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  • Yes, seasons 1-4 are available to own on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download. Season 5 is currently airing.

    The Complete First Season was released in both DVD and Blu-ray formats on August 28th, 2012.

    The Complete Second Season was released in both DVD and Blu-ray formats on August 13th, 2013.

    The Complete Third Season was released in both DVD and Blu-ray formats on August 19th, 2014.

    The Complete Fourth Season was released in both DVD and Blu-ray formats on August 18th, 2015.

    Seasons 1-4 can be digitally downloaded from iTunes and Amazon. Season 5 episodes will be available after they air.

    Seasons 1-4 is also available on Netflix.

  • Now that the curse is broken, everyone in Storybrooke knows.

    Peter Pan also somehow knew of the curse, despite him being all the way in Neverland. It's shown that he's somehow all-knowing that way.

    Those that were still in the Enchanted Forest also knew, though they didn't know the complete details until some such as Aurora and Mulan were filled in by Emma and Snow. Cora only knew about it after she tricked Emma and Snow into telling her the extent of what it did.

    Though the Sorcerer hasn't made an appearance yet, it's highly likely that he knows of the curse as well as the complete details of what it did.

    The Author knew completely of the curse, being as it was something that he most likely recorded before he was imprisoned in the book.

    It's unknown if any unrevealed characters in either our world or any other realms know of the curse.

  • Regina, Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin (after he heard Emma say her name in the pilot), Ingrid/The Snow Queen (when it was revealed she had been there since the first curse had appeared) and Jefferson/The Mad Hatter.

    August also knows, but he was outside of Storybrooke, so he technically shouldn't count.

    Graham had ideas in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, but died the moment he remembered everything about his life in the Enchanted Forest.

  • ­Season 1: When anyone tried to leave, they would get into some sort of accident. The first example is Ashley in The Price Of Gold. When she tried to leave, she suddenly went into labor and crashed her car near the town line. Another is when Kathryn attempted to leave and disappeared near the same area. The latter, however, can be argued that it was because Gold intervened and stole her away...however if he hadn't she still would have had some sort of accident.

    Season 2: When the dwarves pushed Sneezy over the line, he forgot all of his memories of his Fairy Tale life and remembered only his Storybrooke self. This was countered by Mr. Gold by a potion that, when imbued on an item, helped him retain all memories of both selves. The problem was eventually remedied completely because of a memory potion by the Blue Fairy.

    Season 3: In the first half, the town line retained its Season 2 quality, and was under a protection spell cast by Belle so that nobody could enter OR leave.

    Season 3.5: Anyone who tried to leave was captured by one of the Wicked Witch's flying monkeys and turned into one themselves.

    Season 4: There was no possible way to leave as the entire area surrounding Storybrooke (including the waters) was blocked off by an enchanted Ice wall cast by Elsa and held up by the Snow Queen.

    Season 4.5: Due to the after-effects of the Snow Queen's enchantment on the Ice Wall, the town line retained a quality that made sure that nobody could see or re-enter Storybrooke once they had left.

    Amusingly, Season 4 (second half) is the least punishing of the seasons so far:

    *Season 1: If you leave you can't come back unless you're Emma or August (which it was never explained why either of them were able to see Storybrooke, but people like Owen couldn't after they left). The added bonus being that if you tried to leave and were a fairy tale character, you'd suffer some bad accident/consequence.

    *Season 2: You could leave, and anyone in the world could enter. The added bonus was that cursed people that stepped over the line would forget everything about their fairy tale life.

    Season 3: In the second half, you could enter supposedly (there was nothing to suggest otherwise as far as I'm aware), but if you left you'd be whisked away by flying monkeys.

    Season 4: In the second half, you could leave...but you could never come back unless you had the Snow Queen's scroll. There were no further consequences or added bonuses to make it more punishing.

  • No. Both have the same basic premise of fairy tale characters living in the modern world but they are otherwise unconnected. Fables was about a group of characters who flee their homelands and end up in New York City where they have been living for centuries. Immortal, and fully self aware, their attitude tends to be more cynical than the characters on Once Upon a Time. The show Once Upon a Time deals with fairy tale characters who are trapped in small town Storybrooke Maine after a curse from the Evil Queen brings them here. They are, mostly, mortal and are, mostly unaware of their true identities at the beginning of the series. While the two series share some characters, such as Snow White and Prince Charming, their depictions of these characters are wildly different. For example, in Fables, Prince Charming is something of a smarmy womanizer and politician. In Once Upon a Time the same character is actually charming, a devoted husband, and a great warrior but a poor politician. And Boston and New York City and StoryBrooke too

  • Season 1: Regina(The Evil Queen)

    Season 2: Regina, Cora, and Greg and Tamara

    Season 3: Peter Pan and Zelena(The Wicked Witch)

    Season 4: The Snow Queen, Ursula, Cruella DeVil, Maleficent, Zelena, and the Author

    Season 5: King Arthur, the Dark Ones(before Rumpelstilskin), and Hades

    Season 6: Regina(The Evil Queen), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Black Fairy, Jafar, and Giddeon

    Season 7: Victoria Belfry(Lady Tremaine) and Ivy Belfry(Drizella)


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