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A small goof and a bit of a spoiler
rekcilorf10 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Good episode but they blew a simple fact. The murderer (tutor) used the name George Byron to register at the hotel. Danny said that was the real name of Lord Byron, whom the tutor had been teaching his pupil about. Not quite! Lord Byron was the title of George Gordon. So close, Danny, but not quite. Still a good episode.
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Murder poops the party
bkoganbing6 October 2016
Every year the cream of New York's society young women come out and are paired with the richest and finest of the young men at the debutante ball. The party becomes a real downer when a dead girl's body is found dead and naked in a dumpster. Worse than that Donnie Wahlberg takes his niece to the crime scene and she sees the corpse. Bridget Moynahan is most upset about that.

The murderer turns out to be a bit of a surprise, but the real treat in this Blue Bloods story is the performance of Marceline Hugot as the chaperon of the ball. How dare this nobody get murdered on her turf and poop the party of all these fine young society women. Donnie Wahlberg's expression let alone his dialog is worth watching the show for.
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A Rude Awakening ****
edwagreen26 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As always, still another perfect episode in this show destined to be a real winner in every sense of the word.

Nicky has a rude awakening when she doesn't listen to Uncle Dan and she views a murdered body, after Danny was called to a murder scene. This definitely has psychological effects on the child and it causes her mother to be quite angry at Danny for letting Nicky be exposed to this.

The shame of this shows at the beginning when the murder occurred at the debutant ball and the callous attitude of the chaperon when it's revealed that the victim was not a wealthy debutant in attendance. This shows a definite divide in society regarding the wealthy and impoverished.

The ending where the murderer is revealed is somewhat of a surprise, but that is what this hit show is all about.
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