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The more you watch it... the more ridiculous it gets.
S-Corp2420 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show is becoming somewhat of a joke.

As it goes on, the ridiculous plots and the increasingly poor acting become too much to bear! One minute Olivia is in love with Fitz, the next minute she's in love with Jake.. this goes on and on until you're just sick of all three of them. The season 3 finale was just awful. I don't have the breadth of vocabulary required to properly articulate just how bad it was. The show is poorly scripted, and the poor acting only exacerbates the problem. Some of the plots are okay, but the execution is just bad ! I've seen Kerry Washington in other roles, she's not a bad actress, however, she's totally wrong for the part here. She's utterly unconvincing.

Seriously, if you're hoping this show will get better as you watch it, just give up now. It gets worse.
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WTF is happening with this show???
friedenberg-ingrid31 March 2014
CAN'T TAKE THIS SHOW ANYMORE!!!! "Scandal" is becoming one hell of a soap opera. Every actor is OVERACTING, it's like every one is PMSing... "Olivia Pope" just makes sad, confused faces and shouts all the time, it's annoying. "Huck" only WHISPERS, since episode one... "Jake Ballard" wants to be the bad ass, but sorry, far from it, he only makes puppy faces with puppy eyes.... this show just died... last episode was like: "let's get everyone having sex, to put some sparkles on it".... FAILED!!!!!! Horrible timing... maybe the producers, could perhaps take some notes from "House of Cards" and "Political Animals"... and I understand this is supposed to be a "scandal" from a romance btw the president and an outsider, but both of them are becoming narcissistic pricks and I don't even care if they stay together, the show would be better if they actually found others to get involved with. Everything in Scandal just SUCKS lately!!!! Good bye "soap opera"... I'm done!!!!
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Had to stop watching it for my own sanity
thanvlachos5 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This show was way better in the first two or so seasons. Back then, a lot of the episodes focused on the main characters using their skills to mop up different political scandals around town. There was a larger story arc that was okay too, but it was never all that interesting.

The show goes way downhill as it grinds on, however. Once Olivia Pope gets into a ridiculous love triangle with two dudes, the whole show devolves into her making pouty faces and yelling a lot, or sitting around on her couch making pouty faces while she drinks wine and eats chocolate, etc. That's pretty much every episode. All the characters talk with the same annoying diction and frequently make ridiculous and hyperbolic speeches about "the republic" and other nonsense. The writing is painfully predictable. I gave up somewhere in the fourth season. Or maybe the fifth. I don't remember; I do my best to pretend this show never happened.
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Season 3 ruined what could have been a good show!
Gio8517 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Wow season 3 of Scandal was so bad it absolutely wiped out what Scandal had established in Season 1 and 2. For a political drama this show has now turned into a fantasy satire. Every character on the show is a villain. The president, the vice president and all of Olivia's love interests, as well as her entire family are mass murderers involved in some recycled Alias storyline that has been done to death. Olivia is no longer the strong, independent woman from season 1 and most of season 2, she is now a incompetent, weak cry baby who follows the president like a puppy no matter what he does or who he kills. There is no one to root for anymore as this is a show about terrible people doing ridiculous things. The acting is over the top as everyone in the cast seems to scream one line after the other and the dialogue is so unbelievable and clichéd. The show is now filled with cheap thrills and gimmicks(Hannibal would be proud of Mama Pope), taking itself so seriously yet offering nothing in return.

This show had so much potential but season 3 not only jumped the shark, it sunk the ship. I am sorry to say I have now given up this show which use to be must see TV!
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Even dumb and dumber is smarter than this
johncarson-4405726 May 2017
I enjoyed first 2 seasons, but has sunk faster than the Titanic. Over time you realize everyone acts the same. Every actor has the same cadence when they talk. Olivia can't act, it's just the same expression over and over and over and over... By this last season , you realize it's the most idiotic thing you've ever watched EVER. It's hilariously stupid, yet the show still takes itself seriously... It's like Adam Sandler thinking 1 of his movies will win an Oscar. I'm not surprised by any twist and turn because it's so stupid - it's just 1 eye roll after another. I feel like the type of show it was changed after the first 2 years. Anyways, I want my life back
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Worthless Television
MikeSNation11 February 2017
This show seems like it was written by or for children or overly- emotional halfwits. The writing has all the depth and nuance of a ridiculous dime store romance novel. Nothing that happens in this show is based in reality, no character is either real or likable, and none of their reactions are in any way realistic. Every single character seems like they have the emotional age of an impetuous tween.

The show is devoid of any real life feelings or characters, and the worst part is the writing. The dialogue is all completely ridiculous. Characters constantly launch into tirades, at least 2 or 3 every single episode. Why would anyone want to watch grown people throw tantrums constantly? Plus all of the characters talk the same -- what really grates on me though is how all of them constantly repeat themselves. "I will not do that! That is something I will not do! You will not make me do that and that will not be done by me!" That's pretty much exactly the way they talk.

Olivia Pope is completely unlikable and Kerry Washington is a truly terrible actress whose performance rings about as true as Ashton Kutcher would in the same role: as Olivia Pope.

I can't stand a single thing about this show.
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Unwatchable past season two
stanson2829 April 2020
It starts out well but just gets ridiculously stupid. KW overacts and is such an unbelievable character with pained facial expressions that the best thing I could do was turn it off.
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Great Idea, Lousy Execution
zombiemockingbird6 November 2019
Loved it when it started; the whole idea of a fixer getting people out of horrible trouble is intriguing. Olivia Pope was great; strong, smart and efficient with a great team. Except Abby, Abby was obnoxious and unlikable from day one, and also poorly acted by Darby Stanchfield. Kerry Washington's acting started out great then took a dive into nothing but pouty face or sad face whimpering. If they had just kept focusing on the fixer story instead of deteriorating into a bad soap opera, it could have been so good; but Season 2 started downhill and just kept going. The whole romance between the President and Olivia is the stupidest most idiotic story ever, and the President is portrayed as some love-sick simpering brainless moron, very poorly acted by Tony Goldwynn. Most of the supporting actors are pretty good, and I understand completely why Henry Ian Cusick bailed after Season 1. Not sure how much more time I'll waste watching this since reading the other reviews tells me it isn't going to improve anytime soon.
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Forgive me please
captain_dimpf15 March 2014
I'm not quite sure why this series annoyed me as much as it did. Well, I think the music is really horrible, the separating cut scenes are irritating, the main character is such a stereotype, the rest of the cast is equally unimaginative, the dialog is lackluster, the acting is wooden, the plot is trying too hard and the set design is just so contrived. You know, that doesn't make for top notch TV entertainment in my book but at the same time it really doesn't explain why I found this so painful to watch. I guess it's because there is so much high quality stuff out there and you can immediately see what series the creators of Scandal draw inspiration from. Which series they try to rip off. As there is no original idea here and everything is so predictable that you inevitably wait for this to be done with, I will give this a very with berth from now on. But don't let that put you off.
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Absolutely the worst acting ever
My wife and I have persevered with this show because by halfway through S2 we decided it was absolutely the most overacted and unconvincing characters ever in a soap. From then on we watched for the amusement factor (in between Game of Thrones and True Detectives... decent dramas) and to sit and make fun of it. Kerry Washington has to be just about the most overrated and worst actress on the planet with her stupid faces she pulls and her ridiculous walk with a massive empty handbag. Huck is about as bad as a baby pug and the rest of them may as well just give up acting. Olivia's father in the show once he opened his gob you just wanted to put your boot in it as you know he wasn't going to shut up for about 10 minutes while the camera flashes to Olvia Pope like she was struggling on the toilet. Please if you are considering watching this utter tripe don't waste 60 hours of your life that you will never get back. Please don't commission a Season 6..please spare us the embarrassment.
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Unless you like Danielle Steel novels, skip this stupid show.
titus22729 November 2014
This show seems like it was written by or written for delusional women who would otherwise be reading ridiculous romance novels. Nothing that happens in this show is based in reality and no one on the show is emotionally older than 15. Furthermore, none of the characters have a personality. It sounds like the same person wrote every ridiculous silly tantrum that the show tries to make into an impassioned speech ... every 7 minutes or so.

Olivia Pope is the biggest hypocrite I can remember in recent television, and Kerry Washington does a poor job with the acting, consistently coming off as a emotionally juvenile twit. She only has three faces: Hurt, Shocked and about to cry. She also throws herself at multiple men on the show and cheats on the married man she is cheating with. The entire show is pretty rough. I would have had a lot more respect for all actors involved had I skipped this disaster.

I hope I never see Kerry Washington in film again. She has the all the charm and scope of a mildewed washcloth and leaves just as bad a taste in your mouth.
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Just not good
hr-2713 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This show is not very good. I have watched every episode hoping that it would find its legs, but sadly, it has not. The show is poorly written, the characters are very 2 dimensional. If you have watched T V in the last 10 years, you will easily guess what the characters will say and do. The shows repeated usages of characters saying "Olivia Pope" is irritating. The stories are so black and white no shades of gray. The stories each week do not fit into any current or past realities. The acting or directing is so poor I cannot figure it out. There is not real chemistry between the characters. The naïve character (Quinn Perkins) is so naïve you wonder why anyone would hire her. The tech guru/former black ops killer (Huck), does not that just sound silly. The slick, fasting talker (Harrison Wright), surprise, surprise is played by a black guy. Then there is the powerful smart women (Abby Whelan) who got beaten by her husband. The characters sound more like the cast of Leverage. The concept of the story is great but the execution is extremely poor. The show just does not have real passion behind it, then again how can you have passion or insight about this larger than life powerful black women who is having an affair with the President of the United States.
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When the series shifted to a love story with tragedy after tragedy and away from Olivia and her agency saving the world and various lives the entire show started falling apart
kevin_robbins13 July 2021
Scandal (2012-2018) is a movie I watched as it aired on television. The storyline initially follows Olivia Pope as she works as a secret cover-up agency for the national government and often for the president directly. As the show matures the focus shifts from the crafty agency to a relationship between the president and Olivia. They both have demons in their closet that as they unravel shows why their brilliance and character is what it is. This series was created by Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) and stars Kerry Washington (Django), Darby Stanchfield (Waitress), Guillermo Díaz (Half Baked), Tony Goldwyn (Ghost) and Joe Morton (Terminator 2). The storyline for this the first couple seasons was actually really, really good. Then the storyline started getting a bit too crazy, outside the box and unrealistic. When the series shifted to a love story with tragedy after tragedy and away from Olivia and her agency saving the world and various lives the entire show started falling apart. It's really too bad because the original premise was very good. The show really started to run it's course after season four and was on life support after that. It's amazing it lasted as long as it did. I would score this series a 6-6.5/10.
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filiarga2 August 2017
I mean come on, 7.8 out of 10 for this? I agree with most of the negative reviews. Poor execution in a scenario that is forced to be twisted too much. It is irritating how the characters sometimes babble something for too long. I guess it was meant to be a heartfelt speech or something. I blame the writers for that. And the main character, Olivia Pope, either makes a sad face expression or yells for no good reason. She comes across as a self-righteous person who, contrary to how the other characters describe her in the series, always makes the wrong call and does not know how to do her job. At the end, somehow the job gets done anyway, no thanks to her.
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burned bright for a few seasons
SnoopyStyle2 November 2017
Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) runs a firm of political fixers in D.C. Her group of loyal associates are gladiators. She has a troubled secret relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn). He has a political convenient marriage to Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young). Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) is the calculating Chief of Staff and David Rosen (Joshua Malina) is the Assistant US Attorney. Olivia hires Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes). Troubled Huck (Guillermo Díaz) and Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield) are two of the associates. Olivia's scheming father (Joe Morton) runs the mysterious shadow government organization B613. Grant assigns Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) to guard Olivia in mid second season.

For a time, Shonda Rhimes owned a night of network television. Grey's is the gold and this is the silver programming. It burned hot for a couple of seasons with overblown plots, and overwrought melodrama. The love triangle is the pinnacle. It definitely burned bright for a time but it burned itself out. By the fifth season, the convoluted story twists and ties itself into a knot. The biggest dead end is Fitz's presidency ending. Even the white hot romantic triangle fades into nothingness. The acting is usually big and over the top. Kerry Washington does a lot of near cry acting with her quivering lips. When a story twists and turns this much, it will almost always go out of control. The last few seasons are simply this show stalling and running in place. Shondaland has an expiry date.
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Good premise, declining implementation.
ritzl18 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I too found this show promising in the early going. It had elements of the insightfully dramatic and elements of the cringe-worthy cartoonish. It had the opportunity to be developed in either direction. But just having watched the "Spies Like Us" episode, I have to say that the show opted for more cartoonishness rather than less.

Scandal has a good and believable cast. The background intrigue in its series plot arc is interesting and keeps you coming back. But then, wham, the conference room scene and you're left with questions of "what just happened" dramatically speaking.

Anyway, cartoonishness is not necessarily bad (it works on shows like Covert Affairs), but this show seems (or seemed) to want to be taken seriously as a political drama. It could have been, especially considering the cast. I'm not sure what happened or where the show is going now.

5/10 for good premise and cast, but there's just too many questions of tone and/or intent.
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My brain is now less functional than before watching this show!
trojko7001 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What appears as an intriguing storyline quickly reveals itself as a poorly executed concept. The acting is weak at best with the lead having only two facial expressions, the plastic surgery stiff face and then the weepy eyed look. The plot is hinged on the impossible and the relationship between the president and the main character is replayed in a pathetic unbelievable constant replay cycle.

The main point of contention is that the main characters are all very unlikable and guilty of what is an act of political terrorism as well as multiple murders, and they justify it this with the same excuse that all horrific characters use in cliché writing.

Make an intelligent choice and avoid this horrific attempt at television, once again proving that the private cable companies are still way ahead in the drama creation and execution. the big networks are really trying to catch up but just don't seem to have the ability to do so.
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Cheesy Soap Opera Ripped Off From Brit's House of Cards
fritz-1296 September 2015
The English writing and acting in the original House of Cards was excellent. The American take, except for the superb presence of Kevin Spacey, was a cardboard cut-out of the original.

Scandal is another serious step down into soapoperaland. The blatant, clumsy plagiarism of the Michael Dobbs creation should be in court.

Kerry Washington has the acting range of a statue and the premise fads quickly into the daytime soap milieu. Scandal goes from the corny to the ridiculous and on to the absurd in short order.

The undignified treatment of the US Presidency is offensive. The Brits conveyed the cold ruthlessness of power. Scandal is a patronizing joke.

For those with IQs above room temperature, do not waste your valuable time.
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Ridiculous Tripe
mark63524 October 2013
This is the worst piece of putrefied garbage I've ever seen.

My g/f asks me to sit and watch it with her..."Sure honey, love to join in with you." Makes her happy, right? That lasted exactly one and a half episodes. An hour and a half of my life I'll never get back.

The casting is way off, the acting is weak, Tony Goldwyn is completely unbelievable as POTUS! I'm sorry to see Josh Malina on this show, I thought he was good on The West Wing. BTW, if you like a decent political/White House drama, try the West Wing or House of Cards. This show is a bunch of salacious BS. Soap opera stupidity.

Never again my sweet. Call your girlfriends if you're going to continue to watch this tripe!
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Fast, captivating - but Ms Washington's acting is just bad
a_lavdas31 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe it's not her fault. Maybe the director pushes her to speak ultra-fast, act as if the whole world depends on her next move every minute, and utter every word with an expression that would make you think she has just ingested something very disgusting. I have no idea whose fault is it, but her character is a caricature. The ultra-fast talking also appears in some other characters, as do some verbal mannerisms that ALL characters have, like briefly pausing at mid-sentence, and generally at points that make no sense. So for instance Olivia's father wants to say "Olivia, Mellie is going to lose, you are going to lose" but instead says "Olivia, Mellie is going to lose you...are going to lose". (By the way Joe Morton is the second-worse actor here, almost as unbearable as Washington). Does the director think this sounds natural? Like a natural hesitation? It could sound natural if it happened rarely. But it happens all the time by all characters. It's just silly. At least the other actors are more convincing in their acting (when they are not instructed to speak in such as ridiculously artificial way). However, despite all this, it is addictive. It may not be convincing, but who cares? You will want to watch it till the end. Irrelevant comment: Bellamy Young makes you wonder, how is it possible that the president could look at another woman (let alone go beyond looking).
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Kerry Washingtons Annoying Screeching overpowers Noise Cancelling Headphones
ukproject3 January 2021
My wife tried to get me to watch this over acted, over dramatised heap of crap and eventually 4 episodes in I gave up. It seems as though she has somehow developed an immunity to Kerry Washingtons raving screaming outbursts that I can now even hear through my noise cancelling headphones.

Scandal is basically a Mills and Boone story masquerading as a political drama.

Unbearable insufferable Tosh.
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I tried. I really did.
Nunyrbusiness23 May 2013
I'm just starting Season 2. I wish the camera person would film while in the same room as the actors instead of hiding behind windows and doors. Silly camera work. And easy on the scene switch. Geez. I mean is this show about the cool camera angles? Next thing I expect is seeing it filmed while the camera is upside down. Haha. A lot of weaknesses and indiscretions for such a gladiator. I like some of the characters but I just cant help it. The style is so irritating from the speaking at the speed of light, to the shoddy camera work. I can see that this is going to be one of those shows that just isn't worth my time. I also think ten lines of review is a bit much. I guess if we have that much to say it may be if some worth. Two more lines. OK. I love Cirus. Good character. And the president and his antics are antics that we've witnessed through most of our presidents in real life. Overall it's a meh show.
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castares4920 June 2017
This show had just gotten so ridiculous and far-fetched, it's difficult to watch. The acting of Jeff Perry (Cyrus) is laughable at every turn. Kerry Washington is so one-dimensional and the way she enunciates every word is downright annoying. Tony Goldwyn totally sucks as POTUS. I will continue to watch and since I don't watch Sitcoms, I'll laugh at this pathetic excuse for a show. I will finish it and hope that Shonda Rhimes goes on a sabbatical!!!
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Olivia Pope jumped the shark
beachorchid80021 October 2014
Scandal started out as a great show. Olivia Pope was a strong female lead commanding everyone around her and then she disappeared and a weak, indecisive, approval seeking wimp moved in. The stories became more and more outlandish and the soap opera sex became front and center. Kerry Washington can only pout her lips so much before it gets old. The long-winded, breath holding monologues are now done by everyone on the show, taking more of Olivia's fire away from her. Every character is now delivering lines with the exact same tempo as Kerry Washington, further diluting what made Olivia Pope a compelling character. It's really quite sad. Olivia Pope used to control everything and everyone. She used to fix every mess. Now she just is a mess. The other characters are a mess. The show is a mess. That's the real scandal.
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Truly unwatchable
aliases-5333424 May 2018
I tried to watch and wanted to like it but oh my... from scene one this show is cringeworthy! The characters are horrible. Olivia is such a bad character and has only one, stale expression. She always feels like she needs to ride the high horse and the show has to keep mentioning how "badass" she is. Ok if anyone is really badass they don't need to keep saying it ok? And the president... don't even get me started. A cry baby non-presendtial badly casted loser who doesn't stop whining! Please spare me.
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