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MPAA Rated R for some violence/terror and brief language

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Scene at the beginning show paper clips of a murder, body's are scene.
  • Blood on the floor.
  • Axe in the body of a girl (no blood is seen)
  • bloody body on the floor with blood on the walls & floor.
  • body is seen with blood on the back & face.
  • body on the floor with cuts on the face.
  • photos of dead body's seen.
  • boys nose is seen bleeding.
  • boy is seen being killed with a weapon on video.
  • blood is seen in a laundry shoot.
  • dead bird on the floor blood around it.
  • girl is drag from a room by an unseen force
  • boy is seen on video being hit with an axe several times.
  • boy is seen with blood coming from the mouth.
  • officer is shot off screen.
  • boy beat up a gas station assistant.
  • boy is throw against the wall by an unseen force.
  • boy is see hanging by the neck.
  • woman is seen being chocked by a unseen force.


  • at least 3 use of b---- (slur).
  • at least 5 use of "f---." At around 7 min (a man opens a door and shine a flashlight on the bed and says the f-word), 38 min, 42min, 43 min (after the loud clattering someone whispers "f---" and then someone whispers "what the f---").
  • at least 5 use of "g--" (profanity).
  • at least 5 use of "g--d---."
  • at least 2 uses of "J----" (profanity).
  • at least 5 uses of "J---- C-----" (profanity).
  • at least 1 use of "p----" (anatomical term).
  • at least 28 uses of "s---" (scatological term).
  • a woman calls herself a "sexy bitch."
  • at least 1 use of a--hole (anatomical term).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This film contains scene that are extremely intense & frightening that some viewers may find disturbing.

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