broken wrist is healed by antibiotics, during a fighting scene. Even so this might be useful in the long term healing of the wrist, but during a gunfight it's probably not the most important thing to do.

Director Furys car has a stationary gun inside the vehicle. This gun safes the live of Fury, however it doesn't explain why it even exists. This gun can only be used to attack people inside the car, why is it stationary? This scenes shows that many gadgets the heroes used were designed by the writes exactly for this one scene, instead they should've tried to create gadgets which might be realistic, and then change the scenes so that the gadgets make a sense, not vice versa.

Fury escapes heavily injured through a hole in the ground. The bad guy super soldier is maybe 2 seconds behind him and doesn't hunt him down by following him into the hole. Why? He is faster, younger and healthier, why not try to follow him? Surely Fury wouldn't have been able to outrun him if the Winter solider would have tried.

The big airships have a very important PC core. This core is extremely important, still it is positioned at the bottom of the airship and protected by glass. They chose to position the most important part of the airship at the least defendable and least protected position. wtf? why?
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Be warned this movie "sucks" Warning: Spoilers
I am going to put spoilers in this review, but it will probably be more entertaining than the actual movie.

To the point. Nothing happens in this movie that you haven't seen in every other movie. Captian America is involved in a conspiracy that involves the company he works for- seen it. Captian America looses his leader and must try to figure out the differnce right and wrong-seen it. Captian America must stop a world power- seen it. blah blah blah. This movie is nothing but a repeat of movie scenes that made good movies 15 years ago.

Captian America defeats the bad guy, only to save the bad guy. The same action cost him is life, Oh wait, some mysterious arm has reached out to save Captian Americas life.... who could it be. I was in total suspense for .27 seconds.

Captian America gets on a Shield intercom system and warns everybody that the bad guy ( the same bad guy from 70 years prior) had taken control and should be stopped-at all cost. Given a liberating speech to all who can hear-seen it. Problem is who on board can remember or even is aware of and evil group from 70 years ago.

Scarlett Jo. looked terrible, fake tan, everyone wore pink lipstick. I can get past a terrible story line if things looked good, but....

Of coarse Captin America had to get his old suit out- seen it.

Absoultey nothing of any importance happens in this movie. Tha bad guy isn't stopped, the "death" of a leader didn't happen, the world isn't a better place. Captin America says Shield has to be stopped....So he shoots down 3 airplanes. WTC... I think Shield is a little bigger than 3 air planes.

All the movie is, is a TV episode. The bad guy is still there, There are still problems to deal with , and the stakes got higher. No wait its not a TV episode, its a sitcom.
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Shoot the camera man!
zterrell24 April 2014
My wife and I really enjoyed the first Captain America and looked forward to this after reading some reviews. After watching the movie I have to ask: "What movie did you people see?" The camera work must have been done by a three-year-old. People were moving at warp speed during fight scenes, but you could only see an extreme close-up of about one square foot at a time. Shouldn't you see the whole picture instead of checking the actors for nose and ear hair? And what happened to the human factor? It's like they put together a ten minute script and then called 'Action!'. The fight scenes were too many and too exaggerated -- plus there are only about a dozen good people in the entire show. It's like Washington DC...everybody's a bad guy wanting to rule the world. I still enjoyed most of Steve and Natasha's exchanges and there was at least two emotional moments in the movie that were good...but they didn't save the story for us.
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Shaky Cam and Rehashed Action Ruins It
Nirgaul6 April 2014
Moviegoers above the age of 13 will recognize most of the action set pieces and plot elements from other films. There's an elevator fight, which we've seen before. Evil cops, evil suits, "big brother" danger, some running from fire and more explosions.

The fundamental problem with these movies is that you never feel like the main characters are in any danger. No matter how much of a beating Captain America takes, he's going to live to make sequels. The same goes for all of the popular cast members. Given the immortality of the good guys, the only question is How they're going to get out of peril. Don't expect anything new here.

The best writing is happening on television, sadly. Film-quality writing is going to HBO and independent networks, and television directors are moving to the big screen.

This one is all washed up. Hail hydra.
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the stench explodes
dpharrington4 May 2014
I was forced to watch this horror by people who should have known me better. (The only movie I really wanted to watch this week was a Polish film, Ida, which was playing nowhere).

Godalmighty, what a stinker this was. Character development? None. Dialogue? Laughable. Plot? Who knows.

Against a ridiculous and badly done Washington process screen, I saw a ton of cgi star trek crap, mostly consisting in four-frame quick-cut scenes of people (?} kicking each other to no effect, a hell of a lot of useless machine-gun fire to equal effect, and explosions filling the screen followed by firy explosions filling self-same screen, giving way to yet more kicking and firy explosions.

It did occur to me that I was not the target audience for this total crap, but then, as I have said, I was dragged to it.
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Overlong Film Puts Audience to Sleep!
Captain America lacks humor, engaging plot and script, relying solely on special effects and promotions to get box office honors! And to make matters worse, it dragged on forever! It was a silent audience for the entire 2 hours, not a chuckle was heard, and when it was finally over, the audience just walked out the door with not a soul staying for credits or musical score.

From start to end, this was just a mish-mash of unengaging computer imagery, with so many scenes of shoot-em-up violence, shattered glass and chaos that it got boring within the first half hour.

Camera work was shaky, editing poor with overly long scenes, and actors either miscast or just reading their lines without impact.And if there was a music score, I sure don't remember it.

And good acting just wasn't there. The CaptainAmerica actor used a faint persona drawn from Tom Cruise, who, with his intensity and charisma, would have raised the movie to a higher level. His strong woman cohort, played by Scarlett Johanson, was especially lackluster, with her only notable expression being frowning occasionally. And, casting an aged Robert Redford as villain was poor casting extraordinaire! Redford lacked energy, intensity, and physical presence as an actor.

If you enjoy watching a Hollywood-style extravaganza with 90% special effects and actors sleep-walking through their lines, Captain America is for you! Even our 14 year-old for whom this movie was probably made, said "we should have gone to Spiderman!"
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Captain Americanned
Unholy Would7 April 2014
This movie was absolute garbage. Captain America wouldn't know if he was Arthur or Martha in the modern world. An out of date character given a storyline by writers more concerned with blowing stuff up than adhering to the righteous values held dear by the character they're writing for. Put old Captain America in a pub and have him start a conversation about workplace discrimination with the villain Average Joe. I'd prefer to read a novel written by authors with imagination, rather than watch self indulgent producers, writers and directors more concerned with making the "best" version of whatever character, storyline or dialogue they're ripping off. Enjoy!!!
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