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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a man's butt in a changing room, but it is not sexual.
  • Season 2 : There are a few sex scenes distributed throughout the episodes, and although no nudity is directly seen, there are thrusts and it is obvious the characters are having sex. There are also scenes of both girls and boys in underwear throughout the episodes. There are pictures shown multiple times of a boy's naked buttocks.
  • Season 2: Sexual themes are more prevalent and more graphic than the first season. Some involve rape. Multiple shots of male rear ends, shirtless females, side boob, and on one occasion even full frontal nudity.
  • In season 2 there is a VERY graphic scene showing a topless woman on a pornsite with her breasts completely exposed.
  • Season 2. Rape flashbacks throughout the whole season. Nothing very explicit.
  • Season 2. Also polaroid pictures showing a rape taking place with the rapists buttocks revealed.
  • In season 2 episode 6 (The Smile at the End of the Dock), there is a scene of a high school boy receiving a lap dance with female nudity from behind. This video is briefly shown again in episode 7 (The Third Polaroid)
  • In season 2 there is a brief glimpse of bare female buttocks right before implied sex.
  • Sexual situations/dialogue is spoken repeatedly throughout the series in both seasons. One of the main themes is how an innocent teenage girl is repeatedly regarded as a 'slut' or 'easy' following rumours of her sexual conquests.
  • Season 1 two rape scenes graphic season 2 one rape scene EXTREMELY GRAPHIC
  • The series involves numerous sexual situations/dialogue in almost every episode. There are some occasions of depictions of sex acts, rape, and masturbation. Most of the only actual nudity involves male buttocks, but in season 2, there are a few instances of female nudity.
  • Season 1: Sexual situations/dialogue is very common. The most extreme instance occurs later in the season where a girl is raped from behind, this scene is around 2 minutes long towards the end of the episode. The sex scene is very disturbing. No nudity is shown, just thrusting and the victim's face. There are some instances of sexual acts without explicit nudity, for example teens having sex in a park, an implied masturbation scene with no nudity, and a couple of boys show their butts in a mocking manner.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 2: There is a little violence distributed throughout the episodes. A few fights break out between people, and people occasionally hurt themselves by hitting or punching walls.
  • Violence and Gore is infrequent but when it happens it can get a little intense with a little blood but sometimes it goes out of control and some scenes can be very violent and disturbing
  • The overall graphic nature of violence and gore escalates as the series progresses. Early episodes involve various fights among characters but as the series progresses the violence becomes much more triggering.
  • Season 1: There is relatively little to no Violence and Gore in early episodes. For example, a girls slaps her friend. But as the season continues the violence and gore intensifies; there is a scene midway through the season involving suicide - this is graphic and brief. Teen suicide, with various bloody dream sequences starts to become more common and graphic. The fights, which weren't super violent early in the season are more violent and graphic. Most notably, later in the season, there is a very graphic, bloody and disturbing scene which is very hard to watch.


  • Some racial slurs like "faggot" or "nigger"
  • Lots of swearing. many uses of 'Shit' and 'fuck'
  • A lot of cursing and derogatory terms used throughout the season. Slut, whore, referring to someone as 'easy', bitch, shit, fuck.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Underage drinking and drug use is also not as frequent but strong
  • Season 1 has many scenes of drinking. Heavy drinking. Season 2 introduces drugs. Some scenes of smoking in the series.
  • Alcohol, drugs and smoking are not uncommon throughout the series. While its not the primary focus, there is underage drinking and drug use.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 13 reasons why can be pretty depressing at times and it has some disturbing content and has a lot of language.Definitely would not recommend for the squeamish.
  • Official ratings are given above.
  • Some rape scenes are prolonged.
  • The emotional scenes can upset and traumatize as it shows disturbing scenes of suicide, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse and sexual harrasment. A LOT of misery in this show and can even upset people who can relate to it and has a web page for people struggling with the same thing
  • Canadian Rating: Rated 18A for Brutal and Sexual Violence, Course Language and Nudity
  • Very graphic and disturbing content
  • Season 1: The issue of rape is dealt with a lot in the last 4 episodes. The issue is not dealt lightly and it is presented in a rather daunting way.
  • Hannah's suicide scene lasts for a few minutes. There is a lot of blood and is the most graphic, painful scene of the season. It may be triggering or upsetting to viewers who have dealt with Hannah's situation.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In the last episode of Season 2, there is a very graphic scene where Monty sodomises Tyler with a mop, while other laugh. Monty does not show regret.
  • There are multiple scenes of rape and sexual assault. There is no nudity however the scenes are relatively long in length and disturbing/difficult to watch.

Violence & Gore

  • When Hannah kills herself showed in the Season 1 finale, (this is intense and scary for some) she cuts her arm with a razor blade, and blood comes out of the cut. When her parents find her, the bathtub she is in is red with blood.
  • In the final episode of Season 2, Tyler is sodomised by Monty which is very graphic and Monty shows no remorse.
  • At the very end of season one you see that Alex has shot himself

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At the beginning of season 2, Justin does heroin and is affected by it the next morning.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the last episode of season 2, Tyler is bashed into a mirror, a sink, has his head dunked in a toilet and is forcefully sodomized by a mop handle by Monty. The scene is very disturbing and sudden. This causes Tyler to plan a school shooting at an upcoming dance which can also be very disturbing to some viewers.

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