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Your standard action flick
Kingslaay1 November 2020
Greed corrupts absolutely. That is the main theme that emerges in this average sort of adventure. Liam Neeson and Kate Walsh carry the film. If you watch the trailer you get the whole gist of the film with no twists. Some good action scenes but our main villain proves to be very one dimensional. No backstory and stupid greed leads them to their betrayal of the badge. Overall it was good easy to understand fun and action, don't expect too much.
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TAKEN, but wants to give it back
staunton-gary16 December 2020
I suppose, if the franchise is popular, you might as well milk it. Neeson does what he's cast as, albeit slower and not as much ass kicking that I would have liked to see, however, he is on the verge of 70 and can still do convincing fight scenes. Always good to see Jai Courtney in a movie, he plays a great baddie in this one. Haven't seen Jeffrey Donovan since Burn Notice, was expecting him to sort out the mess that unfolded. Kate Walsh looked great, a bit ho-hum until the scene with Jai's character. The plot is a little far fetched, suspend disbelief and the movie will be ok. I would recommend this.
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Umm.... It's bad, 5 stars just because of Liam
chinandchin23 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing close to Taken or any other Liam's action films, 5 stars is just because I like Liam, it should be 3 or 4 at most. First of all, Jai turned into a cop killer from FBI agent in just 5 seconds, yes faster than Hulk, as soon as he saw the money, he just suddenely became a very bad person. 2nd, Liam is a very good and well planned thief but he just turned himself in without a second plan, who the hack promised him 2 years sentence, and he did not even recording one conversation with the FBI. 3rd, FBI boss was murdered, and the next day... only 3 agents were holding a meeting to talk about it, where the hell was everybody else!!? 4th, the girlfriend left town at night but decided to come back and find the memory card, I got that, it's fine to be stubborn, but thats freaken after the whole nite, she had to run away because she was wanted, and when you were wanted you dont go back to your office at working hours!!!!! Thats about 50 mins, and I am not going to keep on, so many nonsense coming on the way, everyone had to be dumbed at some point in order to keep the film running, cos one smart cop could close the case in a minute. Ok, one more, after Jai killed FBI boss, he should be the one looking around and kill Liam, but instead he let Liam saved the girlfriend, planted a bomb in his car and blew his house in pieces while he was making coffee, wat!!!? I gave it a 5 stars cos I am Liam's fan, it made sense more than the film, rite!?
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Entertaining flick of a kind that get rare these times
stklaus24 December 2020
If I think back the last 10 years, Liam Neeson movies never disappointed me, which also is true to this one.

Critics said, there is less action and more of the usual stuff, and in a kind of way that is right, there is less action than in the usual Liam movies (but the action there is, is excellent), but this one is more story-ridden; so this is a movie for action fans that have a bit matured like Liam, and the story is quite good and makes up for less action.

So this movie may be not so special, but one of the 1st ones in corona times that is really entertaining, you might say a popcorn movie we had in the old days and not anymore, and it is totally underrated. Enjoy!

(Rating should be 7 -7.5, so I gave it 8)
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Liam Neeson. Plain and simple.
gonzalo_a6 December 2020
Not epic, but really enjoyable if you are a fan of this genre. And just so you know what genre I'm talking about, it's 'Liam Neeson', under 'Action'.

Movie's kinda sweet or naive I would say, but still has that action that makes me love this guy's movies.

There are a couple of minor plot twists, but nothing major. That's why it's a solid 7 for me, i. e. if you are a fan of his movies.

Really enjoyed it :).
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Whao...this was pretty bad.
allen_pagent31 January 2021
So, we have a bank robber who has stolen $9M in cash over a number of years. No one has a clue as to who he is. For all intent and purposes, he is a free man. He meets the woman of his dreams and wants to turn himself in to the FBI as well as all the money for a reduced prison sentence and live a clean life. As if this doesn't present profound and unbelievable stupidity, particularly from a guy who has evaded all law enforcement, he then proceeds to give his storage unit keys where all the money is hidden to two flunky FBI agents. It was this at this point I had to turn it off. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.
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Turn your brain on and this is a 1 star movie
thebricks16 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
So, the world's dumbest bank robber, Tom decides one day that to impress a woman he wants to start a new life with, he's going to confess to the FBI and use his money as leverage to work out a deal. He feels guilty about stealing from banks even though it's revealed he did it to seek revenge against a CEO who ripped off his dad's pension. So by confessing, he's essentially giving that evil CEO back his money? Wut? Ok, I know he's just giving it back to the Feds, but still...

The Feds don't believe Tom and finally decide to send agents after a few days. They actually think he's insane and search through his storage locker, digging through trash and almost missing the loot until Agent Hall finally finds it in a random box. Agent Nivens gets the bright idea to steal the money, even though they're on record just about everywhere dealing with this guy, on camera everywhere. Clearly the FBI only hires millennials who haven't walked into Best Buy in the last twenty years. Just ludicrous.

Clearly now, they were setting everything up for a plot twist with Jeffrey Donovan's character as the newly divorced agent who lost almost everything in the divorce. I'm sure we all kept waiting for the big reveal. Maybe it was supposed to happen in the parking lot at the end when he just lets Tom go for everything. For whatever reason, they resisted the urge to do that, which is refreshing, yet, since this obviously isn't an Oscar award winning drama, they might as well have done that for some excitement. Shame.

I actually enjoyed this. I probably won't watch it again, but...it's original! It could have been done better. The potential is there. That's the one upside of the pandemic, big blockbuster films are being delayed and B-movie films like this that are somewhat original are getting a chance. I like it.
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Painful romantic dialogues
sander_kooistra1 December 2020
The action plot is quite ok. The character build up is poor and the reason you hear at the end for Liam being a robber is just lame. Worst of the movie for me were the romantic dialogues. I really like Liam Neeson, but those romantic lines he had to do were just horrible.
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Why?!!! Why?!! Why?!!
kaylajamie-626726 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Worse Liam Neeson Film 2020! No one ever would do this ever!!! Ever!!! No one knows who you are?!! You've stolen money for over a period of a decade! 9 million to be precise! So You meet some chick and decide to turn yourself in and the money!

Mean while no one is even looking for you?! You don't even know if this woman will even accept you after learning who you are & what you've done! Don't know! Don't Care!..cause I didn't even finish watching this mess! Stupid plot makes no sense!
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Typical Good Liam Neeson Film
Stephan-vw5 October 2020
You always know what you are going to get with a Liam Neeson film...good acting, good action and an hour or two of very watchable entertainment. Nothing less, nothing more. This is no different, but nothing wrong with that either. Look past the cringes, somewhat predictability of a theme done multiple times before and enjoy Liam Neeson doing what he does best (with Kate Walsh delivering a stellar performance as well).
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Typecast but still convincing
kluseba12 October 2020
As soon as I learned that my city would be locked down again and that arenas, bars, museums, restaurants, theatres and similar places would close for several weeks, I went to the cinema to enjoy watching some new movies for the last time in quite a while. The first film I gave a try was Honest Thief and I certainly don't regret my choice. This emotional, pacey and suspenseful drama stars excellent actors like Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan and obviously Liam Neeson. The story revolves around a thief who wants to come clean and give back all the money he has stolen to serve a reduced prison sentence and then marry the woman of his dreams. He calls the Federal Bureau of Investigation that sends two rookies who are doubtful at first. When the thief shows them a third of the money, one of the investigators sees this opportunity as a chance to get rich and convinces his nervous partner to follow his plan through. Just as they are about to murder the honest thief and make the money disappear, their superior shows up and gets shot in an escalating confrontation. The thief knocks out the two investigators and manages to flee with his girlfriend. The two investigators predictably accuse the thief of murdering their superior and the fugitive now needs to clear his name while protecting his girlfriend.

This movie convinces on numerous levels. The action scenes are short but intense and focus on realistic settings rather than artificial special effects. The story is suspenseful from start to finish. The film has some strong dramatic elements due to the convincing love story. The characters are intriguing with a remorseful thief, a ruthless investigator and his nervous partner and a reliable veteran agent looking for the truth. The movie also includes a few funny scenes such as every moment involving the veteran agent's dog and the memorable car bomb scene.

On the negative side, Liam Neeson seems to be typecast for emotional action films and isn't given the occasion to unfold his full potential in this film. The story is predictable and by the numbers and therefore not really memorable.

However, the film is produced with care, energy and professionalism that make you forget about the minor flaws as it offers one hour and a half of gripping entertainment. Fans of action films, dramas and even thrillers should enjoy this film alike. Anyone who appreciates Liam Neeson should also admire this movie even though it can't compete with his career highlights such as Cold Pursuit, Schindler's List or Taken. The fact that the veteran actor manages to play an action film so credibly despite being sixty-eight years old certainly deserves attention, recognition and respect as well. Even though Liam Neeson has been typecast for more than a decade now, that isn't a problem as long as the final products remain as convincing as Honest Thief. Enjoy this movie at your local cinema while you still can and support local businesses while doing so.
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Not the best of Liam Neeson but still ...
inkon-8229216 December 2020
This movie doesn't have as much suspense and action as Taken or The Commuter but it is still interesting and enjoyable. I always enjoy Liam Neeson movies and will always rate his movies high ! Again if you enjoy his movies in general you will like it :)
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Surprisingly good
andy-gilligan14 December 2020
What you expect from Neeson with good support, a script pretty well written, a few twists that surprised me and above average for what felt like an S2DVD .

Its an easy going movie that will entertain at best.

If you like Neeson, worth watching.
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Come on, it's Liam Neesom
termitekeith7 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Come on, what were you expecting? It's your typical Liam Neesom action/thriller that he's become famous for and could play in his sleep. The plot is full of holes, much of the story had been done before and is mostly implausible but guess what? I didn't care. It's 90 minutes of solid entertainment. Neesom plays a bank robber who's motivations for doing so are barely explained but we know even as we see his character doing what he does best that he's not evil at heart because he's, well...Liam Neeson and we know that before the movie is over he will have cleared his name from an attempted framing by a couple of corrupt FBI agents because he's, well, Liam Neesom. You probably won't remember this movie 30 minutes after you leave but you'll be entertained because, well, it's Liam Neesom.
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Good popcorn action flick
mdluk19922 October 2020
With movie fans suffering from cinema withdrawal and dying to see anything half decent it's good to have a solid action movie in the cinemas again.

The film is not exactly original but it is good and Liam Neeson plays the part of a man on a revenge mission so well.

Good action, good story and fine acting. A fine popcorn action flick that will give you a good night out in these crazy times.
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Old but still good acting
xstatik799 December 2020
I never imagined an old codger like liem neeson could still do an action movie lol
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Because I really like Liam neeson.
anymajordude-3978315 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Why would he ever give himself up and give away the money? Makes no sense.
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Liam Neeson in what is probably a kind of personal film for him
RetroRick14 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Great movie. No massive surprises, but consistently engaging, well-acted & genial all-round. Moreover within the terms it sets itself it's very believable. As for those complaining about the fact the movie is framed as a romance, I completely fail to see how this detracts in an way: Liam Neeson always plays Liam Neeson - he's not a character actor, he's Liam Neeson. Now that might seem to be stating the obvious, but Liam lost his beloved wife in a terrible accident (a skiing accident as I recall). There is a scene where his ladyfriend (as he refers to her) suffers a head injury. His wife died of a head injury. That is clearly not a coincidence. This Liam Neeson, playing a character with a very personal motivation, and it shows. It's as though he's saying he would give everything up to have her back. He's a sweet guy Liam Neeson, & he's still grieving by the sounds of it

Another thing to note, is all the actors are great, particularly the lead FBI man, who has a lot of character. Deserves more than it's current IMDB score which is an insulting 6
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Decent Enough Action Film
vengeance2024 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Just come back from a screening of this & to be fair it was a good film, interesting story-line & enough action to keep you interested.

The film follows a man named Tom Carter who after robbing banks for years decides he wants to turn himself after meeting the love of his life one day at a storage center. Not wanting to live a life with a guilty conscience with his fiance he calls the police & says he'll return the 9 Million Dollars in exchange for a lighter prison sentence. However 2 corrupt police officers are assigned to the case & steal the money from the storage & frame Tom for the murder of another agent they killed themselves. Tom goes on the run while trying to find a way to clear his name & make sure the money doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

I found the film to be pretty good, not amazing but pretty good. The story & film moves at a fast pace & there's a couple of fight scenes, car chases & shoot outs. However I felt the film could've more beefed up & had a little more too it, that's my only critiques of this flick. That & the characters could've had more depth to them as their backgrounds etc felt thin to non existent.

Overall it's a decent action film. 8/10
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Liam Neeson movies
amberakhter26 October 2020
Honest thief movie looking for action and thriller movie.Laim neeson is good actor i hope so that movie will break the previous record.Trailer of this movie full of suspence.
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jcriches6 December 2020
In the past I've had issues with Neesons characterization, but this film is all together different, it actually kept me glued to his character.
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Honest Thief
rnixon-1566325 October 2020
Honest Thief 2020 15 Director: Mark Williams Starring: Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan, Anthony Ramos,

Overall rating 87/100

Honest thief is about a former bank robber called Tom (Liam Neeson) who turns himself in to the FBI only for two agents to go rougue and target him for crimes he didn't commit, I really enjoyed and I was entertained from start to finish so let's get started.

First of all, the movie had likeable characters, great performances, a charming tone and an interesting concept. The movie had a whole range of likeable easy to connect with characters which was great, they managed to balance the obvious criminal past of the main character but also humanise him and make you connect and understand him which was excellent. The performances were also good, the performances from the villains were slightly campy but they made it work, but Liam Neeson and Kate Walsh were great, they both had instant charm on screen and had good on screen chemistry with each other, the movie also had a very charming tone, the movie despite having it's fun generic action movie moments always at least to me served purpose and the more grounded approach to the character relationships was really charming for me and not usually done with this kind of attention in other movies like this, due to this the whole concept was very interesting especially with the main character and his motivations and actions.

My next few positives would be the action, humour and cinematography. The movie had very good and tense action sequences that worked really well in terms of keeping you on the edge of your seat and me genuinely not knowing who was going to make it out alive, the action wasn't constant or overused which for this kind of movie it kept the balance of the heart of the characters but also keeping you entertained, the movie was also surprisingly funny in places. The movie had a lot of running gags that actually worked which is very rare for this kind of movie, but the humour actually added to the story and made it more fun and entertaining to watch instead of bringing the movie down like it does in a lot of action movies similar to this. The movie also had great cinematography and set pieces, the big city landscape was an effective set piece for the scope of the movie as well as the different action sequences and was well explored for a visually pleasing movie as well, with clever shots and great uses of editing.

My only few negatives for the movie would be the generic script, how predictable the movie was and it's old fashioned role for the female character. The script was very generic in terms of very similar dialogue to previous action movies like this and there was a lot of corny lines and recycled formulas that bought the movie down just slightly, the movie was also fairly predictable, you could tell what was going to happen most of the time before it happened, despite it still being fun to watch it would have been nice to be more surprised instead of deliberately setting up a characters actions and expecting people to forget about it until it's revealed. I also found that the role for the female character in here was very old fashioned, she was only really a plot device and a character motivation for Liam Neesons character, she never felt like her own character and for me this was very old fashioned and a backwards way of thinking for female roles.

My final few positives would be the villains, character depth and ending. I thought they did a very good job with the villains, they actually felt like threats to the characters and their actions made you despise them even more Jai Courtney despite a slightly campy and over the top performance did a good job and I like that they contrasted with Anthony Ramose's character. There was also a good amount of character depth to the main character, I liked how in depth the movie went into explaining the reasoning behind the main character actions, learning why he did the things he did made you connect to his character more and understand why he did the things he did. I also thought the ending was great, the character arcs were satisfying and I loved that we always knew that the main character was going to jail and that wasn't going to change which was more realistic and more of a satisfying ending for the character.

Overall despite needing better roles for women and being slightly formulaic, Honest Thief is an entertaining movie from start to finish with a surprising amount of heart and characters to connect with rarely seen in a movie like this.
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Nice action with happy end
jeppevp-1318715 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The action of honest thief is pretty nice. I really liked the scene when tom was counting to blow up the house of nivens. The end of honest thief was a expected happy end.
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An underwhelming Neeson flick
TopDawgCritic13 October 2020
This could've been much better, had producer-turned-newb writer and director Mark Williams seeked some guidance from seasoned filmmakers. Williams mainly has experience in writing for the <1 hour Ozark series, so trying to fill in a 99 min runtime slot wasn't done effectively with this film. The story was very predictable, with plot and technical issues, and felt dragged out, with not as much action one would expect from a Neeson film. Personally, I would've done much better with the ending (no spoilers), considering it had the perfect setup for the final "shift in trust with the boxes", especially when Mr. FBI was alone during all the meet-ups. I also felt Neeson wasn't enthusiastic with his performance and was there for the paycheck. Nevertheless, considering the slim-pickings of blockbuster films, this one was still a refreshing and adequate watch. It's a generous 8/10 from me.
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See this one in theaters, Neeson is back
aidanratesmovies17 October 2020
An entertaining thrill ride through and through, Honest Thief may look like a generic action flick at first glance, but surprisingly- due to Neeson's terrific performance and a decent script, this film actually has some heart. I am not a huge Liam Neeson fan, I have absolutely nothing against him, I have just never been one for his type of movies. Thus, I ended up seeing this flick due to lack of options, and surprisingly I was very amused, and very delighted to see how truly good and charismatic Neeson can be on screen. He's, for lack of better words, a total bada** on screen- and I find his performance as well as several others throughout the film, a large driving force in what makes it so good. Kate Walsh also provides a good performance, as well as Jai Courtney, and Jeffrey Donovan. The action scenes are very well choreographed, none of that shaky cam crap that makes me anxious to even think about, and the cinematography in general is very grounded- which is a nice change of pace for this kind of film. The script certainly has some familiar, or even generic elements to it, but once you continue to follow this story, you truly start to feel for the characters and the situations they are involved in. It isn't just well written do its rounded characters, but it is truly made with passion and heart, which I adore in any film, especially in one with such dire circumstances as this one. In the end, Honest Thief is more than an enjoyable way to spend your time at the movies. Go see it if you can, its at least one of the better films out right now, and please support your local theaters. Luckily my showing of the film had quite a few people in it, theaters really need the help, and may soon go extinct without help, and Liam Neeson seems like a good way as any to help save them My Rating: 8.75/10
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