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Truthfully better than expected
movieman_kev8 May 2013
A small group of young adults all gather at what they believe to be the party of a mutual 'friend', the same boy who was humiliated years earlier. When they arrive they find that he isn't there, but his brother suggests that they all party regardless. A game of truth and dare brings out the brother's true agenda. Now the small group of kids are in for the deadliest game of their lives.

I thought I was in for yet another in the endless parade of heavily clichéd boring little teen- scream flicks, but I found myself pleasantly surprised when I found a reasonably well- acted tense little yarn that had loftier goals than the average brain-dead teen slashes genre could usually muster. So despite a few plot holes that I found easy to overlook, I was quite content with this viewing experience.
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Suspenseful riff on the 'one room' thriller genre
Leofwine_draca10 January 2013
A surprisingly decent low budget horror/thriller combo. Although the general set-up of the film is based on a SAW-style premise, the film works thanks to an inventive script, some well-drawn characters and top acting.

Standing head and shoulders above the other cast members is David Oakes (THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH), playing an ex-soldier determined to find out the truth behind his brother's suicide. To this end, he invites a group of schoolmates to a rural shack to begin a deadly game of truth or dare.

This is essentially a 'one room' thriller which keeps you guessing as to the fates of the central characters and indeed has you on the edge of your seat throughout. The story feels fresh and the characters drawn from real life; better still, I was so engaged in what I was watching that I wanted to find out what happened next. In other words, I was hooked.

A handful of decent turns by the other actors (Jennie Jacques, Jack Gordon, Florence Hall), some gruesome set-pieces that don't go over the top with depictions of torture, and a twist ending that works are all features that help make this a film that rises above genre standards to offer suspenseful, thrilling entertainment.
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80's nostalgia meets present day torture
Coventry8 April 2012
There's a neat portion of 80's nostalgia to enjoy in this modest horror production by the British director Robert Heath. Surely we all love to remember those typically clichéd and nasty slashers in which the geekiest kid in school, preferably on prom night or during any random party night, is publicly humiliated (or even killed) during a banal prank that horribly runs out of hand. A certain time later, he himself or a traumatized family member goes on a vengeful killing spree to punish all the wrongdoers. That pretty much summarizes "Truth or Dare"; unoriginal, unmemorable and predictable from start to finish, but nonetheless entertaining. Several months ago, during a graduation party full of sex and drug-abuse, the timid and introvert Felix unsuccessfully declared his love to the cute blond Gemma whilst playing a spin-the- bottle/truth or dare game and got into a fight with her macho boyfriend Chris. Now, all the key players of this humiliating moment receive an invitation for Felix' birthday party at his parent's secluded country estate, and since they're a bunch of sleazy British teenagers always in search of free booze, they all decide to accept. They're welcomed by Felix' brother Justin, an obsessive military man, in a ramshackle cabin and he immediately confronts them with a genuine party-pooping message. Allegedly Felix committed suicide, and since Justin established that this quintet is directly responsible for his act of desperation, he's destined to extract vengeance and restore the family honor! "Truth or Dare" is actually more of a crossover between the aforementioned kind of 80's slasher with the nowadays hugely popular trend of torture porn horror. The killer immediately reveals his identity and motivations, but his methods of retaliation are more imaginative and "playful", like for example the challenge where the victim either drinks ordinary water or deadly battery acid. You won't feel much affection for any of the character, whether victim or psychopath, and some of them are in fact so stupid and insufferable that you almost wish for them to die cruel and painfully (which also happens!). Although the events are foreseeable and often even downright obvious, director Robert Heath still manages to generate a handful of suspenseful moments. And finally, just because it fun to mention, the young actress Jennie Jacques is an incredibly sexy chick and her impressive cleavage can be admired throughout the entire film!
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Superisingly slick and well shot mild horror flick
thekarmicnomad27 November 2012
Lets get the bad out the way first. The plot is as old as the hills and for everything to fall into place the characters have to make some shockingly bad life choices. The budget is not massive and sometimes its shows.

But saying that i really enjoyed this film. The acting is very solid, the antagonist is very believable. The rest of the cast deliver sterling performances and despite zero nudity the female cast are as sexy as hell.

The real star of the show though is the camera work. The majority of the shooting is stylish, well lit and well composed. Even the obligatory spinning of the bottle has a certain beauty about it.

The violence is brutal without being sickening (no one goes all 'Hostel') and there are numerous tense moments. The soundtrack is pretty good as are sets and locations.

The plot starts to unravel near the end (like 90% of horrors) but keeps it together enough not to spoil it.

A very slick and professional film considering the budget.
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Not a bad British teen revenge horror.
Michael-Hallows-Eve20 August 2012
This movie was actually a nice little surprise for me. I started watching it thinking, "here we go, another teen revenge horror". But once it got going it went well. The "spin the bottle/truth or dare" thing actually worked for me. The movie had a couple of surprises and there was a bit of a plot twist near the end. The characters were actually played well as they were annoying, but in a good way as I was waiting for things to happen to them, but intrigued to see how they would react. And at the end the film doesn't end the way you would think, as it didn't have the usual ending that a lot of these kind of teen horror movies have, and that was a good thing as I wasn't expecting it. So I give this film a 7 out of 10.
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torturous thriller is better than expected!
saadgkhan19 June 2012
Truth or Dare – CATCH IT (B) Truth or Dare, a party game becomes deadly. As an independent British movie, I think it does a great job in creating a brutal psychological suspense thriller. It's not boring, cliché or above all mediocre. The cast is simple perfect which makes it more fun to actually enjoy it. David Oakes has become the ultimate bad boy, I have seen David Oakes ruining lives in period dramas "Pillars of the Earth" and "The Borgias". Watching him in modern avatar was a surprise and I have to say he did a good job. The supporting cast Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon, Florence Hall, Janie Jaques, Tom Kane and Alexander Vlahos has done a nice job keeping the tension going on till the end. On the whole, it's a fun entertaining torturous thriller with A Twist in the end. Watch it!
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Or would you rather?
hitchcockthelegend2 November 2014
After a student is publicly humiliated during a truth or dare party game, the assembled tormentors are surprised to be invited to his country retreat for a party…

Yep! We are in familiar territory here, a bunch of annoying teenagers go out in the woods today and head for a big surprise. In fact the story twists quite early on and has great potential, landing the narrative in a sort of torture porn revenger universe, but the makers then rely far too heavily on this aspect and the dialogue is only matched in banality quotient by the plot holes.

Even the brutality factor quickly gets boring, it's like covering for inadequacies elsewhere by thrusting the violence to the front to try and save the movie. However, it's not a total washout. There's a trio of jumping-bean performances that remain entertaining throughout their respective stays, and a flip-flop device has some worth even if we have absolutely no affinity for any of these people at all.

A tough film to recommend to anyone but the staunchest torture porn/revenger fan, because ultimately it's failings elsewhere are hurtful to the audience's viewing experience. 4/10
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Entertaining with some high points & an original storyline
Thrill_KillZ28 April 2012
I was happy to watch this when I saw the high rating but I had my expectations a little to high although it surely kept me entertained for the duration. It's kind of like a good book, having you waiting for answers. It all starts with a party held at the end of the school term with a young man named Felix. Not quite popular & on the geeky side he wanted very badly to be with a girl that was basically out of his league. After some coke from a buddy he gets up the nerve to talk to her, well as it turns out in most circumstances she didn't feel for him in the least and being the nasty young thing that she was she played a gag on him that ended up in ridicule.

The film then takes a turn with two car loads of people heading to Felix's house for a big birthday bash, these people, the same as those from the party are coming only for the free drink, none of them his friends at all. They knew his family was loaded so they were ambitious to get there. Upon pulling up to this enormous castle of a place they are told Felix wasn't there that they had two walk a ways to get to the keeper's cabin as called. Awaiting them was Felix's brother Justin who cordially invites them in, as to the rest it shall rest on the viewer. There are a few surprises but nothing mind blowing although original & entertaining. It's really more of a thriller than a horror piece, but I know some peoples horror is a comedy to another. The creativity level was high enough to engage you but not enough to suck you in, as the story unfolds in a more casual way. The characters weren't very likable except for Justen, Felix's brother played by David Oakes. There was nothing to get too excited here, but it's more than good enough for a solid 6/10
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Original enough to consider this movie a watchable one.
Boba_Fett113820 July 2012
Because this is a British production, it's already feeling and looking somewhat different and more fresh from other genre movies. It besides is picking an original approach, that isn't always being a very likely one as well though.

That's really the problem with the main premise of this movie. It's good and original all but it's hard to imaging someone would really go through all that trouble, just to get the truth from some people. It lets the movie feel flawed in parts and not the best to watch but overall the movie is luckily being good and original enough to still consider this to be a watchable one.

The concept of the movie will probably be more than enough for the average horror lover to go and watch this movie and for them this will be a good watch, even though this is not a terribly graphic or scary genre movie. It really mostly relies on its main premise and it for most part handles this well, though the execution of it all definitely could had been more interesting and better thought through at times. This movie definitely had some more potential, though budget reasons probably also held the movie back from ever truly going all out on things and make this a truly great movie.

The movie also does still make some strange decisions with its story. It doesn't exactly have the best twists and story developments in it. It makes the movie somewhat ridicules and far from convincing but hey, this is a horror movie. People who will watch it will already have certain expectations of it and are more or less taking for granted already that this isn't going to be a movie with the most tight or most clever script to it. At least the story doesn't ever turn this movie into a bad one to watch. It's just also too fast going for that.

It's being definitely a better movie to watch than just the average and formulaic Hollywood attempt!

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Revenge for the Fittest
adam-18944 September 2012
When the movie began, I wondered if I was watching a British version of the 1987 classic "Slaughter High." A teenage prank goes wrong and a year or two later the tormentors are all invited to a "reunion." They arrive only to discover they're the only ones present. To make things stranger, our antagonists are forced to walk through a muddy path that leads to an old cabin despite the fact that the manor was clearly deserted.

However as soon as they meet the brother of the one they victimized and begin playing the same game used to humiliate him (a mix of Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle) This is when the feeling of dread begins to mount and it doesn't let up until the end.

Overall, it was suspenseful, yet a few illogical inconsistencies require a fair amount of willing suspension of disbelief.

My Rating

C +
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Great little movie but.......
ericdhall7710 January 2020
A good movie with a typical revenge style plot. However, the ending basically ruins the movie.

Spoiler************ I've never wanted a survivor to die like I did this one.
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Who sent the post card?
danicarpenter131 October 2014
A gripping horror based around a... Postcard! Twists and turns aplenty on a roller-coaster ride to find out who sent it.

When the truth finally arrives, you will be shocked at who sent it.

In a film where the characters are all unlikeable to some extent who will be your favourite?

"the truth hurts"

To make sure this film reaches it's full potential in your household don't forget the drinking game - shots every time the word "postcard" is mentioned.

You're welcome.
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Could have been much better
lcherresse21 April 2020
This movie starts out pretty good. Keeps you interested in what the story line has to bring. Some where towards the end it just starts get silly. It falls apart for me after that
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Great movie but hated the ending.
dlmyst-2981312 September 2020
This is not an action pack movie but more of a slow mellow suspense movie. You follow along with the clues given to see who's at fault. Sadly I hated the ending of the movie especially when you found out what happened. Otherwise, the movie had you enthralled until the last 5-10 minutes of the movie when you go WTF!
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Nice revenge flick with a bit of a twist
jackmeat5 October 2015
My quick rating 5,5/10. This is a revenge flick that definitely goes that extra mile to focus on the back story as much as the torture of the participants. The youths think they are going to a party for some kid they made fun of (hey, morons, why were you invited again?) and of course, revenge is on the menu. But the subtle twists in this movie make it stand out(especially towards the end). The acting of the kids (young adults, whatever) was surprisingly good but part of me thinks they were just being themselves, not acting (which is fine). The scares are minimal as this is much more psychological thriller in nature. Te payoff ends up being worth the trip (95min). As in most horror movies these days, the male dominant bad guy tends to get real clumsy and forgets how to fight (considering he was military, this seems a bit strange) but doesn't deter much from the film. It seems with all the recycled horror there is, movies such as this have a hard time standing out since they are good, but just can't make any leap above what has already been done. Enjoyable nonetheless.
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Gets way better than the start would have you believe
bowmanblue31 January 2015
I got about three minutes into Truth or Dare and absolutely hated it. It was the characters. They were completely loathsome. I don't want to come across as some sort of 'anti-rich brigade' but they were just too posh and full of themselves. They were like clones of Tamara Eccelstone and Ben Fogle (anyone who wears £300 shoes deserves to be chopped up in a slasher flick).

However, I persevered and I was glad I did. For a start, they were supposed to be horrid and, without going into too much detail, they got what was coming to them.

For what is technically a horror/torture b-movie, there are some surprising developments which I won't go into for fear of spoiling it for you. However, you may need a strong stomach as when revenge comes these toffs' way, it's not nice to watch.

This is one film where the less you know about it, the more chance you'll have of enjoying it. If you like Hostel/revenge type films, definitely give this one a go. You may be surprised. And stick with it until the end - I was glad I did.
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blessingnanya9 June 2012
I had high expectations for this and of course i was disappointed. It is one of those movies that starts out alright making you want more but as the plot goes on you lose interest. I wouldn't recommend this movie if you have time/are in a good mood as it only made me mad. The storyline was original, yes but the way the killings were executed and the twist at the ending didn't even help boost my interest. Fake and rubbish. If you really are having a slow day, please go ahead and watch. Many of these reviews are over-hyped. As i have observed, one man's meat is another's poison and i will not be reading reviews from IMDb before watching a movie. People slate good ones and praise the ones i despise. Good luck anyways
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An OK movie for entertaining an evening...
Bone30112 May 2021
Movie overall fine. The acting is not bad actually.

The ending is relatively surprising.
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artpf26 November 2013
This is a British movie about a group of teens who while at a party, play a game of 'Truth or Dare.'

But the game gets out of hand when one of the party goers (Felix) is picked on by the other teens.

A few months later they are all invited to a party that Felix is throwing at his parents mansion.

But when they get there they are told the party is in a cabin further up the road.

They arrive to find that Felix's brother is there instead, but where is Felix, and what does his brother have in store?

And you wind up asking, "Who cares?" Is't really very boring stuff. Slow moving and silly.
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A Clever Film, but small flaws
alexmarkwheeldon16 October 2012
I thought that this film was well planned, and for the most part well executed. The story is simple, a university party, which entailed a game of Truth or Dare ended in a bust up, and the result meant revenge was needed. Five friends are called to a party, hosted by the punched boy. His brother invites them in, and all hell breaks loose. the story itself was very clever, meaning that there were many different moments which left me wondering what was going to happen next. I could never guess who was going to die, or live. The twists and turns of the plot left it clear in my mind that guessing what was going to happen was not an option. Yet, in the end, I could see clearly what had happened.

I think that one of the biggest praises in this film has to go to the actors. Having a small cast I found 3 outstanding young Actors, who I shall definitely be looking for in the future. Firstly, is David Oakes, playing Felix's brother, Justin. The character had many depths and levels, and as he unwound it was interesting, and surprisingly believable, and credible. The second is Alexander Vlahos, who played self acclaimed 'Partybot' Luke. His character showed a change and twist which was effortlessly portrayed by the young actor. Thirdly, and finally, the most credit deserves to go to Jennie Jacques, whose role as Eleanor made my skin crawl, and at the same time I was rooting for. Her character was a well rounded, sexy, bitchy, and yet incredible to watch. Look out for this girl, because I bet she will be huge in a few years.

Overall, I think that this film, whilst having notable budget issues, has a clear story which is twisted, and makes for a competent film well worth the watch
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Another pointless torture movie
NYAmicas24 August 2013
What is with useless torture flicks Either it's two people being hunted and spooked for an hour and a half only to be brutally killed or it's a group of people playing some sick game for no real reason to put the audience through all of that. What's really going on for a movie to be 90% violence with no originality, no clever plot, just running around and gruesome death? In this movie a young shy, outsider gets humiliated by his peers at a college party and for some reason that warrants a crappy film about a psycho playing truth and dare w those peers for no compelling reason or engaging dialogue for interest. In fact you don't mind if any of them die yet don't care if they live either, none of the characters are likable or memorable. There is a light surprise at the end which is why it got 4 stars more than 2 as I wanted give but not a good enough surprise to make up for sitting through that drivel.
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I Filmed It! You See?
wandernn1-81-68327425 April 2022
Watched this before but i didn't review so i must watch again!!

Anyways I gave it a 6 the first time and I'll stick with that. It's pretty much your typical Truth or Dare type movie.. Oh wait they changed the title to Truth or Die! -1 Star for the name change...

Okay so a typcial revenge oh woe is me truth or dare film and they throw in a llittle twist at the end for all the happily woke folks. But as another reviewer said, none of the characters are likable. I would have rather had them all die at the end. 5/10.
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Could have been way better
shaniamazin18 September 2021
The end was garbage period. We expect that some will die and people that we actually like buy this was just awful. The one person who should have suffered the most horrible death didn't and I wish I could take my time back. I was with it right up until the end and then I regretted clicking on it.
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Truth Or Die
a_baron3 March 2015
We've seen this sort of film many times before, a small group of youthful guys and girls turn up at a mysterious mansion, and those who survive wish they'd stayed at home. Well, yes, but this one is not more of the same. "Truth Or Die" has had some poor and some not so good reviews, but a lot of people liked it, and it is indeed a superior offering. The group in question are a bunch of upper class wasters, they are invited to the birthday party of the son of an extremely wealthy family, a loner who had been the butt of ridicule at an earlier party as we are shown here, only when they turn up they are met not by Felix but by his brother Justin, who is a well-muscled soldier back from Afghanistan, not his first tour.

The alpha-female of the group takes an instant liking to him, but things soon turn nasty when they are informed not just that their host won't be joining them but that he can't. What happens next will surprise you, there is more than one twist in the tale, suffice to say that it is the women who wear the trousers. David Oakes shines as the psychopath bent on revenge, and the other performances are equally persuasive.
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Average UK horror
MattyGibbs26 May 2014
This is a low budget UK horror. Five friends are lured to a cabin and find themselves in a battle to survive as a vengeful brother seeks revenge.

The friends are a dislikeable bunch which is a major drawback of the movie. I didn't really feel any empathy for the possible victims and therefore it lacks a little suspense. The acting is a major letdown of this movie. Many UK horror films at least possess decent actors but this sadly isn't one of them with the girls being particularly poor.

There are some pretty unpleasant scenes as the situation escalates but it's all pretty predictable and far fetched stuff.

Truth or Dare is at least watchable but ultimately quite disappointing and forgettable. With a better cast this could have been much better.
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