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12 Jan. 2012
­After eloping in Las Vegas, Rob meets his wife's large Mexican-American family for the first time and, after unsuccessfully attempting to fit into his new cultural surroundings, realizes he's the odd man out in this tight-knit family, on the series premiere of "Rob".
19 Jan. 2012
Second Wedding
Rob and Maggie have no interest in a second wedding but Rosa has her heart set on a big traditional Mexican wedding. Fernando seems to be on Rosa's side but secretly confides in Rob that he already spent all the money he had saved for the wedding.
26 Jan. 2012
The Pillow
After Rob and Maggie disagree over a pillow, Rosa and Fernando teach them that their first fight will determine who has all of the power in their relationship. Meanwhile, Fernando makes Hector get a job.
2 Feb. 2012
Family Secrets
Rob becomes obsessed with finding out about Maggie's past, even enlisting Hector to help him snoop around. Meanwhile, Rosa and Fernando stop speaking to each other after their biggest fight gets brought up.
9 Feb. 2012
Rob Learns Spanish
Rob asks Hector to teach him Spanish - in secret - so he can understand what Maggie's family is saying about him.
16 Feb. 2012
The Baby Bug
Rob doesn't want kids, so Maggie and her parents conspire to change his mind with the help of a cute baby.
23 Feb. 2012
Romantic Weekend
Rob plans a romantic weekend at home for him and Maggie.
1 Mar. 2012
Dad Comes to Visit
Rob's usually cold and distant father, George (Guest Star Fred Willard), visits and turns on the charm as he bonds more with Maggie's family than he ever has with Rob.


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