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pleasantly surprised
scarecrow7227 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a Rob Schneider fan so I wasn't expecting much when I watched this when it came on after The Big Bang Theory. The pilot was actually one of the funniest laugh-out-loud shows I have seen on TV in years. The brother-in-law was great. If you watch no other episodes, see that one.

The next two episodes haven't quite lived up to the promise shown in the pilot. Maybe because they used up most of their jokes in the pilot. Usually pilots are so-so as they establish characters, and later episodes get better.

Other than the brother-in-law, the series appears to be going in reverse. Still, considering the lack of laugh out loud shows on TV right now (TBBT is the only one), this one still had some other LOL moments in the next two episodes.

Some people may be offended by the way some characters are stereotypically portrayed, particularly the b-i-l, but it's the obviousness in the way it is done that it's not to be taken seriously, the same way Archie Bunker was not to be taken seriously as representing all white middle aged men.
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gabby figueroa25 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i guest ROB was cancel because USA they don't understand the MX family culture as you can see all the Latinos like the show so i believe they should talk to another channel to see if they can put the show back on air. I prefer to be in English in Spanish i don't like it because the main character Rob speaks English and he will sound weird with a different voice that is not his. that will take all the fun out of it. That my Opinion. hope to see the show back on air... I AM A Latin GIRL AND I DON'T BELIEVE THIS SHOW WAS RACIST. PEOPLE PLEASE DON'T TAKE A COMEDY SHOW SO SERIOUS IS JUST A SHOW. THAT WHY IS A COMEDY SHOW THAT SERIOUS THE JUDGE AND THE DR.PHILL ETC. THAT ARE SERIOUS SHOW THIS IS JUST COMEDY!!
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Really, really like it
Ivan Ivanov9 February 2012
I think I am among the average user of sitcoms. My favorites are shows like 'seinfeld', 'friends', 'how i met your mother' and lately 'modern family'. The most common thing about the above shows is that they feel funny, fresh, smart, of-beat and they are not too serious - just lot's of light-hearted, carefree humor. Up to the first 4 episodes of the first season, I don't think Rob is anywhere far behind these well-accepted sitcoms. If anything it is just as good. I know, you might say that I am comparing oranges and apples, and it may be so. But I really love this series so far, the same way I love all the good ones from the past.
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Im 50-50 on this show..... spoilers
iamomeed17 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching this show with low expectations. Im a fan of Robs work in the past and gave it a shot. Its a light funny show about a white American that marries a younger Mexican. it seems like its going to mostly focused on robs relationship with the inlaws, similar to "everyone loves raymond" sp?

The acting isn't great. I like rob, cheech, granny and the cousin. Im not too sure about the wife or the daughter yet.This is just episode 1 so im not expecting much yet.

Ill keep watching, hoping they iron out their kinks.

Good luck!
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Rob show
sramsay-117 February 2012
This is a show with "something". Just saw it for the first time. Watched two episodes back to back, something I never do. "ROB" is just plain funny here. It's a nice set up, about the guy who's underdog who's lucky in love, his wife, in laws, the crazy brother. The casting is terrific. I love the mother in law. The writing is excellent. The scene in episode 6 where they go to the restaurant, and the Greeter gives him a hard time about older than his wife, made me crack up. Schneider is so good in it. Great show. I bet it will live at least 5 seasons. First season is always the toughest for the audience, because they aren't comfortable with the characters yet.
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Needs Work but Funny At Times!
Syl16 February 2012
Rob Schneider is back in a new sitcom where he plays a landscape architect who marries Maggie, a Mexican American woman, and her entire family including his father-in-law played great by Cheech Marin and a supporting Mexican American cast including Lope Oliveros as Maggie's grandmother. The cast is fine but the writing could be better at times. It's silly sometimes but don't take it seriously. They're still working out the kinks and there is some laughs from it. It's not the greatest sitcom in the world but it's okay. I liked Cheech Marin and Rob Schneider as father-in-law who runs a chain of car washes and Rob as Rob, the clueless son-in-law. Like I wrote there are some laughs at cheap expenses sometimes. I hope they take the time to really explore Mexican American family life like they did on the George Lopez Show. Well at least, it's different sitcom with a family flavor to see generations under one roof. It's based on Rob Schneider's real life experiences with his own in-laws. I'm sure it's loosely based but it's worth just passing the time between shows.
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Needs one replacement to be a decent show.
bpbfde4-116 January 2012
I watched the pilot and was impressed with most of the cast. They did a decent job especially for a pilot episode. Cheech was underutilized and could be a true asset. The "illegal alien" brother was also a naturally funny guy although I hope they don't attempt to soften the illegal alien problem in this country(not getting on a soapbox here) by making a joke out of it. Rob's "wife" was god but her writing was kind of "blah". The girl has potential with better writers.

The only cast member that I would replace would be the lead, Rob Schneider. He is just so awkward and unfunny it makes me cringe. I don't understand how he got his own show. If(when) this show fails it will be because of the lead.
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OFFENSIVE and simply NOT funny
duraflex18 January 2012
If the plot line was focused on a white father-in-law constantly belittling his Mexican daughter-in-law, there would be outrage. Why then does a major network consider a Mexican belittling his new white son-in-law acceptable? It's not.

Liked Rob Schneider in DEUCE BIGELOW. Liked Cheech Marin in NASH BRIDGES.

Cannot stand either of them in this stupid would-be sitcom. The jokes are so forced and Rob is made out to be a fool rather than simply a nice guy trying hard to adjust to the Mexican family that he married into.

Is this supposed to be an object lesson or what?

Cannot imagine why CBS replaced RULES OF ENGAGEMENT with this tripe, what were they thinking?

UPDATE: Thankfully CBS dumped this trash after just 8 episodes. With any luck, they will never bring it back.
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Time Capsule Escapee
scorp7627 January 2012
To describe this show one only needs to remember those old 90s sitcoms. Now remember all those god awful, diarrhea inducing shows. Now imagine the king of all those.

Now, imagine the king had a cross-eyed, hunchback, wart infested, odor factory, bastard brother that warms your salad by using his natural reserves of gas and lighter over the dinner table as you are about to eat it.

That is Rob. Somehow this 90s tardject has escaped to future and our only hope is that Doc Brown's Delorean takes Rob and the rest of this crap back to the beginning of the universe so it can be blown to smithereens.
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Rob Schneider at his best - Simply Majestic
gasher8428 July 2012
After being one Rob Schneider biggest fans, ever since he first appear in Adam Sandler films and coined one of the best catchphrase in comedy industry " you can do it". I have followed his movie and stand up career closely, so when i heard he was doing a sitcom, I was absolutely delighted. The pilot episode for me is one of best comedy shows I have seen in years, it was a perfect balance between Curb your Enthusiasm, Modern Family and Breaking Bad. At the start i had my doubts but once as Rob Schneider pulled one of his legendary faces, i was in Laughing out loud for the rest of show. Its simply brilliant to see Rob doing comedy again and i am sure he will go down in history as one of the funniest men ever. Can't wait to watch the rest of episodes and CBS would be idiots not to make more episodes.
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Very stale.
Fred White20 January 2012
I, somehow, only watched the first half of the second episode, but I think I saw enough to nail it in a nutshell. Take the show "All in the Family" and turn the Bunkers into wealthy Mexican-Americans, and then replace Meathead with Darren Stevens from "Bewitched" and VOILA!, you have Rob! Also, don't bothering updating anything from either one of these two shows, because "Rob!" does not give you anything new at all. Pretty terrible show.

Gosh, I summed everything up so neatly that it is too short for IMDb guidelines so I have to think about something else that I don't like about it. I guess all I can say is that unlike other reviewers, I have no problem with Cheech Marin or Rob Schneider.
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Great Show
teresa-66-77064429 July 2014
Excellent Show, wish it would come back :( Not many shows that are this funny and entertaining. Eugenio Derves is my favorite! I love that they get the general concept of Mexican culture right unlike many shows and movies that get it all twisted and ends up offensive. This is just a funny way to look at the Mexican-American reality interracial marriages face. Living in the US but still having some traditions and a part of the Mexican life style mixed in to fit each family. I am 1st generation U.S. Citizen in my family and my husband was not raised in a Hispanic household so I we can relate to some of the issues and adventure the characters face but with a twist of humor.
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Adrian Soto23 January 2012
The show is boring in general. Watching the pilot was boring, this felt like a show that we have all seen before. This show reminds me a lot of the George Lopez show, an their are two problems with that. One, the George Lopez show wasn't funny to begin with. By copying the style of a show that wasn't that funny you end up falling victim to the same trap. Two since it is copying the George Lopez show it feels like we have seen all the characters before. They are the most stock Cliché Mexican family you can imagine. The pilot episode had them throw all this Spanglish at the audience. It is annoying watching them try to be the typical Mexican family. If they would have just made it a family that gets an unexpected new son in law. Then sure it would have been fine. They had to make the family unlikable. The mother of the bride is a complete bitch. They made her this mother that is a mean bitch. The father has to be this guy that is afraid of his wife and is over protecting of his daughter. The show could have had potential but it drops the ball by being this pseudo George Lopez show.
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La Cacarauncha
qormi20 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First, we're supposed to believe a hot young Latina chick is smitten with a short funny-looking guy who's old enough to be her daddy. This is not's creepy. Then, Cheech Marin's character is an uppity, snobbish guy.Why couldn't they have made him a crazy funny guy? Hello - he's good at that. The comedy had its funny moments to be sure.....Scneider is a very funny guy. But he and his young wife had zero chemistry - like they really hated each other in real life or something. Constantly looking down on Schneider because he was non-Mexican was not cool. I didn't know that Mexicans were so superior....all the Mexican folks I've known were pretty nice, actually - not the Mexi-wasps that this show portrays.
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