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A Great Way for Steve (Michael) to Exit!
buzzrulz12 May 2011
This was literally the most I cried in years..... I am a huge fan and thought they did a masterful job of Steve's exit. Last week the whole song scene brought me to tears it was so great, but this week I was bawling. I really hope that the series continues to go strong without him..... this was just amazing. I recommend this to anyone that has been a fan of the show. It is a great, classy way for him to exit!

I really can't help but wonder who will be the new manager. I hope it isn't an outside hire. When they tried that while Michael was at the Michael Scott Paper Company, they just couldn't function under a traditional boss. So that is just something to think about.

We will miss you Steve......
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A Silent and Superb send-off to the World's Best Boss.
BertMacklin_928 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably the best episode of the season yet. Compared to the other seasons, this one has been just alright. It hasn't hit me on a very funny, smart, or emotional level. Its still good though, and I have seen every episode of this great show. Well either way, I thought this was such a smart and different send-off. It was really something you wouldn't expect from a comedy show, or even a drama, or any show in that case.

The main premise of the show was focusing on Michael. He printed out a list of everyone who worked in the office with him, and wanted to say goodbye to them in special ways. These moments were very touching, and even funny, especially with Oscar. And it also showed that Michael was not ready to cause any drama. Especially when he wants to say goodbye to Kelly, and she's on her phone and ignoring him, then he leaves. That was pretty much how his character was today, very calm, very quiet. This episode also had some very smart ideas to it. I enjoyed the interview with Dwight, him reading Michael's letter, being very sarcastic because he is mad at him, then the camera zooms in on him. Then when him and Michael play paintball, and how the camera sits far away, as we see two close friends have fun for one last time together. Another great scene which blew me away in such a small way was when Kevin, Jim, and Pam are eating in the breakroom, and Michael is in there also, and as the three blabber away, the camera zooms in on Michael, realizing that he is truly going to miss these people. Another great subtle part was when Michael, just as he's about to leave, looks at everyone working and going about in the office. The camera just sat there for a couple seconds. And lastly, that final ending. The whole time, I was really hoping that Pam and him would catch up, and I literally almost cried when he leaves, and then Pam arrives at the office right as he left. But that airport sequence was genius. Another great technique was how it cut out the sound at the part. When Michael is about to board his plane to Colorado, he says "finally get to get this off my chest," referring to the microphone, then the sound becomes less clear, but you hear him murmur his last "that's what she said" joke. Then the camera stays, as you see him walking towards the plain, about to board it then Pam comes running out to say goodbye. It caught me so off guard, but it was so great. You see them saying goodbye, but you can't exactly hear what they're saying. Such a great part. It reminded me of the end of "lost in translation" so much. Then that final shot, where the camera is behind Pam's side, and you see her, looking up at Michael's plane, as he leaves for a new life.

This show was superb. Very emotional and smart, and yet very subtle. I liked that it chose not to make a huge deal of Michael's departure in the plot. It took a more quiet turn, and it showed Michael's transformation as a person. In pretty much seasons 1 - 6, he would be making a huge deal out of him leaving, or anyone leaving in that case ("Goodbye Toby" season 4 finale). But Steve Carrell really pulled it off here. He showed that his character, on the outside, is somewhat a pathetic goofball that needs to be liked and is very crude and obnoxious, but at heart, Carrell showed that all along, Michael Scott was a man looking for a stable life, with a nice wife, and "100's of children so that they can all be his friends." He complains about this throughout the series, and finally, in this excellent send-off of Michael, it all came true.
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Goodbye, Office
MolderNS20 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
*** This Review Contains Spoilers ***

Well, I gotta say that this episode was, first of all, THE SADDEST episode of office throughout the whole series! I have to admit I had tears in my eyes while I was watching this episode. It totally caught me unprepared...

And I have to admit, I didn't even like Michael at the beginning of the series. I felt in love with other characters like Jim and Dwight, Pam and Angela.... and all the activities in the office, and Michael was always just their boss from who they are hiding from, and play bizarre interesting games while he is out. But then, season after season, I grew into liking him and realized he was the indispensable part of the series.

And what a great person (and I do not want to say "turned out to be" but) he is - is what we saw in this episode. Just, almost every minute of it I felt like my heart was breaking. And that conversation Jim and Michael had..... no words for it, really. At that point you must feel that something wonderful is coming to an end. It all made sense; as Michael put it in the first episode (I think) - he was first of all their friend, then their boss and then their entertainer.

I am just not sure how the office will function without Michael. He was "the father", "the soul" and the strongest link of them all. Maybe this was the end of the series, who knows, we shall see. If you haven't seen this episode, well, all I can say is - get your handkerchiefs ready, because it will make you cry....... that's what she said!
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One of The Office's Best Episodes/ One of The Office's Worst Episodes
franciscoraposo7226 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Let me tell you why, The Office is my favorite TV show, mostly because of Carell, and now, watching an episode where he leaves was just really... I don't know, first of all, I'm pretty sad that Steve left the cast, but, he was the one who wanted that, he's career is growing fast and he did good leaving, but not entirely, thousands of fans-including me-got really sad. Goodbye, Michael was a great episode and a great farewell to Steve, it still had its awesome humor but it also had the heartwarming moments and the sad moments. If you could see me watching this episode, you'd see a tear-eyed (Or probably really crying) for sometimes and sometimes you'd see a guy laughing in a nostalgic way that makes you sad but still satisfied. Bye Michael Scott/ Michael Scarn/ Michael Klump, etc. If you loved the show and you've watched all the episodes like I did and you laughed, you were heart warmed and all of that mostly by Steve, than prepare, cause this episode will test your limits, I'm not really guy that usually cries, but I couldn't help it, Goodbye, Michael is an episode that I'll never forget, I cried, I laughed, I was "nostalged" and think this was a perfect way for Michael to leave The Office. The show will never be the same, but well, it was terrific to watch these last 7 seasons and 21 episodes. This episode was heartwarming and sad when we saw Michael and it was funny when we saw DeAngelo (Ferrell) and obviously, Michael as well.

To Michael Scott: Michael Scott (Steve), I'll never forget you, your're a crazy boss and you picked the right woman and now I hope you're happy at Colorado, you provided us big laughs and tears and by the way, that thing that fits you better is your mug, that describes exactly what you are, "World's Best Boss".

Jim Halpert: Best boss I ever had.

One of the best episodes of the entire show, I loved it and now, to finish the review:

I'll miss you Michael.
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and how good of a boss you are..
merelyaninnuendo24 January 2018
The Office

Goodbye, Michael

A scene between Jim and Michael is executed beautifully by Paul Feig and the rest of it is left on Steve's shoulder and he carries it off majestically as he leaves for his hometown.
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One of the BEST episodes of the show
nataliecellini19 October 2016
Like my summary says, one of the absolute BEST episodes even though it's so sad! I just watched it for the third time and it just makes me cry every time. But it has its funny moments too. One of my favorite scenes, and maybe one of my favorite scenes from the entire show, is when Michael gives the homemade scarecrow to Oscar and then in his office he starts laughing hysterically because he knows Oscar has the lowest opinion of him. I love that scene because it shows how much Michael has matured, and also because Steve's laugh is so infectious! But then there's the part where he says goodbye to the warehouse employees over and over until he makes the backwards basketball shot. Still something that silly Michael would do! The whole episode is amazing, I love how he has a special goodbye for everyone like paintball with Dwight and "lunch" with Jim. The writers did an amazing job with this episode, they couldn't have had a more perfect ending to the character of Michael. As much as I love this episode, I always hate when I get to it because I know Michael is leaving! The show isn't the same without him after this episode, but I still love the whole show so much. Best show ever!
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MaxBrazierFilm22 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"This ones going to hurt like a mother...." - Michael Scott, Michael's Last Dundies, preluding Goodbye, Michael.

And it always does.

The send-off for Michael Scott was masterful. Jim figuring out that Michael was leaving that day was amazing, as it gave a way for Jim and Pam to say there goodbyes. However, my only nitpick about this episode would be the fact that Dwight and Michael never got a sad goodbye. If, somehow, he found out after they played Paintball would have made it even better. Giving Andy the accounts was a pretty cool idea, however it should have been followed up in later episodes. And then you throw Will Ferrell into that mix, and it becomes one of the best episodes of The Office.
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re: the sound cutting out during Pam's goodbye
ricky-harnden2 May 2011
The Office UK used the "removal of microphone for key dialogue" during its last regular season episode, which was a far more powerful scene. The Office US, as usual, bites the good bits to avoid overly sentimental scenes. It's a shame they couldn't come up with their own ideas, but we've been used to that since at least Season 4, right? Do yourselves a favor and watch The Office UK. Gervais and Merchant know how to do things the right way.

At the very least, the writers didn't muck the entire episode up like they did with that awful musical number in the previous episode. Will Ferrell, surprisingly, stole every scene he was in.
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hthieke23 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I love The Office and love Michael but this episode felt improper. He loved his employees and was an attention seeker. It felt more like a sendoff to Steve Carell. I just highly doubt Michael Scott would pass up a goodbye party, especially a party in his honor. It didn't have to be a sob fest but a solid goodbye would have felt more substantial
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