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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence and some sensuality

Sex & Nudity

  • WARNING: This is NOT Shakespeare's "Winter's Tale"
  • A man and woman make love in bed, however no nudity is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • When a server tells a man in a restaurant that they do not have what he wants to eat the man kills the server with a quick blow and blood splatters onto the white table cloth (we hear a splat as the server falls to the floor dead); the man then uses the blood to draw a picture of a woman with red hair (when the man becomes angry, his face transforms into a demon-like face and he sprouts large pointed teeth).
  • A man shoots another man in the chest twice and he falls back dead (no blood is shown). Two men fight with punches and kicks; one man ends up on the ground and is kicked repeatedly before rallying and stabbing the other man in the neck twice with a metal plague (we see blood on the man's shirt collar, neck and on the weapon) and he falls to his knees and transforms into ice.
  • Many men with weapons surround another man on a horse: the man is pulled off the horse and the horse is felled and covered with a net, and the man is beaten and kicked and head-butted (we see blood on his eye) before being thrown off a bridge and into the water below (he does not die). Many men with weapons surround a man, a woman and a child until a horse pounds on the ice where they are all standing and it breaks apart taking all but two of the men and the cars they arrived in into the frigid water.
  • A young woman and a man lie in a bed together after having had sex and she stops breathing (we see her motionless with her eyes open); the man carries her to another bed where he kisses her and pleads with her to come back (she does not). A young girl falls still and appears dead until a man takes her to a bed in a garden and pleads with her not to go and she is revived.
  • A man is chased by many other men and kicks one as he is blocked by a locked gate; the man gets through the gate and stabs another man (no blood is shown) trying to grab him; another man holds a gun on the first man, but is stopped by another man and the first man gets away unharmed.
  • A man moves close to a young woman while speaking to her in a threatening tone; he then grabs her by the arm, tells her that he "loves blood on the snow, especially virginal blood," and pulls a knife (presumably to kill her, but she is saved by another man). When a man yells at another man, his voice gets deeper and he sprouts many large, pointed teeth. People in a restaurant act frightened when a man enters and is seated for dinner (people seated at a table get up and run away). A man his shown with his lips stitched closed with heavy black thread. A man is shown with a large, rough scar on his face.
  • A man with a gun walks into a room where a young woman is playing the piano; the woman is startled by his presence and after they talk, she invites him for tea. A man with a gun breaks into a house and searches through it until he finds a safe to rob.
  • A man places an infant in a small wooden, model boat and lowers him over the side of a ship and into the water (we understand that the baby survived). A young girl has a seizure and is placed on pillows to sleep it off (we see her sleeping but OK later). We are told that a young girl has cancer and that she is dying. We see a young woman who apparently is suffering from consumption and she sleeps in a rooftop tent in order to stay cool and fend off fever. A man places a potion in a woman's champagne glass and we understand that she drinks it (we do not see her drink).
  • A man tells another man, "Let's go kill him" when he finds out where a man is hiding. A man says, "I want to kill him." A man describes to a woman how another man thought he could "steal without spilling blood" and "take a ring, but leave the finger." A man tells an eye doctor that "We have fever in the house." A man talks about his sister having died in her 20s from fever. A man tells another man, "People are sad all over the city" and that "Miracles are down." A young girl tells a young woman, "You can't die" and the young woman says, "That's not up to me." A young woman tells a young girl that when we die "We rise into the sky and become stars." A young woman tells a man that she is dying from consumption and that she has 6 months to a year to live. Two men talk about angels and demons and God and the devil. A voiceover says, "When true love is lost, it bleeds life of all meaning." A man says that humans have the capacity for hope and that "They pas it back and forth like the flu at a school fair." A young girl asks, "Where do we go when we die?" A man talks about dying "The one time death."
  • A man kicks a horse on the sides trying to make it move, but it does not. A young girl bumps into a man while walking and she falls to the ground (she is OK).
  • A man climbs on the back of a horse and as it charges toward a locked gate, it sprouts wings, begins to glow and flies over the fence. A man on a horse charges toward a woman and lifts her onto the horse's back; they run away and are chased by others in cars and one is on horseback; the horse leaps off a cliff and sails safely onto a frozen lake (they are not followed). A man, a woman and a child climb on the back of a horse that charges to the edge of a roof and sprouts wings, and then flies away as another man on the roof shoots at them (no one is harmed).
  • A steam furnace shakes and makes loud rumbling sounds while two men struggle to repair it; it blows smoke out through the chimneys and then works normally.
  • A husband and his wife are turned away at an immigration processing area after a medical examination and they are told that it is because the man has a pulmonary ailment. An infant cries in an immigrant processing area while his mother is examined.


  • 1 scatological term, 2 mild obscenities, name-calling (ugly, Lucifer, coward), 1 religious profanity (GD), 3 religious exclamations (Jesus, Mary and Joseph, God Make Me Cold, God).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man places a potion in a woman's champagne glass (we do not see her drink). Two glasses of champagne are poured for a man and a young woman at a dining table (we do not see them drink).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Judge Lucifer's mouth bares jagged green fangs as he screams for emphasis.

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