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Emotional but still hilarious
joemetsrock24 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Season 2, episode 1 "The Dundies" is a classic Office episode that ranks up there as one of the seminal comedy's finest episodes. "Michael's Last Dundies" is a more than worthy successor that will leave you tearing up at the end. Even though Will Ferrell's Deangelo Vickers is one of the biggest disappointments in the entire show because the role just completely fails the actor, the episode still prevails. The Dundies are Michael's baby and this shows throughout the episode since he wants it to keep going after he's gone.

The heart in this episode is in the closing scene. Arguably no other moment in the show encapsulates the fact that the Scranton branch is a family more than this one. If you have grown to feel a connection with these characters then your eyes will well with tears when Andy starts singing "9,986,000 Minutes." Truly an underrated episode because of how spectacular and emotional "Goodbye, Michael" is but "Michael's Last Dundies" is one of the best Office episodes ever.
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this is truly speacial for me..
merelyaninnuendo23 January 2018
The Office

Michael's Last Dundies

It definitely is emotional as Steve is leaving the show and the creators know how to use it well enough in the series but beyond that it was low on humor and content.
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