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The previews sparked my interest and the pilot just hooked me.
zactac20 October 2011
Once Upon a Time already shows much potential with a great pilot episode. It really got to the point without giving everything away. It basically tells the background information behind the story seen in the shows fictional town of Storybrooke. It does this in just the right way so that the viewer won't get confused or bored from just hearing the talk of fairy-tales from the side of a little boy.

It's simply about Emma Swan and the destiny she's unaware of. Before she was born a prophecy was foretold that an evil curse would befall all of the inhabitants a fairy-tale kingdom sending them to a world where they no longer remember who they are or the happiness they once knew. In the prophecy it is foretold that Emma would be the one to return and save them from the dreaded curse.

Now while there are many other characters in the story it is meant to revolve around Emma and the issues she must face in order to overcome the curse. The story shows much promise already and with no doubt it is sure to progress as the show continues. Morrison (Emma), Goodwin (Snow White), and Parrilla (Evil Queen) have already hit all of the right notes in just the first episode, Parrilla I loved mainly because she makes a very worthy villain in the show.

Even though it has only begun there is great room for success and progress. I think this could be the show of the fall/winter TV season to watch. If any one decides to watch just one show this fall then let it be Once Upon a Time.
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Please Let it end!
Andries-J-Els22 October 2017
I enjoyed the first 6 seasons immensely My Rating 10 but the current one no 7 is SOOO BAD!! My rating 3 :( Dania Ramirez looks old and like she is always in pain here we have a nearly 40 year of woman playing Hendry's Cinderella but looks more like his MOM probably double his age and looks it to :( and her acting is sub-par!! she should go back to Devious Maids where not much acting is required. I was looking forward to this now I'm just fast forwarding hoping this is a nightmare scene and we all go back to Storybrook with a Happy ending not the Disaster!!
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Jedi_Rumor24 October 2011
I really enjoyed the pilot episode. It was refreshing to view a show that was not another reality series or "dare" show. This series brilliant mixture of classic fairy tales that adults have grown so familiar with and blended it with creative story lines. The acting was well done and the special effects were as well. The casting was well done and I couldn't imagine any other actor/actress playing the parts. Without giving too much away it's worth investing the hour to view! I can't wait to see the second episode and recommend this to any one who is/was a fan of Disney movies/Lost. Older children may even enjoy watching the series
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A Enchanting Story
killer1h6 December 2011
Going into this show I wasn't quite sure what to expect seeing as how it was only partially laid out. However to my ever happy surprise this show is amazing, beautiful acting, terrific plot lines, and they weave it together so perfectly that you really just have to applaud the way its done.

This show is about 3 key elements, henry(the boy) he's basically like the guide he tells his biological mother(Emma swan) that the entire town is filled with fairytale creatures and that his adopted mother(Regina mills) is the evil witch that cast a curse upon the town and made everyone forget about their fairytale endings, and now its up to Emma to bring them back. The reason that this show works so well is that it introduces the very seldom seen both sides of the coin element. You see what it looks like in their "modern" town and then you see what happen in the past to lead up to the series of events. All and all it works just right. 10/10 We couldn't have asked for a better show keep up the good work!
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rebbekcah13 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The only way I can describe this show is meh. The premise seemed promising but before the end of the first season, it turned into a fairytale soap opera for 12 year olds. Some of the little subplots were entertaining, such as Ruby/Red being the wolf but this only lasted an episode or two. I was torn between clawing out my eyeballs and falling asleep during all of the Snow/Mary Margaret and Prince/David crap, and the whole thing about Regina/Queen and Emma fighting over Henry got old really fast. The one part of the show that was worthwhile was Rumpelstiltskin/Gold. His character was amazing and he was the only reason I watched as much as I did. Overall, it was pretty cheesy and random, but I am giving three stars for Rumpelstiltskin/Gold.
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Jumps More Sharks than Evil Kinevil Jumped Buses
Rob Astyk7 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am a storyteller who's been immersed in folklore, myth and fairy tales since boyhood. The collected tales of the Brothers Grimm, Alexandr Afanas'ev and others over the last 2 centuries are the way we convey the wisdom, beliefs and ethics of the past to the present. That said, I'm not a purist. The Grimms' tales had been revised many times to make them comport with the prevailing religions and mores of the tellers' changing times. I dearly love re-imagined classic material such as Neil Jordan's The Company of Wolves (1984) or Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988). The only versions of such tales that I truly despise are the Disney versions. Give me Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast (1946) any day over the sickly sweet Disney version. That said, after a weak start, I tried with all my might to allow Once Upon a Time to grow on me.

I never watched Lost seriously. I found that show more pretentious and self-involved and just confused, never deep. I was always afraid this show would fall prey to similar script problems. Even so I had to give it a try.

That the first episode was weak isn't entirely a fault. The whole hour was exposition. We had to get from the story books to Storybrook before the real action could begin. The second episode actually had good transitions from past to present. I also wanted to be impressed the 3 main lead women.

And though I despise Disney-fication of fairy tales, I must say that turning Jiminy Cricket into a psychiatrist and a possibly corrupt one at that is a stroke of brilliance.

Ginnifer Goodwin's Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White isn't much of an actress sadly. She seems to have escaped directly from a senior class play onto the set of this show. I think it was Dorothy Parker who criticized Katherine Hepburn as having an emotional range of from A to B. Ms. Goodwin is much less gifted. Lana Parrilla's Mayor/Wicked Queen struts angrily about the set and snarls when she's not whining. She's neither wicked enough to be a wicked queen nor pathetic enough to gain sympathy. Her tragic back story is just a cliché. Ms. Parrilla needs a script and a verbal dope slap or two from her director if she doesn't give us a richer, more nuanced evil queen yet all she has is horrible, flaccid, clichéd writing. I knew that the show was in trouble when the writers' love affair with psychological; gobbledygook explained Lana Parilla's character as a poor, misunderstood victim of a more evil mother and thwarted love. I think the writers decided that she really does care for Henry and can't be all bad. But a fairy tale must have a focus of evil against whom all other must strive. Making Regina wishy-washy necessitates Barbara Hersey's Cora as the ultimate evil. Even this duplicative mess hasn't taught the scriptwriters a lesson and we're in danger of having Cora excused as an overwhelmed mom just trying to do right by her ingrate daughter.

I like Jennifer Morrison. Her Allison Cameron on House was one of a very few actors who weren't blown off the screen by Hugh Laurie. Her Emma Swan in the initial episode was one of the best things in the hour. However, she has no script worth playing and she's fallen into the trap of lazy actors who rely on standard expressions, mannerisms and deliveries if their directors aren't pushing them or they aren't pushing themselves. Unfortunately the writers haven't given her much with which to work. The crux of her problem is that there's just no chemistry between her and Jared Gilmore's Henry.

I've been a fan of Barbara Hersey's work for decades. Her best hope in this series is for Cora to find a quick death so that she escapes further embarrassment.

As for the men, what is Josh Dallas doing on camera at all? I understand that the show needed a pretty boy for Prince Charming he started the show in a coma and as far as I can see has never come out of it.

Robert Carlyle's Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold grabs the camera the moment he enters and holds it until his but too often descends into a lot of scenery chewing. Still even he can't work from the vast emptiness that passes for a script.

I've kept watching for about 2 and a half years hoping week in and week out that this show would grow into something extraordinary but I've given up. Just because these fairy tale characters are archetypes doesn't give license for them to be as flat as the pages of a story book. Rather it offers the opportunity to show us ourselves through them. The greatness of fairy tales is that they deal in absolutes. There is definite evil. There is definite good. Usually the hero or heroine of the story must make a journey of discovery from which he or she returns wiser, more mature and more powerful. Upon the main character's return he or she is equipped to overcome life's obstacles. There is precious little ambiguity. All clouds hanging over the characters clear and the couple, if there is one, can love "happily ever after" exactly because they have the experience to overcome difficulties that are far more petty than those they have already faced. Once Upon a Time founders about in a sea of ambiguity and bad writing and has just become unwatchable. It is infinitely less interesting than Grimm on NBC which also has far better writing. And it's a lot less go-for-broke exuberant and edgy fun than SyFy's Lost Girl. ABC needs to toll the bell, close the book and snuff the candle to exorcise this turkey from its roster even a second hour of the gawdawful America's Funniest Home Videos would be an improvement.
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Lately disappointing
aaaurora20 February 2012
I must admit I loved the beginning, but lately it has been extremely disappointing. I feel absolutely no progress in terms of the characters' evolution and every time I think something will actually happen - it is postponed at the end of the episode.

To be honest, 3-4 episodes ago I started ironing during them, as they just do not capture my attention any more .. Now it is more like - whatever...

I am really sorry about the show - it was so nice in the beginning, and now it reminds me an endless loop, like Lost (which is why I hated this one) I hope something will change..Or at least somebody is reading the commentaries, as people start to get frustrated.
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Season 7
ktillsley4 April 2018
I'm sad to say but I truly think it's time for the show to end. It was amazing especially season 1 and 3. But it has incredibly gone down hill. I still watch as a cliff hanger now will be sad. I never thought the day would come when I'd rate any less than 10/10 but now 4/10 I think is reasonable
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A review of season 7: What happened?
Pokedom23 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I used to really like this show! For the longest time it was the only reason I liked Sunday nights. But then Season 7 happened, and every flaw I could look over and be like, "Yeah, this is bad, but I can look past that and really like all this other stuff" suddenly felt so pronounced. I no longer felt like this series was worth watching. Hence why I won't be returning to the next one. So, what did they mess up?

Sadly, a lot of things.

For one, the special effects. They always looked bad, really bad, but you had likable characters you wanted to see succeed to distract from that. Now that we've hit season 7, there's just too many characters. Everyone has their own ark and rising/falling moments, everyone is in peril, and I can't care for 10+ people at once. There's always going to be some people I forget about or want to see die. That's the way it is with large casts of characters. But now that not a lot of them are likable, I have to focus more on the effects. I know TV studios won't have the biggest budgets, but even then some series can have great effects. YouTube has better looking effects than this show. That's just sad.

The story is convoluted as all living sh*t. I sat through the season before this, and while that had a lot of warning signs that the next one was going to suck (as well as some from other seasons), the story was at least okay to follow. Then it ends on some parallel universe where the savior isn't the savior and then someone comes back and then they get stuck there. Okay. Then the next season a character who died comes back and then they make it back to the real world, but then some characters from another world come in to that world and those characters are from Aladdin or something, and then the person who died but came back also had a romance subplot with one of the main leads but because he's from a parallel universe he's not the same person on the inside? I think? It's probably also worth mentioning that despite what you just read probably being more accurate than I give it credit for, this series is also really forgettable.

Sometimes the show will completely forget a character exists and shoehorn them into an episode because WHY NOT? I'm sure no one remembers this at this point, but remember that one episode that was branded for having lesbians? That was fine by me- be who you want to be and all that jazz. But what they really did that made me mad was they used a character that was completely forgotten about in 3+ seasons of show, as well as another character who was also completely forgotten about. Not just forgotten about, I mean she was prominent in the first couple of seasons of the show, and then she was never heard from again until this episode. And the episode itself has no substance outside of that. That happens all the time throughout season 7: characters are forgotten about fast. That doppelganger I talked about earlier? When he leaves, he's never shown again. There's this one figurehead called "The Author" who was basically the antagonist for half a season. They beat him, forgot about him for a season, then they bring him back for no reason only to let him go and we never see him again.

The ending couple of episodes REALLY bugs me. One is a musical. No one can sing, and I mean NO ONE, on this show. So they get other people to sing over them, and it is so incredibly obvious. The voices have no relation to each other. The songs themselves? Really really poorly written. I cannot fathom why they did a musical for a show with characters that cannot sing. But what bugs me the most? That this was the penultimate episode, and at the end they set up for a 2 hour long finale. I'd be fine with this, if the finale also didn't suck. Dear God, what were they thinking!? About an hour and forty minutes of nothing happening. That's all this finale is: nothing happening. They live out a world where our protagonist isn't the protagonist... wait a minute! Back up! We did that already! And yet somehow they do it worse! HOW DO YOU SCREW UP WHAT YOU'VE ALREADY DONE? Anyways, they try and beat this bad girl called the Black Fairy. Yadayadayada ultimate evil that they've basically fought every season. Every season it's the exact same climax; just bring in some kind of ultimate evil/darkness, then beat it and set up the next season in however much time you've got left. This time we've already seen the climax (and it could have very easily been avoided mind you, but if I went into it I might go over the word limit. That and I've already forgotten how- yeah, it's that forgettable folks), and it happens point for point. And then the hero is saved by a kiss from her son. Bravo. So much wasted potential. Oh and there's bait for another season that suggests this series entire plot line of 7 seasons is destined to keep happening with very slight differences. Great. Can't wait for season 8 to have the same plot as season 1 but Snow White is in a coma and not Prince Charming. That'll pull in the views!

I give this series pity points for the first set of seasons and even some creative ideas. But this has really fallen from grace.
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Originally a Good Series That Has Not Aged Well
RoswellFan6 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This review may contain spoilers ***


This series was originally fresh and creative but has really deteriorated.

The seventh season is little more than a reworking of season one's plot: a curse where everyone has lost their memories. The writers have obviously run out of ideas. It is so lacking that at times I switched to another channel's "Star Trek" reruns.

Worse still, it is wasting the talents of the cast, especially the considerable talents of Robert Carlyle. Perhaps, the writers noticed this too. For, they dedicated an episode to Carlyle's character, and as usual, he has given the series its most moving moments.

Seeing Rumplestiltskin's redemption and being with Belle has been the only good thing about season seven.

If there is no improvement, which seems likely, I will stop watching; for, I think season six should have been the last. Its ending would have been a good wrap up.


Great TV series either come up with new ideas or a creative look at old ones. "Once Upon a Time" does the latter extremely well.

During the first season, I watched the first two episodes and then only watched off and on. However, I eventually got hooked! The jumping back and forth between Storybrook and the Enchanted Forest took some getting used to, and the commercial breaks caused more fragmentation.

Once I got used to the style of the series, it became a never miss show, and I eventually bought the season 1 DVD set to catch up on the missed episodes.

The twists the writers do with the fairy tale characters is great (who would think of Peter Pan as actually an evil old man?) and the actors do an excellent portrayal of them. Robert Carlyle has the plumb part as Rumplestiltskin. His scenes are the most memorable. Lana Parilla is also very good as the evil queen. They both can exude pure evil yet reveal sparks of former goodness.

Highlight episodes are "Skin Deep", a wonderful reworking of beauty and the beast and the season one finale "A Land Without Magic".

The second season continued the high quality of the first.

The third season stalled somewhat with the Peter Pan story line. Though a nice twist, Pan the villain and Hook mostly a good guy, and though it gave some good revelations about the characters (e.g. we find how Rumplestiltskin was scarred as a child, something that motivated his later actions), this plot went on too long. If not for this, I would have given the series a ten.

After wrapping up the Peter Pan story, the series has since got back on track.

In summary, "Once Upon a Time" is one of the better series on TV, and I highly recommend it.

UPDATE: As with most series, the later seasons are not as good as the early ones. I think this one needs to drop the Disney tie-ins. It lowers the quality.

Also, they are ruining Robert Carlyle's character. Rumplestiltskin was originally a good man who became the Dark One in order to save his son. The conflict between the good man and the darkness from the dagger made the character not only interesting but sympathetic. Now, he is being portrayed as someone who was always dark and power hungry -- major mistake.

Another thing, though I like the twists the fairy tale characters are given, making Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz" lesbians is going too far. A bit of the innocence of the original tales should be retained.

At this point, I am wondering if the series is still worth watching (and I have lowered my rating). I'll see with the upcoming season.
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Loses plot per episode, goes literally nowhere
SherbetDLemon27 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am so surprised, and wary, of all the positive reviews. Maybe it's one of those troll phenomenons where bad product gets critiqued highly or maybe it's all based on the first season. Anyways...

As a viewer if you're looking for a TV show that challenges you and makes you think, you're at the wrong place.

As a viewer if you're looking for weak plots, weaker plots and weakest plots, congratulations.

I know what you're thinking, why did I consider a show based on fairy tales for intelligent TV viewing?

I hadn't. It was by complete chance that I stumbled upon the first episode and it intrigued me. The first season was done remarkably well but as with most shows the problem generally arrives after the first season.

Second season was made up of a lot of about-turns and the general tendency of this show is, if there is a snag in the storytelling, throw in more characters. The amount of irrelevant characters they put and pull: amazing. For that, I guess, we can give the writers credit. It does cause people to overlook how tedious the story progression is.

And as all shows, when nothing goes right, sprinkle romance.

Again, you might ask, why would I not expect romance in a show based on fairy tales?

Because it started out as a good adventure based show, I could actually see it turning it into the likes of Merlin where the focus is more on the fictional setup. By season 3 all their magical back-stories were, I don't know put on hold maybe, and they had 2-3 new guys for the love stories. There never was a chance to get invested in those love stories/triangles as they were sudden and lacking any emotional growth.

If they lose half the unneeded cast, try to find one story which the show can stick to, give the characters a break-free path to grow upon, this show might regain it's charm. Otherwise, well a lot of people liked Twilight (The similarities are uncanny when we compare twilight to the main lead Emma Swan's so-called romantic 'problems'), and I guess if this made it to fourth season, a lot of people like this too.

I have to admit I stopped caring around halfway season 2 but I still made myself watch till the end of season 3 because I kept feeling like this was such a wasted opportunity and oh this could have been so much more than a soap drama. I guess that's the only reason I care enough to write this review even though I'm not gonna continue watching it. It's just sad to see so much potential executed so badly.
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Time to say, "The End."
Auntie_Inflammatory22 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked the first season or two of "OUAT", it was different than anything else on network TV, it was a cute concept, it was fun. Unfortunately, it's really gone downhill in the last few years and I think it's time for this fairy tale to reach "The End."

I first started getting annoyed with the show when it began devolving into one long commercial for Disney. It just seemed like the writers were trying to cram every Disney character imaginable into the show whether it enhanced the narrative or not. The most egregious example would be the ridiculous "Frozen" storyline (seemingly written for 5 year-olds) in season 4. I could just imagine the scene in the conference room at ABC;

Executive: We gotta move these "Frozen" toys for Christmas, work it into the plot!

Writer: But...but, it doesn't really make sense...

Executive: It doesn't have to make sense, we got toys to sell, now put it in the damn storyline!!

Writer: Y-y-yes, sir!

After a while, every time a character went into the woods I half expected them to run into Pooh and Piglet! We get it, Disney owns ABC. We. Get. It.

The writers have made some other, very odd, choices;

They made Peter Pan, a beloved Disney (and J.M.J. Barrie) character, into...well...a prick! Yes, they took the happy symbol of eternal childhood and made him into a horrible person.

They made Mulan a lesbian.

They made Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy Gale (of Oz fame) into lesbians and had Red (aka Ruby) wake Dorothy from a spell with a kiss that practically turned into a make-out session.

Over the last couple of years I've pretty much come to expect that every late-night adult drama will include a gay storyline at some point. It is, however, totally inappropriate to include scenes like the one described above in a show that airs at 8pm and that appeals to children, a show based on fairy tale and cartoon characters. The fact that the Ruby character had been on the show since season 1, had never shown a romantic interest in any female character before, and had a boyfriend in the one flashback scene dealing with her love life exposes this latest development as the cheap pandering that it is.

The constant back-and-forth between different worlds has become tiresome and a little hard to follow. Last year it was Storybrooke and The Enchanted Forest, this year it's Storybrooke and The Underworld. It's almost as if the writers can't figure out how to keep a plot set in one location compelling. "How will we ever get back to Storybrooke?!" gets pretty old the 30th time around.

No, this show isn't what it used to be. Time to put this story to bed!
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That's It
vandyke5012 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I quit. Having suffered through season three I won't even bother trying to watch season four. I program has gone from silly to just plain dumb in my opinion. The Blue Screen effects are poor, seen better Blue Screen on some weather maps, the acting for the most part is awful, the story has become boring and story lines that even include Medusa which would make me think the writers are either teenagers or can't tell the difference between a Fairy Tail and mythology. The only thing missing now is including Superman and Ben Hur. It seems that A.B.C is so desperate for a hit show they will just keep flogging this dead horse.
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Sadly, this show has become childish and stupid
krushmeat3 November 2014
I used to look forward to watching this show. Now it's become so infantile, it's barely watchable. It's like someone at the top said, "let's make this more for kids", and they translated it to 'stupid kids'. Just as 'Once Upon A Time In Wonderland', the stupidity and childish nature of this show has pretty much done it in for me. Clearly the demographic that they're targeting is junior high school kids. Oh well. Goodbye Kitsis and Horowitz. I've enjoyed your creations before, but now they're simply banal. I guess you won't mind losing the intelligent portion of your audience, as long as you keeping setting your sights at the lowest common denominator.
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Less Than Mediocre
bbb51518 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I want to start off by saying that I really wanted to like this show. However, by the 8th episode I realized that it was a big waste of time. I'm going to have to disagree with all of the other reviews comparing this series to Lost. For me, there is absolutely no comparison between the two. Even if the plot is interesting, most of the actors do not have the skills to pull it off. Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) gives an incredibly emotionless performance for someone who is abandoned as a child, and subsequently gives her own child away. Jared Gilmore (Henry Mills) tries, but I find their connection annoyingly lacking. With that said, I think Ginnifer Goodwin is pleasant in the role of Snow White. She was a good choice for this role, as she is accomplished as well as versatile. Goodwin gives off a sense of grace and purity essential for the character. The only other good part about this series is Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin)he is creepy and believable in both roles with is important when the performance from Parilla (Regina Mills/Evil Queen) is laughable.

I think this series had the potential to be great, but the casting was done so poorly, it will forever be less than mediocre in my book.
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Go Back to Storybrook
knightbaby-9451417 March 2018
Still love all the originals, Regina, Hook, Gold, Zelena, but the new cast and town, sorry not good. For those of us that watched from the beginning this just doesn't match up. I understand this will be the last season, I hate to see it go but if it doesn't go back to Storybrook than I guess it should end. I miss the all the past characters and story line. I guess I just have to watch my DVD's. I gave it a 4 only because of Gold, Regina, Hook and Zelena, without them it would really be bad.
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Contains spoilers: A show ruined by "jumping the shark" with a gay sub-plot.
frisco200718 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
CONTAINS SPOILERS: I'm writing this in regard to the show overall, and most of all because of the 4/18/16 episode, when the writers decided to throw in a lesbian plot line. For the record - I was pro-gay marriage before it was cool, and I have respect for everyone's rights. But - defying the subject and suitability - every show writer now thinks it's oh-so-cool to shove a lesbian sub-plot into a TV show, even if it sticks out like a sore thumb, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the characters, the subject of the show or it's style. ONCE is a show about fairy tale characters placed in the real world. It is about as suitable for a story about gay relationships as an episode of the Care Bears! Wrong subject, wrong theme, wrong plot, wrong characters, wrong style, wrong show. It's just bad art. And I am sick of people band wagoning onto gay subjects. If you want to make a show about gay issues, do so. You don't bring a specific subject like that up in the middle of a show which it has zero to do with. This is not a show about sexual orientation. So, don't bring in gay off-subject material. IT IS UNSUITABLE. And I am tired of the unsuitability. So, I changed my rating of this show to match it's writer's bad judgment. In any case - overall - the show has been getting more boring over the last 2 seasons, and the audience is painfully aware of that. That the writers would "jump the shark" and resort to a wild change of subject matter in a sad, obvious, desperate attempt to jazz up an increasingly declining show is just sad. And pathetic. And a major disappointment because I really looked forward to and respected this show up to season 3, and now, I'm just weary, and the straw that broke the camel's back is tonight's mis-application of gay issue subject matter. Tragic "jumping the shark" moment. I won't be watching anymore.
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Season 7 is completely unnecessary
StorieLuver29 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
(This review is strictly for the new season; if I were rating the show on the first 6 seasons I'd probably give it an 8). So apparently ABC/Disney doesn't know the phrase "Get out when the getting's good." OUAT came to a perfectly natural, satisfactory conclusion at the end of Season 6 and they should've just let the show end there. But no, they had to insist on a reboot, and it's basically a dumpster fire. Specifically, the casting of the 3 leads is awful. The new Cinderella is a 40 year old trying to play a 20 year old. (There's nothing wrong with older actresses getting parts, but when they do they should act their age. Instead, we get a 40 year old trying to dress and act like a hip millennial and failing miserably; she even has a stepsister young enough to be her daughter). Maybe it's because Cinderella is trying so hard to fit into a role that's too young for her, but there is absolutely ZERO chemistry between her and the new "adult" Henry. Now HE is your stereotypical millennial, and I don't buy him as either Cinderella's love interest or the new kid's father figure. At least in the original series, young Henry was cute and endearing. The new girl is whiny, obnoxious, and far from cute. If I was rating the new season on just these three, I'd be giving it only a single star. However, there are the redeeming features of the Hook/Alice and Drizella/Rapunzel stories, and they are the only parts that caused me to give this 4 stars and keep watching. Without those secondary stories, I would've stopped watching this show back in the fall.
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OUAT fizzles out
jasonreno-2636716 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER ALERT: This series started out great. But each season has gotten worse. Each season has weirdly, catered more toward kids in special effects and story lines, while keeping adult themes present (like the romance angles). Season 1 was original and fun. Unlike others, I didn't mind the introduction of new season themes like TWOO, Frozen, King Arthur, and Hades. But the constant flashbacks and forwards are a stumbling process to say the least.

The CGI got out of control as well. I liked the idea of Regina controlling hearts as cheesy as it looked. But then everyone was yanking hearts. Why do that? Why take a theme one season and use it like crazy? So we get that dream catchers have powers. But then it is a major plot hold. Everyone is stealing memories with a dream catcher (like the hearts) to fumble through the increasingly weak plots and character development.

Speaking of characters: why can't the core have more development instead of constantly introducing new cast members? Some new ones are fine, if we are introduced to Frozen it makes sense to get Frozen characters. But do we need the odd bailouts like Mulan, Brave, etc. in the middle of it all? Do we need Hook's brother and their ridiculous backstory to move things forward? Do we have to go to a different world EVERY season?

What started out as an 8-10 scale show has fallen to a 1-3 rating overall. On the upside, Gold/Rumple holds the show up and is easily the best character.
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Pilot was fantastic!
lostarkeo17 October 2011
I saw an exclusive screening of the pilot at New York Comic Con and the show has a great start and a lot of potential. The plot and characters are well established during the pilot and by the end of the episode you're just thirsting for more! The episode consists of "present day" followed by back flash sequences in a very "Lost" fashion and it works well with this fairy tale genre. Just so you know what has been planned for the show, the writers at the NYCC panel said that further episodes will focus on the background of the characters. Tune in October 23 at 8PM for the pilot episode and support the beginnings of a great show on the ABC Network.
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i'm in love
Vanessa A21 October 2011
Such an AWESOME pilot!

I really hope the story lines stay as interesting every week. While I do agree with some of the reviewers here about the fairy tale parts being a bit unbelievable, everything else was perfect. Even the fairy tale parts were acted well. Great cast with believable chemistry.

I've been waiting for a show like this. As kids, we all grow up with these stories, it feels great to see it come to life mingled with reality.

Definitely on my list every week from now. CANT wait for the rest of the season! WOOP!

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Season 7 is terrible. Everyone is gone.
diananikolovasweden6 March 2018
The only good thing in season seven is Lana Parilla. Hook and Rumpelstiltzkin look incomplete without their female counterparts. The new Henry is just not suitable... where is the old Henry? Where are all the lovely characters from the previous seasons? Snow and Charming shouldn't have disappeared. I hate the new Story Brook! The show is totally spoiled.
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Once a upon a time, a series began by hitting the right note...
MarkoFromWreath21 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
In 2004 millions of people were hooked to a series right from its pilot. The series- "LOST" went on for six successful seasons and ended on a high note. It is far from forgotten, many are introduced to it everyday through home video and it had become a part of the present pop culture.

From the same show's writers comes 'Once upon a time', starring Jennifer Morrison(House MD) as Emma swan a loner who on her birthday is visited by her son(Henry)(Actor:Gilmore) whom she had given up for adoption a decade ago. While trying to get him home ,Henry tries to convince her that she is a part of the "Fairy Tale" world like all of his neighbors in 'Storybrooke'. He even points out that his mother(Parilla) is 'evil'. Emma of course, never believes him. After meeting his teacher Mary(Goodwin), she realizes his life is not unlike hers. Orphaned at birth, lonely and in need of love. She also sees why Henry would find it hard to like his adoptive mother who she thinks is a "Hard ass".

Meanwhile, like their previous series, the writers have infused this one too with parallel flashback sequences. It takes place in the fairyland where snow white(goodwin again) and her husband-prince are trying to find ways to beat the evil queen's(Parilla!) impending curse.

The pilot hits the right note everywhere. There is not a moment of unnecessary drama, action or even unwanted CGI. Morrison seems at ease with her role as a clueless 'chose one' , who needs to slowly unravel the mystery of the town. The supporting characters seem perfectly cast and the child actor Gilmore does real fine acting for a 10 year old. The plot looks promising too.

However if past instances have taught us anything it is that even great series can take a fall by- 1. Running out of good ideas(like Heroes) 2. The channel canceling it abruptly due to poor Nielsen rating(V).

If 'Once upon a time' can survive these two dreaded pitfalls, then we may have a potential 'LOST' in making. This one is surely the season hit!
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once upon a time...an amazing show began.
audrey-sondheimer30 October 2011
to be honest i hate all that fantasy crap, like harry potter, twilight, true blood, and i also hate all the shows that nbc and abc brings to the table. But the other night I was bored and a re run of this was on and I thought what the hell, I'll give it a try. This show is mind blowing. I am officially addicted. There are some questions I have, as the whole present time vs story time doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But the end of the first episode got me so insanely hooked. This show is definitely better than grimm. I don't know how there going to make seasons out of this show, but I am very excited to see. I gave it a 9 only because I am a bit confused on who some of the present time characters are. But besides that, amazing.
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Good concept, no punch
ignazia3 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The latter part of season 1 of this TV series was shown as a mini-marathon over the New Year holiday. After seeing the trailers and missing the original showing I was all geared up for several hours of wonderful fantasy.

What a let-down. The premise is good but it lacks something - like a cake that looks mouth-watering but was made without an essential ingredient. The only character that fully embraces his fairy-tale self and 'real-life' alter ego is Rumplestiltskin/Gold. All the other characters just float through their dialogue with no real sense that they are committing to either of their characters. Jennifer Morrison and Jared Gilmore try hard but don't get much help from the rest of the cast which makes everything they do fall flat.

Not a show I will be watching again hence the 1/10.
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