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  • Its always so back and forth between Tony and Clay, at the beginning you think Tony is doing the best he can for Clay and helping him threw everything, giving him rides and keeping him safe. Then it seems to differ for a bit when Tony gets to stuck on the tapes and is just messing with Clay it seems like. While that goes on Clay is convinced Tony is in on everything and out to get him, then it changes all again and Tony helps him get through his tape and tells him the story about how he was the first to see Hannah. What do you think, is Tony the best friend or the worst best friend? In my opinion (since i'm not allowed to ask questions in the Frequently Asked Questions forum) i'm gonna answer this by saying that Tony is probably doing the best he can in the situation he was given full reign of those tapes and how to handle them and he is only trying to do right by Hannah, even if Clay is pissed at him for not just telling him the situation and what happened. I would have loved to have a friend like Tony hes better to Clay then any friend i've ever had in my life and Clay keeps pissing him off and keeps starting stuff with him, keeps pushing him away, but Tony never stops trying to help Clay and i think that is a solid quality to put Tony in ranks of Clay's Best Friend. Edit

  • A 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, including scene descriptions, can be found on Tunefind. Edit



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