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Sex & Nudity

  • Often shows inexplicit scenes of men and women kissing in bed.
  • In a few scenes characters are shown pushing each other up against walls and ripping each other's clothes off. Many scenes of people kissing, sometimes passionately.
  • Sometimes characters on the show will take their clothes off, but leave on undergarments. No nudity shown.
  • In a few scenes two men are shown taking off each others shirts in bed and kissing passionately, there are also numerous kisses between men and men talking about their sexuality with each other.
  • Two women have been shown kissing twice: 1x12, 2x19.
  • Sex scenes are mostly inexplicit/played against music and no nudity is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • There lots of fight scenes shown throughout the series, some quite violent and involving slamming each other against walls and constant bashing or being hit with wine bottles etc.
  • At least 44 of the 89 episodes feature a fight scene, shooting, stabbing, fall or some large violent act in some form. Most other episodes contain a slap or a punch.
  • In a season four fight scene, two women trash a house as they fight throughout the rooms. The women fall off a balcony and crush a table underneath them. The woman that lands on the bottom dislocates her arm, and is later seen snapping it back into place.
  • In the third season, a man is pushed into an helicopter propeller, a large amount of blood splatters onto the character who shoved him. A woman later finds him and touches his mangled body. In another episode a maid is shown wiping a large amount of blood from the floor after a pregnant character plunges from the balcony. A man is later kidnapped, he uses glass to free his hands, causing blood to pour everywhere.
  • Characters are often shot, sometimes with blood dripping their wounds. A woman is shot and falls into the ocean, blood is shown pouring from her dress.
  • A mans de-cappitated arm is found by divers after an explosion, the end of the arm is shown to be torn off from his body.
  • In season 4, a man is stabbed in the back of the head. The knife is pulled out and is shown to be very bloody as the man falls to the ground. There is also another episode where a man is stabbed in the neck and dies, however in this episode the scene is quite dark and the wound is not visible. A man is stabbed in the hand in the series finale, blood is visible.
  • In season four, Emily tortures a man. She slits his throat and chokes him with chains.
  • In one episode, two women and a man are kidnapped. This is one of the most violent episodes, and contains them being tortured. One of them is shot and the man torturing them digs a knife into the bloody wound. In the end of the episode, a character is shot and falls into an incinerator, causing him to burn to death
  • Few episodes rated TV-14 for violence.


  • The word 'bitch' is quite common on the show, also the word 'ass' is often used.
  • Words like 'slut', 'whore' and 'dick' are used minimally.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A teenage girl gets addicted to Oxycodone, and later is shown having an overdose. Teens often drink also.
  • People drinking alcohol shown alot.
  • One character is a recovering alcoholic who later gets drunk and abuses his fiancé domestically.
  • Some characters shown smoking cigars in few episodes.
  • In the first few episodes of the fourth season, a young woman is shown snorting drugs with a man, and getting drunk, as she heads on a downward spiral. She is later sent to rehab.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A house is set on fire in the first season.
  • Kidnappings occur, with the victims screaming etc.
  • A boat explodes in the second season, a character dies.
  • Later in the season there is another explosion when a corporate building explodes, killing a man inside.
  • Terrorist plots are often mentioned and a terrorist group are shown spying on a main character. A scene in the second season shows a man holding a member of the terrorist group at gunpoint, he later snaps his neck after finding a dead woman.
  • In the first season there are two plane explosions.
  • There is another explosion of a manor in the fourth season.
  • In the third season, Emily is abused by he husband. It can be hard to watch at one point or another.
  • A character is raped, and she describes how it happened/what she felt.

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