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Season 1

21 Sep. 2011
Emily Thorne rents the Southhampton home she once shared with her father before he was framed, and sets her plan of revenge into motion.
29 Sep. 2011
Emily gets to work on her next target, a former family friend who testified against her father. Victoria tries to find more information on Emily.
5 Oct. 2011
Emily seeks to destroy the district attorney who convicted her father. Victoria tries to confirm her suspicions about Emily's past.
12 Oct. 2011
Emily targets the psychiatrist responsible for institutionalizing her as a child. Declan and Jack face a tough decision.
19 Oct. 2011
Victoria's vulnerabilities are exposed when feelings of guilt and a fight with her daughter becomes to much to bear.
26 Oct. 2011
When incriminating surveillance video surfaces, the Graysons begin to distrust their head of security; the tension between Emily and Tyler comes to a head; the Porter boys make their moves.
2 Nov. 2011
A high-profile newspaper story interrupts the Graysons' wishes to lay low on their 25th wedding anniversary; Frank digs into Emily's past in hope of proving his loyalty to Victoria.
16 Nov. 2011
Emily's plot continues to unravel; tensions escalate in Victoria's relationship with her family; Lydia's memory raises concerns with the Graysons; a friend starts to play dirty.
23 Nov. 2011
Realizing she has lost a valuable ally in Amanda, Emily reaches out to her mentor; Victoria finds herself all alone; Tyler's influence continues to be a threat.
7 Dec. 2011
After discovering a secret, Emily questions Nolan's loyalty while working closely with her mentor; Amanda settles into life in the Hamptons; as Victoria regains some power, things between her and Conrad take a turn for the worse.
4 Jan. 2012
An increasingly unstable Tyler crashes Daniel's intimate birthday celebration; Conrad and Victoria use Charlotte as a pawn in their bitter divorce battle; Emily's plan starts to unravel.
11 Jan. 2012
Emily targets Mason Treadwell, an author with ties to the Graysons and the Clarkes; Conrad shows how dirty he is willing to get in the divorce.
18 Jan. 2012
Emily's plan to blow up Victoria and Conrad's marriage goes off the rails, creating collateral damage of everyone close to her.
8 Feb. 2012
Daniel and Emily plan an engagement party; Victoria uses Conrad's father against him; Jack spirals after Amanda disappears; Charlotte finds herself tangled in a web of deceit.
15 Feb. 2012
Emily and Daniel's engagement party turns to terror when her vendetta takes a dark, unexpected turn, putting those she loves and hates in mortal danger.
29 Feb. 2012
The Graysons unite to protect Daniel in the face of the murder scandal at the Fire & Ice party.
18 Apr. 2012
With the murder suspect in jail, the defense team are searching for ways to implicate someone else. Charlotte's credibility as a witness is called into question. Meanwhile, Victoria reconnects with an old flame.
25 Apr. 2012
Shocking events unfold at Daniel's trial as allegiances are tested, secrets are revealed, friendships begin to fray, and a revelation creates a change in Emily's quest for revenge.
2 May 2012
The press becomes increasingly hostile as Daniel's release approaches; Emily discovers a photograph that leads to her to one of her father's allies before his death.
9 May 2012
A look at Emily before she set out to go after the people she holds responsible for her father's death.
16 May 2012
Emily's search for the white haired man is interrupted by the wedding plans, and now Nolan is going after him. Meanwhile, Sammy seems to be on the final stage of his life.
23 May 2012
Emily intends to finally follow through with her plan for revenge; the Graysons continue down a path of self-destruction; an explosive event changes everything.

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