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15 Sep. 2011
The death of Cassie's mom (no accident) forces teenage Cass to move in with her grandmother, where young witches await her to complete their coven and unlock their full power.
22 Sep. 2011
There's peer and other pressure aplenty to get Cassie to bind the Circle, all except from Faye who doesn't favor the idea of her reckless whims being controlled. Grandpa Henry pays a call to investigate a complaint of misused magic.
29 Sep. 2011
Just as the kids find themselves individually powerless comes a lone man, knowledgeable, upset and aiming to end their witchcraft by killing one of them, and he doesn't care who.
6 Oct. 2011
Finding her late mother's best friend magically locked in a catatonic state, Cassie enlists help from another witch to break it, only to find there was a good reason for it.
13 Oct. 2011
It's a fight to the finish when the demon Abaddon possesses one of the witch kids to free more of its kind into the world.
20 Oct. 2011
In the wake of Nick's death, leading up to his wake, Cassie wakes to the fact he'd a brother named Jake - a tall, handsome dude with a troublesome past, whom many but she prey his presence won't last.
27 Oct. 2011
With Jane's permission while she's away, Cassie throws a Halloween party, unaware of encroaching witch hunters targeting her circle for elimination.
3 Nov. 2011
Looking for Old Henry and Jane, the kids wind up overnighting at Henry's cabin, trapped by a storm, raging hormones, and uneasy questions. Faye experiences unwelcome visions.
10 Nov. 2011
As Jake continues to gather intel on the Circle, Isaac fears it's time to remove him from the group before an attachment to Cassie forms. Meanwhile, Charles' spell addles Jane's brain.

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